26 January 2010

The Teacher Who Lost Her Dildo

I dont have any intention to blog today tho my training ended much earlier than its original schedule. I thought I would just take a break for today. Looks like what we expect doesnt normally end up as what we've planned for.

When I got home today, Marsya told me what happened at school which leaves me feeling very, very upset. Disappointed. Agitated and a bit confused in the end. Everything were there - playing hard with my feelings & emotions while I was preparing dinner. Luckily my dinner last night was just a simple egg salad and not something bombastic that needs my total attention & dedication.

Here how it goes. My darling Marysa - that soft spoken, well mannered daughter of mine, was being smacked by her teacher. Something I just couldnt possibly digest. Something that never occurred in her 6 years of schooling life which makes it very difficult for me to understand. I'm not implying that she's never being smacked or caned before. Knowing how crazy her mother is, caning is nothing that surprising at all. She've got it from me even when she was as young as 4 years old (or is it earlier? ) - not just that soft tap on her body but it's more like that real hard smacking anywhere I could possibly laid my hands on. All I could say is that, all those caning & punishments have made her a very well behaved child anybody would love to have.

So when she told me that her teacher smack her today, it just shocked me. My Marsya never has any disciplinary problems at school - ever since her kindergarten. I've never got any complaints from her teacher or other parents about her. She never failed to finish all her homework, she never end up in any fights & she never hurt any kids - she's basically a very good student. And mind you, I'm not saying this bcoz she's my own daughter but that's the fact. I would be the first to punish her if she happens to create any problems at school - trust me.

So, what makes the teacher hit her then? This is the part that I'm totally upset about. I just dont think that she deserved the smacking. Definitely not over a stupid reason like what I'm gonna tell you now. Her class were given a Maths exercise to do. Upon completion, each pupil needs to swap their book with each other & do the markings while the teacher give out the answers. So, what can be so complicated then? Just listen to the answers given & mark your friend's book - quite straight forward, isnt it?

Apparently Marsya couldnt hear one of the answers given & asked the teacher about it. That's when disaster strikes. The teacher then looked at the book she's holding & noticed that the tick she've drawn is a little bit bigger that what she expected. You have to understand that it's not as big as it goes across one end to the other end of the book. Neither does she've drawn it so messily that it dirtied the book. It is merely the different sizes of the tick. Her teacher wants the tick to be an S size & Marysa's tick happened to be an M size instead. Another point to be noted is that, she didnt actually tell the class upfront, how big the tick is supposed to be. And bear in mind that it is NOT an art class I'm talking about now ! It's the Maths class, for crying out loud! Seeing Marsya's M sized tick, she got really angry & asked my girl (in a raised voice), who taught her to draw a tick that big? Not enuff with the yelling, she took the book & smack her hard with it!

So tell me.....am I being over-reacting here? I dont mind at all if she hit her bcoz she couldnt get all the answers right. I still wouldnt mind it if she hit her bcoz she got it all correct except for 1 question. I could still live with it, honestly. But if it's merely bcoz of the size of the tick, then that it totally unacceptable. Since when that is so important in Maths? I dont remember having it in the Maths syllabus. Not enough you're using the student to help you with markings, you can even punish them just bcoz the size of their tick does not satisfy you. Watta ....... !!!!!!

To Pn. Aminah of SKSBU, what actually have gotten into you that makes you react so fuckingly stupid? I dont care if you had a very bad day today....or if you've just got a warning letter from the Principal for masturbating in the teacher's room....or if you just lost your favourite dildo / vibrator.....and neither do I care if you're up very late last nite just to find out that your husband is screwing up the maid ! If you cant control your emotions & vent out your anger unnecessarily to your student at your own ease, dont be a teacher then ! At least one of your student's parents doesnt have to curse you in her blog & humiliate the entire teacher's profession in general.

Do you know how much your stupidity affected my daughter emotionally? Like what Marsya said : it's not the pain that hurts her most....it's the humiliation & heartache that kills her. You did it in front of the whole class remember? She was in the best class of all standard 5 classes & she was one of the top 10 students. What you did impacted her so much that she cant even faced her friends anymore. Never before, she've been humiliated that way. Thanks to you for destroying all the confidence I've planted in her all these years.

