31 December 2009

My Princess Is Coming Back

Yup, she's finally back in my arms after 5 grueling weeks. Though this is how things are every end of the year for the past 2-3 years, the pain never lessen a bit. I've to go through the same painful experience every year.

To be fair, the separation not only gave an impact to me but also to my dear princess. In fact, it's even harder for her.....my poor lil baby. Imagine having to live with a "stranger" for such a long time......at least I dont have to go through the same thing coz I'm at my own place.

I do feel sorry for her. Everyday when we chat online, all she did is complaining. She would be telling me how bored she is, how much she's missing me, how frustrated she is for not having anybody she could talk to...things like that la. All these whining and complaining makes me feel really bad for her.

I dunno whether I'm being biased here for all the hatred I have against her dad. But honestly, I dont think Marsya has been well taken care of when she was there. Like that one day where she had a bad sinus till both of her eyes were swollen. Her step mum dont even bother to give her any medicine to ease her pain. Only after I called her dad & told him about Marsya's well-being, then only they took her to the clinic. Even that, only after 8 pm they finally took her to see the doctor. ~ Sigh ~

Another thing I'm really not satisfied is the way they feed my daughter. I admit, I may have spoilt my precious for feeding her with good & healthy food everyday which I dont think is a crime at all, right? That's what every mother in the world would like for their kids kan? But I guess that rules only applies for your own flesh & blood. ~ sigh (again) ~

Few times Marsya told me that she's hungry coz her lunch time been dragged to 3 pm for some days. Well, it's ok if she had a heavy breakfast earlier but not when she only had bread or cereal in the morning. Like yesterday, she only had bread for breakfast. Then her lunch time was @ 3 pm & guess what she had for lunch? Maggi ! Yup you've read it right - it is MAGGI. How can I not be angry. No fast food or instant noodle could ever come near my daughter when she's with me. But at th other side, they'll stuff her with all sort of things (which I dont even consider as food ) - maggi la, Mc D la, carbonated drinks la......~ a very, very long sigh ~

I dont think I'm biased here right. I dont think my personal feelings overruled my own senses. Like I said before, any mothers wants the best for their kids. I too have my own stepchildren before & how do I treat them then? I was dubbed Best Step Mom of the world ! I rest my case.

I just hope the other party wont bumped into this particular entry of mine. Otherwise, the 3rd World War will bound to happen !

New Year Is Coming

A year is coming to an end and a new year will be starting. This year has been an especially tough year for me personally. It's the year with the most trials. Looking back at all those difficult times I've been through, I am so grateful I am still sane enuff to be able to continue writing this blog. At one point, things get really bad that I dont think I could ever be on my two feet again.

Thanks to my close friends & family who were always there to catch me when I nearly fall. They were always there to hold my hands when I was in total darkness. They were always there when the whole world seems to turn its back on me. They were always there to give me life when all I ever wanted is to die. Your continuous support & unconditional love are the greatest remedies to my sorrow. My life would mean nothing without your presence. Thank you so, so very much.

Those are the sad episode of my life this year. Any good ones? Achievements maybe? Been thinking very hard to find at least one thing that I could savour as my achievement for this year. The only thing I could think of is this wonderful blog of mine. I managed to increase the rating from 10 readers/day to an average of 30 readers/day. Quite an achievement, huh? For this, I've to thank all my readers for dropping by from time to time. I wish I would keep getting great comments and encouragement from all of you.

That's on the achievement. Resolutions? Frankly, a person like me should be banned from having anymore new year resolutions. It's such a big waste for I cant even achieve 10% of my last resolutions for the past years. Not achieving is one thing. For some of the resolutions, I dont even put an effort to achieve them - like getting my B2 license & to reduce my shopping activities for instant. These are the top two in my impossible list apart from others which I do not wish to highlight at the moment.

So from this year onwards, no more resolutions for me. All I'm gonna do for the coming year is to be a good servant to the Almighty, a good daughter to my parents, a good mummy to my precious, a good company to my frens, a good employee to Dresser ( cant help but to cynically smile while writing this particular one), a good citizen to my country (the cynical smile again.... ) & a good human to the mother earth. Not forgetting a good blogger to the blogging world. Very well then, I guess these would be a great lifetime resolutions for me - nothing would ever beat these list.

We normally spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential.

On this last day of 2009, I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a happy, healthy, blessed and peaceful New Year!

