26 July 2008

Message From Beserah Beach

Abang was outstation this weekend. Received the above MMS from him this evening.......so romantic. Felt like crying the moment I saw it. Never before I receive something even close to this. I must have done something good in my life that makes God rewarded me with somebody so special & loving like Abang. I only saw this kindof things from the movies or read it in the storybooks......never thought it would be true. Not only it's true but it's actually happening to me! Thank you so much Abang....for your undevoted love. Thank you.......love you with all my heart, undoubtly.

In Memories of Mak Yong

At 5.16 am today, I received a call from my best buddy, Atie informing me that Mak Yong passed away earlier this morning. I was stunned for a while - dunno how I felt the moment I heard the news. Mak Yong had been suffering from breast cancer for the past 3 years or so. She suffered so much & I guess she's now resting in peace.....finally.

Aku tak pernah anggap Mak Yong tu as my frens' mother. She's my mother - in her own special way. She's the kindest woman with the warmest heart I've ever known. And I'm very sure I would never find anybody close to her anymore in this world. I cant find a single bad thing that about her - she's an angel. Smile is always there on her face regardless how bad things can get into her. That's her greatest strength that I think is difficult to find in anybody else that I knew.

Her trademark is being topless at home.....yeah, flashing her big boobs around. That's my Mak Yong! It's difficult to see her with her tops on whenever she's @ home. Even if she didnt flash her boobs, she would've just berkemban. I still remember that day, when Marsya is still a baby & she suddenly cried histerically @ Mak Yong's house. Mak Yong got really panic & she ran off to her neighbour's house to seek help. The funny thing is she just ran with only the batik sarong on her but with a serkup over her head. Hahaha....we cant stop laughing seeing her like that.

Another thing with Mak Yong is her difficulties in remembering people's name. She would created her own version of names to the people she cant recall their names. Like Ridzwan, till now she still called him Saiful & for Juny, she's Kenanga instead. Sometimes we just couldnt figure out what or who is she referring to. Anyway, we do liked to make fun of her on this.

Well, we had lots & lots of fun with Mak Yong all these years. We've always made her house as our lepak centre - starting from our schooling days even until most of us are already married. We would lepak at her house after work & stayed there till midnight. Mak Yong was a really kind hearted woman. She treated everybody as her own family. Full with respects & kindness.

To a wonderful woman who touched many lives. Mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, wife & friend. Suffered many emotional times, but remained a strong woman through it all. Taught many to respect humankind & was a wonderful person to animals. She loved her animals like they were people; always taking care of her animals & her family. You are always missed and never forgotten. Things would never be the same without you. We love you Mak Yong. Thank you for everything. Al-Fatihah.....

25 July 2008

Got My Nose Pierced......Finally !

Since Abang is gonna be in Kuantan this weekend, I've decided to take an MC today & go to Kuantan too. Cant bear to be so far away from him - gonna missed him so much, that I'm sure. So, took off from KL at approximately 11.00 am, stopped by at Temerloh R&R & by 2.30 pm, we reached Kuantan safely. It's really good to be back home !

I didnt go back to mum's house right away. Instead ,I went straight to the town - heading to the East Coast Mall which I didnt get to go during my last trip back to Kuantan. While wondering in the mall, I saw this kiosk which offers the piercing service for RM 5. Been wanting to pierce my nose for so long but I'm too afraid to do it. So just now, with Mar & Marsya's support, I managed to gather all my courage to actually sit & let the girl pierce my nose. To my suprise, it is not painful at all......seriously, not at all. Rasa rugi sangat coz been holding it back for so long. Anyway, I'm glad i finally did it. I'm so very excited about it - love it so much ! Cant wait to show it to Abang !

23 July 2008

Scrapbooking Madness

For the past 2-3 weeks, I've been really crazy over this digital scrapbooking. I've always been interested in scrapbooking all these whiles. Printed some materials for my scrabook already which are now neatly kept under my bed for the past 1 year or so. Not that I'm hangat2 taik ayam....but there are already so many projects been lining up for me. I have my cooking projects , which is the major ones, my beads & sequins sewing project, my garden project, to name a few. These are among those projects that have been waiting for me to execute them. Not forgetting my IT projects - maintaining & updating my blogs --> Personal Blog, Travel Blog, Photobucket etc..etc.....

So, that day, by chance I bumped into this website for Digital Scrapbooking. I still remembered how thrilled I am after discovering that website. Making a scrapbook digitally is indeed much easier & fun too. So, that's it lah....that very day, it is scrapbooking all the way. Luckily I'm not busy that day. So, I could happily browsing & learning this digital scrapbooking thingy.As expected, all of my days after that have been filled with scrapbooking activities. I have a lot of photos to be used for my scrapbook project. I've created a few & been quite impressed with them....perasannya !! It is a very satisfactory feeling to look at those scrapbooks once you've finished them.