If it's not becoz of Marsya begging me, I would be standing in front of the Principal's office waiting for you first thing tomorrow morning. I would really like to hear what justification you would give for acting like a big time moron ! You should thank your lucky stars for having a student with a golden heart like my girl. I just cant imagine how ugly things would be if I were given a chance to meet you in person.

To all teachers who're reading this post, I'm sorry if I've offended you guys. I'm not one of those parents who would jumped into conclusion & straight away put the blame on teachers just bcoz their kid being punished at school. If it's for a genuine reason, I would forever be supportive & I'm nowhere against it. I did my own investigation & interrogate my girl trying to detect any flaws to her story, if any (though I knew her very well & her incapability of making it up).

I know there are still a lot of good quality teachers out there & being a normal human being, nobody is spared from making a mistake. Please carry out the given responsibility with dedication & intelligence and dont let your emotions take control. How you tackle your problems, be it personal or work-related , is what makes you different from the rest. I'm sure there are a lot of other smarter & effective way to handle such a situation. Teachers are supposed to be the role model by showing good examples to their students. Dont make your student lost their faith & respect on you.

Hear Yie.....Hear Yie

To all my beloved readers out there.....

I'll be hooked up with a training this whole week starting from today, Tuesday 26th. Therefore, it would be quite difficult for me to contribute any entry for these few days - unless something really havoc & happening came up that I just have to blog about it.

Anyway, I would still write if I could find the time & energy ( giving out training can be really exhausting, honestly). Otherwise, I'll just see you guys next week then.

By the way, it's gonna be a long weekend this week for the Federal Territories residents ~ big grin ~ . Spend it wisely either with your loved ones or on your own. I'll be on my own this weekend & my plan is to finish all the movies I've downloaded. Am so looking forward to it !

Till then....adios !

25 January 2010

Women & Aging

For the past1 week or so, I've changed the frequency for my radio in the office to 104.9 that is Red FM. It was Fly FM before but I've reached the limit whereby I just couldnt stand it anymore - who else if it's not that perasan DJ of theirs, no other than that slutty Hunny Madu. Uurrgghhhh.... I cant stand that b*t*h. I dunno what has gotten into her that whenever she talks, she just have to make it so puke-able. She would accessorize her deejaying with those oohhhs & aahhhs in which she thought would hike up her sexy meter when the actual fact is completely otherwise. She sounded so pathetic & desperado instead. I am so hating that woman.

Anyway, she's not the object I'm writing about today. It's this Red FM presenter by the name of Nisha who has turned 30 last friday & was feeling very, very bad about it. She was whining & complaining about it as if something really bad just happened to her. You're just 30, for God's sake. And what is so f**king wrong if a child called you auntie? Better than calling you by your name, isn't it? Looks like another female just add her up to my hate list !

Honestly, 30 is a great year in any woman's life. It is the age where we women blooms. I've always felt that women looked at their best at the age of 30. I did (& still as hot after 10 years) & I'm very sure other women too. It's the age where our maturity is shown through our beauty. It's the age where we're so in control of ourselves. Knowing how to fall in love without losing ourselves. Knowing when to try harder & when to walk away. Knowing who you can trust, who you can’t and why you shouldn’t take it personally.

I agree that turning 30 can be quite scary for some of us. It's the time when we start analyzing our hope & dreams of 20s. It would be a shock to realize some or most of them have not materialized. But hey, life is not a neat & complete package - it can never be perfect.

So, there's no reason to mourn on your 30th birthday. In fact, it should gives you a sense of confidence & controls. 20s are when you prepare yourself with all the skills & talents - some sort like the training ground. Reaching 30s is when you master those skills & talents and used them to achieve your goals & dreams.

Time and tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty - Robert Frost.

23 January 2010

Sex AndThe City

It is 11.30 pm now which is way past my bedtime especially when it’s schooling day for Marsya tomorrow. I’m so darn screwed. This is all bcoz of this Sex & The City movie I watched earlier.

I’ve so many feelings mixed up in me that I cant make myself sleep. It’s this love-hate feeling that is alternately invading my head one after another. Clearly, I’ve make a big mistake by watching it tonight – should have waited till tomorrow morning ~sigh ~. What’s done is done…..the milk has been spilled. No point crying gal !

