23 June 2016

My Come-Back Post

I was already on bed, tucked under my worn-out blankie getting ready to travel to the other world when all of a sudden i decided to open up my FB. I was sleepy n it was already past midnite and yet i have to flip open the Ipad cover....what else do you call this if its not jodoh rite ? LOL

You know Facebook will everyday send us notifications on memories we had on that particular day - stuffs we posted on our walls, be it the food we had, places we've been to or a mere pathetic attention-seeking status. In my case, it was my blog post sharing in 2010 which appeared in one of my memories today....

I know i have been neglecting my beloved ( i feel a pang of shame saying this, honestly) blog for a long, long time. While reading that particular post (which appeared to be quite a good one...ehemm ) all those love and passionate feelings suddenly swelled in me which makes me miss blogging so much.

I was once an avid blogger n i really loved blogging so very much. At that point of time it never occurred to me that i would someday stop from blogging considering how passionate i was. Kita hanya merancang kan.....I cant remember what actually happened but I would like to find an easy way out by putting the entire blame on FB....aci tak ? And speaking of this i salute my bff, Ain who still updates her blog ( http://classychattychic.blogspot.my/ ) regularly...hats off to you dear ! 

So, being an OCD ( i think i am gonna write about this someday ), i just cant wait not a minute longer. I really have to write something tonite. It may not be something important but i need to do it in order to fulfill that intense desire this very moment. 

I remembered downloading the blogger apps few years back as an attempt to blog again (which i failed miserably) but unfortunately that apps has no longer exist ....sigh. Since i am very much fired up with this blogging thingy at the mo, i end up buying the BlogPress apps for USD $2.99 (i hope its worth it). See how bersemangat i was ? I just hope the flame wont die as fast as i decided to buy the apps .....ameen...ameen. 

I think this is good enuff to be my come-back post after my long, long rest....ok lah kan for a start? Who would have guessed Red Scoot On The Move being updated tonite at 1.30 am? Neither do i.....hahahaha.

Itulah...kalau dah jodoh tak ke mana ye tak ?

p/s  Those grammatical errors....well, blame it on my English teacher who has migrated to Kiwi Land ( i hope she's reading this, else i need to tag her in FB ).

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