27 March 2010

In Flight Humour

This entry was written on my flight back to KL. I hate being in the plane so much & having a lappie with me is such a great pleasure as it helps me kills the boredom. FYI, I’ve written 4 entries so far during this 7 hours of flight – not bad isnt it?

My super-quiet seat mate must be wondering to himself whether he’s sitting next to a travel journalist coz I seems to be very occupied typing away my ideas. I dunno whether it’s the beautiful white cumulus & cirrus clouds or the confined contained pressure in the flight that seems to boost up the production of ideas in my head. The moment I laid my fingers to the keyboard, it seems impossible to stop as the ideas keep on flowing in.

The yummilicious chicken curry

Or maybe it’s becoz of the chicken curry I had a while ago that releases the happy hormones in me – thus inspired me to write even better. That particular chicken curry by the way, was the best I’ve ever had. After a week having seafood & kimchi, any food they offered me in plane would be the best indeed. Do I need to say more?

So, what’s the in-flight humour all about then? Nope, MAS is not having any stand-up comedian on board nor do they hosted the Raja Lawak competition in the air. It’s about this news I read in today’s Star a while ago which really gives me a good laughs.

It reads : Rise In Cancers Linked To Oral Sex. Very interesting, dont you think so? In London, it is believed that the rapid increase in serious head & neck cancers are said to be linked to a virus spread by oral sex….ahah !! Doctors there suggested that boys & girls to be offered protection through vaccination.

Well, one man’s cure is another man’s (or girl’s in this case) poison. Ladies should seriously consider this before agreeing to please their partners. Just remember this : the guy who left you after refusing to do the BJ on him can always be replaced but your head & neck is something money cant buy !

26 March 2010


Damn it ! Damn it ! Damn it ! No matter how much cursing & swearing I blurted, it still doesnt make up to the frustration I had in me at the moment. Okay, I felt some disappointment 2 days ago upon discovering that FB website has been blocked by the management. Honestly, that is nothing as compared to the distress I’m feeling right now.

While in Korea this whole week, I didnt bother checking out new releases from my favourite movie site, knowing there’s no internet connection available anyway. This morning however, I simply make a casual visit to the website – thought of just browsing through for some inspirations.

To my surprise, that website too has been blocked. Not only that, Ares is also in the list ! OMG!!! I was so shocked, I felt like crying. I have my Heroes Season 3 in the line, 87% completed in Ares, for crying out loud! Thank God I have all the 13 episodes of Glee in my possession already.

This is really a disaster – an ultimate nerve-racking situation for me. Not enuff it’s the coldest day ( mind you, it’s 0 deg. C today) of the week, I’ve been further shattered by this finding. Even the news I got yesterday about our bonus being cut into half this year , didnt upset me this much.

I was in a state of panic realizing the fact that I wont be able to download movies anymore in the office. I shuddered in despair - it’s like the whole world just collapsed on me. Honestly, downloading movies has been the primary motivational factor for me to be presence in the office every day – apart from blogging & meeting up with my BFFs. It may sounds unethical but then I didnt see any harm in doing so – all deadlines are still met & all valves are still sized. In fact, it’s something that awaken my system every morning which gives me the boost to be in the office every day. But now, how the hell am I supposed to work or even be at work?

As it is, work has never been that interesting – especially having to see that yucky face of my lady boss every morning. Those without a strong stomach, would definitely throw up looking at her face – very nauseating indeed, trust me ! Imagine this…… waking up in the morning after an 8 hours of sleep (with God knows what she did the night before), with no morning shower but a mere sprinkle of water to the face……and you’re saying I’m exaggerating, huh?

Downloading movies from the net has been one of the great pleasures of my life recently – it gives me a sense of satisfaction & happiness every time I finished downloading a movie. It might not be such a big deal but to me, it means I’ve accomplished something. I’ve always told Carol of my intention to download as many movies as possible so that I have enuff collections for my retirement years – oh yesssss, I AM that ambitious. I guess the plan will have to be put on hold due to this halt.

When there’s a will, there’s always a way. I’m sure I’ll end up with something to bring back this happiness in my life. By hook or by crook, it need to be done !