Being a romantic person I am ( auuwwww!!!), I’ve always love sweet love story like this one. Honestly, I’ve never watched Sex & The City the series – simply bcoz I didnt subscribe HBO. One thing about romantic love story, they are most of the times too fairy tale-ish. Everything seems to be too perfect & unrealistic. For a moment you are in la la land & as soon as you realized it, you’ll just fall down to reality….swooshhhhh & ouchhhh, it hurts like hell. And how do you expect me to sleep then?

Okay, I’m not gonna give a review on how the storyline goes or how it ended. In fact, I’m just gonna list down the things that I love & hate about this movie which makes me write this entry at this very wee hours.

The LOVE :


Chris Noth…..he’s so hotty hot! I cud have multiple orgasm just by looking him smile. Him being Mr Big is like the perfect 10 – not enuff he’s gorgeous, he’s damn rich too! He’s the man of every woman’s dream.


Carrie’s walk-in closet, which is just a few inches smaller than my living….huhuhu.


The proposal in the closet……it was so sweet I almost cried !


The closeness between the four friends. It reminds me of my good frens & makes me appreciate their friendship even more. Thanks gals !

The HATE :

Sarah Jessica Parker – how old is this woman actually? She looked so haggard especially during the 1st half of the movie. I repeatedly told Marsya that I looked much, much better than her & obviously Marsya agrees to it.

The outfit Carrie wore at the beginning of the movie – the one with the huge flower above the chest. To be honest, it’s not huge…. it’s bigger than huge !

When both Carrie & John finally get married….. tak aci !!!! It’s too perfect of a world to them…hate it…hate it….hate it!

Watching this movie, all I can say is that love & friendship are the two most important things in life. You have to have at least one of them or life would be very meaningless. And to those who have both, treasure it for you are the luckiest human being on earth ! ( how I’d wish I am that person ~ big sigh ~ )

22 January 2010

Revlon Beyond Natural Foundation

I saw the ads on this foundation when Revlon first launched it somewhere early last year. I am the loyal user of Revlon's liquid foundation, by the way and been using the Colorstay Softflex range for years. I like this particular ones for its easy application & it doesnt makes my face looked like the chinese opera actress unlike some other foundation.

A few weeks ago, I was reading a magazine (it was last year's mag actually) where they are discussing about this particular Beyond Natural foundation & primer. A foundation that self-adjusts to match your skin tone? How is that so? It sounded a bit gimmicky yet alluring enuff for me to try it out.

So, the moment I've finished the last drop of myColorstay foundation, I wait no more to get me this new Beyond Natural together with it's primer, which is supposed to even the skin tone for a smooth & virtually poreless looking complexion. It also supposed to help the foundation adhere better for longer-lasting wear.

The result? Awesome! I'm so loving it ! My already hot looks is now sizzling..... hehehehe. It hides all my skin imperfections & even-up my skin tone. I'm sure the primer plays it role in some ways too. I'm not sure whether the result would be as good if only the foundation alone is being applied.

5 reasons why this foundation should be on your dressing table :

  1. Remember the self-adjusts feature I mentioned earlier? Well, that's the magic of this product. It comes out of the tube in white liquid form but colour changes to match your skin tone as you rub it onto your face. Amazing, isn't it?
  2. It’s not cakey, very matte and sheer.It doesn’t even feel like you are wearing a makeup. It's very light that it makes your skin look its best without looking fake or overly done.
  3. It gives an even, natural & semi-matte finish. My BFF even commented that my skin looks glowing....hehehehe.
  4. It has SPF 15 - so you will not need to use any additional sunscreen (unless you expect to have a lot of sun exposure).
  5. It's pretty much affordable considering the miracles it'll do to your looks . The 30ml foundation is priced at RM61.90 & the primer (25 ml) is RM58.90.

21 January 2010

Cooking Made Ez

busy woman cooking clip art Pictures, Images and Photos

Since schooling has already started, so does my cooking activity. For somebody who loves to cook, I dont find it that troublesome to wake up early in the morning to cook & in the evening after a tired day at the office. As I mentioned before, cooking is some kindof a therapy (besides shopping which is the no. 1 therapy) for me. It gives me some sense of relieves once the dish is cooked. And the feeling is even greater when people enjoyed my cooking ( which wouldnt be that easy when it comes to Marsya's standard ).

