27 October 2008

Deepavali @ Desa Water Park

It's Deepavali today here in Malaysia ( and most of other countries in the world, I supposed). So Happy Diwali to all my Indian frens, Carol, Malar, Chandra....to name a few.

Decided to take Marsya for a swim today - been planning this for the past 2 weeks actually. the actual plan is having a steamboat @ the South China Sea beach back in Kuantan. However, my darling Princess doesnt loves the sea (not as much as her mummy). So, have to re-routed the destination to this water park instead. Took Noriah & kids too - just to make the event more merrier.

We've started the day very early - cooking dishes that we're gonna took with us to the park. The menu was : Fried Mee Hoon, Fried Kuay Teow (Marsya's favourite), Chicken Nuggets, Fried Chicken and not forgetting my home-made Samosa. So, in terms of food, we are very well equipped. Nobody would get hungry - not for the next 12 hours at least :)

Now here's the setback of the whole event. At the entrance of the water park, there are these 2 guards whose job are to examine every patron's beg of any food brought from home - since there's a big sign which says that "No Outside Food Are Allowed". At that point, we were very much pissed already. Just imagine how much food we have with us.....we just cant leave those in the car trunk & let it spoilt just like that, isnt it. The last time we went there (which was baout 3 years ago), there's no such rulings pun. :(

So in desperation, I've come up with this idea where all the foods are transferred into plastic bags. Those guards dont really ransacked the bags. What they did is just feel the bags (from the outside) for any food containers / tupperwares. So, we fold all those plastic foods together with the clothes & towels as a disguise & thank god it works! Red Scoot just saved the day!!

We spend the whole day @ the park. Burning ourselves out since it was quite hot that day. We tried all rides & slides available ( Super Tube, Shock Wave, Thunderbolt, Action River ) and it was fun. All of us really had fun that day.

This guy (in the pic. below) is one of the life guards at the park. Isnt he cute? Gorgeous! This picture was taken at the Shock Wave pool. Well, I think he actually noticed me snapping his photo. Since then, he was flirting all the way with me. He actually waited for me at the water park exit.......which makes me walk like so kelam kabut passing him. Padan muka !

25 October 2008

High School Musical 3

After a very, very long wait (for Marsya), finally it's here - the High School Musical 3 !! Marsya has been waiting for this movie for as long as I could remember. Well, not just her I'm sure.....all kids love HSM....the music, the dance & the cast, of course.

I managed to find a scapegoat for me that day.....heheheh. Dont think I could be there watching a bunch of teenagers jumping n singing.....duhhhh !!! So, I've asked Karina (Marsya's cousin) to go with her instead. Legaaaa.........

Pssstt......btw, these pics. were taken via my new Sony Ericson, K770i, Cybershot 3.2 megapixel.....hehehe....jangan jeles....

23 October 2008

Got A Present !

Got this beautiful vase from Ain. Thanks dear! She was in Bangkok last week for the Engineered Products training & that's where she bought the vase from. Speaking of Bangkok, I missed shopping in Chatuchak, Mah Boon Krong & not forgetting Pratunam. Things are fairly cheap there. The only thing I dont like about Bangkok is that their clothes are all very tiny. It's hard to find clothes that can fit me.....those Thai people are just so petite. Anyway, it's just the clothings......other things are great! One of the best place to shop!

Ain...again, thanks for the nice gift. It is very much appreciated......terima kasih daun keladi yer.....

17 October 2008

Langkawi 2007 - The Sneak Preview

Went back really late today - got hooked up with my Langkawi scrapbook project. I'm so into it I didnt notice that it's already dark outside. Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with my performance today.....it has been quite a productive day today.

So, here I'm gonna share some bits & pieces of the scrapbook I've done so far for that Langkawi trip of mine. Bukanla nak eksyen tapi adalah skit-skit......ahaks !!!

16 October 2008

My Langkawi Scrapbook

This is the cover page I've designed for my Langkawi trip scrapbook. I'm so proud of myself...hehehehe. Cantik kan? Kihkihkih.....masuk bakul sendri angkat mah ! This Langkawi trip is way back in August 2007. Been wanting to create the scrapbook for it but I just couldnt find the time to do it.

Since I'm quite free these days, I believe it's the right time to start my scrapbook projects. Have a lot more waiting in line for me - my Bandung trip, Malaysian Eye, Laman 2008, Look-Out Point.....gosh! I hope I could find time for all these. This is the problem when you are being too ambitious. I did tried digital scrapbooking but the outcome is not that cool. It only looks nice in the PC but once you print it out, it doesnt look as nice any more. I prefer a hard copy photos rather than viewing it thru the monitor - rasa macam tak puas gitu!

Anyway, at least I've started it. Got the cover page set for my Langkawi scrapbook - something to start with. I hope I could hold the thrill & excitement long enough till I finished the whole project. Biasalah......I can sometimes be hangat2 tahi ayam.....hehehe. Wish me luck !

