21 February 2013

Floor Decking Dilemma

Damn ! Damn ! Damn !!!

I have 130 valves waiting to be calculated and sized but here I am busy designing my home's entrance walkaway ( or is it walkaway's entrance ? Arhhh...whateverrr.... ).

This is how the walkaway of my entrance looks like :

It's rather plain and boring isnt it? Especially if you compare it with my balcony which looks like this  :

I love having some wooden elements as part of my home deco, which is why I decided to make a decking at my balcony when I renovated my house a year and a half ago. However due to financial constraints I cant do the same at the entrance walkaway....sigh.

But heyyy...not to worry ! There's always a cheaper option provided we do proper research and homework - when there's a will there's always a way, isnt it? Yang penting kena lah rajin and when it comes to do these kind of things, I am forever rajin hahahaha.

So after checking all possible sources from both the real and virtual worlds, I found out something interesting - a loose wood tiles, that is.

I first saw this wood tiles in Houz Depot which came in various sizes  : 1' x 1', 2' x 2' and 3' x 3' depending on how big or small your areas are. These wood tiles are not only cheaper but it gives you more space to expand your creativity as there are a number of ways of laying them on the floor.

Later then I had a chance to visit SSF's newly opened outlet in Pertama Complex and found out that they too have something similar but theirs are even better coz their wood tiles have these interlocking plastic at the bottom which makes installation extremely easy.   
These wood tiles are sold at RM 84/set which consists of 6 pcs pieces of 1' x 1' tiles. The area of my entrance walkaway are approximately 27 sq inch, which means max 4 sets would be enough.

In between sizing my 130 valves ( when the actual fact is doing the valve's sizing in between designing the floor decking hehehe ), I have come up with 6 different designs for the floor decking :

Out of these 6 different designs, I think I'd go for F. What about you? Which one would you prefer ? Care to share it with me?