I agree that cooking for the family takes up a big chunk of our time, especially the working mothers. From the preparation of the ingredients, the cooking process & not forgetting the cleaning up. That's why most of us opt for eating out though the food is not that satisfactorily to our taste and the cost is indeed much more especially for bigger families.

So here are some tips I've used which has proven to shorten the time spent in the kitchen :

>> Thaw frozen food earlier
Thaw the frozen food like beef / chicken / fish in the refrigerator the night before. You can start cooking straight away the next day then.

>> Be prepared
Prepare the ingredients beforehand. If you plan to cook something for breakfast, do all the necessary cutting & pounding the night before. This will save you at least 50% of the time required. Also, to those who cooks everyday, it is wise to keep a spare gas cylinder - in case you're running out of gas while in the midst of cooking.

>> Cook & freeze
This is what I did when Marsya was not around. I prepared a larger portion of food & store them in a few small containers. I'll just consume one portion of it while the rest I've kept it frozen. For the next few days, I'll just have to re-heat one portion for every meal I take. If you cant eat the same meal everyday, at least you can skip one or two days of cooking in a week already, isn't it?

>> Make use of appliances
Electrical items like blender, pressure cooker & slow cooker helped a lot in saving time. Blend the onions & chilies once a week & keep them in the fridge. Invest on a pressure cooker as it easily cut off cooking time by half - though it's a bit pricey but it's well worth it.

>> Keep a notepad handy
A notepad allows you to immediately jot down any food item that is running out. It is very frustrating to find out that you dont have the complete ingredient to cook something you craved for. Making a trip to get a piece of ginger is a total waste of time on top of that, it add up to the cost of fuel, parking & other related expenses.

20 January 2010

Past Is Past

If you're given a chance to change your past, what would you like to change?

For a quick reply to this answer, I only have one thing I would like to change and that would be somewhere in August 1994. It was when I found my love & ending up losing it. I should have fought harder for it - this is what I wanna change.

But then come to think of it, things happened for a reason. If I were to change my past according to my desire, I might not have Marsya now ( though I might end up with Zahra....hehehehe). I might not experience some of the moments I truly cherish if I would alter something.

As far as life experience is concerned, I've gone through a lot more as compared to any other woman of my age. My past histories make me a strong woman I am today. I have scars that remind me of some dark time in my life, but I know I never feel the same without it. I ♥ who I am today & am very grateful of it.

So, though there's a hell lots of things I would like to change but whats in the past should stay in the past as I say. Stop worrying about the past when there is nothing we can do to change it. We learn from the past and live for the future but life is way to short to waste so…. live it up, act like its your last, break the rules forgive quickly and never regret any thing that made us smile.

19 January 2010

Being Happy

A fren asked me last week what would be my goal for 2010. Very promptly I replied that ultimate happiness would be it - not only it's my 2010's goal but more like a life time goal for me. His response then surprised me. "So, you're getting married is it?"

For a moment he managed to keep my mouth shut. I was in a complete mute. It never occurred to me that marriage is one of the way to an ultimate happiness (cant blame me for having that thought tho). That would means, I'm totally lost in finding my happiness then. However, after a few seconds I just burst out laughing. It's funny come to think of how shallow minded some people can be.

Marriage is something that I've concluded is juz not meant for me . Me & marriage can never be in tune. I'm just not fit to be anybody's wife. If marriage brought happiness to many people, it certainly didnt give the same effect on me. I'm not complaining...neither am I grumbling. I've accepted my fate as how it was laid down for me. In fact, I'm grateful for a lot of other good things that have been blessed to me.

In my pursuit to happiness, I’m gonna make a list of 10 simple things that makes me happy. These are among the first 10 things that crossed my mind. Now that my brain is cranking, I keep thinking of more (not a bad thing)! These are in no particular order :

happy face
Hugs & kisses from loved ones

happy face

My blog especially comments on a blog entry I wrote…thanks guys !

happy face

Cooking a great dish where everybody enjoyed

happy face

Riding my Red Scoot after the rain

happy face

Listening songs which bring back good memories

happy face

Buying something I’ve wanted for a long time

happy face

Hanging out with good friends and family

happy face

Being told I look nice

happy face

Curling up on bed on a rainy afternoon

happy face

Reading a good book you can’t seem to put down

So it’s not that difficult to be happy actually. Like a Sweedish proverb says, those who wish to sing, always find a song. It doesnt cost a thing to be happy. Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

18 January 2010

Lost Love

Marsya & her frens were watching Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham ( she's so my dotter, isnt she? ) last Sunday. I didnt watch it with them but that story somehow or rather brought back some unpleasant memories to me.

