28 June 2008

Sepi Itu Aku

I felt in love with Kabir's first movie, Cinta. Therefore I wont miss the opportunity to watch Sepi. The tagline of this movie is "Cinta Tak Datang Hanya Sekali" , which is very true. Sometimes you spent your life time looking for love when it's actually right in front of you. Love comes when it is least expected.

So, went to watch this movie with Abang last nite - our first movie watching actually...hehehehe. Ever since they showed the trailer of this movie, I've been wanting to watch it. All i can say it's worth a wait. Love it so much ! Everything about it - the plot, cinematography, soundtracks...like i said, everything lah.

The story is about 3 different characters : Adam, Sufi & Imaan. It started with an accident scene whereby all three character's' life path crosses. Among the three, I like Imaan's story the best. It's about this girl who just cant let go of her dead boyfriend. Her love is so strong she keep on halucinating about him & not wanting to move on. Very sad indeed. Infact, the whole story is a sad story. The title itself explains it all.

The story about Sufi reminds me of my own story. Sufi & Marya made a promise that they will wait for each other for as long as they lived. Well, make the same promise with Nain before......... (Abang, if you are reading this, please dont be mad, ok. Love you !). I guess promise were made to be broken.

This movie has definately touched my heart in its own way. Watching it taught me not to give up hopes in love. Love is such a beautiful thing that makes you alive. A life without love is no life at all. To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, but to be loved by the one you love is everything.

My favourite part of the movie is of course the scene of Adlin & Vee in the kitchen i.e when the flour fell on them from above......so classy, I would say. This kindof things makes Kabir Bhatia's movie so different from other malay movies.