12 October 2011

Got Nothing To Worry & I'm Worried !

I woke up from sleep the other morning with a complete empty & blank mind, which somehow or rather confused me. Here's the thing....everybody worries on one level or another. Being a working mother & a single parent at the same time, I have more things cluttering my mind every now & then. It could be just an unwashed laundry or unpaid bills but there's always something up there to occupy my mind.

So when I woke up that morning with nothing to worry about, it worries me. Hah ! How ungrateful I am, isnt it? For a few seconds I sat on my bed thinking very hard, what should I be worried about for that day. There must be something, I thought......how can it not be a single thing in my head right now? Am I having an insomnia here or God had suddenly decided to be kind to me.....

I am not saying I'm a worry wart here. Though I worried that much, I am still in full control of it. Much of the time I worry because of the little control I had over a possible outcome. Worrying that my preferred outcome wouldnt come about.

But then, funny enough I could actually worrying over nothing. Have you ever experience this where you'll be having this unpleasant feeling in you & your heart will be thumping a 'lil bit faster than normal but you dont even know what the shit you are worrying about? Boy, I hate it when that happen !

Anyway, worry no more. By end of the day, I have at least 3 things to worry about.

At least I know I am still normal !

11 October 2011

My Downloading Addiction

It all started a couple of years ago when I was first introduced to Lime Wire. At that time, I only knew how to download songs and it'll only be 3 to 4 songs a week. Then , came a better and superior software called Ares who could do more than just downloading songs. I was thrilled for now I could download more stuff from the net.

After some time using Ares I got bored. I just cant tolerate the slowness of it. 1 movie took a few days to be completed and that's if I'm lucky. Otherwise, I would have to wait for weeks to finish one miserable movie.

I then got lucky as I discovered Torrent. Torrent is simply magic. It's fast & furious just like my hero, Van Diesel (except for that sexy voice of his, of course). With Torrent, not only songs & movies, software and documents are also downloadable. Now that's what we called awesome !!!

With the existence of Torrents, all hell breaks loose. I started with 1 - 2 movies in a week. Then the numbers increase rapidly to 3 - 4 movies a week. Now that I'm using Wi-fi, it gets much better where 7 - 10 movies a day is like a flick of a finger. Kacang putih !

New movies will take some time before they are available in the DvDrip version. In between waiting & downloading all these new movies, I'll browse from the net for the list of the top movies all the way from the 70s up till the 90s. Since I've been downloading for a few years already, the number of movies to download are getting lesser. I used to check the movie's rating before downloading it where I only go for the good rating ones only. Now that the choices have becoming limited, I dont bother checking already. Well, beggars cant be choosers, isnt it?

To date, I have at least 500 movies in my collection. I have two external HDD to store my collections of which one is already full and the other is three quarter full ~ sigh~ But that wont stop me from downloading....no I wont... I'd buy the 3rd HDD if I have to !

All those movies I've downloaded,I dont even know when I'm gonna watch it....no, no...let me rephrase that. I dont even know whether I'm gonna watch it. I am never a fan of a TV, let alone spending 1 - 2 hours in front of it watching movies. Honestly, I dont really have the intention to watch them all.

Last month I bought an Ipad and it seems that my addiction has gone up to another level. From the day I bought my Ipad, I have already download more than 50 apps in my Ipad. Like the movies, I dont actually used those apps I've downloaded.

The thing is, I just love to download. People might call me a chronic downloader but the name doesnt matter me at all coz I am that. I must admit that downloading makes me feel good......no, it makes me feel really good. It's like a stream of happiness that flows into my system that makes my eyes sparkled and my heart bloomed.

I supposed I could have a problem, but I dont think it is so wrong. I mean, the facilities are there to be utilised, dont just look at it.....used it ! I dont think I would be true to myself if I didnt download ....oh sweet downloading. I crave downloading, I need to do it, and if I dont get to do it, I will......okay, you got me ! I do have a problem. What's that? I forgot to say what? Owh, right.... Hi, my name is Intan and I am a chronic downloader ( This is the part where you say, "Hi Intan...." - all in a monotone voice ).