It reminds me of my own experience which was basically similar - the forbidden love. The only thing is that, mine didnt have a happy ending like the one in the movie though. How I'd wish life is just like a Hindi movie. No matter how disastrous it is in the beginning, everything will always end up just like you've wished for. How nice, isn't it?

That was the most depressing episode of my life. It was when I felt living is no longer important coz all I ever wanted is to die. Well, I was very young then & the idea of having to spend my life with a man I didnt love was killing me. Nothing hurt as much as to be parted from your loved ones.......trust me for I've been there.

How far would you go for love? Love knows no boundry - yes, but would you give up everything for love? I dunno about you guys but I'm willing to sacrifice everything for love except for one thing. One thing I couldnt defy is no other than my parents. At one point, the idea of eloping was invading my entire head but then both of us decided not to pursue it. I'd rather let my heart being broken to pieces rather than hurting my parents'.

Looking back, I have to admit I do sometimes regret. Not regretting in a sense of being selfish & break their heart, but regretting for not trying harder. Those woulda.....coulda....shouldas did came bugging my mind sometimes. Maybe if I tried harder to convince them or maybe this....maybe that....so many possibilities but yet they are all pointing to only one conclusion that is fate. I'm sure God has his own way in laying out his plans for me & there's always a reason for all his actions.

Anyway, I'm grateful to be able to love & being loved by somebody as wonderful as him. Somebody who've showed me the true meaning of love. Somebody I thought could only exist in movies or storybooks. And to that somebody, thank you for being there for me. Though we're not destined to be together, you shall remain in that special place in my heart....forever. It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

17 January 2010


Sometimes God breaks our spirit to save our soul . .

Sometimes He breaks our hearts to make us whole . .

Sometimes He sends us pain so we can be stronger . .

Sometimes He sends us failure so we can be humble

Sometimes He sends us illness so we can take better care of ourselves . . . . .

Sometimes He takes everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything we have . . . . .

15 January 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Brocade Calliope

I dunno why (maybe becoz it's Friday) I was feeling very, very sleeping the whole day today. Nothing seems to help - not even blogging, which shows how critical the situation is......huhuhu.

This morning in my inbox, I received an e-mail which contains pics of Datuk CT & her expensive birthday gift - the RM40K Louis Vuitton Monogram Brocade Calliope handbag. It was a gift from her dear hubby, Datuk K. The news was all over the local newspapers early this week..... something I'm not surprised about since it's Datuk CT that we're talking about here.

40K? 40K? That question kept on bugging my head. I just wondered how would a 40K handbag looks like? It was quite a disappointment when I saw the pic this morning. Well, it certainly doesnt look 40K to me. Nooooo....I'm not saying this because I'm being jealous of her, but what can I say - that's exactly how I see it. Maybe, a normal, middle-class person like me just cant appreciate the art of an expensive things.

I need to be a millionaire to be able to see the true beauty of all these expensive things. Because honestly, I dont really find LV handbags that alluring to my eyes. But then like I said earlier, maybe it's just me & my cheap eyes coz other people didnt think the same way. They all love this bag so much.

Since I've been very sleepy today & since I now knew how that 40K handbag looks like, I've decided to do some homework about it. Just some info & facts about it & what makes it so expensive. Here it goes......

This particular handbag is from the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009/2010 collectiont's made of brocade silk textile and 34 pices of different exotic skin which are dyed by hand. Not one......not two...but 34 okay. Not just any skin but "exotic" skins it seems. Makes me wonder what skin are considered as exotic skins? Could it be an ostrich skin......or maybe giraffe? Exotic mah......

It's decorated with silk and metallic threads infused with bracing pink and crowned by its resin pearl chain (which looks like a bicycle chain to me). It measures 10.2" x 6.3" x 2.9" . The locks and studs are signature decorative and the interior is satin lines.

So, there you are. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Brocade Calliope's specs. Anyway, I would still prefer that yellow Carlo Rino hobo bag which would only cost 0.6% from the price of this particular LV bag. At least I dont need to wait for any Datuk to get it for me kan....kan....kan.

