29 October 2010

Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin

As a norm, I always started the day at the office by first, checking comments posted on blog. The next agenda would be updating myself with the recent gossips / stories about our local celebrities. It's not that I'm their biggest fan or anything like that - but then I still need to know what's going on so that I wouldnt be left behind whenever people are talking about it.

So, as usual this morning I was browsing through Beautiful Nara for their latest updates. What interest me was the story about this actress, Fauziah Gous. What makes the story interesting is not bcoz she won any award recently. Neither does she getting married to a VVIP or such.

In fact, the most interesting part of her story was nothing else but her very own stupidity. Her stupidity of saying things but not sticking to it. Her stupidity of being a hypocrite. And her stupidity for assuming that other people would be as stupid as her. But then, what do I expect? She's just one of the many local celebrities who doesnt seems to be using their brains when doing the talking. Do I need to say more?

This Fauziah Gous recently made a statement to the press that she's not willing to "berkemban" i.e. exposing the upper part of her body in her films. Well, she sounded so dignified & decent, isnt it? If only she could really abide to her own words......then she'll definitely be one good role model for all. But at least, she was indeed that so-called role model from the very moment she made that statement. It's just too bad the title doesnt holds for long - only till last Sunday, to be exact.

Last Sunday was the Malaysian Film Festival & this is what she wore that night :

What more can I say : the picture speaks for itself !

Happy Friday

Most people find it hard to define women & if you give this task to a man, it's something next to impossible, I would say. Sometimes women themselves dont know their own capacity that well as they often underestimate themselves most of the time.

Women are indeed one of God's special creation. Her brilliance makes life easy, their smiles are the source of joy and they are blessed with the power to create life! There are abundance of love flowing from her & it branches off to others. Women twinkles & shines like a star in the sky. They radiate & shine. It is a proven fact that women are no less than men & in some cases, they are even better.

So, I am dedicating today's Friday thoughts to all women out there. Be very proud of yourselves being born as one. Rejoice your existence as you are the excellent part of universe.

"Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country" ~ Margaret Thatcher

Happy Friday & have a blissful weekend !

28 October 2010

Office Politics

I dont know about your offices but in my office, we have this one term used mostly by the bosses which is called "working from home". It's like a culture here among the big guns ( & the not-so-big ones too, unfortunately) which really pisses me off.

I really dont understand this "working from home" concept. If you're working, then you should be in the office & if you're not, that means you're not working. That's how simple it's supposed to be. But then some people decided to redefine the working concept by introducing this idiotic "working from home" terms.

Rather than using up their annual leave, they'll just apply this concept or should I say, privilege to themselves. Just becoz they are in the position that they can afford to do it, doesnt means it's the right thing to do. As how I see it, it's just so unethical. If they have a bit of dignity in them, they should have announced it to the whole office that everybody is allowed to do the same as & when required. Then, they wouldnt have any of their staff bitching about them in her blog !

Though most of the employees would be feeling annoyed & disgusted over this kind of things, theres' always this small group of smart ass who'd be feeling otherwise due to their willingness to kiss their boss's ass. In this case, not only their annual leave stays un-intact, they dont even have to do work at home - instead they got tagged in FB being everywhere on planet earth!

Anyway, to those who didnt know, the above sucking up story is no fairy tale as it did happen in my organization. It's just that everybody in the office feels that in her case, it's more than just ass-kissing - and with that statement being said, I'd better stop here.

I rest my case !

The Legging Disaster

Alright girls, let me get this straight. Leggings or tights ARE NOT PANTS - and they will never be....ever ! Wearing leggings as pants is a complete blunder. I was having a terrible eye sore looking at females using leggings the wrong way. They are just everywhere - at the malls, pasar malams, markets & the most recent ones are at the park where I got really distracted with the sightings of leggings gone wrong.

As much as I love leggings, I have to say, showing your ass around is just NOT sexy. In fact it's the most hideous sight ever - no matter how hot your bods are. Leggings would only work when you pair it with a top that covers your ass. The only time it could maybe be okay is at the gym or swimming pool. Otherwise, it's a no-no. Nobody wants to see your ass, how much you like to show it off.

A complete no-no

Leggings would look good only if you know how to use it. I dont know why but with all those disturbing images on the street, lots of females out there just couldnt grasp the concept of leggings. Therefore, I'm gonna do some public service today by telling them the right way of using leggings :

1. Legging are not pants & shouldnt be worn as one. You dont need to give the public a walking female anatomy lesson by showing every single detail of your bottoms. No matter how confident or great body you have, it doesnt make much of a difference in this case.

