30 August 2009

The So-Called Sexy Pic.

This is the photo of my 10 years old daughter, Marsya. I need some views from all of you, my fellow readers out there.....do you consider this photo as sexy? If so, which part of it is sexy then? Kindly please enlighten me as I am currently so, so confused.

Marsya came back from his dad's place today telling me that she needs to remove this picture from her FB. Reason being, her dad feels that the pic is too sexy to be posted as a profile picture and he wants her to change it. Watta......???? This is already way too far. As it is, there are already so many restrictions imposed on her like no skirts, no short sleeves, no this.....no that !!! And now her normal pic is considered sexy.......puhhhhleaseeeeeee !!!

Not that I'm against all these rulings, knowing that they are all in accordance to the muslim rules. But then, my gurl is just 10 years old, for crying out loud! Give her a break. Let her enjoy her childhood at most. Let her try out all the fashion & clothing she desired to. Let her experienced the joy of her childhood life & savour the sweetness of each moments.

As a parent, my job is to guide her in determining what's right & what's wrong. I dont believe in controlling & hovering over a child in order to teach them. Excessive sheltering can lead them to a life of sneakiness (doing what they want to do behind the parent’s back), frustration, anger, and eventually rebellion. An overprotective parent accomplishes just the opposite !

So, back to that sexy pic story. For the past 15 minutes or so, I've been analyzing the picture so closely from all possible angles - trying to figure out the sexiness of this photo. For all I can see, she was very well dressed - no figure hugging tops neither exposed body or whatsoever. A guy who who'd say such a decent pic as "sexy" is either sick or a pervert !

My ex husband, Marsya's dad is really getting to my nerve now. He's lucky enuff that Marsya's under my custody. I dont know what kindof girl she would grew up to be now if it's the other way round. All he have in mind is nothing else but the dollar sign.......money, money & more money. Ironically, I still have to beg him for Marsya's alimony every freakin' month just for a mere RM200 !! To get that RM200 every month from him is like begging for a bowl of gold !!

So, dont talk about what's right & wrong to me if you cant even perform the basics. Look at yourself in the mirror before trying to correct other people. How about remembering that while you literally point one finger to somebody, the other three fingers are pointing to yourself !

Happy 52nd Independence Day !

The above is the official logo & motto for this year's Independence Day which is the 52nd anniversary. Congratulations to all Malaysians for this achievement !

So, what does "Merdeka" means to you? To most people (me, included), merdeka day is just another day, except that it's a public holiday for all. When I was a kid, on national day, I would make an effort to wake up early in order to catch the merdeka parade celebration on TV. As a kid then, watching people dressed up in those colourful attires plus the decorated vehicles can really excites me.

As I grew up, the meaning of merdeka had been a different dimension. I no longer celebrates merdeka on 31st August every year. Merdeka to me would be after I've finished sitting for those important exams during schooldays.......Ujian Penilaian Darjah 5, SRP and SPM. I remembered shouting "Merdeka" everytime I've finished sitting for the final paper of each exams.....especially SPM.

This continues till the university level. And the ultimate merdeka for me was that moment when I've finished the last paper of my final university exam. That was the most relieved feeling I've ever had in my entire life ! I've never felt that much of freedom and liberty than what I felt that very day - that shows how much I've hated studying......heheheh. Finishing that final exam means that I dont need to even look at those educational books anymore......no more tutorials.....no more assignments......no more lab reports......no nothing! Total ultimate freedom !!! I guessed that's exactly how those national warriors who fought for the independence felt the moment Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj shouted the word "merdeka" at the Merdeka Square (formerly known as Selangor Club field) 52 years ago.

Like me, I'm sure each and everyone of you have your own version of merdeka stories. Whatever it is, let's just savor those independence moments with gratitude & gratefulness to the Almighty. For now, every now and then when my boss is not around, that's when I'll be celebrating merdeka in the office.

Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !!!!

26 August 2009

Maggi For Buka Puasa

Huhuhu....that's a very sad fact. After 4 days of heavenly food, today this is what I had for my buka puasa. Maggi Sup + Meat Balls.......still, better than nothing kan ? Syukur alhamdulillah.