I know I am not the only one who is suffering from this addiction. And I also know that there will come a time where I'll be running out of movies to download. But before that day arrives, let me savour every seconds of it.

10 October 2011

Nasi Vanggey a.k.a. Nasi Ganja

I did sumthing crazy yesterday ( tell me sumthing new! ). It's the same craziness I did a couple of years ago when I actually went al the way to Taiping just for for a bowl of mee udang. There's no compromise when it comes to good food - at least that's how I felt.

Anyway, you only live once and the time spared is very limited. So, live your life to the fullest. Do things you've always wanted to do. Follow your heart though all the people around you say you're crazy. It's better to look back at your past and say, " I can't believe I did that......" rather than "I wish I did that......"

I am lucky I have enuff of crazy people around me who are always willing to jump into the same ship with me to do some crazy stuff together......well, birds of the same feathers, they flock together-gether, isn't it? So, yesterday a few crazy birds from KL apparently flew to Ipoh for some good stuff for the tummy.

I've heard and read about Nasi Vanggey a.k.a. Nasi Ganja before and I'm sure most of you, readers have heard of it as well. Vanggey in Tamil means "come here" which denotes the situation of the restaurant where people keep on coming back for their food. It's like they are addicted to it the same way people are addicted to cannabis and that's how the name Nasi Ganja came from.

I've made an attempt to come here few years ago but to no avail since it was already closed when we got there. This time around however, I am not letting the same thing happen - no banana tree should bear it's fruits for the second time .....hehehe.

It all started when my fren, Mantong posted in status in FB about his craving for Nasi Ganja. The moment I saw his status, I jumped to the opportunity and offered myself to join him for a plate of Nasi Ganja. We then set the time, date and asked another fren of ours to tag along.

Marsya hogging the Ipad

So last Saturday, the four of us ( including my dearest Marsya ) heads to Ipoh to experience the tastiness of the infamous dish ourselves. We got there by lunch time and was greeted by restaurant that was already 3/4 full with patrons. A big Nasi Vanggey signboard was displayed at the entrance of the restaurant which gave me an assurance that it is indeed the correct place.

Free wi-fi lagi !

The restaurant was big with an open concept where it doesnt have walls but only ceiling on top. It is a self service restaurant where customers have to queue up to buy the food. Since we arrived at lunch time, the queue was quite long - at least 7 - 10 feet long. As Mantong been there before, we gave him the full authority to choose the dishes. We ended up with plain rice with fried hot n spicy chicken and beef cooked in hot n thick gravy.

The verdict. : between the chicken and beef, I'd choose the chicken though beef has always been my favourite as compared to chicken. Reason being, the chicken is hot in taste while the beef is a bit sweet for me. I've tried other Indian food before but this particular ones is a bit different from the rest. Theirs are more spicier and hotter which I guess was their uniqueness that brought people back to their restaurant.

Mantong's THE man !!

All in all, I liked and enjoyed their food but to drive all the way to Ipoh just for a plate of it, that is something I would really consider. But then, as how Mantong puts it : "it's not the destination but the journey that matters" which is very, very true since all four of us had a hell of a great time along the journey.

We talked, we laughed (so hard that it hurts our stomach), we teased, cursed each other and not forgetting dreaming about spending our old age together in Temerloh which was the highlight for the day.

To Mantong and Jamie, thanks a lot for sharing your precious Saturday with me and my daughter. That was one great and wonderful experience I'd cherish for the rest if my life.

17 August 2011

My Dream Home

I am very free in the office this week since I've been such a dedicated employee last week that I've completed all my work efficiently ( langsi maut !!! ).