Cover that ass. Meaning you should put on a long tops, dress, big tee or whatever to cover your bottoms.

Arent these sweeter?

3. Use a good material / quality leggings. As it is, using leggings while exposing your butt is already hideous - it's even worse if they are see-through ! This is no joke as I've seen it before. Trust me, it's the most terrible sight I've ever seen. So ladies, please dont do this. Nobody is interested in seeing your bits & pieces.

Another thing I would like to add - tights / leggings are not for guys.......even if you're Robin Hood !

An ultimate disaster !

27 October 2010

An Open Letter To A Loser

Mr. Genghis Khan,

Dont jump to victory too soon. The fact that I'm trying to instill more love than hate in me ( as how I expressed it in my previous entry) got nothing to do with such a fool like you. Hating assholes like you would be an honour to me as well as to the mankind generally.

You coming back to my blog is a mere proof to the world (especially to all women) that men will forever be an idiot becoz their words can never be trusted. They say they dont wanna come back, but the truth is they'll always come back. WHY? It's a simple truth that's becoz my blog is interesting regardless all the men-bashing or whatever. We, women now could always relate to you as a sample whenever we need an evidence to back-up our statement about the downside of your species.

So Mr. G.K, the fact that you've came back to my blog over and over and over and over again proofs that the victory is MINE ! My blog is too interesting to you that you dont have a choice but to swallow back all your stupid words.

Finally, my last words to G.K ( and when I said "last" here, I really mean it - unlike certain "people" who can only say it but never bother sticking to it ) - dont blow your winning horn too loud coz the fat lady hasnt sung yet ( I'm sure you're not that smart to figure out what this means, right? ).

22 October 2010

Happy Friday

For this week's Friday thoughts, I've chosen the above sayings as it fits perfectly with my entry today. I had a sudden revelation yesterday as to how much hate I have inside of me towards men. Men could pissed me off quite easily. They doesnt need to be really bad to make me fired up. And when I read the news about bad things happening to guys, it doesnt give the same impact as it is to a woman.

I know I have offended a lot of men out there, intentionally or unintentionally. You see, I don’t hate all men, just almost all of them; some of my best friends are men. There are three or four that I love and consider to be fundamentally decent human beings. It's not men that I hate most - just assholes !

I have so much hatred towards them that it scares me off sometimes. It's not something I purposely instilled in me but more of a results from all those bad experiences I had with them. I somehow realized that I need to put a stop to this overwhelming hate feelings inhabited in me. And I also noticed that it has becoming increasingly intense of which I feared that it'll go berserk someday.

Thus I have make a pledge to myself (is this for real?) that I'll slowly remove those hates out of me - maybe not all, but at least some of it. I shall try to be gentler to that other species, if I could. Instead of ultimately bashing them (my pride & joy), I'll try to look for the good sides of them (though I'm seriously doubting there would be any).

Some of you might think that it might be love that has mellowed me down. For the records, I do not fall in love .......though it IS love that I am looking for - the undivided love to Allah, family & friends, that is. If love that I want, then it's certainly love I've to give out.

Happy Friday to everyone & may you have a great weekend ahead !

17 October 2010

Men !

In commemoration of Genghis Khan's lost battle, I would like to celebrate & add up the joy with these quotes on men.

Girls, enjoy !

Men forget everything; women remember everything. That’s why men need instant replays in sports. They’ve already forgotten what happened

The supply of good women far exceeds that of the men who deserve them

God gave all men a penis and a brain, but only enough blood to run one at a time

A gentleman is simply a patient wolf

Can you imagine a world without men? No crime & lots of happy, fat women !

Women might be able to fake orgasms, but men can fake the whole relationship

Men should be like Kleenex.....soft, strong & disposable !

Behind every successful man there is a surprised woman

My mom said the only reason men are alive is for lawn care and vehicle maintenance

The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his chest

Women don’t make fools of men most of them are the “do-it-yourself” types

You see a lot of smart guys with dumb women, but you hardly ever see a smart woman with a dumb guy

What do men and clouds have in common???….. when both are not around its a nice day!

Little girls grow up to be ladies…..Little boys grow up to be big boys

Women were created for a reason, to keep men sane

Why don’t men get Mad Cow Disease? Because they're all pigs !