25 March 2010

Namdaemun Market

Honestly, I have so many things to write about my trip to Seoul. It's just that I cant really find the time to sit down & blog about it. From morning to late evening I'll be in the customer's office where there's no access to the internet. When I got back to the hotel, I'll be too tired to face the laptop anymore. The only time left is in the morning before going to the customer's office but then I'll be busy attending to the office e-mails during that mere 1 hour period.

This particular entry is written while waiting my emails to be downloaded. As mentioned in my earlier entries, I've managed to go for a sightseeing visit around the city. What I'm gonna do now is to write one entry for one place I've visited. With that, I'll start with the Namdaemun Market.

The only halal food available in the market

It might not be THE place to visit in Korea, but it should be in your Top 10 List, if not Top 5. Namdaemun is a very large open market in Seoul. The word "Namdaemun" means the "Great South Gate," and was the main southern gate to the old city. You can find anything here from fresh fish to books and all sort of stuff in between. For those who intend to buy souvenirs, this is the best place to get them.

Being in Namdaemun reminded me of Petaling Street - only it's 5 times bigger. It is very crowded and labyrinthian that you need plenty of time to explore & find your way back since you'll be very prone to get lost. This market was a great place to experience the Korean culture while having fun shopping. However, it is still considered expensive for Malaysians to shop here though it's the cheapest place to shop in Seoul.

This is how food is being delivered around the market area - very professional operator!

The market is easily accessible via the subway i.e.
Line 4, Hoehyeon Station Exit 5. The moment you exit from the station, you'll be right in the middle of the market already. You can start do your shopping instantly but just make sure you'd be able to find your way back to the subway station. Anyway, not to worry as there's a Tourist Information booth in the middle of the market in case you get lost.

24 March 2010

FB No More

Good things are hard to come by. And when they do, they sometimes don’t stay forever. So, it’s always good to be grateful with what we’ve been blessed for. Never complaint for the things we didnt own, instead be gracious for everything we possessed.

Today, one of my pleasure has been taken away. I cant lie by saying I’m not disappointed it happened. Obviously I would be feeling very frustrated when I can no longer enjoy the same privilege anymore……huhuhu.

This morning I had a mild “heart attack” when the below screen appeared when I click the Facebook bookmark button in my browser. It says : The Content Has Been Blocked! If you determine that this URL has a specific business purpose, please click the link to request to access URL Request Link and CC your manager for approval of access.

I’m not that a big of a fan to FB – unlike certain people who really cant live without it. I would rather call myself as the “social member” of FB where I would once in a while peek in to check my fren’s latest status or pics. But then knowing that I wont be able to do it anymore does give an impact to me.

I’m sure I’m not the only person in Dresser’s organization who’s having the same shock. This has been an ultimate shock for the entire Asia Pacific region. All I know, our USA counterparts have been envying us for being able to log in to Facebook during office hours coz theirs have been blocked for God knows how long already.

Well now, we’re equal. No more facebook-ing for the Dresser’s staff globally. To all 7000 of Dresser’s employees across the globe, my condolences to you guys, particularly to the Asia Pac. team. I feel you my friends…….I seriously do !

So, if I were to request for the access, I wonder what should I put as a justification to such request. The key word here is “specific business purpose”. Let’s see what can I trash out from this old brain of mine to come up with a list of reasons in the name of a “business purpose” …..

  1. I need to establish my networking with the rest of the world in order to expand my contact list & customer database, which at the same time would introduce Dresser to the eyes of millions of FB users. Aint that great?
  2. FB is a very good virtual marketing tools as we dont even have to leave the office to do sales & marketing for the company. Marketing & application work can be done simultaneously thus saving a lot of company’s time.
  3. Doing sales & marketing through FB networking could save a lot of money for the company. Through FB, communications can be done not only within Asia Pacific region but also as far as North Pole – with no extra cost whatsoever!
  4. Playing games in FB has been proven to be a catalyst for increasing the work performance rate. The skills acquired through the games has indeed increased one's responsiveness ability, impact reaction & level of alert which in turn could be applied to the working environment.
  5. Last but not least, FB without a doubt would create a smarter society within any organization. A smart brain is originated from a happy heart which would stimulate more intelligent enzyme for the brain, thus resulting with a smarter person. Otherwise there wouldnt be a saying that sounds like this : “All work & no play will make Jack a dull boy!” – isnt it?