A Gift From Marsya

Got this from my little princess last night. Isn't it nice? Love it the moment I laid my eyes on it. Thanks Marsya for your lovely suprise. Thanks for coming to my life - you are the most precious gift God ever given me & for that, I am truly grateful. My dear Marsya, thanks also for listening to all of my problems all these years & at the same time giving me advices in which some of them are quite helpful :)

Me & Marsya shared everything together....we even shared the same bed......hehehehe. My favourite moments with her is at night, just before we dozed off. There were we lying on the bed....side by side, holding each other's hand.....sharing our stories for the day - the nice & the not so nice ones too! Sometimes I would tell her about my dreams & the places I wanted to go. She would then tell me : Mommy, dont worry....I will study very hard to get a good job & I will try my best to fullfilled all your dreams. Then we'll hug each other hard like we've never been hugged before. As for her stories, they are always the stories about her frens.....the problems she encountered with the girls & the teasing she got from the boys......the part & parcel of growing up.

Marsya, all these years you have been a very good child & I am so blessed. Mommy is so sorry for all the miserable times I've made you go through with me. Life has been hard on me but I'm so lucky to have you there by my side....always. You are my strength, my backbone.....my everything dear. I dont think I would be able to continue breathing without having you in my life. Love you so much dear......so very much !

14 October 2008

Hj. Manan's Laksa Sarawak Paste

Today I receive my Laksa Sarawak Paste. Didnt expect to get it this fast since I only placed the order last Thursday. 5 days delivery all the way from Sarawak....not bad at all.

Last week while browsing the MyRecipe website, I've came across this Laksa Sarawak recipe which requires this special paste. It seems that Hj Manan's brand receive lots of good reviews. The last time I tried Laksa Sarawak while I was in Kuching few years ago. Their laksa is very much different from other laksa since they've used Mee Hoon instead and the gravy is some what like curry mee.

Having to read the recipe suddenly gives me a craving for it. So, I quickly searched the net to try & get the paste online. There are a few websites which offered this product online. Among all, I've chosen to get it from this girl called Suhaiza Sa'at ( suhaiza81@gmail.com ), which turned out to be a good choice I would say - in terms of reliability. By the way, one packet is RM6 - for those who are interested.

Since Marsya will be spending this weekend with her dad, I'll have to put this Laksa Sarawak project on hold first. Will try to cook it the week after next when she's around. Tungguuuuu !!!!!

Ayu.....I'm Truly Sorry

I am so screwed! Damn! I've actually missed out Ayu's gift in my last posting....to make it worse, I didnt realize it at all. Not until Ayu herself point it out to me! Gosh! I feel so bad....so guilty. I am so sorry Ayu......not that I dont like your gift, I myslef didnt know how that could happen.
Anyway, come to think of it.....it's actually Has's fault. Yessss.....it her fault alright. I remember arranging all the gifts for the so called photo shoot and I personally counted each one of them. After making sure that there are 7 gifts altogether, then only I snapped the photo.....forgetting that Has actually gave 2 presents. See...I told you it's her fault. Sorry Has...I desperately need a scapegoat here & you seems to be the most appropriate one at the moment........hehehehe ( that's my wicked smile ).
So Ayu, to make it up with you, I'm dedicating this posting specifically for you darling. Everybody else's gift had to be cramped to fit into one picture whereas yours has the luxury to be on it's own in one posting. Wallauweh!!!! Special banget sih !!!

Ayu's gift which I've named it as the "3 in 1 Beauty Tool"

This is what I meant by that "3 in 1" thingy......a very creative invention
( Special thanks for the unpaid hair model - no other than my Marsya )

06 October 2008

JP 1st Reunion


3rd October 2008 is d'day. After 21 years, all of us are reunited....again. We've been planning this a few months before Raya. Not really sure whose idea initially was but we are thankful....very thankful & grateful to be able to meet up after so many years.

The venue takes place at Room 123 (nice number, huh !) Impiana Hotel, Cherating. I was the firts to be there - as planned since the room was booked under my name. It took almost 1 hour for the next person to arrive ( panassssss.....) which happened to be Harti. Followed by Zizah, Haslinda, Ayu, Azah and last but not least Julie & Ita ( still cant adjust my tounge for this name.....so awkward ). Just to refresh our memories, Julie still holds the record to be the last one to arrive - keretapi lambatttt.

It was a potluck reunion party. So, everybody brought their own food being Zizah with the most ones....and the best (that's my own vote, btw). Zizah brought a very delicious fried mee, spaghetti and tapai pulut - all very mouth watering food. Has came with the sandwich materials which in the end being brought back in their original form (since there are too much food around). Harti sponsored the fruits, Ayu with her KFC & Julie bought the cake. The rest brought Raya cookies. Me? Baked macaroni & carrot cake. I hope they loved them as much as I love their food.

After everybody settled down, we went out from the room for our photo session. Everybody looks really pretty & sweet....as we always be. All in their pink attire posing for the best picture. ENJE came while we're busy posing. Earlier, he warned Has no to get shocked to see him who is now bald & fat. Apparently, he still looks the same - just like the ENJE we knew 21 years ago. ENJE is indeed pur favourite teacher. Dont think we could ever find a teacher as kind & patience as him. Salute to you, Sir.