The only difference between men and boys are the size of their shoes and the price of their toys

They say, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a Man healty, wealthy and wise”, Well I’m not too sure if its entirely true, because I have never seen a healthy, wealthy and wise man.

Men are like commercials, you can’t believe a word they say

Why do men like intelligent women? Because opposites attract

16 October 2010

Genghis Khan & His Losing Battle

My oh my! Looks like somebody is pissed & that somebody is no other than the one & only Mr. Genghis Khan whose tentacles I've deliberately slashed through this entry. ( FYI, I am smiling from ear to ear while writing this entry). He was cursing me like nobody's business, using dirty & vulgar-est words on the things I wrote in that particular entry.

Rather than thanking me for dedicating the whole entry to him, he returned my kindness by calling me names. A true man he is - UNGRATEFUL & UNAPPRECIATIVE. Well done Genghis Khan, you've just proved my theory right. I am sure the real/late Genghis Khan would be very proud of you ( though the fact that a LOSER like you has used his name as a nick has offended him quite badly).

Anyway, since I have a much bigger heart, I'm taking this as a compliment to myself - coz it surely means that I've managed to "touch" his heart (or perhaps that powerful 3 letter words that spells E-G-O ) through my writings. Hypothetically if he's offended, I'm sure other men would feel the same way too (since they are all very much alike as far as stupidity is concerned) which makes me the most vicious men-basher ever. Ooohhhhh....am I honoured !

I've decided not to dirty my blog by publishing that STUPID comment of his. Such UNEDUCATED & BASELESS comment certainly doesnt fit into this sophisticated blog of mine.....ooooohhhhh. I dont understand why he even bother to come back & read my blog again since he made it so clear before that Red Scoot On The Move is definitely not his favourite. Though he claimed ( in his latest comment ) that this is the last time he'll ever dropped by, but being a man as IDIOTIC as him I'm quite sure he would eventually peeks in coz he obviously cant resist this exciting blog of mine. Anyway, he's a man & therefore his words are UNWORTHY!

This is the thing with guys. They can criticize us women, in any circumstances & from any angle they want to, but definitely not the other way around. The moment you criticize them back, they'll retaliate. They are supposed to be the most perfect creature ever created by God that they are fault-proof. So perfect that no women should even think of going against them. Another thing, men admitting their own mistakes is a myth - it would never happen. Ever !

My dear Genghis Khan, call what ever names you wanna call me coz it wont hurt me a bit. From what I see, it is you who is being hurt the most coz you knew for the fact that if not all, most of your kind are an ASSHOLE & you are unfortunately one of them. It's an obvious truth too hard to swallow that you have to throw it up to me instead. How sad.......

Another thing, should you have a blog or planning to have one, do write in your own native language please, I'm begging you......with all those PATHETIC grammatical errors of yours, it would only bring more shame than shine to your blog. As much as you hate to admit it, you cant deny the fact that I am way more smarter than you. Therefore, do consider this sincere advice of mine. Trust me.....one day you'll thank me for this !

15 October 2010

Happy Friday

"We are often so caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey."

It's finally Friday.....forget the working blues and let the good times roll. I just dunno where to begin to express the relief I'm feeling at it being Friday!It has been a long & busy week for me - as always & Friday has always been looked forward to every week.

I reckon that this weekend will be another great weekend for me starting from today itself (apart from the amount of work waiting for me the moment I finished writing this entry). I'm gonna have my forever fave, raw salmon later @ Saisaki......yeeehaaaa.! I've started salivating from yesterday itself knowing the fact that I'm having a Japanese lunch today.

And for the rest of the weekend, I'm just gonna lie down on my sofa watching movies. I've dedicated this weekend to pamper myself to the max. Only the best for me - good food, good movie & of course, good quality sleep.

To all, have a great weekend ahead !

13 October 2010

Dealing With Divorce

A friend of mine just got divorced recently. I found out about it through her shout-out in FB & the fact it happens after 17 years of marriage not only shocked me but leaving me feeling very sad as well. On the projection screen of my memory, I could still see how devastated I was when the same thing happened to me before.

I know exactly how she felt right now. As compared to her, I've only been married for 5 years before I was divorced & this whole divorce thing really shattered me to pieces. I didn't even know where to begin in the first place. I had to consider & re-think almost everything in my life — my home, my job, my child, my family, my friends & everything else that revolves around me. It's like starting all over again.

