15 January 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Brocade Calliope

I dunno why (maybe becoz it's Friday) I was feeling very, very sleeping the whole day today. Nothing seems to help - not even blogging, which shows how critical the situation is......huhuhu.

This morning in my inbox, I received an e-mail which contains pics of Datuk CT & her expensive birthday gift - the RM40K Louis Vuitton Monogram Brocade Calliope handbag. It was a gift from her dear hubby, Datuk K. The news was all over the local newspapers early this week..... something I'm not surprised about since it's Datuk CT that we're talking about here.

40K? 40K? That question kept on bugging my head. I just wondered how would a 40K handbag looks like? It was quite a disappointment when I saw the pic this morning. Well, it certainly doesnt look 40K to me. Nooooo....I'm not saying this because I'm being jealous of her, but what can I say - that's exactly how I see it. Maybe, a normal, middle-class person like me just cant appreciate the art of an expensive things.

I need to be a millionaire to be able to see the true beauty of all these expensive things. Because honestly, I dont really find LV handbags that alluring to my eyes. But then like I said earlier, maybe it's just me & my cheap eyes coz other people didnt think the same way. They all love this bag so much.

Since I've been very sleepy today & since I now knew how that 40K handbag looks like, I've decided to do some homework about it. Just some info & facts about it & what makes it so expensive. Here it goes......

This particular handbag is from the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009/2010 collectiont's made of brocade silk textile and 34 pices of different exotic skin which are dyed by hand. Not one......not two...but 34 okay. Not just any skin but "exotic" skins it seems. Makes me wonder what skin are considered as exotic skins? Could it be an ostrich skin......or maybe giraffe? Exotic mah......

It's decorated with silk and metallic threads infused with bracing pink and crowned by its resin pearl chain (which looks like a bicycle chain to me). It measures 10.2" x 6.3" x 2.9" . The locks and studs are signature decorative and the interior is satin lines.

So, there you are. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Brocade Calliope's specs. Anyway, I would still prefer that yellow Carlo Rino hobo bag which would only cost 0.6% from the price of this particular LV bag. At least I dont need to wait for any Datuk to get it for me kan....kan....kan.


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