06 July 2010

Women & Sacrifice

Women and sacrifice are very synonym. They both go hand in hand. Being a woman, we'll go into a series of sacrifices in our lives - be it big or small. Though I didnt have the statistic nor did any research about it , I'm quite certain that women sacrifice much, much more than men. I'm not saying this simply becoz I hate the other gender so much ( yeah, like I dont) but unfortunately, that's how things are when it comes to sacrificing. Sacrificing has forever been part of women's lives.

It started as early as the time when we're a young girls. Women are always taught not to speak up their own mind (especially about things that are important to them). They have to abide to this rule in order to fit nicely into the society. As compared to boys, there are a lot of things they are not allowed to do - they cant hang-out with frens anymore after the sun goes down, they have to help with the housework while their brothers watched TV just becoz those are the girls' job!

After we get married, we give up a part of ourselves for our husbands. I don't think that is a bad thing though. It only becomes bad when we have to give up a big chunk of ourselves to please those demanding husbands. As how things are, women lose part of their life once they are married unlike men. Women have more responsibility towards their family, and things are even harder for a working wife. They worked as hard (or sometimes even harder ) as men in the office but at least the work stops for the guys the moment they stepped out of the office. As for the ladies, another strings of burden awaits them at home.

When we decided to have children, here comes the sacrifice again. Women sacrifice their very bodies to allow a baby to grow inside of them. We gain some weight and becomes fat as a result of pregnancy, and some women cant even lose it after the baby is born. Let alone the morning sickness & other illness ( high blood pressure, diabetes etc) they have to go through in order to give a child to their husbands. And how do their husband thanked them? They'll start complaining about how un-sexy their wives are now & started looking out for options.

When you talked about sacrifices, it seems impossible to relate them with men. What sacrifices have they committed to anyway? Besides sacrificing their sleep to watch the World Cup's game, they are more than willing to sacrifice their own marriage just to fulfill their immense lust. Not forgetting sacrificing the piece of heart given by their loved ones by crushing it to small pieces. These kind of sacrifices men are undoubtedly very, very good at. Enuff said - I rest my case.

Women sacrifice their whole life. They tend to put their family's needs before their own. They sacrifice their career for the family. They starved themselves to look pretty for their husbands (knowing how selfish men are). They let go of their identity & go by the husbands surname after married to them. Some of them even leave their religion & family just to be with their men.

Some men might say that those are rather the woman's "choices" rather than "sacrifices". But then, either way it's women who have always end up giving out more. It's not that we're complaining or feeling sorry for ourselves. Most of these sacrifices are indeed of our own choices. What hurts most is when our sacrifices are not being appreciated or worst still, being taking for granted.

I wonder how many men are really grateful for everything their women had sacrificed for them? Honestly speaking, I doubt most of them would. And being men, a selfish pig they are, I'm quite sure only a handful of them knows what sacrifice really means............


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