So, that’s it – my 5 best & genuine reasons as to why FB should be allowed in the office. Asked everybody in your office, I’m sure they all in the same terms with me. Except those who didnt have an account with FB or worse still, never heard of FB before. Tak kenal maka tak cinta, kan?

Anyway, I’m still grateful that they didnt block Blogger at the same time. It’ll be worse if they did that. I wont be having mild heart attack anymore if Blogger is blocked – I’d definitely had a stroke ! Nauzubillah !

23 March 2010

My Seoul Ramblings

Today is my 3rd day in Seoul that is my first working day in my Korea office. The past two days I've been busy sightseeing around the city. It was okay - managed to visit a few of their old palaces as well as other major attractions there like the Seoul Tower, Itaewon, Korean Traditional Folk Museum etc. Met a few Malaysians at some of these locations too. It always feels good to bump into our own people when you're abroad especially when they are as friendly & warm as yourselves. God bless them !

If you'd asked me 10 years ago whether I love to travel, I would have said yes. But now, all I want is to go home to my princess......gosh, I missed her so much already. It's nice to travel for leisure like the trip I made to Bandung 2 years ago with my BFFs which is by far, the best holiday I'd ever had. All you need to do is have fun & enjoy - unlike a business trip.

On a business trip, it's 1 part pleasure & 9 parts pain. Sometimes if you're not lucky enuff, it'll be 100% pain - in cases where your schedule is too pack that you didnt even have the chance to get around the country you're visiting. As for me, I've been very lucky so far - I've always managed to find some time to escape from work & have some fun on my own.

But again, traveling for work is no longer something I look forward to anymore - especially like now, when Marsya is at school. She called me at least 5 times yesterday asking me questions about her homework. It's only her & my mum in the house and obviously my mum wont be able to help that much, isnt it? Imagine how would that leaves me feeling?

I was in Samsung office the whole day long - with no radio, no gossiping with Carol, no chatting session with the Consol girls and worst, no internet connections. It's just work, work & whole load of work. This is what I meant by that 9 parts of pain just now. Come to think of it, it's not really that worth it to be tortured for 5 solid days with 2 days of sightseeing in return. But then, what's fair in life? As mentioned earlier, I'm still considered lucky to still have that 1 part of pleasure as compared to some people who wouldnt have it at all ! Am counting my blessings......

Anyway, it was snowing yesterday here in Seoul - which was quite unusual at this time of the year where it is supposed to be spring already (according to my Koreans colleagues). I guess the Korean snow would just like to welcome me to their land. Kamsahamida !

20 March 2010

Sleepless In Seoul

Touched down Incheon Airport @ 6.30 am. The flight was ok - got the front seat for the first time ever. What I like about the front seat is because of the ample space in front where you could stretch out your feet as far as possible.

The whole journey took about 6 hours. 6 dreadful hours for me - thank God for the front seat though. Otherwise, things could be even worse. One thing I hate about traveling by planes (besides the waiting hours, of course) is that I just couldnt possibly sleep. As it is, I sometimes had problems sleeping on my own bed, let alone on that cramped seat of an airplane.

Imagine, the flight took off @ 11.30 pm. From that moment itself, I've been trying very, very hard to sleep. The thing is, I am indeed very sleepy - been yawning and yawning till tears coming out from my eyes. But why on earth I still couldnt sleep is something I just couldnt figure out.

The view from my hotel room

At about 3.30 am, I've lost hope & decided to take the Actifed - the flu pills that would easily knock me down. It did gave that effect on me where I was feeling very high and I could feel my soul slowly drifting out from my body. Unfortunately, the timing was really bad. By 4 am, the flight attendants started serving breakfast to the passengers. Imagine, having breakfast at 4 am in the morning - who in their right minds would do that
? Well, the Koreans are!

Everybody in the plane were suddenly very busy - the stewardess were busy giving out the food while the rest are of course, busy eating. As for me, there goes my sleeping attempt. My soul apparently had to rush back to my body as the noise and the smell of the food didnt help much...... huhuhu.