It rained like cats & dogs this evening, after work. It was too heavy, even my raincoat cant protect me from the rain. I'm not only wet but soaking wet ! So, I've to cancel my plan to buy food at the Bazaar Ramadhan near my place. Even if I'm not soaked, with that kindof rain, nobody would wanna open their stalls.

The rain stopped at approximately 6.30 pm. By that time, I was already too lazy to go out. So, that's how I end up with this menu. Anyway, like I've said to Ayu.....when you are eating on your own, no good food tasted nice anymore. Marsya's at her dad's which leaves me terkontang kanting on my own.......uwaaaaaa !!!!!!

Condolences To My Plants

Today I came back to KL after spending 4 wonderful days in Kuantan with my parents. It was such a happy moments for me & my precious Marsya. All we did is sleep.....and eat (after buka pose lah). I really had a good rest in Kuantan - the kindof rest that I've longed for the past few weeks.

So, today is the day where all those wonderful days had to stop since I'm supposed to be back to the office. The moment I stepped into my house compound, I was greeted by my dead plants! Nope, it's not a typo.....they are indeed dead......huhuhu.

Obviously my brother did not perform the task I've assigned to him before I left for Kuantan 4 days ago. It was such a sad moments for me to look at those dead plants of mine especially my beloved chilli plant which still have 2 green chillies & 1 red ones on it.

I was so angry at my brother......harapkan pagar, pagar tak boleh harap! He's so lucky he's my own flesh & blood. Otherwise.....ntah lah, tak tau nak cakap. So gerammmmm !!!!!

22 August 2009

Bubur Lambuk Pahang

Today is the first day of Ramadhan, the first day Muslims all around the world starts to fast. I am very lucky to be able to celebrate the coming of this special month with my parents in Kuantan. The fasting month this year has coincided with the 2nd terms school holidays which allows me to take a few days extra leaves.

For this very first day of puasa, I've decided to treat myself with a very special dish I've craved for at least a year or so. Not that I didnt know how to prepare it, neither do I not wanting to do it but then there's this one particular ingredient which is not really available here in KL.....huhuhu.

Bubur Lambuk Pahang is very much different from other bubur lambuk I've came across. For an east coastern, most of our food are fish-based. We love fish so much that we use fish in most of our dishes, like nasi goreng, karipap & pulut panggang to name a few.

Same goes with the Bubur Lambuk where the main ingredient is fish. That puts our Bubur Lambuk in it's own class - as unique as it can be. Another compulsory ingredient is the vegetable used in it. Here in Pahang, we called it "Pucuk Paku Merah" since the colour of the leaves in indeed red.

The Pucuk Paku Merah

This Pucuk Paku Merah is that particular ingredient which forbids me from preparing this dish in KL. I've seen once or twice this Pucuk Paku Merah being sold at Pasar Tani but it's something very, very rare. Unlike in my hometown it is so common, you can get it almost everywhere.

In the older days, we dont even have to buy these leaves. They can be found mostly in a moist & damp soil like small swamps which are largely spread around my parent's housing area. So, those days we just have to go by those swamps & pluck as many ferns as we want to. Well, those were the days........ Anyway, besides the Pucuk Paku Merah, there are a few other ulam used for this special porridge like daun kunyit, daun kesum & daun kaduk. All these ulams makes the aroma of the Bubur Lambuk so damn good !

So, to those who happens to be in Pahang or Kuantan specifically, do try our very own Bubur Lambuk which is one of the special local delicacies during the fasting month. Who knows you might love it as much as I do !

Ramadhan Is Here Again

It's amazing how fast time flies and now its already the first day of Ramadan! I would then like to wish all of my Muslim friends Selamat Berpuasa. Be strong and keep your faith always! I hope this Ramadhan would bring all the good things, more meaningful, blissful and blessed!

Speaking of Ramadhan, I've not been a very good girl when I was a kid. I started to fast just like other kids too which is at the age of 7. However being a devil, I only managed to complete my 30 days puasa at the of 13 - such an embarrassment huh! I've always ponteng my puasa - without my parent's knowledge of course !