My madness on scrapbooking doesnt ends here. I got so overwhelmed with it & bought myself the Adobe Photoshope Element software - pirated ones la! This is one of the software that can be used to create a digital scrapbook. So, bought it for RM15 @ Pandan Capital while waiting for Marsya's piano class. To my disappointment, I cant install that bloody software into my home laptop - it says something like not enuff memory. That's the thing with this kindof graphic softwares - it eat up your memory ! I cant use my office laptop to download this software - it would drag my other programs big time. So, what should I do now ? Should I buy myself a new laptop / PC then? Should I??? I dont know why but my heart tells me that I should do that. Well, why not? I've always love doing this art /graphis things & I do have the money to spend for the PC. Hhmmmm.......I guess I better give it a deep thought before making any hasty decision. We're not talking about 100 or 200 bucks here.....on top of that, I still need to buy a digital camera too. Damn !!! This is hard ! It's damn hard!

20 July 2008

Intan The Camera Crasher

Went to visit the "Malaysian International Landscape & Garden Festivel 2008" a.k.a Laman 2008. Been to the same festival before about 4 years ago with mak & abah - on the day I was married to Ajak......dun feel like commenting anything on that though.

There are lots of visitors considering it's Sunday . We are so lucky to get a spot at the parking lot - so damn lucky !!! LAMAN2008 showcases every aspect of the Malaysian and international landscape and horticulture industry; from commercial agricultural products to garden exhibitions and landscape products. It's quite a walk there at the park & we tried to cover the area as much as possible. Spent almost 4 hours there walking - penat giler !

There's this one funny incident I would like to jot down here. Marsya saw the signboard of the Mousedeer & Deer Park & was asking me to take her there. So, we walked & walked trying to look for the place. After been walking for quite a while, we got tired & decided to take the the park's buggy to get us there. So, there we are, endlessly waiting for the buggy. All of a sudden, Marsya screamed, "Mummy...there's the park!!" while pointing at the front. We are so tired we dont even notice that the Deer Park is right infront of us !!

After vising Laman, I've decided to stop by at the National Monument which is situated adjacently to the Lake Garden. Heard about it.....seen lots of pictures of it...but never ever seen it in person. So after 30 years, here I am standing in front of the Tugu Negara.....finally. However, my joy didnt last that long.....my camera suddenly jammed. I dont know what happen but, all of a sudden, it's just cant function anymore. I'm totally screwed as I havent shot a single picture yet at the Tugu Negara. Crappy....really crappy! There must be something wrong with me & digicam coz this is the 3rd digital camera that that I broke !!! Screw me !!!

19 July 2008

Great Weekend Doesnt Comes Often

It has been a great day for me & Marsya today.......not forgetting our maid, Mar. This is the first outing ever with Abang - considering that he's always unavailable :( My original plan is a bit way too ambitious as I thought of going to Cameron Highlands. But the idea actually originated from Abang too - who asked him to open his big fat mouth & mention the place to me.....only 2 hrs drive la...nice place la....the tea @ the plantation is nice la..bla..bla..bla.... Obviously I would be very interested kan ? So, technically it's not my fault - not that I am too ambitious but rather easily influenced :) Anyway, bottom line we still got to spend the day with Abang & for that, I am so grateful to God, alhamdulillah.

I have two options for our outing today : either the Look-Out Tower or Lake Garden (Laman 2008). Since the Look-Out Tower is quite near to our place, I have decided to go to visit the Lake Garden instead. However, we changed the plan last minute since Marsya is suddenly becomes so interested to visit the tower. So, the tower it will be then!

We spent about 30 minutes here at the tower - snapping photos of each other & not forgetting the bird's eye view of the city. Marsya, however still an "Acrophobiac" i.e. fear of height. Pitied her so much...I hope she'll get over it someday, insyallah. Otherwise she's gonna miss a lot of interesting experience or things in life. The Look-Out Point Resturant they have here caught my eyes since I really admire the way they decorate the place - it's interior design. Makes me start dreaming & fantasizing about the cafe I've always wanted to open someday........

Our next destination after the tower is the Eye of Malaysia. Luckily the government decided to keep it for another year. Otherwise, tak merasalah aku ! We waited till it's quite dark before taking the ride. Luckily the queue is not that long & we only have to wait for about 5 mins. Again, Marsya had difficulties being so high up. She was terrified she cant even move. Too afraid to enjoy the ride. Poor girl.....