Divorce is hard & is extremely painful. It's not only the death of a marriage, but also the death of dreams and hopes. Not only it destroys years of invested love and caring, it also leaves us with fears of being abandoned and unlovable. It'll just totally destroy your self-esteem. At least that's how I felt when it happened to me.

A divorce is like a death in the family. You'll be left with so many emotions in you : anger, frustration, fear, hatred, regrets - all these just rise to the surface. Then all the shouldas, couldas & wouldas would be haunting you making the pain even more unbearable. Divorce is never easy & it takes like forever to recover from its damage - trust me for I've been there.

A broken arm takes several weeks to heal.
Broken hearts take much longer.

But then, there's always a silver lining on every clouds. For any bad things occurred, there's always a blessing in it, for sure. Though divorce is something God really hates but sometimes it's the best thing. There's no way God could gives us the rainbow without giving us the rain first. While divorce is a tragedy, it can also be a learning experience that makes us stronger & healthier emotionally.

When a divorce takes place, we could go through life blaming the other party or we could choose to live & learn something out of it. The choice is indeed in our own hands. Personally, divorce to me is both the end & the beginning - the end to an endless sorrow & the beginning of a new life.

To those already divorced or in the process of getting one, allow me to share my own experiences as to how I get through this difficult time of my life :

Face the reality. Accept the fact that your marriage is a failure and be truly honest with how you feel about it. Deal with your feelings, be it anger or sadness. Let them out in any way you feels like it - write about it, talk about it, scream till your lungs bleed or even cry till there no more tears left in you.

Accept the pain as it is. Dont fight your feelings just because it hurts. Pain is God's way to bring us close to Him & at the same time reminds us that we need to take proper care of ourselves. The pain we're going through will make us love & appreciate ourselves even more.

Stop blaming yourself. It takes two to make a marriage works & the same two people to wreck it off.

Make happiness your priority in life. Life is too short not be enjoyed. Make the best out of it. You are not the first person to be divorced and will not be the last.

Look for your goal in life & work towards it. This is the best time to do the things you've always wanted to do - things that you are not able to do due to your past commitments.

Look forward to the future. Do not think that only a married person deserves to be happy. Remember, you now are ready to do whatever it is in life that you want to. You are no longer on a time schedule to meet your partners needs, and you do not have to ask anyone permission to do anything. The freedom is all yours.

To my friend, J - this is the least I could do for you. I wont say it's easy as things can be really hard. Be strong & you'll be able to get on with your life....with your head held high !

07 October 2010

Is It Wrong To Be Choosy?

Honestly, my answer to this question would be, hell no ! There's nothing wrong for any women to be choosy about whom they tie themselves to for the rest of their lives. We work hard to get a comfortable & stable lifestyle, so it is understandable if we are a bit wary about simply throwing it away - especially to the opposite gender.

In the past, I dont really care about setting any standards or criteria on the man I'd choose to be my partner. As long he'd love me as much as I do, I am more than happier. He doesnt need to be that wealthy and intelligent, the only thing I expect from him is his undivided love & attention. I dont mind buying him expensive gifts, settling most of the house bills every month and sacrificing everything for him, hoping that he will noticed my sincerity and good virtues thus making the relationship solid.

The only thing I was totally unaware of is the inability of men being grateful & appreciative. They wont & will never be. Rather than being thankful, they'll in fact stab you on your back. It's like helping a dog out of a trap & the moment their feet are freed, they'll bite you back ! I am so sick & tired of being nice to people & not being treated the same way in return.

After a few failures in life, I cant afford to make the wrong choices anymore. I am so tired being such a stupid & self-sacrificing martyr all my life. And I cant seems to find any reason for not being picky. Look...I am hot, smart, fun, creative, knows how to enjoy life & a brilliant cook too. With all these good qualities in me, why on earth should I settle down for something less than I deserve?

With no looks & money is not a guarantee that men would be a saint. As it is, they are forever stupid & the probability of them fucking up our lives is forever there. At least if he is financially stable, we have something to fall back onto should he ends up being an ass (which he probably would). Imagine if he has nothing & still act like a jerk by swinging their dick like nobody's business, what is there left for us? Nothing but a small pieces of our broken hearts, that is.

Women often settle down for undesirable men & unsatisfying relationship out of loneliness or fear that their soul mate will never come along. So, they figure it is better to settle than taking the risk of ending up with no one at all. This is one big mistake most women make. It's their low self-esteem that makes them willing to accept any Tom, Dick or Harry in their life, though knowing the fact that he certainly doesnt deserve her.