On Monday, I spent the whole day doing nothing but facebooking, tweeting & browsing (for recipes of course). Yesterday however, I got tired wandering in the virtual world that I decided to watch movies to kill my excessive time.

Since I dont have the whole collection with me in the office, I have to make do with whatever I have in my lappie, which is not that much of a choice - Kongsi, Scream 4 & Cun - what a collection ! Kongsi is a definite no-no - am not a big fan of Shaheizy Sam. Scream 4? For any movie with sequels, I have this rule where I'm not gonna watch the latest sequel till I'm done watching all the previous ones. So, that leaves me with nothing else but Cun ~sigh~ Well at least Remy Ishak is there for me to drool over....hehehe ( oopppsss...lupa - posa ! )

Anyway, today I am not going to write a review on this movie, Cun coz honestly there's nothing really great about this movie except for those muscular arms & bod of Mr. Yummy Remy. What really excites me about the movie was the location where the movie was filmed. The movie Cun was filmed in the middle of a padi field in Kedah with an amazingly beautiful view.

I am a city girl - born & breed in the city and unfortunately, still breathing the city air till this second. My so-called "kampung" in Kuantan is nothing like a kampung at all. It's a housing area with a tarred road everywhere & the only greens you can find are from the potted plants people put in front of their house for decorations. That is my "kampung" !

As a norm, people would always yearn for something they cant or dont have. The same thing applies to me. Watching the movie gives me a terrible heartache. Living in a village like Kg. Mata Ayer (the location set for the movie Cun) has forever been one of my dreams.

A small un-gated wooden house with windows as tall as me so that I could stand in front of it to inhale fresh clean air every morning , a "pangkin" in front of the house for me to rest & relax in the evening with a cup of coffee & a plate of kuih, a small stream flowing behind the house for my grandchildren to play whenever they come to visit me, a serene & quiet place where the only sound I could hear would be the sounds from the birds chirping & the sounds of the water flowing. But a house in the middle of a padi field would be a bonus !

Doesnt sounds realistic, isnt it? Been dreaming too high, I supposed. But the truth is, that is exactly how my ultimate dream home looks like. Ideally it would be that but honestly, as long as I could stay in a kampung, I'm more than happier.

So, if any of you people out there knows any single kampung guy who has a house which looks more or less like my dream house as described above, do me a favour by introducing him to me, ok ! As a gesture of my gratitude, you'll get a whole year supply of my signature dish, Fusion Olio. How about that ?

16 August 2011

Hari Raya Cookies Marathon

I have actually kept aside all my cookie's mould, rolling pins, baking tray etc for the past 3 years when I decided to take a long leave from the baking (Hari Raya cookies) world. Baking cookies for me, are nothing close to baking cakes.

Baking cakes are much, much easier. All you need to do is to measure the ingredients, mix them in the mixer, then dump the mixture in a mould & finally, to the oven it goes. But cookies? They are just too much hassles to it. There are more than just measure-mix-bake......you need to roll, mould, decorate & of course more waiting time as you need to bake not only one tray but a few (unless you have a really huge oven) - especially a good daughter like me who would bake extra cookies for her mum too !

How I'd wish I could retire from this "business" for good - if only my sister (who'll be 28 next year!) could take over this long over-due duty from me. But then from the look of it, things are just not happening the way I'm hoping it would ~ big sigh ~

Anyway this year, after much persuasion from my mum & Marsya especially, I, not only reluctantly but halfheartedly agreeing to it. How can a mother says no to her child & a daughter says no to her mum? What choice do I have?

Speaking of cookies, I have a confession. I may be good in cooking dishes - locals, internationals or even fusions but when it comes to cookies, I am a failure. As much as I wanted to blame the recipes (or maybe it's the new oven), I honestly knew that I have to chew the fact that I'm just not good at it. Out of 10 biscuits that I bakes, only 1 or 2 will turn out well. The rest are all sucks :-(

Last weekend, I managed to bake 5 types of cookies : Chocolate Crescent, Cornflakes Crunchy, Black Beauty Oreo, Almond Slice & Twist Tart Cookies. Well, at least their names are fancy coz the taste are unfortunately not that fancy after all.....huhuhu.