The last destination for the day is dinner at Tupai-Tupai Restaurant. Heard so much about the place - finally I'm there. Nice place, environment & quite cozy - hidden in the midst of the KL hectics. We had steamboat buffet - RM28/adult & RM15/child. The variety is extensive - worth the money. This is much better that Seafood Terminal - in terms of price & environment. While having dinner, Abang peeled off the prawns for me.....to some people this is considered very normal but definately not for me. Nobody ever did that to me, seriously......very sad indeed. Felt so emotional when Abang did that - makes me feel very appreciated & loved. Sometimes you dont really need something big or great to show your affections towards your partner. These little things do counts......it does! Thanks Abang, for making me feel really special tonite.

By the time we reach home, it's already close to 11 pm. Gosh....such a tiring day for all of us....tiring but happy though. Abang, if you're reading this, i would like to express my gratitude for your willingness to spend some time with me & Marsya especially. I am very sure she's as grateful & appreciative. Thank you so much dear. Love you sayang.......

12 July 2008

More Books For Me !

Dun know what have got into me but I am suddenly addicted to storybooks. Suddenly-muddenly, I realize that reading is fun. Cant believe that sentence actually came out from my mouth. I dont even read newspapers, for the record. The only thing I ever enjoy reading is recipe books.....hehehehe.... But now I've became more intellectual.....ok..ok...not "became" but rather feeling intellectual. Cool huh..... :P

Anyway, bought another 3 new book over the weekend :

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan : This is the sequel to Confession of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. Havent started reading it yet but I'm sure it's as good as the first one.

Message In A Bottle : Found out about this book from the net. This novel got the 2nd placing in the Top 20 Love Novels posted in this one website. Finish reading half of the story by the way but got a little bit disappointed. Maybe bcoz my expectation is a little bit more.....c'mon, the 2nd one out of 20 mah! Obviously i am expected some great & incredible love story here. What I've got so far is the normal love story....very cliche - a beautiful girl ending up with a handsome guy. It's so boring......doesnt have that special element I'm looking for.....something different from the normal love story. There's no twist to the story....so far, it's been quite predictable. Anyway, I havent finish reading it yet. So, technically I dun have the right to comment...yet. I hope they would save the best for last....i really hope so. Anyway, just find out that they've made a film out of this novel. Kevin Costner & Hayden Panettierre acted in it. No wonder the title sounds quite familiar. Ok then, I'll just have to finish reading it & I hope it's worth it. I intent to get it done with by the end of the week coz I have another 2 books to go !

The Notebook : Find out about this book from the same website as the other Nicholas Spark's novel but this one is at no. 5. Havent started reading it yet though but i hope I'll enjoy reading it. from the review I've read, most of them says good things about this novel - "a great love story" so as they said. They've also made a movie out of this novel too. I need all these positive inputs to motivate me to read Nicholas Spark's novel as the 1st one failed me already.....so far. So, good luck to me then !

11 July 2008


Went to watch this movie with Abang just now - the 10.00 pm show. I like Will Smith actually (such a sweet guy, isnt he? ) & that's one of the reason I've decided to watch it. Luckily the crowde is not that bad & we dun have to wait long to get into the cinema.

Seen the movie trailer in the TV for the past one week. All I know, it's about this guy who have the super power - just like other superheroes who can fly, can stop the speeding train, whose body cant be harmed by a bullet...bla...bla..bla..... Well, in this movie, Hancock is an alcoholic superheroe who brings more damage than good to the people of LA. Obviously, one cant expect an alcoholic to straighten up things, right. The first half of the movie tells a story about this Hancock guy & his abilities plus his in-ability to satisfy people.

The remainder of the movie doesnt thrills me that much. In fact, I'm kindof frustated seeing such a good actor like Will Smith end up acting in such a crappy movie. It didnt meet the expectation I had in me before watching it. Anyway, somebody finds it humorous - Abang la, who else. The part where Hancock stucked in a head into somebody's ass really tickeled him. He was laughing and laughing....non-stoppingly. That goes on for at least 1 minute or two :) He really had a hell of fun watching it.

Nevertheless, the movie is ok lah - for the sake of stress relieve. I did laugh watching it which indicates that it's not that bad of a movie - at least better that some crappy malay movies out there. Out of 10, I'll give 6 stars for it.

p/s Will Smith looks super delicious in this superheroe outfit - yummy !