If we dont value ourselves and expect the best life has to offer us, why should anyone else value us? While there is no such thing as the perfect man or a perfect relationship, this does not mean that we have to settle for less than we deserve.

My past experience has taught me that I deserve far better than what I was getting in my previous relationships. It also makes me realize that it's all up to me to face and overcome my own fear, before I'm capable of being in another relationship again. Romantic relationships are no longer on my list of priorities right now. I'm at a stage in life where I'd rather read a good book or watch a good movie than spend my precious time & energy on a man.

I'd rather stay single for the rest of my life than being stuck with someone who is not capable of making me happy.

The minute you settle for less than you deserve.....you'll get less than you settled for.....

06 October 2010

Men & Sex

Men only have one thing in their mind 24/7, that is.....what else if not S-E-X. It's something they cant live without. They cant even last half a day without having sex thoughts in their head. The moment a woman passed by, their creative mind would start working and the fantasy gets even wilder if she has big boobs !

They might not spend a single cent to buy flowers for their wives on her birthday for it's a total waste of money but for sex, they'll happily spent. They'll go all out to the extent of risking their own life by getting themselves infected withAIDS. I wouldnt mind if it's only him that got infected ( the world certainly does not need stupid idiotic man like them ). But then being a dumb-ass he is, he selfishly transmit it to his wife & kids. All in the name of SEX.

Based on a survey, men generally get aroused averagely 30 times a day ! Not 10.....not 20......but 30. A girl dropped a pen & bends down to pick it up, they'll had a hard-on. Standing close to a lady in the LRT, another hard-on. A salesgirl calling him "Abang" in a soft toned voice (trying to sell a dead cow to him), again hard-on.

You can be a bad housewife who dont know how to cook & take care of your house but as long you're good in bed (good here includes giving it to him whenever he wants it - in any circumstances), you are the greatest wife ever.

Ever saw an ads without any chicks in it? Close to never, I would say. Why? Simple - sex sells. Though the stuff their selling got nothing to do with girls, but they still need to put them in. It's the only way to make guys look at it.

Women dream about love & romance; men dream about sexual fantasies. Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place. And this is one thing men failed to understand. To them, sex is the expression of love. We women, seek for quality but men sadly goes only for quantity. That makes us women, the best creation ever !

04 October 2010

My Random Ramblings

I didnt write a single entry the whole of last week - with no particular reason. I just dont have the inspiration to write actually - nothing really triggered me to write. In a way, nobody has actually touched my tentacles hard enough for me to vent it out here.

My life as usual stayed on its routine - work, home, cook.....work, home, cook....but at least I'm grateful my responsibility is much lesser as compared to those women with more kids & a husband to attend to. Thinking of that, I'm quite grateful with the kind of life I am in right now - it never has been better. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Today I've decided to write an entry though I do not have any interesting or particular story to share. I just feel that I need to write before things get too comfortable for me & me ending up being a dormant blogger. I guess this is a common situation for any writer - the time where you just couldnt think of anything to blabber about & end talking rubbish more or less like what I'm doing right now :P

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to share one good news with all of you, fellow readers. Last Saturday, I received a phone call from Marsya's piano teacher informing me of her ABRSM 2nd Grade Piano exams. She took the exam @ Istana Hotel early August this year & she really didnt have a good feeling of how she performed that day. I knew she've tried her very best & we're not expecting anything but to just leave everything in God's hand. Miraculously, my precious passed the exam as being told by her teacher to me. It was indeed a call of joy & relieved to both me & Marsya. Again, alhamdulillah for the blessing.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank a few of my frens for the good moments they've brought to my life. To Izah & Solih, thanks for inviting me to their open houses over the weekend. Thanks so much for the hospitality & good foods. To Kumie, M.Chah, Nyah, Mimi & Man Tong, thanks for being there with me to cherish my life with your company. And to Ded, thanks for the souvenirs all the way from Thailand - so thoughtful of you. May all of your life prosper even more for the years to come. Amin.

p/s I was watching Melodi @ TV3 yesterday after for so long didnt get the chance to watch it. One thing that really caught my eyes was the presenter - Fafau. She looked a bit plump from the last time I saw her. I managed to snap a few pics of her to share with you who didnt get the chance to watch it yesterday. What do you think ? Are my eyes playing tricks on me or I'm just not that observant?

To Fafau, even if you do put on weight, it doesnt took that sweetness out of your smile even a bit. And I'm sure everybody else feels the same way too :-)