The next event is my favourite - prize giving ceremony....hehehehe. Each one of us are required to buy 7 presents to make up all those birthdays we've missed all these years. The presents must be minimum RM20 each. I bought handbags for them - a really cool ones, I would say. I'm so happy to see each of their expressions when they first saw it. So glad all of you loved my presents.

By 9 - 10 pm, half of us had to leave already, leaving me, Has, Zizah, Harti & Ayu....not forgetting our ENJE. We used the opportunity to catch up & updating our stories about life, family, career and my favourite ....LOVE. Apparently one of us is gonna walk the aisles soon....insyallah. My prayers would always be with you guys. Mr. Ng stayed with us till 1 am. We really had lots of fun that night. We talked & laughed our heart out....just like the old days.

To all of my frens, Zizah, Has, Ayu, Azah, Julie, Harti & Marzita, let’s face it, we’ve changed, we’ve all changed. We’ve all gone our own directions. Hearts were broken, friendships were diminished, new loves started and new people came into our lives. We no longer spend all of our time together in our circle of friends; we no longer talk for hours about nothing at all. Some of us are finding love while some of us are trying to let go. Even though we’ve changed, we all know that even though we’re all finding our own place in the world that when we find love, let go of a love, or when the tears fall, or a smile spreads across our face, we’ll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us and no matter what happens nothing will stop us from being friends forever.

Though we're apart, always remember that you hold a piece of my heart, that's for sure !

p/s Been trying for day to upload the speeches from Zizah & Mr. Ng but it's taking way, way too long to be uploaded. Wish i could share it with you guys but it's just too bad.

03 October 2008

Jornam Parklex

Jornam Parklex - 1987

Jornam Parklex - the name that is so synonym to 8 beautiful ladies from Kuantan. It is the name that unite them...the name that they're proud of and the name that actually makes who they are now.

Jornam Parklex was established or created on the 19th March 1986. At that time it was known as Jornam Fiscone instead (Fiscone as in Five Science One ). Jornam is a name we've created by combining all of our names....J (Julie), OR+N (Nor Intan, Nor Azizah Wati, Norhidayu & Norharti), A (Azah), R (Robita @ Haslinda) and M (Marzita). Parklex (Lepak Kompleks) was created a lil bit later due to our excessive visits to Kompleks Teruntum.... hahahaha !!! Our official colour is Pink - each one of us has a pink baju kurung where we'll sometime used for our outings.

Those were the years......I don't know the rest of you gals, but for me....that was the greatest moment of my life. Nothing beats that...not even my two weddings (shut up!!!) !!! Those are the times when happiness are all around me. We were a bunch of happy gals who just wanna have fun ! Fun...fun...and more fun ! That's all we can think of. And our kindof fun is no other that being together watching movies, lepak @ Kompleks Teruntum & last but not least, ENJE's tuition class. There we would talk, laugh, eat, teasing each other bla...bla..bla.... I cant remember us being worried about our SPM which is just around the corner. The only thing we worried about is being caught at the cinema by our Principle, Mrs. Quah. There are too many happy moments & stories if I were to share everything here. Like I said before, those were the best times of my life.

Good friends are like stars....you dont always see them,
but you know they are always there.....

Jornam Parklex - 2008

02 October 2008

Missing You On Hari Raya

Marsya is celebrating Hari Raya with her dad this year - didnt expect it though. Already told her dad that she's gonna be with me this raya but then.....didnt know she wanted to celebrate raya in Mersing this year. For the past 3 years, whe've been with me so this year Marsya decided to flip the coin to the other side....uwaaaaa.....

This raya is indeed not the best one for me. With Marsya's absence and me falling sick few days before raya really screwed up everything. I had a terrible fever that forced me to take a jab at the nearby clinic. I can't even get up from bed before I took the injection.....it was that bad! Never felt that sick & weak before. I'm so grateful I'm still alive & breathing right now.

Didn't go anywhere on Hari Raya except for visiting my newly born nephew in Klang. He's so small & tiny - so cute! It's always nice looking at babies - but only when they're ok. Once they cried, that's it! I'll be 100 meters away....hahahaha !
Mohd. Faheim Zarif

Stop by at my millionaire fren's house on our way back. It was Solih's new house in Laman Seri, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. Saw the photos of his new house in Impiana magazine few days ago. That's when I decided to pay him a visit or may I say, spying on his new luxurios house. It is an expensive house indeed - 1.3 Million as told by his wife. Modern contemporary - that's the theme of the house and for that price, it is obviously a beautiful house. Good for you Solih!

Posing in front of the RM7K painting

An "ayu" pose at Solih's mini park

01 October 2008

Eid Mubarak.....عيدكم مبارك

It’s the time of year we say adieu to Ramadan
Eid is upon us once again
Doors open to everyone while perfume fills the air
A time to see the ones we have not seen for a while
With tables that have a space for all
Love, hopes and dreams are shared
Being thankful for all that exists in our lives
Being generous to the ones that need it
Having patience to withstand what life brings

I say Happy Eid” or as we say “Eid Mubarak” to everyone without exception. May we be able to open our hearts and minds to different people and cultures around us.