14 January 2010

Studying Is Indeed Stressful

Marsya has been quite stressed being a Year 5 student this year. It's only the 2nd week of schooling & yet she has started complaining. The amount of homework she brought back from school everyday was enormous. I cant imagine how bad things gonna be next year when she's in Year 6.....scary, huh?

The other night she had to stay up till 1 am in the morning to finish all her homework. That's when she started asking me how many more years of schooling she needs? Wow, obviously I have a super-stressed girl with me now. So I told her it's better not to really count the years for it'll make her more frustrated. Just sail along with it & enjoy those good times with her friends at school.

Poor girl.....I feel you, Marsya for I've been there too. Me & studying are never in sync. I've always hated studying. Going to school meeting friends is fun, but others? Hell no! It's the exams & those torturing pre-exam preps that I hate the most. Even homeworks are still okay with me. But exams? Arrggghhhhh !!!!!

17 years of continuous tortures - nothing beats that. To some people they might think that "torture" is a bit exaggerating of an expression but to me that's the most appropriate word to describe how I felt all those years. 11 years of schooling with 3 major exams ( Year 5 Assessment Exam, SRP & SPM.....phew! ) plus 2 years of Science Matriculation and 4 years of Degree! Do I need to say more? Damn torturous !

I could still remember that very day, right after I stepped out from the exam hall after my final paper during my final year of Degree - my head felt so darn light, it's like not having any up there. Seriously, I've never felt that relieved in my life. It's a great feeling I've ever experienced - it felt like I've just being re-born where there's completely nothing cramping my mind. So fresh & lively.

Honestly, I never did like studying - something I can never share with Marsya - a very, very bad example. I remembered when I got the offer letter from the university - I hid it under my mattress for days. I couldnt bear going thru all the studying process again after 5 - 6 months of a good break. Then, I felt guilty & surrendered myself to my parents with the offer letter in my hand.

That's why I've always looked up on those people who furthered their studies. Especially those who've already have a family & career to commit to. I certainly cant do it - even if I'm being paid lots of money. I just cant see myself going through all those horrifying experience again. Never !

One thing I should be grateful with is being blessed with a good brain. I still get through all those exams quite well (some with flying colours) with so less effort. My friends at the uni often envied me coz they can hardly see me studying but yet I managed to get through like the rest of them. Well, I owe this to my parents for the mixed parentage factor - not only I'm smart, I'm pretty too !! Hahaha.......

13 January 2010

The Best Comment Ever

I would like to share with you readers a comment received for my Brainless Mutants entry, which I've considered as the best comments ever - apart from being the longest ones too. This is the kindof comments I would love to receive on what I've written - not those stupid remarks from trolls which would only sparks fire in me.

Here's what he wrote :

Dear Red Scoot,

Whilst i tend to agree with you on the case.. there are a few comments which may not be that sweet to your ear..

Firstly, i do agree that he is a bastard, if and if what is being claim to be true, no two way about it.. no man in their right mind would treat a lady like that. And i curse those living man who acts like a beast.

On the other hand.. he..he... forgive me as i tend at times to look on the other side of the river,, how can the lady marries the man in the first place?? She's 30 years her senior?? Was it love at first sight?? Is it really true that she didn't know that he's married?? Came to think of it, how many malay man out there is actually a divorcee, single at the age of 40 and above?? What more if he's on of the well known leaders? I bet his stories must have been public knowledge. If she actually didn't know, then my assumption is that she must really have been one naive lady, or maybe she's from one of the "ulu villages" where they are not actually expose to the outside world. thus not knowing who the bastard is..

Him being a philanderer is no surprise when you look back to being able to get married to a 30 year old lady.. but her getting married to him is somewhat questionable to me. Coming back to the question "was it really love at first sight?" Or was it " a way out of poverty and to live as a wealthy and comfortable woman" wallahualam..

You don't need to google to look into who this guy actually is. There are other simpler ways of knowing who this guy actually is if its in your mind to spend the rest of your life with. What more in this world of technology.... all you need to do is open your mind and think, then you won't regret later.

