15 October 2009


Yesterday evening while at this grocery store, we were startled by the sound of a loud sirens coming from a police's patrol car and an ambulance. Shortly after, I could see people running towards an apartment just opposite the store. Must be something la ni, I said to myself. A blogger like me wouldnt wanna miss this kindof adventure, wouldnt I? So, I hurriedly join the increasingly large swarm of people in order not to miss any details. With me is no other than my loyal & beloved Canon IXUS 860 IS.

The crime scene - 15 storeys low cost apartment, Taman Pandan Cahaya, Ampang

After succeeding in getting myself through the crowd, all I could see is a body of a man lying on the ground, face down. From my observation, he's probably a Chinese man in his late twenties. According to the people there, it is either an accident or a suicidal case. Either way, it is such a tragic way to die.

Just for the records, this is the second time I've been in a suicidal scenario like this. The first one was about 10 years ago which happen to be at my own apartment. This poor guy found out that his girl was cheating on him. Frustrated, he got himself drunk & jumped off from the 10th floor.

According to statistics compiled by the National Suicide Registry Malaysia, of the 113 suicide cases reported in the country in the second-half of 2007, 82 were men, including 41 who were married. The most common reason believed to be the cause of suicide was unresolved problems with their wives. Other reasons cited by next of kin were financial problems, legal issues and job-related cases.

So, why are men more prone to commit suicide than women? Interesting fact, huh? Interesting enuff to make our minds wonder what the reason might be. To my opinion, it's the men's nature who doesnt know how to express their feelings . Men always feel uncomfortable talking their problems out. Just because they are a man, they think they should be able to handle their problems on their own. Well, apparently their ego kills. All those problems will eventually bottled up inside and end up committing suicide because of it.

To summarize, it's women who drives them to it ! Yeeeehaaaaaaaa......long live the women !


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