Out of these 5 biscuits, only the 2 of them are okay, which is the Cornflakes Crunchy & Almond Slice. The rest are simply pathetic :

a) Chocolate Crescent becomes Chocolate Cresburnt since this silly me waited too long before pulling put the tray from the oven. I was actually waiting for the bottom part of the biscuits to turn brown - but then how brown biscuit be any browner? They can turn black though ! Tsk...tsk.....

b) Black Beauty Oreo - This one is placed in a paper cups which means I cant actually check the bottom part of teh biscuit. So, similar to Chocolate Cresburnt, Black Beauty Oreo becomes Black Bottom Oreo !

c) Twist Tart Cookies - I blame it on the strawberry jam - they are just too sweet. Should have opted for the more pricey ones coz all you can taste is the sweetness & not the strawberry !

My cookie jars posing in-front of my new oven

Anyway with 3 failures behind my back, I am still determine to make at least another 2 or 3 more biscuits this coming weekend.

Wish me luck ( Only God knows how much I need it ! ) !!

20 July 2011

Common Sense Isn't So Common After All

I don’t know everything, but I do know what common sense is. I don’t always use it, but I know what it is. Unfortunately, I feel that I am in the minority when it comes to actually knowing what common sense is.

I noticed that our society these days are lacking of this one important quality in them. They can be professionals, politicians or corporates but that doesnt mean they have common sense built in them. Knowledge and common sense are two different things, each with their own purposes or uses. It is perfectly possible for a person to have all of the knowledge in the world, yet still unable to put it to any good use because of the absence of common sense.

A lot of times the above theory has proven right to me. Yesterday for instance, I was in the lift, three quarter filled with people. Then it stopped at one floor where a gentleman, properly dressed looking like a professional, standing & waiting to step in. And this gentleman by the way, was carrying a backpack on his back.

Here comes the moment where common sense should takes place. Common sense is the thinking process human goes through before he or she does something. For example, let's say a small child is filling a glass with milk. When she sees the milk rise to the top of the glass, she stops filling and puts the milk away. Now, no one ever "taught" her that the milk would overflow if she kept pouring, but she instead used her common sense to figure out that if the container was already full then it wouldn't be able to hold any more. See, you don't need knowledge to display common sense.

Now back to that gentleman & the lift story. Seeing that the lift was already three quarter full, he still stepped in. Okay, there's really nothing wrong with that coz there's still enough space for him. But then, with a wee bit of common sense, he would have taken off his backpack before he stepped in rather than squashing other people standing around him while he make an effort to fit himself in the crowd.

He had a choice to just be "the man in the lift" but chose not to & end up with all sort of cursed names for himself. His lack of common sense has created such an unpleasant & tense ambiance in that small, confined space - especially those squashed victims around him (which includes yours truly). A ride (in the lift) that is supposed to be pleasant (considering it's a ride "home") has turned out to be the ride of repulsion it seems.

As how Robert Green Ingersoll quotes, "It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense".

19 July 2011

Did You ?

3 years 9 months and 9 days
That's how long you took
( though it feels much longer than that)
to finally acknowledge
my existence......

13 July 2011

And I Wonder Why.......

By law, I am a Malay, by ancestry I am a mixed Chinese-Malay but in the heart I belongs to a human race. Today I am going to bitch about my own people. I know this is gonna be a very controversial issue (and I'm putting my life at stake here) but I really need to express how I feels.

I dont understand Malays....not all but some of them. The more I tried, the more I'm at lost. And having a s0-called Malay leader like Ibrahim Ali makes it even worse. Now dont make me start on Big Momma Rosmah & her blue diamond story!