08 July 2008

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

When Ain first told me about this novel, it was a few months back. Been wanting to read the book ever since but got held back by lots of things - biasalah...me always being bz kan....dun really have the time for these kindof stuffs. But sincerely, I do admire people who reads storybooks. Well, not only storybooks lah....generally, people who reads. These group people have always amazed me.....nampak mcm bijak pandai sangat...waiting at the bus / lrt station with a book in their hand....impressive!
Never really fancied reading. Did try it before but I just cudnt stick to it. When was the last time I ever read a novel? Let me see.......it's been ages. If i'm not mistaken, "Doomsday Conspiracy (Sydney Sheldon)" was the last novel i've ever touched. That was way back in 1997/8.....lama tu ! I used to like these kindof stories - mysterious murders, mafias, investigations. It'll make my brains work, but then it'll get tired la & u dun feel like doing it anymore. I guess that's exactly what happened to me. Otherwise, i'm just plain lazy....hmmmm...that's more like it...i'm just plain lazy. Suits me quite well :P
Ok, back to my Sophie Kinsella's novel. Yes, she's the author. The bestselling British author. How I'd wish I cud write like her......(sigh). Anyway, bought this book @ RM25 in Kinokuniya KLCC. I was quite suprised when i first saw the price coz it's much more cheaper here. Been surveying this book for the past few weeks in several other bookshops, namely Popular & MPH, but they've been selling it at RM 10 more. Oklah....i dun really "survey".....it's just that I'm a bit reluctant to buy the book. Me & books doesnt really fit, rite? It's just not me ! That particular thought that I had in my head has been pulling me back from buying this book. Not really sure what happen to me tonite that makes me decided to go to KLCC & buy the god damn book. Anyway, I' was lucky I got it cheaper......thank you God!

Start reading the book once I got home. I'm glad I bought the book. It's a very nice book actually. It's fun & hilariuous. I was laughing & giggling all the way . Really got hooked up with the book thru out the weekend. Cant wait to finish it . I really had fun reading it - cant believe I'm actually saying this. Me? Had fun reading?? Hahaha.......I guess people do change & I'm glad I've changed to the better.

Mari Berbalas Pantun

Hilang sepi di raut wajah
Usah terlerai nilainya budi
Setia janji takkan berubah
Kasih tersemai tetap abadi

Wajah mu tuan manis berseri
Hingga terbawa ke dalam lena
Kasih sayang ku tiada terperi
Jikalau boleh mati bersama

Tanam melati di ruma-ruma
Ubur-ubur sampingan dua
Kalau mati kita bersama
Satu kubur kita berdua

Andainya kita tak bisa bersatu
Sebelum nyawa meninggalkan jasad
Akan ku pohon pada yang satu
Agar ditemukan jua di hari Akhirat

07 July 2008


Went to Putrajaya this morning to settle my Wira's issue. Abang is kind enuff to accompany me there....thanx darling. I've never been to this part of the city yet actually. Heard a lot about the place though.....it's just that I dont have any reasons to be there before. All I can say is that the place is really impressive - beautiful landscape and buildings, stunning architectural masterpieces. Not only the government buildings are nice, the residential houses are too. If you were blindfolded all the way to Putrajaya, when you open up your eyes, you wouldnt know you are actually in Malaysia. It's just a very different environment there.

Anyway, the moment we get to Putrajaya, Abang just couldnt stop bitchin & whining about the place. He keeps on commenting on how much money the government has wasted to build this place. Well, what he said is quite true actually. I just found out that the Government has spent approximately RMK 11 Billion for this Putrajaya project. This is an enormous amount of money which could have been spent on something more important than this. I am very sure a lot of people out there have the same opinion.

05 July 2008

Look What's Cookin.....

Minggu ni memang minggu membuat kuih. I'm just having the mood to cook this week. I love to cook & everything about cooking. Reading cook books is also a pleasure for me coz while reading it I can actually visualize myself doing it. By the way, to those who dont really likes to cook, you guys might wanna try it someday. Cooking to me, is a stress-reliever. If I had a stressful day, cooking will definately help me out. It makes me feel so relax & relieved especially if what I'm cooking turns out to be good. And for that same reason, I have dedicated this weekend to sharpen my cooking skill. The next question would be : What shud I cook??

Since for the past few weeks I have this craving for carrot cake, I'm gonna bake a Carrot Cake. I have collected a few carrot cake recipes during my recipe hunting about a month ago. After analyzing those recipes, I've decided to try out this one recipe which I got from the Cari Forum which is my favourite cooking website. Too bad I just cant remember the owner of the recipe. This is a very simple recipe ==> the ingredients are simple & so is the method. Very straight forward & most important of all, no mixer is required. hate it when u have to use a mixer : very the leceh one !

