15 August 2007

SOS Call From Kuantan

Today is Marsya's first day of her 2nd semester exam. Hope she' did well. The problem with Marsya is that she likes to answer those questions so quickly. Then, she doesnt wanna check her answers. Well come to think of it, she's only 8...what can you expect from an 8 year old girl? But being a mother, you just can't help it. You just want the best for your kid.

Abah called up this afternoon. They are renovating the house. I was told that they are only replacing the roofs. Apparently that was not just it. They have make some extensions to the house too. The cost has come up to RM50K. Wallauweh !! You can buy a whole house with that kindof money, beb !!. Abah is asking some money from me - RM6K. I'll give him the money but I still think what they did is a waste. They have to use all their savings for this project. Isnt that ridiculuous ?? When I'm older, I dont think I'd wanna stay in such a big house. I wont even have the energy to maintain the house on my own. A small, cozy home will do. Tapi biasalah org2 tua ni akn....semuanya nak rumah besau. Alasan dia orang, anak cucu balik senang....... well, no point talking over this thing. The renovation is already in progress. Just hope the cost would stops there. Otherwise, I cud smell dangerrrrrrr.

You are only mine when I dream.
When I'm awake I wanna scream.
You are not mine, I'm all alone.
I can only text you on my phone.
Do dreams lie or are they true?
I hope so coz baby, I want you !!