Malays are actually one of a kind. You can never find any other races as unique as the Malays. Lazy, laid back& spoon-fed are often relate to the Malays. Drug addicts, incest, mat rempits, snatch thieves, bribery etc are in majority being monopolized by the Malays.

Rather than developing themselves ( spiritually & economically), they are more interested in joining reality shows....and can actually weep when they got voted out. I wonder if they would act the same when they didnt get good results for their exams.......nahhh, dont think so !

Few days ago, the singer, Yuna tweeted about an individual who questioned her for not speaking in Bahasa Melayu. This is the thing with the Malay's mentality. They'll say that you are showing off when you starts speaking in English. Poyo lah.....mata dah biru lah....mat saleh celup lah.... all sort of things will be thrown to you - just because you choose to be smarter than them.

What is so wrong for her to communicate using the international language? It's not like she's converting, for God's sake ! Malays' mentality is something you can never change. You'd better go & try to straighten up the Pisa Tower than trying to change their mentality towards the English language. All they can see is negativity. Bahasa penjajah la konon.....

Dont you think it's good to master both languages? Speaking in English doesnt mean you are forgetting your roots. If you cant speak the language, just sit quietly at one corner & shut up - dont go & condemn other people who are good at it & feels that you have contributed something to the nation when all you did is showing people how stupid you really are.

Ironically, these are the same people who have been spoiling Bahasa Melayu. I am so sick of reading the "new age" of Bahasa Melayu - in forums especially. "Itu" becomes "itew"...... "begitu" becomes "begitew".... "korang" becomes "korunk" ! What the heck are all those? Konon2 macam cool la kan? Fefeeling smart gitu ! And all I'm seeing is plain stupidity. Duhhhhhh !!!!

Another thing I hate most about Malays are their entrepreneurs & I dont mean those big tycoons who owns multi-million dollars of business. What I'm referring here are those who own small business facilities like food stalls, restaurants, grocery shops etc. In terms of customer service, Chinese are the best. And it's no surprise they contributed the most to Malaysia's economy. I'm sure you've encountered this before where you have to wait for more than 15 mins just to order your food. And when the waiter came, the way they treated you as if you owe them money it seems. No greetings, no smile, no nothing. Let alone to apologize for being late. Kirim salam la !

Superstitious is another Malay's favourite. I dont mind if believing in it will make them work harder or make them smarter. But what happen is the other way round. The Malays are forever attracted to something that could make them rich in an easy way. They couldnt understand the fact that there's no short cut to success.

I have an unfortunate experience with somebody who believes that money could just drop from the sky - literally "drop from the sky", ok. Rather than earning money to support his family, he would be very busy looking for old coins, ancient trays, antique keris which can be used to pull money out from the sky. He'll go to all corners of the country looking for all these stuff. Imagine how productive it was if that much of effort & energy are being put into a proper work. Such a sad truth, isnt it?

Skim Cepat Kaya. Do you ever noticed that Malays just love this kind of investment? And do you know why ? Easy...let me tell you. Simply because they are lazy - doesnt wanna work hard for money. So, when one smart ass offers them the express way to be rich, they'll just grab it. Dump all their money & sit while waiting to be millionaires. Hahaha....typical Malays !

By now half of the readers of this entry, the Malays in particular are already plotting my murder. Ok, I am not saying all Malays are useless but these minorities speaks volume......they are like mega open vessels. There are some good ones & had succeeded in life like the late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin Amin (founder of NAZA), Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary (founder of Albukhary Foundation), Tan Sri Dato’ Azman Hashim (Chairman of AmBank) to name a few but the number could be more if only we could change our attitude, mentality & thinking to the better.

Any Malays who read this might be thinking what kind of a Malay who would condemn her own people? Now before you start hurling accusations at me, the above are merely from an intellectual and academic point of view. if you could open up your mind for just a bit, you would realize that there's some truth, if not all, that lies in every sentence I wrote up there.