With one of the hotel's staff where I was half asleep, half awake

The only sleep I had is on the Limousine Bus on my way from the airport to Rennaisance Hotel in Gangnam-do district, which took only an hour or so. How I'd wish the hotel is much, much more further so that I could have more sleep to re-energize my dying power. That one hour sleep seems like the best sleep I ever had. The terms 'sleeps like a baby' really suits the way I slept at that time.

19 March 2010

Up In The Air

By now, I'm sure most of my loyal readers have been wondering (some might be cursing too) as to why I've not been updating my blog. I'm lucky enuff not to receive any sms from K.Mimi asking me what's been happening.....hehehe.

I didnt mean to desert my blog & leaving my readers feeling disappointed. It's just that I've been terribly busy at the office this week. Last two days, I left the office @ 9 pm trying to finish as much work as I could. I thought of staying a little bit longer but my brain is too saturated that it refused to function properly anymore.

As I'm writing this entry, I'm @ KLIA, waiting for flight MH066 to Korea. Yup, that's why I've been too busy this week. With 2 datelines to meet & making all those necessary arrangements for my Korea trip had really drained me up.

I was supposed to go there last week but due to the school holiday, all flights to Seoul have been fully booked till mid week. I didnt know Seoul is that popular among Malaysians & I also didnt know there are so many wealthy parents out there that would opt for an oversea holidays. I would prefer it very much to travel during school holidays as it would give me peace of mind knowing that Marsya wouldnt be at school.

In my case now, not only Marsya feeling devastated knowing that I wouldnt be around to help her with her homework, I, myself felt bad too for troubling my mum. It would be much easier if it's a school holiday as my mum wouldnt have to travel all the way from Kuantan to look after Marsya during my absence.

On top of that, I'm supposed to be in Putrajaya this weekend for the International Hot Air Balloon Festivals. Looking at the balloon pics in today's paper really killed me. I was so looking forward to be there to fulfill my dreams of riding the hot air balloon ~ sigh ~. I guess I have to wait for another 12 months to finally make this dream comes true ~ another sigh ~

I really have to make this trip worth while for all the things I've missed & sacrifices made by my mum & my princess. It's the end of winter there in Seoul where the temperature is between 0 - 6 Deg C. Here I am in KLIA, sneezing for God knows how many times already when the temperature is not even 10 Deg. C. I hate winter so much & I've been praying very hard not to fell sick while I'm there. Good luck to me then !

15 March 2010

Kem Alami @ National Planetarium

Was at the National Planetarium yesterday evening to send Marsya for the Kem Alami. It's like a space camp held by the National Planetarium for school children aged between 10 - 12 years old. It's a 3 days 2 nights event where the kids will be taught & exposed to things like the stars & space of the universe.

Marsya's school was kindof promoting this event where they were giving out forms to the school pupil. It was a bit too late when Marsya finds out about it where all the application forms are already taken. The teacher then suggested her to directly get the form Planetarium. That's how I knew that this is the 3rd year they're having the said event. This camp is however not free but is chargeable @ a very minimum cost i.e. RM45 only. For a 3 days 2 nights events plus food, T-Shirt & certificate, RM45 is really, really cheap.

After the briefing, I left her there with her friends. She was so looking forward to this camp & I could see the happiness shining through her eyes when I left her there with her friends. It's only her mummy who felt a bit down leaving her precious. Not that Marsya never left me and therefore I didnt expect that I would be missing her so much afterward. The house suddenly seems to be very quiet & empty without her presence. And what's left is the mummy crying on her own, missing her daughter very, very much.

14 March 2010

Alice In Wonderland

As promised, I took Marsya to watch this movie yesterday evening. She actually wanted me to take her for the 3D show but regretfully, I've to say no. 3D movie is something I cant tolerate. Not me actually, it's my eyes or rather my kampung head. The images that keep on popping out from the screen is something I just couldnt handle. It leaves me with a very uneasy feelings. I'll be very uncomfortable & feeling very disturbed watching a 3D movies. In fact there's one time I cant even see the 3D effect which left me feeling very disappointed (of course, after paying extra for it). The verdict then, is a no-no for 3D. Call me kampung or ulu if you want but watching movie is supposed to be something fun and 3D movies are obviously defying that purpose for me.