I remembered very well how I actually drank the tap water in the bathroom while having bath after school. I also remembered breaking my fast with a few frens at school after the netball game practice. And how could I forget stealing the foods while preparing the table for breaking fast.......sigh !

Come to think of it, I am so grateful to be blessed with a very good daughter who could fast 30 straight days at the age of 6. I must have done something good that God blessed me with her. What more can I say but alhamdulillah. May she grew up into a better person than her mummy, at least. Aminnnnn !

21 August 2009

Thai Express

Went here for lunch with Ain & Ija today. This particular outlet is situated in Pavillion. I understand that there are other outlets available in KL such as in The Curve & Dataran Sunway. Frankly, I've never heard of this place before not until Ain suggested us to have lunch there, though she herself never tried the food there either.

Mango Salad

This restaurant by the way is located at level 4 of the Pavillion shopping mall. It was a cozy place, I would say. It doesnt look like any other Thailand restaurant where there are lots of Thai's deco being used. This particular ones is very modern & contemporary looking. The combination of the red & orange colours for the interior design really brightened up the place. It gives a fun & lively atmosphere to the patrons.

Soft Shelled Crab w/Spicy Curry Sauce

As for the food, they were quite good. It's the authentic Thai food & I'm quite sure they've imported their Chef all the way from Thailand. And why did I say this? Because the waiters & waitresses were also from there.

Eggplant In Tom Yam Sauce

We ordered 4 dishes : Tom Kha Gha, Soft Shelled Crab w/Spicy Curry Sauce, Mango Salad & Eggplant in Tom Yam Sauce. Of all these 4 dishes, I would say the Eggplant was the best. The other 3 were as good too especially the Mango Salad. Tom Kha Gha is a tom yam soup but it's with a coconut milk which is not as popular as other Tom Yam here in Malaysia.

Tom Kha Gha

I've only got one thing to complaint : the plate that they used for the rice is a bit too small. You cant really eat the rice comfortably or at ease, as you need to be careful not to spill your food on the table due to the small size of the plate.

Another no-no here is this one particular drink called Chiang Mai Mango. I really dont know how different can a Chiang Mai mango be coz this drink doesnt taste like any other mango drink I've tasted before. It tasted more like a milk than a fruit juice. Poor Ain as she's the one who ordered this. The best thing is, when Ain told the waitress about the funny taste of this drink, she just admit it. Yeah, it's tasted funny & not nice, she said ! Can you imagine that ?? It's either she's too blur or she just dont understand English that well !!

19 August 2009

My New DVD Player

This is my new Pioneer DVD player which is DiVX compatible and comes with a USB connection port. It's a DVD player where you dont need a DVD anymore to watch a movie. All you need is to download a movie from the net, save it in a thumb drive, plug it in to the player & enjoy the movie. It's that simple !

I've been scouting for this kindof player over the weekend. Been thinking about getting it for quite some time already......it's just that I didnt have the time to do the surveys. Over the last weekend, I've gone to several shops in a quest for the best ones. And that's how I've came across this model.

It has all the functions I need - DiVX compatible & the USB connection port. Apart from that, it has the Video Adjust function which allows versatile image control for customized picture quality where the sharpness, brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, and chrome level can be adjusted. It can also record songs from CDs to USB drives. The data is stored in MP3 format with the choice to choose the bit rate from 128/192/320 kbps.

For all these cool features, it only cost me RM199!

18 August 2009

Eclipse - The Movie

Just found out that they have started doing the sequel for the Twilight Saga, New Moon. As I'm writing this entry, the shooting of the film has already started. If New Moon was filmed in Italy, Eclipse's is done in Vancouver, Canada.

The excitement of waiting for the New Moon hasnt really settled down, now I've to handle another one....sigh. But frankly, of all 4 series, Eclipse is the least favourable ones. I remembered skipping lots of pages especially those stories about the werewolves.....they are just too bored to read ! Nothing much being told about Bella & Edward. Most of the time it's about Bella's confusion in determining whom she actually loved - Edward or Jacob. Urgggghhhh.....as if it is so difficult !!!