30 December 2009

Storing Your Shoes

Having quite a number of shoes in my possession, a friend once asked me as to how I keep / store my shoes. Honestly, I do have my own way of doing it. My first rule is never to discard the boxes. I believe shoes will last longer if they were nicely kept in their boxes. Not only you protect them from dust (which will definitely ruin their look), keeping them in the box would also preserved their shape.

Another good thing of having them in boxes is that you could maximize your shoe cabinet by stacking the boxes on top of each other. You cant stack your shoes without the boxes, right? So remember, always keep the box. Better still if you could to stuff your shoes with some crumpled papers in order to retain their shape. This way, you can extend the lifespan of your shoes & doesnt have to spend money to buy a new pair ( yeahhhhh rightttt!! )

Frankly, with the amount of shoes I'm having, I have 2 major problems. The most critical one is obviously storage. Apparently, my shoe cabinet seems to be too small to fit all my shoes - even after stacking up the boxes on top of each other. Cant really think of any solution to fix this other than buying a bigger cabinet which would create another problem to me - limited space in my lil' apartment. So, getting a new cabinet is a complete no-no. At the moment I'll just have to make do with stacking up the boxes by the side of the shoe cabinet - I mean, outside of it.

Another problem is in the morning while getting ready to work. With all those boxes in front of my eyes, it's quite challenging to try & remember which shoe is stored in which box. Mind you, we're talking about 10 - 15 boxes here which my old brain cant seems to be that sharp anymore. I've always end up opening 1- 2 wrong boxes before getting the right ones.

Thankfully, I've discovered a smarter way of fixing this problem. What I did is took a picture of each shoe, print them out & stick those pics on their respective boxes. This way, you would never go wrong anymore- not unless you have a terribly bad eye sight !

If anyone of you readers have a better idea, do share it with me. Sharing is caring !

29 December 2009

Online Business


Honestly, I didnt do a single work at the office today. As it is, even with the presence of my boss I still find it hard to work, just imagine how disastrous the situation is now when he's not around (the whole wekk....yeeehaaaaa). On top of that, most of my other colleague around the globe are still holidaying since almost all of our factories are closed. I'm quite sure this Monday blues I'm currently having doesnt hit me alone - it's a global disease, I would say.......hehehehe.

Since the sensation of entrepreneurship is still very strong in me ( due to my involvement in the flea market biz for the past 2 days), I've dedicated myself in designing my other blog that is....... jeng...jeng....jeng..... my commercial blog. My very own virtual shopping blog.

That flea market is obviously a very good start for me to expose myself to this world of biz & building up networking. I've gained so much knowledge in such a short period of time. Thus boosting up my inner spirit to do something good to myself. Something that I really enjoyed & fond of which doesnt makes me sigh every hour like when I'm in the office. I just hope this determination is strong enuff to stay in me for as long as I live.

The idea of having this online business came from my BFF actually. Been having numerous discussions about this business plan of us for the past a month or two. But then being tied up with out own job & commitments, the idea has grinds to a halt. Nevertheless, the plan is still on & by hook or crook, it'll someday come into sight. Our online shop will eventually materialize & when that time comes, I'll be the happiest person to announce it here in my blog. Please pray for me this particular dream of mine will soon comes true. Amin.

27 December 2009

Flea Market - 2nd Glorious Day

Today is my 2nd encounter as an amateur businesswoman at the Kelana Mall flea market. So far, it has been quite a success, I would say. Not only I managed to dispose my old junks, I gained money out of it too. Frankly, the money was reasonably good......far beyond my expectation. Syukur alhamdulillah.

A blogger-turned-entrepreneur

Put aside the RM, there are actually lots of good things derived from this new activity of mine. It's a platform to meet up all sort of people from all stages of life. I learned a lot from these people, be it my own customers or other vendors I've made friends with. In another word, I've now have my own networking which is very, very important in business line......cant believe it myself when Red Scoot starts talking about business chewahhhh !!

These 2 days are indeed very valuable & priceless experience for me. It's something I could never buy with money or learn elsewhere. The exposure I gained from this flea market is something I would treasured as one of the greatest experience in my life.

With our biggest customer for the day

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank CT & Yusma for inviting me to join them in these wonderful event though neither one of them have ever met me before. Thank you for having so much trust in me. Your honest & sincere intentions would always be something that I cherished for as long as I lived. Thank you dear friends !