Alice In Wonderland is overall an okay movie - for an adult like me. The children would definitely love it. It was a very lovely movie - wonderfully imaginative, I would say. Everything in the movie is beautiful - even the horrid big headed Red Queen still looks pleasant. It's like watching a cartoon with humans in it. The movie is filled with lots and lots of beautifully colourful things & backgrounds. Otherwise, they wouldnt have called it "Wonderland", isnt it?

At the beginning of the story, I was a bit confused seeing Alice so grown up. The Alice that I've read is a lot more younger than the one in the movie. Only after an hour watching it I understand what's going on - why is Alice no longer a small girl she used to be as in the story book. Anyway, I really hate spoilers, hence I better stop blabbering out the whole story.

Johnny Depp is as cute as he is in Edward Scissorhands or Willy Wonka in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. This time in this movie, he is called Hatter. I cant think of any other actor that would do the job better than him. Not only he's cute, he is perhaps one of the most versatile actors around.

Going to the movie is indeed a great family activity.To all parents out there, take the opportunity of this school holiday to bring your kids to watch this movie. I'm sure both you & your kids are gonna love it !

Malaysia's 50 Best Blog

Came across this list while blog hopping the other day. All those 50 blogs are selected by this one local magazine called inTrend. Okay, I have to admit that I've never knew the existence of this magazine, let alone reading it. Not that I'm against the local products (tho some of them are really crappy & full with bullshits ) or what. I just dont read magazines anymore - be it local or overseas. With an internet, who needs a magazine ? Internet is far more better coz it's fast, convenient & most importantly, cheaper.

Anyway, back to this best blogs thingy. Going through the list, I noticed this one blog which I honestly feel doesnt belongs to the group. It may be a good blog to resort to when you dont have any other better things to do but the best in Malaysia? Hell no.....dont think so. I've came across other better blogs than that particular "Kasut Merah Jambu" blog especially when it falls in the Fashionistas category.

Fashionista as how the Cambridge Dictionary defines it, is "someone who works in or writes about the fashion industry". For other 9 blogs in the same category, I couldnt agree more. Yes, they do work in or write about fashion but that's not what I see in "Kasut Merah Jambu" blog. Most of the time you'll find her boasting about herself. C'mon, is it that important to line up all your make-up & name all the brands for each & every one of them? In what way she's a fashionista I really dont know. All I know I had difficult times figuring that out. I guess it must be her strong connections with the Nuffnang people that landed her the title - the best & the only logical reason to it.

I love to read blogs & Kasut Merah Jambu is one of the blog that I would stop by once in a while - even before she's been in the top 10 list. There are a big difference between being the best & being popular. Kasut Merah Jambu might be one of the popular blogs around but the best? In my honest opinion, she still got a long way ahead. It's easy to be popular especially in the world we're currently living where there's Facebook, Tweeter, blogs etc. But being the best is something not just anybody could be. It needs more than writing about make-up's brand or shoe collections to place you at that level. There are millions of other blogs out there that are way more better & Kasut Merah Jambu certainly dont deserve the recognition.

Anyway, if anyone of you think that I'm jealous, well I'm not. I didnt even register my blog with Nuffnang - so in short, I'm already disqualified. I really dont like to see all those Nuffnang ads cramming up the tiny little space left in my blog page. I blog simply becoz the passion I have towards it and certainly not seeking for popularity. It may not be the best blog in Malaysia, but it is without a doubt, one of the best thing ever happened to my life.

13 March 2010

Love Is Life

Just finished reading my BFF's blog where she was expressing her loves to her hubby in her latest entry. All I can say is that she's a very lucky woman - the luckiest I've ever known. Reading her love story makes me envied her even more. But I'm happy for her & am wishing her all the best in life.

After reading that particular entry of hers, I realize that I dont actually have any love story that I could tell. All of my love stories are those depressing kindof stories which would only makes the reader wanna kill themselves after reading them. No point telling a story that you're sure would end up with disaster, right?

But being a romantic person I am, love stories have always been my choice. Sophie Kinsella's, Cecilia Ahern's & the latest, Stephanie Meyer's are stories that I've always love to read. Romantic comedy films like Jerry Maguire, Titanic, Sleepless In Seattle are always my first choice. Hindi movies are forever my favourite for their happy ending love stories. Though I'm very much aware that none of these stories I've read or seen would ever happened to me, I'd still love getting myself immersed in it.

