22 January 2013

Looking Forward

I was with Red Riant ( my beloved Vespa ) enjoying the cool Monday breeze when suddenly I noticed that I got a handful of things I looked forward to for the next 2 months or so. I should be counting my blessing twice and not just once since 2013 is only 21 days old and yet life has been so awesome ! Syukran !

Let's start from the very beginning which is this week itself. Another long weekend awaited for me by end of this week.....aint that something everybody would look forward to? Anything which doesnt require me to work is considered as a blessing even though if it's just a few hours of  break due to electricity black-off. With so much pain & sorrow in the world today, these little thing counts - beggars better not be a choosers, ok. I will be taking a day off on Friday which gives me a total of 5 days leave altogether woooo hooooo !!!

I've been waiting for February to arrive from the very beginning of 2013 actually. Apparently, I have been promised luxurious gifts by end of Jan or latest by mid of Feb. As much as how fairy tale-ish it has been, I can't help but to wonder as to how this interesting "game" is gonna end. As for now, things are pretty much hazy still that I am not in the position to blog about it just yet. So, lets just hope it will end very-very soon for I neither have the patience nor the energy to keep on playing.

Errmmm....what else is happening in February? Oh yes the Chinese New Year. No I am not celebrating my half clan's festival.....but I am still looking forward to it coz I have an excellent plan to celebrate it. Me and a few of my ex-classmates from school are planning for a re-union on CNY. The last time all of us sit together was a few years ago...so, obviously we really have a lot to catch-up.

So, what else? My birthday of coz. And that's why this second month of the year has always been my favourite month. Though at this age, it's just gonna be another day for me but I would still love to at least sit down and think of all the good things I've encountered during those years I've lived whilst being grateful to be given yet another year to cherish.

Last but not least, is no other than the 3-Hills Ride for my Vespa group in early March. Though this is already my 5th ride so far, but the excitement and anticipation is never lesser. I've been looking forward to it the moment they make an announcement about this ride a few weeks ago. Just thinking about it could give me multiple orgasms already hahaha !!!

And now I am just going to live my life the way I planned it. May Allah give His blessings and that everything will turn out perfect. Amin.

20 January 2013

A Comeback? Nahhhhh !!!

I post a short write-up about lonely vs being alone on my Facebook wall earlier, which reads like this :

A lot of time people got confused between being alone & being lonely. Often they asked me whether I'm lonely just because I opt to be single. I'm alone quite frequently and I don't feel lonely in the least. I enjoy being in the company of others, but have no problem with being by myself for I have learned to become my own best company.

Being alone doesnt mean you are lonely. In fact, you can be in a room full with people but you can still feel the emptiness in you.
Everybody has choices and you are what you choose to be !

So, what's with the status then ? Any stories behind it? Indeed there is but dont get too excited as it aint juicy at all. An old fren of mine text me asking of my wellbeing which is so thoughtful of him. He then was wondering why I am still single n starts asking me questions about being lonely and all.

You see, this is something men failed to understand. As it is, the biology of a man and a woman are never the same ( and thank God for that ). But men being the not-so-smart creatures are always forgetting this very basic fact that they thought we, women are exactly like them.

Guys, here me out. Women might look fragile but we are indeed the stronger ones. We don't have problems being on our own. Just becoz sex is like food for you guys, doesn't mean women would die starving without it. We are not what you think we are......we are much better than that --> we are  not men, we are W.O.M.E.N. Period.

Actually come to think of it, i cant blame the men completely. Being single seems to have a number of negative perspective in our society. For example, when you watch a film you’re supposed to feel sorry for the single, lonely girl who desperately wants to be loved. This is definitely the wrong message being sent to the people out there. There is nothing to be sad of by being single coz being single doesnt always mean lonely.

I love having the freedom to live my life my very own way, without having to consider one's feelings or opinions. Well, I may not have a guy to spend my time with but I do have plenty of friends to go out with and my daughter to keep me company. The best thing of being single is that I don't have to please anyone other than myself - a luxury not everybody gets.

Ok I admit that sometimes I do feel missed out especially on festive occasions such as Hari Raya when I have to visit relatives on my own, or on Marsya's school events when other kids have both of their parents present but not hers. But thinking of the hard work, the pain, the tears in building and sustaining a relationship, I'd easily give it a pass. It's just not worth it - well, at least for me.

So to all single women out there, you don't need to feel lonely living the single life as there is more to living than just to get married. Even if that special someone never arrives, just enjoy every moment of your single life offers.

It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinions, it is easy in solitude to live after your own, but the great main is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude
~  Ralph Waldo Emerson  ~