But if you fail to see it, it's just too bad then & for that, I am really sorry........

10 July 2011

Bravo Bersih 2.0

It's finally Friday - the most awaited day for the week as it is the gateway for another wonderful weekend. As a norm, Friday night is the night where I'll be meeting up my BFFs for another dose of good food & good chat.

You see, when a group of 40s (who still feel they are in their 20s) meet up, all you can expect is havoc. The moment we're together, all we ever care is to talk, laugh & kutuk-ing each other where possible, as if it's only us there. We're too engrossed with each other's company that even if Brad Pitt suddenly walks in, none if us would have noticed.

Last night was another rendezvous for us all & AU3 was chosen as the venue. Being a Friday night, bad traffic is expected everywhere in the city especially along MRR2. However, things are a bit different this time. The forever jammed packed highway doesnt look the same anymore - it's so clear that it only took us less than 20 mins to get there.

Pandan Indah main road has never been this clear on Friday night !

This is all due to the Bersih rally that is scheduled to take place in Saturday 9th. The paranoid BN government has been actively scaring the rakyat about this rally for the past few weeks that most people avoid from coming down to KL.

I am not saying that I support illegal demonstrations or street rally....but what do you suggest the rakyat to do? There's no freedom of speech in this country. We will have to face the risk to be detained under the ISA law if we're brave enuff to voice out our opinion.

Perhaps first thing to be considered is, why should they stop the rally - if it is a peaceful ones? I would say a democratic country should allow peaceful rally. BERSIH promotes awareness of fair election and suggests improvements to the current election systems, why should it be stopped for such good intention? To earn the respect from the people, the authorities should make violence as the last resort. They definitely have the choice to manage the crowds without using violence.

Anyway, I just would like to salute all the heroes and heroines who had been part of this most memorable movement in our Malaysian history. Thank you for trying to make this country a better place for us all & the next generations to come. Bravo !

08 July 2011

Pallazo Pant - The Review

Remember the pallazo pant I bought from the net recently? I was quite pleased with their service, by the way. They were very fast. I paid them today & the next day, wallahhh.....it's delivered to me already !

Tried it on the moment I could get hold of it - am so excited since this is the first purchase I ever made through the internet. My greatest fear is that the clothes woudnt fit me since I am not in the small / petite category where they never encounter such a problem.

All & all, I am satisfied with my purchase and the pallazo fits me perfectly well as though it was tailored for me * happy *. The material is okay - not that t-shirty type where it'll stick to my body like a swimming suit. Hence, there's no worries on VPL (visible panty lines) or my camel toe being exposed out in the open. I am glad they used a brown buttons instead of black as it does gives an impact to its looks. And it would be nicer if they include pockets too !

I've always loved pallazo pants - they are cool, comfortable and effortlessly chic, I would say. For somebody with a small hips like me, pallazo is a saviour as it adds a bit of curve and shape to my figureless shape. And I pesonally feels that it is also good to camouflage big hips.

Pictures : Credits to Mr. Google

So, how do we wear this pallazo pant? IMHO, pallazo pants are best worn with a slim-fitting top to balance out the volume on the bottom half. And use heels to complete the look. The flare bottoms can make the wearer looks shorter if these trousers are not worn with heels. Finally, the choice of material is also important - the lighter the fabrics are the better as it'll gives the pants plenty of drape and flow.

The model-wannabe.....

So, why not upgrade your wardrobe with this airy wide-legged pants? Be adventurous - add some excitement to your clothings. Who knows that guy you've been eyeing on all these whiles would finally noticed you !

07 July 2011

Sayonara Stinky Armpit

About a month ago I was in Watson looking for a deodorant. It was then that I noticed of this crystal stone thingy sitting side by side with other deodorants. Looking entirely different from the rest of his species immediately caught my attention to check it out.