Married in June 2006 and now with 3 children?? The first child in March 2007 ( he has to hit a bul's eye for that March 2007 date), then another in march 2008 ( another bull's eye after the confinement assuming 2 months) and another in march 2009 (again another bull's eye.) Or does he has a twins or maybe a triplets? Why am i giving this statistics?? Check the facts.. ponder on the issues..

But anyway, while i condemn the behavior of the man himself, or a bastard whichever you choose to call him, does it actually cross our mind that maybe, just maybe... part of what she's going through may be due to her own foolishness too? Maybe out of her love (for not leaving him long before this, or just maybe, maybe its out of greed for luxury.. just maybe.. sometimes looking on the other side of the story may give us a clearer picture. But like i had written earlier, thats no reason for his beastly act. Its just actually knowing the bastard in the first place might have prevented her living her life in hell.

I totally agree with him. Looking back, he did has a point. Well, women are indeed stupid ( though not all of them but majority are ). And guys, knowing this fact tend to take advantage out of these womens' weakness. Rather than leading them to the right path, they've used women for their own pleasure & desires.

I've wrote enuff about this & I dont feel like prolonging the issue as it's gonna be a never ending story. Guys will always be guys - that's how they've been created. We, women just have to be careful & cautious with them. Be prudent & circumspect. The rest, leave it to God to decide.

This Is It !!!

Finally after for about a month of hardwork, I'm so proud to announce that my online shop is now up & running. It was last November when we ( me & my partner ) first spoke about it & I just cant believe it that it has finally been materialized.

We called our shop "Tis & Tat" with a tagline of "Everything Under The Sun". At the moment, we are starting with clothing (ladies & children) and accessories - good quality with cheap prices. With the so many existing online shops around, we have to be different to get noticed. Therefore our cheap prices (yet an excellent quality ) would definitely makes a significant impact to the market out there.

To all my prospective clients out there, do drop by at Tis & Tat and amazed yourselves with our classy collection. Better still, subscribe with us to be the first to get notified of our new products. One thing for sure, you wont be disappointed - that's our promise !

11 January 2010

24th Anugerah Juara Lagu

Last nite was the 24th AJL where Aizat’s song called Pergi won the 1st place. I have no say or comment about this since honestly, I dont like Aizat. He’s too “poyo” to be liked & with all the success he’s been getting so far, I’m sure his poyo-ness level gonna rocketed up so high he cant even look down anymore.

By the way, it’s not that poyo boy that I’m gonna blog about today. After watching AJL last nite, I’ve decided to make a list of my satisfaction & dissatisfaction about the event (tho I’m very much aware nobody wud care).

Why is Lan (Meet Uncle Hussain’s ex-vocalist) singing Lagu Untuk Mu for the opening ceremony? He didnt won it last year – Meet Uncle Hussain did ! So the very unfair! Lan shouldnt be there on the stage – he shud be at home playing with his “Typewriter” instead !


It’s good that Misha Omar wore that tight gown – we dont wanna see that horse-kick of hers again, dont we? Horribly U-G-L-Y !!!


If anyone of you readers own a saloon, please sponsor a re-bonding job for Hafiz, will ya? He seriously need to do something with that bee-hive look-a-like hair of his. He looked like he’s just being electrocuted, for God’s sake !


Never knew that Bunkface’s vocalist, Sam is super duper cute ! He’s such an eye candy! But then hands-off, he’s Juliana Evan’s prop. !


Maria Tengku Sabri desperately needs her very own fashion consultant – she looks awful in that short gown & yet she can still claimed that she’s so comfortable in it. Puh-leez…..firstly, you are not young anymore & secondly, you’re not that small ( not small = fat). In short, ultimate disaster !


Black – I’m so in love with your voice. The Best Vocal Award is rightly yours. You deserve it ! But, do really have to kiss your mentor’s cheeks? Kissing her hand will do……dont you think?


Dan Sebenarnya – love this song & I’m happy Yuna got the 2nd place for this song. She’s such a talented & cool singer & I’m dyingly envious of ability to strum that guitar…… huhuhu.


Thumbs up to Faizal Tahir for his effort in performing last nite though he’s not that fully recovered yet. I dunno but I have a feeling that he’s the victim of people’s jealousy – knowing how Malays can be lah kan…..


Last but not least, kudos to all the 3 hosts – Faizal, Ally & Cheryl for a job well done. Neither stupid nor slapstick jokes were presented.