There's nothing similar about them both except for their immortality. They are not even equally good as Edward is much, much better than Jacob in terms of strength, character and most importantly, looks. I would definitely fall for Edward without a slight doubt !

Anyway, I would still watched it when it's released, tentatively by 30th June 2010. I sure hope it's worth waiting for.

16 August 2009

I'm Sorry Dear Frens....

Facebook has becoming a very popular social networking to reconnect with frens around the globe. It's the same platform where I was re-united with my old classmates all the way from primary school up till the university. One contact leads to another & for all you know, you already have the whole class in your friends list. That's how small the world has become nowadays. Amazing huh?

Anyway, no matter how good a thing can be, there's still a downside to it. The same applies to Facebook. Facebook is indeed a very good tool to communicate with frens regardless of where you are. Yes, it's our own wall & we could write practically anything we want to. But then, just bear in mind that sometimes one man's meat can be another man's poison. What seems to be our joy might be somebody else's sorrow. By the way, this entry got nothing to do with it. It's just that FB seems to initiate the whole incident that I'm about to narrate.

I guess some things are better left unknown. Today, I was struck by somewhat I would say, reality. Yeah, as the saying goes....reality bites. I find out in FB earlier that a good fren of mine was down in KL & met up with my other frens just a few km away from my house & none of them thought of letting me know about it. I dont really know what I felt actually....sad, left behind, upset are mixed up altogether. I called her up & cried. I cried and cried.....like a girl who just lost her mum. I dunno why I'm so emotional but my tears seems to be unstoppable.

To Atie, K.Mimi & Jamie.....dont feel guilty. It was not you girls' fault.....it was mine. When one finger is pointing at you, the other four are pointing at my own face. Seriously, it was my fault from the very beginning. I've been shying away from you girls all these whiles especially during those difficult time of mine. Not that I intended to but.... let's just call it inferiority complex. I cant even face my own self then....what else to confront you girls. So, gals it's really okay for disregarding me actually.......that's how it used to be. I've never really joined you gals' before......so, what gives me the luxury this time to suddenly be included, right?

I hope none of you are offended with my comments in the 2nd paragraph above. Those are not meant for you gals. The thought of it came into my mind while writing this entry. Been thinking to write about it for quite some time but didnt get the opportunity to relate it to my other entries before. So, no offend ok ? Peace.....

Anyway to my dear frens, from the very bottom of my heart, I am really, really sorry. Please dont feel guilty as I'm the one who should be taking the guilt trip. I'm sorry if I've made any of one of you felt bad today....didnt mean to...sumpah...walllah !!!! Let's start all over again..... pleaseeeeeee........

13 August 2009

My **** Is An Idiot

I was really fuming today. For a moment I felt like a dragon where fire comes out through my nose. Can you imagine my boss could pass me an assignment @ 4.30 pm & expect me to get it done by end of the day ! The best part is that he's been sitting on it for the past 7 days! OMG......he's such a stupid moron !!

Where the f##k is his brain? What happen to this thing called "common sense"? Obviously he didnt have any ! One thing about this guy is that he's so good in sitting on enquiries and he can called himself a MANAGER. He would receive an enquiry & keep it in his inbox for days & on the very final minutes of the submission day, he'll calmly called one of us & expect us to do miracles.

Where on earth did he put his brain?
I am supposed to replace my colleague who's currently on her maternity leave. Her scope of work is somewhat different from mine though some part of it are similar. To take over her job I obviously need a couple of days to get myself familiar.....not just 1 - 2 hours ! I dont even know where to start, for crying out loud !!

So, what I did is that I told him straight to his face that I couldnt do it - I cant get it done by today. It's Thursday today & I cant stay back as I need to send Marsya to her piano class. So, good luck to him !

Happy Birthday !