It is a product from Total Image which is a natural mineral salt crystal that acts as a deodorant to combat body odour. Very interesting, I thought to myself while putting down the Nivea deodorant I intent to buy earlier. Why not give it a try then.

Anyway, the product information printed on the casing claims that crystal salt has been used for centuries in Asian countries and is one of the most effective remedies for body odour. Apparently, natural mineral salt is a great deodorant alternative for those with allergies or those concerned about the aluminium content in commercial deodorants.

Apart from that, they also claims that Smelly-No-More is an anti-bacterial, 300% more effective than other commercial deodorants and it is said to reduce perspiration without blocking the pores.

After a few weeks of use, I came to a verdict : mineral salt stick actually works ! It completely kills the body odour - really smelly no more ! I don't have strong body odour but I do get whiffs of it once in a while when I a bit more active than the normal days. But with this mineral salt stick, I am totally odourless - simply awesome.

If you happened to have BO problems, I suggest giving this a go - satisfaction guaranteed. There are 2 sizes available : 60 gm ( RM 16.90 ) and 120 g ( RM 24.90 ). To be honest, by looking at it even the 60 gm could last for years. Totally value for money !

06 July 2011

Does Quality Comes With Price?

About a year ago, I was given a handbag with a price tag of RM200 ++ which to my standard, is considered expensive. And honestly, I would never spend that much of money only for a handbag but since it was a gift from a friend, I accepted it with an open hand, of course.

The fact that it was the most expensive handbag I ever had ( so pathetically sad, isnt it? ), I didnt use it as often. Most of the time it would be carefully kept in its case, hoping that it would last forever ( again, pathetically sad.....).

Last week, I thought of using that particular handbag since it suits my entire outfit. Guess what happen? To my surprise, the outer layer skin of the bag has peeled off. I dont mind if it shed its skin to a better looking ones like the snake did it. But unfortunately it's not for this case.

The peeled skin has created a horrible patches around the bag. It was at the front, at the back, at the side, at the handle - they were practically everywhere......aarrgghhhh !!!! Though it's not my own money but I've only used it for not more than 10 times, for crying out loud !

Honestly, this is not the first time it happened to me but it IS the first time it happened to an "expensive" bag of mine...huhuhu. Quality does not always come in expensive price tags. And expensive price tags do not always mean quality. There are a lot of cheap items that still carry the quality one approves of, like my 2 year old 50 bucks handbag which is still in its best condition.

So, if you intent to buy an expensive handbag today, think twice. Why pay more when what you are getting doesnt worth the price !

05 July 2011

What ? Already ?

This is it ! The day I've been dreading to face - the day I am back to the office after 9 solid weeks. It was the longest period I've been away from the office (mind you, maternity leave is only 8 weeks ).

To be honest, I've been feeling the pressure since last week already. All sort of feelings have been playing around my mind and surprisingly "nervous" was one of them. Not really sure why I'm being nervous but being away from the office for such a long time makes me feel a bit out of the place. The sense of belonging was kindof missing from me which makes me feel somewhat like a stranger in my own office.

Coming back to work after a weekend itself is hard - imagine after 2 months ! Getting me out from the bed was really a challenge. It's not the waking up part that is killing me since I still woke up at the same time everyday during my sick leaves. It's the fact that I can no longer stayed at home doing the things I loved that kills me. No more watching movies in midday, no more baking in the evening & no more short naps in between ~ big sigh ~

Slow, sluggish & uninspired - that's how I felt the whole day. All I did was sitting in front of my laptop the whole day pretending to be working while my mind was wandering aimlessly trying to figure out where the heck those 9 weeks had gone to? I'll be needing at least a week or two to be able to get myself back into the humdrum of the work routine. It's not gonna be easy but what choice do I have. Well, at least I've got my buddies at the office that would help me going through it with less difficulties.

Anyway, it's being with my frens (especially my partner-in-crime who is sitting beside me) that I missed the most during my absence and being with them again is indeed a bliss !