27 September 2012

Hello !

Hello, I am back.....and this time no more sweet promises from me. I am neither not gonna say I'm back for good nor am I gonna continue updating my blog religiously like I used to - coz I am positively sure none of those gonna happen.

Honestly I miss my blog so very much. I miss scribbling my thoughts about things I love and hate. I miss sharing my shopping addiction with my fellow readers. And above all of course, I miss all the men-bashing sessions I used to have in here.

I really wish things could stay the same but obviously that would never happen. Nothing stays the same - sooner or later some things, if not everything is bound to change.

I used to have enuff time to spend on my blog. But that was then. That was before I commit myself to the society I am living with. I am not complaining for I know it's all for a good cause. After so much I've gotten, I guess it's high time to give back. And frankly, I am grateful I had the chance to do that.

Anyway, ideally with an IPad in my possession, updating my blog shouldnt be that much of a hassles anymore. But still, time is something very, very valuable and priceless to me these days. Though I do have everything it takes to write a post, I am still lacking the most important thing which is time - so many things to do yet too little time..sigh !
Sometimes I really have a very good n interesting story to write but by the time I am free, it was neither good nor interesting anymore. I got tired and lazy and the only thing I wanna do is to sit down doing completely nothing. I am not sure whether this is what they called the aging process or I am simply being lazy ( the latter sounds more like it tho ! )

By the way, this post was written on my bed a few minutes before I dozed off. I just feel like writing and this post has definitely makes me feel good thereafter. The fact is I have plenty of things I wanna write about like my new love of my life, my trip to Penang (which is not just any other trip), my dreams, my hatred - though this one is quite common hehehe. I so wanna share all these stories with you guys and therefore I would try my very best to find the time to do it.

Perhaps I should stop my quick naps in the office & use that time to write. Or maybe write while having my packed lunch in the office. Or I should just write whenever I dont feel like doing my work ( which practically every f***in day hahaha). Whatever it is, the bottom line is that -  I WILL FIND TIME TO UPDATE THIS BLOG.

Having to said that, adios from me. Till we meet again, Insyallah.