It give me some sense of happiness that makes me smile all day. They are like the happy hormones for my numb heart. I'll be walking on cloud nine as if it was me who had fell in love. I'll lying on my bed, eyes closed while hugging the pillow with the sweetest smile on my face. Call me crazy but that's how I'd be every time I finished reading or watching any romantic love stories. I just love the after-effect of it. It makes me...........alive.

I guess I'm destined to be an imaginary lover rather than the real ones - which I dont really mind actually. At least I know, I wont get hurt anymore. To get hurt again is the last thing I would ever want - it's just so unbearable. It hurts like hell !

Love is 10% pleasure and 90% pain as how I see it. So, at the moment, I'll settle down with Edward Cullen & SRK as my imaginary lovers. So far, they've been very, very good & the chances of me getting hurt is next to never. I sound pathetic, dont I? Pathetic or not, that's how it is !

The Celibacy Club

Didnt write much this week. Reason? Busy, of course. With what? Work? Ironically, yes I'm busy with work. I swear I felt a tickle in my tummy having to say that. It indeed felt funny admitting it's my work that has tied both of my hands from updating this humble bloghis of mine. Coz most of the time, I would always find time to do it in between my busy schedules. I guess this is just one of those days - those days that you just dont feel like writing.

Anyway, for the 2nd consecutive week I'm having our Friday girls' night out with the other members of the so called Celibacy Club - with Marsya being the youngest member....... for now. The venue this time was Ampang Jaya food court. The start of the event doesnt goes that well or as planned as K.Mimi decided to make it more livelier.....hehehe. She was supposed to meet up with us at Jamie's house but she somehow forgotten that she's actually in KL (and not in Pekan), which she would need more than an hour to get from one place to another during peak hours, especially on Friday night.

So, after a few rounds of confusing conversations, we managed to get her on the right track. And with that, Marsya was the happiest person as she finally got to had her dinner after having to tolerate her hunger for the past one hour or so. The original plan was having satay for dinner which brought us there to Ampang Jaya. But Marsya's tummy seems to be too empty for just a satay. So we end up having other varieties too like rice, soup & vege.

Food was good & everybody were happy. But the togetherness was far more better. Though it's only a week since the last time we met, but the way we talked as if we havent met for ages. There's always things to talk about, spicy stories to be sparked with, jokes to laugh at & experience to share. And the best is of course bitching about guys. Nothing beats that ! Though I did the same thing every other day at the office with Carol, the excitement just couldnt die and I'm quite certain it'll never be.

Anyway girls, I really enjoyed our outings so much & therefore we should do this more often. Thanks to K.Mimi for starting it out for us. And Jamie, thanks for tagging along. We indeed had lots of fun together except those few guilty moments when Marsya started to fall asleep on her chair......hehehe. Obviously our conversation was not interesting enuff to keep her awake.

I hope we would continue doing this unless one of us decided to end their celibacy life..... :-P. I'm really looking forward to be meeting with you gals in the weeks to come. As for Marsya, she might not like to hang out with the oldies but she doesnt really have a choice, doesnt she?

09 March 2010

My Unfullfilled Desire

I'm planning to write this entry 2 days ago but got a lil bit tied up with work - well, appraisal is coming up. Spent the whole evening yesterday going through it. Anyway, it was a good one & I'm quite pleased with it :-)

So, which desire of mine that has to die this time? Hehehe..... though I'm kind of giggling at the beginning of this sentence, the truth is I'm crying inside....huhuhu. For the past two days I've been mourning over this one particular desire of mine. It's so near yet too far for my hand to reach. And therefore, I am indeed very, very sad & frustrated.

It all started with my normal KLCC trip 2 days ago - with no specific reason whatsoever. Being a normal woman, I just love being surrounded with shops. Not any kind of shops though but more of those shops related to women, of course. It feels like a guy being swarmed by hot sexy chicks around them. Makes me feeling very fresh & rejuvenate.

So, it's a blessed ( or is it a curse actually? ) for me to be working in UOA as it's located right in the middle of 2 of the most happening shopping malls in town - Suria KLCC & Pavilion. Hence, it'll be either one of these two malls every alternate days. If you'd asked me which one I preferred best between these two, I simply cant choose. Both malls are pretty much the same actually. What ever you'll see in KLCC, most probably you'll get it in Pavilion too. Both have their own specialties that you simply cant compare.

