05 September 2009

Alexis Tiramisu

I'm really having a blog marathon today as this is the third entry for the day. Ini kira bayar hutang la ni for not having the chance to blog the whole of last week. Sekali dapat peluang.....ha amik nak ko ! Tak kasik can langsung......hehehe. Anyway, that's only the case when I'm into the mood of writing. There are also times when I just dun feel like blogging even though I have all the time in the world. Ironically, the urge to blog is so high when I dont really have the time for it and vice versa. I guess that's how things are in life.

Anyway, this time I'm gonna blog about food - tiramisu in particular. I'm not a big fan of a tiramisu actually coz I hate cheese very much. Come to think of it, I hate cheese as much as I hate durians. The only cheesecake that I could possibly eat & enjoy is the Pralinosa from the Australian Cake House in Jalan Imbi. I love that cake so much - because even though it's a cheesecake, you cant taste the cheese at all ! That's the best part of this Pralinosa.

Last Friday we had a communal birthday celebration for all the July, August & September babies. It used to be a monthly event but then due to the economic turndown, it's now a tri-monthly event.....still, better than nothin', isnt it?

So for this time around, since it's the VP's birthday, they bought this legendary Tiramisu from Alexis. From what I heard it's the best Tramisu in town and after having it, I fully agreed. This particular Tiramisu is like no other Tiramisu I've ever tasted. It has more texture in it...layer by layer, topped with the crunchy roasted peanuts and caramelized sugar pieces, which is by the way, my favourite part. In between the soft sponge cakes are the cheese with bits and pieces of chocolates in it. Tapi tang cheese ni, memang akak reject je lah......tapi tang lain abis je akak bedal !!

As a conclusion, the cake is worth trying for. It is indeed the best Tiramisu in town. You wont get the same satisfaction with other Tiramisu. The Alexis Tiramisu will definitely put a big smile on your face !

p/s Just got to know the price of this marvelous cake - it's RM 126 for 2 kg.


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