Goodbye to what might have been
Only the memories linger on
And as emptiness sets slowly in
My heart tells me you're gone

More than a friend to me
You were a special friend
But it was not meant to be
Our journey found its end

Goodbye to dreams we shared
To the time we spent together
Our souls were passionately bared
As love was pledged forever

Goodbye is all that's left to say
May you find a love that's true
Although today the sky is gray
One day it will be blue

09 August 2009

CT's Birthday Dinner

We went to TGIF @ IOI Mall to celebrate CT's birthday today. Her birthday was on Friday but we only got to celebrate it today since it's her off day. I don't actually plan to celebrate it here but we were there at IOI Mall & it seems that TGIF is the most decent place there.

I cant remember the last time I've been to TGIF but what I can remember is that their portion of food is huge. One dish can be comfortably shared by 2 persons. Dunno what's wrong with me....... it's either the dimmed lighting that I couldnt see the menu clearly or the strong BO from the Nigerian waiter which makes me lost my focus.

CT's birthday present

These were ordered that night : Adobo Chicken, Boneless Buffalo Wings and Fish & Chips. Out of these 3 dishes, only the Fish & Chips are okay. The other two are a failure especially the Adobo Chicken. It is covered by this green herbs kindof sauce which tasted very, very funny. The thing is, the picture of this chicken in the menu doesnt show those horrible green sauces. So, what we did is to wipe out those sauces away & just eat the chicken.

Anyway, their complimentary birthday cake was good - it was a very delicious ice-cream cake. Too bad it's only a slice of it......nama pun free kan? It is a tradition in TGIF to present the cake to the birthday person while singing him/her a birthday song plus doing some practical jokes on them. CT being a very shy girl was really embarrassed - her face turns red ! Poor girl !

08 August 2009

My Chilli Plant

Agak-agak leh dapat anugerah petani berjaya tak? Hehehehe......this is my chilli plant which I grew at the balcony of my kitchen. It surely makes me proud of myself. This is one of the thing you'll be rewarded with for doing good deeds to mother earth.

I love gardening....if only I have enuff land or soil to work with. In my case, since I'm staying in an apartment I'll just have to make do with the potted plants. Frankly, I dont think I'm really good in gardening since most of my plants either died or stop growing......hehehehe.
Maybe it's my hands - they are only good in the kitchen.

Anyway, that didnt stop me from continuing my effort to create a better environment at my apartment. Providing more oxygen to my neighborhoods. Go green.....love the earth !!

Sunset @ Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir

It is so peaceful at sunset,
They show all dreams to be met
In it, memories are also held
There in your heart, your fears are quelled

It reminds you of all those times you flew high
And with those memories of soaring above,
You have the hope and strength to find new love

Because at that sunset you find peace
There, is where your fears all cease
For dreams you find your strength to fly
There, in that sunset sky.

Secret Recipe

The initial plan is to have lunch at our new favourite restaurant, Restoran Ayahanda. However, when we reached there it was already 2.30 pm and most of the dishes have already finished. We're a bit disappointed especially Marsya but then what can we do since it's our own mistake for being late.

This is how pleasant we looked before the food came

Marsya then suggested Secret Recipe as an alternative. So, we headed straight to the one in Pandan Indah. Frankly, I've never tried out their food except for the cakes. But I've heard some good reviews / comments on their other menus.

Our lunch turned out to be a complete disaster. The food there in Secret Recipe sucks big time! For the price I've to pay, it's really not worth it. Frankly, I would say that the food at the pasar malam are much better.

What we've ordered are Spaghetti Bolognaise, Curry Laksa and Mutton Black Pepper Pie. The spaghetti is so damn dry and when I asked for an extra sauce, they said it's a pre-packed thingy, so no extra sauce is available. What they did is that they just unpack the sauce & reheat it in the microwave oven. Crappy......really crappy.

The Curry Laksa is as bad. Dunno whether it's a curry or masak lemak kuning. There's no specific taste to it......it is just so bland. The pie is the worst. The filling tasted like it is already spoiled. I have to take it out from my mouth after biting it......yeah, it is that bad !

I dunno whether it only applies to the P.Indah branch since I've never tried their food elsewhere. But one thing for sure is that I wont be spending a single cent anymore at this premise with an exception to their cakes only. I really think they should just stick to the cake business & forget about diversifying !