Anyway, while wandering aimlessly in KLCC that day, we decided to stop by at Marks & Spencer. Apparently that happened to be a not-so-wise of a decision. It's the start of all woes & miseries it seems.

I fell in love with one of Marks & Spencer's tops. It's a 3-pc tops, very funky & casual. The best things about this tops is that, I look damn gorgeous in it. Frankly, not only gorgeous but sexy too..... hehehe. I really like it so much. So, so very much that I've actually dreamt of it. Cant get it out of my mind since I laid my eyes on it.

Sadly, I cant make my dream comes true. Definitely not this particular one ( plus a couple millions of my other dreams including being Edward Cullen & SRK's girl, for instant ). It's too pricey for me - RM 259 to be exact. Crazy huh? Nothing so fancy about the material - just that normal t-shirt cloth with no bling-bling, sequins or whatsoever. But then, it's the name that counts. It's that Mark & Spencer brand sewn on it makes up the price. I would have grab it instantly if it's RM100 lesser ~ huge sigh ~

Anyway, that's about it. I'm not gonna burn a big hole in my pocket for something not worth the price. Not that I dont have any other clothes to wear kan? The most, I'll have it in my mind for the next 2-3 days. Having to wear it for 1-2 minutes in the fitting room is already a blessing for me. And having my picture taken while wearing it is indeed an ultimate blessing nobody could ever deny. I couldnt have asked for more, couldnt I?

08 March 2010

Fresh Salad @ Isetan KLCC

I started this week with a food entry & for my 2nd entry, I'm still gonna talk about food. One thing for sure is that you can never go wrong with food entry. Nobody could ever get upset or pissed over food entry. In fact, most of them would be pleased & smiling reading about it. So, that's what I intent to do today - to put a big smile on my reader's face.

To those who are working around KLCC area, today's entry might catch your interest. Some of you might already knew about this deliciously wonderful rows of fresh salads @ Isetan KLCC. Those who didnt, please be aware that at Isetan Supermarket, they have at this one corner varieties of fresh salad - 7 options altogether. Fruit salad, broccoli salad, coleslaw salad & mushroom salad are among the salads you can get here.

These salads are very, very good in taste. They are priced according to the weight i.e. RM 1.30/gm. All salads are priced the same which means you can mix & match all of them according to your taste & desire. My personal favourite would be the Japanese Mushroom & Crab Stick salad. Havent tried the other 5 but I'm quite sure they are all as good.

My fave - Crab Stick & Japanese Mushroom Salads

To those who prefers a light lunch, these salads should definitely be in your lunch options. It's cheap, yummy & more importantly, it's healthy. What more would you asked for?

07 March 2010

Murtabak Mengkasar @ KL

I've heard so much ( so far, they are all good stories ) about this popular murtabak but never got the chance to try it until recently. Murtabak Mengkasar is said to be the favourite among the Pahang royalties and all. It's so good that it's popularity goes beyond the border of that royal town of Pahang.

Though Pekan is only 50 km away from my hometown, Kuantan and though a few attempts have been made to visit this infamous murtabak stall, yet it's still to no avail. What my fren wrote in her FB status a few weeks ago has somehow gave my dying hope (over the murtabak) a sense of life, finally.

Murtabak Mengkasar has spread their wing to KL where their first branch was opened in Sri Rampai approximately 6 months ago. This is an absolutely a good news to all of their fans in KL as they no longer have to travel for 3 hours to satisfy their appetite. It is indeed a good news for me too who has been salivating long enuff for the taste of it.

Last Friday night was the day where my waiting was finally over. Jamie, K.Mimi & myself have make a date to have murtabak Mengkasar as our dinner that night. We were later joined by other Pahang-ians except for Izah & her family who were later nicknamed "City Girl" by one of us....hehehehe.

There are 2 types of murtabak served - chicken & beef of which can either be a standard or special. Special would means more meat & eggs. Besides the murtabak, they also have the plain roti canai. A piece of murtabak is quite a lot for one person, I would say - unless you're a big eater or you're really hungry.