26 December 2009

Flea Market - 1st Encounter

As planned earlier, my flea market biz. ( chewahhh ) was executed today....this morning to be exact. By 9.00 am myself, CT & Yusma were already there at Kelana Mall, setting up our so-called booth. Frankly, there's no booth being provided my the management - just a 8 x 7 feet space by the entrance walkaway of the mall. Well at least we dont have to invest on a canopy to shelter us from the sun & rain.

CT & Yusma in action

I was kindof excited since this is the first time I ever got myself involved in such an activity. All these years, I'm always fond of flea market & surprisingly, I'm now part of it. It's fun being at a flea market. The things you could find at flea markets can be quite interesting sometimes. Things you cant never get in shops locally & the prices are incredibly low. That's the best part of it !

A blogger-turn-entrepreneur with her fan, CT.......fewitttt

By 10.00 am our stall is ready to welcome their customers. Kak Jay happened to be our first customer. We love her so very much since she spent RM55 at our stall. Most of her purchases came from Marsya's old story books. Those books have been in my possession for at least 5 - 6 years & I really dunno what to do with them. I cant just throw them away since they are all still in good conditions. That's why I'm so delighted & blessed when CT asked me to join her in this flea market. Now I have a way...... a smarter way to dispose all my junks.

Kak Jay - our very first customer

After Kak Jay, we've been visited by an Indian family. Through them, my handbag & Marsya's backpack were sold. Tak sia-sia akak basuh backpack Marsya tu malam tadi.....hehehehe. As I'm writing this entry, it's already 2 pm & those two were our only customers so far...... huhuhu.

Akak control cun nampakkkk......

Kelana Mall has been opened to public for 2 - 3 years it seems. However, most of the shop lots are occupied by offices. That explained the emptiness of the mall during weekends like this. But then, it's okay - I wont give-up for such a small obstacles like this. Morever this is the first time the mall is having a flea market & they're hoping it'll end up being like the one in Amcorp Mall. Therefore, for an introduction, only 8 stalls were opened.

My business partner, Ain......thanks for your support gal. Appreciate it very much !

Hopefully, we will someday be as established and as popular as Amcorp Mall. When that day arrives, I can quit my job & expand my business. Hehehe.....looks like I'm already counting my chicks even before the eggs started to hatch. But then, what is a life without a dream. Dreams are like the paints of a great artist. Our dreams are our paints & the world is our canvas. Believing is the brush that converts the dreams into a masterpiece of a reality. So, start dreaming fellas !!!

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Christmas is the jolliest time of the year, merriment is everywhere. It is the best time to celebrate the joy of this wonderful time and have fun with your friends, family and loved ones.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Cheers to good health, great food, great gifts and great party !

24 December 2009

Flea Market - The Sneak Preview

Last nite coming back from work, I started digging through my old stuffs - looking everywhere from the storage boxes, shoe cabinet up to my wardrobe. I was actually looking for things that I could sell at the Flea Market this weekend. It's kindof a surprise actually for there are quite a lot of junks in my house......hehehehe.

I end up having a pile of things to get rid of & mind you, I still have one storage box unopened. Looks like my house is actually a dump site all these whiles. All these things are still in good shape, especially those belongs to Marsya. Some of them are only being used once or twice the most.

So just to fire-up the shopping spirit in you, I'm gonna have a preview sale here in my blog - a sneak preview to the items that will be on sale this coming weekend. Those who are interested are most welcome to view them personally at the Kelana Mall ( see yesterday's entry for details ). To those who cant make it there but are interested to buy the following items, you can always send me an e-mail & we'll take it from there.

So, here it goes...........

Marsya's original Converse shoe which she only used twice

Pearl Bracelet - rarely being used

Disney's Table Lamp ( Khind brand ) - still functioning ( Ija has actually booked this already )

Marsya's sandal ( Princess brand) - rarely used too

Necklace & Earing set - never been used

IKEA toy storage thingy - very good condition still

Chic blue handbag - tip top condition guaranteed

Frankly, I've never ever sold any of my stuff before. So, I'm not sure whether the above prices are considered reasonable or not ( it is reasonable enuff for me though, considering the original price when I first bought them ). So, if you think these prices are too expensive, please let me know, k.

See you in Kelana Mall this 26th & 27th !

23 December 2009

Flea Market @ Kelana Mall

Kelana Mall is organizing an indoor flea market which will be held this coming weekend, 26th & 27th December 2009. Among the things that will be sold are clothing, shoes, accessories, books, toys, antiques, bags etc. All these stuffs are not limited to new items only coz second hand items are also available. That's what flea market are all about - selling off your second hand stuffs at a very cheap price.