The cake turns out to be great! The best carrot cake I've ever baked. The texture is so moist & soft and the taste...wallahhh!!!! Lovely ! Everybody loves it which makes me even happier. It is such a great feeling when other people appreciate your cooking. It'll definately washed away all your tiredness & exhaustion - just like that! Itu kalau menjadi lah, otherwise for all you know, the cake would already be in the bin ! That's the ugly side of me.

The cake was on Saturday. On the next day, since my cooking mood is still on, I've decided to make a Beef Currypuff. Lately, i'm getting quite good in making currypuffs, i mean the pastry. I've mastered the right technique & ingredients to a soft & crispy currypuffs.....yeehaaaa!!! So, here are my crispy currypuffs. However, there is a setback to this currypuffs actually. I've forgotten to put salt in the pastry. I only noticed it after 3/4 of the dough are done. Felt so frustated - letih akak ! Nasib baik la inti dia masin sikit.....so bolehlah cover pastry yang tawar tu. This is the 2nd time it happen in my currypuff-making history. I hope this would be the last time lah......

04 July 2008

Make Love Not War

Looks like Lin is pissed today. Well, she have the every right to feel that way. Padan muka aku ngan Carol ! We took Lawrence out for lunch yesterday without even asking her. Tucker tu biasalah....even if he offer himself, we wud still not take him. Anyway, back to Lin's story tadi. We ( me & Carol) went to Saisaki semalam - loves their raw salmon..so yummy!! Again...I'm deviating from the subject.

It's not that we dont wanna ask her to join but apparently this girl is a bit fussy when it comes to food. At first we thought of going to Ciao but then hujan la pulak. So, we dun really have a choice but to go Saisaki instead. We're not sure whether Lin wud wanna go to Ciao ke tidak - sebab tu la tak ajak dia. Anyway, no point crying over spilled milk, kan. What's done is done. Just hope things are not that bad & damaging.

Got a new enquiry today - nasib baik 10 valves jer. This is for GSP4 projevct in Thailand. Speaking of Thailand, dah lama tak pergi Bangkok, kan. Missed that place - Chatuchak specifically. Just have to wait till I hit one big job in Thailand. Got one already which is that Bi-Phenol but then, NIMCO pulak yang quote. It's ok....I'm sure that day will come someday. Better start doing my GSP4....ciao !!

BTW, before I forgot....my cheque is not cleared yet - up to now. Sakitnya hatiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!

01 July 2008

CIMB Sucks !!!

Well, do I need to say more??? The first thing I did as soon as I got connected to the internet is to login to CIMB Clicks. As expected, my cheque is still pending. I was so stressed out ! Gila-gila punya stressful! It's not the money actually - It is so frustating coz there's nothing I cud actually do to get even with CIMB. This is really bad. I bank-in the cheque last Wednesday, 25th. Rightly, it wud hv been cleared by Friday. Luckily I feel like checking my accounts on Monday. Otherwise, i wudnt hv found out about this & by next day, i wud hv 2 bounced cheque for my housing & Bank Rakyat loans.

I was so pissed off at the bank yesterday. I cant remember when was the last time I was that mad! First, i called the Customer Service Centre. To my expectation, nothing much can be resolved there. Already pissed, I went to the bank hoping that they could do sumthing to help me. Again, I was wrong. All they did is took the same details from me & that's about it. Nothing much they can do as the're facing some problems with the Cheque Clearing Centre. They cant even give me a tentative date as to when my cheque can be cleared. For God's sake !!! I was consollilng myself very hard at that moment not to lose my temper. Breath in.....breath out.......relax.

Fine.....they cant do anything about it. That means I hv to hv some money in my account for all the standing instructions i've made before. So, I fill in the ASB withdrawal form & wait for my no. to be called. I was quite calm already at that time......but after been waiting for almost 40 mins., there goes my patience! Feeling rather disgusted, I approach the counter & asked where the hell are the ASB tellers. I've been told that they are out for lunch. That's it ! That triggers it all ! Kadeboommm!!!!! I exploded !

"Dun tell me you only have 1 personnel for ASM transactions???" I yelled. "Ohh...the other staff is on leave" the officer explains. "Knowing that, you juz cant tell the customer & make me wait like a fool! I' wont be here if it's not becoz of the bank's mistake & yet I've to waste my time here waiting for ur staff finish eating? I already had a very bad today & you better do something coz i really dun wanna create a situation here!" I was trembling with anger - trying not burst out my tears which are already at the edge of my eyes. Then, the officer hurriedly took my form & asked one of the teller there to process it. That was one hell of an experience for me ! Wished I dun hv to go thru it anymore.