Taste wise, personally I like it. Though it's thick & full with meat & egg, it doesnt leaves you feeling queasy. In fact, you might eat more than you thought you could. A piece of the standard murtabak is RM 6 and the special ones is RM 8/pc. According to K.Mimi, these prices are RM1 more than those sold in Pekan, Pahang which is more than reasonable as compared to the petrol price to drive all the way there.

Being there with other Pahang-ians, eating Pahang-originated murtabak and speaking the Pahang dialect, makes me forget for a moment that I'm actually still in KL. But to be in KL & being able to communicate in Pahang dialect was not only awesome but a relief too. The only time I got to use my own dialect is when I'm back to my hometown which is like 4 - 6 times a year the most. So, when there's an opportunity to use that language in KL, it just feel great - makes me feel like home !

With the owner of the restaurant, Hj. Ahmad Tajudin

Anyway, thanks a lot to everybody who were present that day. We did have fun that night - the Pahang way, of course. Specially to Man, thanks for settling the bills for us - you're so kind !

05 March 2010

10 Reasons Why I'm Still Single

Being a single mother is undoubtedly not easy & there's no question about that. All decisions are on you and the responsibility can be overwhelming. If you've got children, being married is absolutely better - but not at all costs. Being a single mum is far more better than had to live in a bad marriage, that I'm pretty much very sure of.

Honestly, it is not all that bad being a single mum. I still remember a friend come up to me one day looking tired & haggard, telling me this, “You’re lucky to be single. You don’t have to fight with your husband over the kids.” So, I'm counting my blessings of singledom. There are a few things worth celebrating being a single mum like me. Here are some of them :

1. I get to make all the decisions - with no compromising required. I can response straight away to my child's request without having to consult anybody. I can decide what's to cook or whether to dine in or eat out. And I can even paint my bedroom in bright pink & purple stripes if I want to.

2. I get to be the Financial Minister of the house. I might not have the buying power of a two-income couples but at least nobody can tell me what to buy & what not to buy. Even if I decided to get me 2 tops & 2 pairs of jeans in a week (which is a true story btw...heheheh), nobody's gonna nag to my ears all day long !

3. I get every other weekend to myself. It is such a bliss having an uninterrupted afternoon, in my own apartment. Everything I clean, will stay clean. Nothing will moves unless I move them. I dont have to cook. I dont even have to get up from my bed if I dont want to !

4. The kids cant divide and conquer. There's only one of me, so when I say no, there’s no one to appeal to. When I say the word, it's the word. When I call out, "Bedtime," there's no one to say, "Aw, let them stay up another half hour." Veto would be mine.

5. I dont have to take care for another adult. I can lavish all my energy to only one source that is my child with that not-so-much left energy after work. I only have my kid to be concerned about - I don’t have to bloody worry about making my spouse happy, too.

6. No more fighting about who does what. The amount of work to raise a child is already so much. But in fact, the energy it takes to argue over who does what can be far more draining than the task itself. Imagine all the time and effort that goes into figuring out a system of sharing chores, nagging your spouse to fulfill his part of the bargain, resenting him for not doing it, and then figuring out a new system that probably won't work either. I promise you, doing it alone is far easier.

7. I'll have a less stressful home. When two adults of a different sex are put together in a house for a period of time, they are bound to fight with each other. Therefore my home would definitely have less arguing thus less stressful than two parent homes especially to the kids. The only arguing is between me & my daughter, that's all!

8. Although My kid has more opportunities to develop responsibility. Although no one wants their kids to grow up before it is time, as part of a single parent family this is something that would just happened naturally. Kids coming from a single parent family matured faster than their age & would grow into responsible adults.

9. I'll become more confidence in myself. As I learn to make decisions on my own and solve problems, I will develop confidence that I don't need to rely on anyone else to get me through life. And me being able to financially support myself and my kid gives me one hell of a boost to my self-esteem. It makes me feel damn good!

10. I have the closet ALL to myself. With the amount of clothing I own, I seriously need all the closet I could ever have. As it is, I've got my clothes in all closets in each room of my house. Where on earth am I gonna tuck all those if I were to give away just one of those closets. Phewww.....boy, am I relieved !

There you go....10 reasons why it is so difficult for me to let go the luxurious life I am currently having. I'll be so crazy to trade in this heavenly life of mine just to live in hell, isnt it?