A friend of mine told me about this flea market a few days ago since I am a big fan of flea market. Hearing that she's gonna open up a booth there, I got really excited & offered myself to help her out. Well, I'm sure her booth needs a happening lady like me to cheer the environment up.......hehehehe.

So, this weekend Red Scoot's gonna heat up the Kelana Mall flea market. If you wanna feel the heat too, come and join me there. The more the merrier !

( Click on picture for a bigger view )

22 December 2009

Evacuation Drill @ UOA

The UOA building management is organizing a Fire Emergency Procedure at the UOA II building this morning. They've sent the circular to everybody last week & I was telling Carol that I would come down earlier so that I dont have to drag my feet down the stairs.

Unfortunately I completely forgotten about it. So, joining the rest of the team I've to go down by the staircase......huhuhu. Luckily it's only 19th floor to go & we're going down and not against gravity instead.

The drill is nothing much la......we just need to evacuate the building & go the assembly area where our attendance will be taken. I surely hope everybody would be as calm as this should the actual fire were to happen !

21 December 2009

2009 Christmas Party

Enuff of movie reviews.....today I'm gonna blog something about entertainment too but this time it is more focused on myself.....hehehe. I should have blog about this last Friday itself but since most of the pics. taken that day were in Carol's camera, I guess I dont have a choice but to wait till Monday.

Last Thursday, we finally had our Christmas party for 2009. It's the third year we're having it actually. This time, me & Carol decided to make it more merrier by inviting other happening people to join us. We've then end up with 5 people altogether - Carol, Farrah, Ain, Mei & myself. Farrah however had to withdraw as she needs to attend a meeting in Sarawak one day before......poor Farrah.

For the past 2 years, we only have dinner & that's about it. This year since there are more of us, we opt for karaoke then. It was indeed the right choice. We've been planning this for the past 2 months & everybody seems to be so excited since then. Excited for the karaoke & excited for the gifts as well. Syiok nyerrrr !!!!

Finally, that day arrived. I was very well prepared for the event - have my own theme lagi that is the "Bling-Bling" theme....hehehe. So, everything on me must be bling2 lah.......so glamorous gitu!! Red-Box Pavilion was chose for the venue since it's the nearest place from our office. The package is karaoke + dinner buffet for RM 65++.

The place is ok - their songs are quite up to date. The food however is so-so only lah - nothing to shout about, really. Not that much of choices as compared to Red Box @ Sogo. I've always like Sogo better for their variety of food options plus the free flow drinks & snacks. Unlike in Paviliion where only one free drinks per night. Any extra drinks are chargeable including plain water which is RM15 for half a liter ! Can you imagine that? Terrible isnt it? Not only that, we are also not allowed to take photos at the buffet area. Looking at how un-happening their foods are, I'm not surprised why they wouldnt let us took pictures of it.

Anyway, the singing session was tremendously fun. We had lots n lots of fun singing or should I said, shuting our lungs out - especially our performance for I Will Survive. We're singing it with full of emotions & hatred. If we could record ourselves in the video, I'm sure all we could see are those ugly expressions on our faces.....hahaha.

But then, it was a really, really fun nite for all four of us. We're like having our own concert in that room. Myself & Ain are forever standing on the seat - singing & dancing. Carol, having her first karaoke experience would joined us singing. And Mei......boy, she really impressed us with her knowledge not only on Malay songs but also Indon songs !

To Ain, Carol & Mei.....thanks so much for all the fun ! Cant remember when was the last time I had so much fun. Also, thanks for all those lovely presents ( not forgetting Farrah ) too! - love them all ! It was absolutely a night to remember. It was OUR night, gals !

20 December 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

For what it’s worth, it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. See the things that startle you. Feel the things you never felt before. Meet people with a different point of view. Live a life you’ve proud of. If you find that you’re not, have the strength to start all over again.

The above are excerpted from this brilliant & remarkable movie. The last time I've ever felt this satisfied over a movie was about 15 years ago after finished watching Forrest Gump. I can feel the same sense of satisfaction all over me after watching it. It makes me smile thinking back how beautiful the movie was constructed. There are a lot of lessons we can learn from this film. Brad Pitt's excellent acting & the award winning visual effects has indeed made this film an astounding & extraordianry film one could ever remembered.

All that said, there is no way to deny that this film is indeed very beautiful. It reminded us all the meaning of life & as Button soberly reminds us, nothing lasts. It's gonna be one of those films I imagine I would revisit & keep on watching without getting myself bored. It's a 2 1/2 hours long but amazingly it seems to be the shortest movie I've ever seen.

City of Angels

Yup...another movie it is. I had a movie marathon during this long weekend since there are at least 20 movies awaiting for me for the past 6 months or so. One thing with me is that I cant really sit in front of the TV for hours like some people do. The most would be 3 hours - more than that I would start having this uncomfortable feeling slowly building up in my system. I suddenly feeling fatigue la.....headache la ..... this la.....that la.... and 1001 other reasons that prohibited me from continue watching. That's why TV is never in my favourite list.

This week, I'm trying to go against all odds. Trying to finish as much movies as I could. So far, success is nothing near.....hehehehe. After watching one movie, there's always something that came across my mind that strayed me away from the TV set - it's either I'm feeling hungry, sleepy or as simple as browsing for new recipes. My best achievement so far is 2 movies in a day - one in the morning & another at night of which I'm quite proud of.

This morning I was watching this old movie titled City of Angels. I know....I'm way behind time. So behind coz it is a 1998 movie - 11 years ago & only now I gotta watch it. One thing I like about this movie is it's soundtracks. They are all so good & my fave would be Angel & Iris. Angel is for it's soothing melody & Iris for it's beautiful lyrics.

I dont think I need to tell what's the story all about coz I might be the only living thing on the globe who had just watched it this morning. All & all, it was a pleasant movie to watch. Illogical but rather sweet. I cried though - not the part when Maggie died but the part when she had to break the news of the death of her patient to his family. It was quite tragic, I would say.

As for Nicholas Cage being the Angel, I dont think they did a good casting by selecting him. I cant see the peacefulness & calmness in his eyes ( that's how I supposed an angel eyes should be ). He failed to project the serene aura around him. One thing for sure is that, he's one depressed angel. I dunno but I might be biased here since I dun really fancy this guy.

Anyway, I still enjoyed the movie. A light romantic movie like this one could never bored me. This movie somehow reminded me of another one acted by Meg Ryan too - Sleepless in Seattle which I havent watched it too...... I know....I know..... you can call me outdated. Should check out on that one too !

Just wanna quote my fave line for this movie : I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand than an eternity without it.

Uwaaaaa........so romantic one !!!!!

19 December 2009

Julie & Julia

I've just finished watching this movie which I've downloaded somewhere 2-3 weeks ago. I've never heard of the movie before though. The only reason I downloaded it is becoz it was rated 7.4 / 10 by IMDb ( The Internet Movie Database ), the site I've always used to check the movie's rating.

Looks like IMDb & myself are totally in sync. I would have rated Julie & Julia the same too. I like the movie - very entertaining, funny & inspiring. I watched the movie @ 10 pm & not even once I yawned ( & mind you, I'm watching it alone ) which showed how good the movie was. I really enjoyed watching it & Meryl Streep's brilliant acting has indeed contributed a lot to the success of this movie.

Julie & Julia is a combination of two true stories which was presented in two different spaces of time. The movie alternates between Julia Child's slow rise to fame as a cook in the 1950s and Julie Powell's attempt to cook 524 dishes and blog through the entire Julia Child's book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking in 365 days.

I somewhat felt the connection between myself and Julie since there are a few similarities between both of us .....chewahhhh. Ok, she loves cooking and so am I. She's a blogger just like me too. But then she's far more better than me la......not only she's smart & creative (to come up with the idea of cooking & blogging through a book), she's also married to such a nice guy unlike me who was married to a ........ since it's Maal Hijrah today, let's show some respect & spare the swearing & cursing.

The romance scenes for both couples are my fave especially the Julia-Paul couple. The fact that this movie is based on a true story really makes me feel so envious of them. Paul Child is such a sweet & adorable husband any women would love to be married to. In one of the scene, during a dinner with their frens on Valentines Day, he was giving a toast to his wife, Julia by quoting this : "Julia, you are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life. I love you darling girl" . So sweet....I'll just drop dead if a man would ever said that to me ( that explains why I'm still breathing! ).

Anyway, that's how guys are those days. Now in the current world, those good guys are considered a myth coz they've already extinct from this world. Like the dinosaurs. those generations were long gone. What's left are the species who cant even use the right head to think( if they ever really think - which I doubt they would! ). Well, I'd better stop commenting on this before I said something ugly - remember...... no swearing, no cursing today.

So, that's about it. Julie & Julie is indeed a great movie - sweet & nice. End of sentence.