30 December 2017

What's Happening In 2017?

Just like other years before this, 2017 passed through as swiftly. A lot of things, good and bad takes place in my life in 2017. I wish I would have jotted down every bit of it here but unfortunately I juz couldnt find the time to do it. So, I juz hope that all those memories would stay inside my head for as long as they would - if not all at least some of the good ones, perhaps.

When you've just moved to a new year, you tend to rewind all the things that has been happening for the past one year and I dont know about you guys, but for me only the good memories seems to surface. Well that's me. When you have too many bad memories in your life, you dont have a choice but to just block those unpleasant ones from entering your mind and spoiled the not-so-many good moments you had.

If people were to ask me whats the best thing that happen to me in 2017, it would be no other than my decision to walk away from my destructive relationship. I would like to say that I've wasted 3 years of my time but let's draw some positiveness from it. Some people come into our life as blessings and some as lessons. In his case, I would say both - blessings for all the good moments we had and lessons for the hard times he gave me hahahaha. Whatever it is I am glad it's all over, though I do miss him from time to time. 

The next best thing would be watching the SEA Games football semi-final match between Malaysia and Indonesia. It was a hell of an experience. Never in my life I felt so proud to be a Malaysian. The ambiance in the stadium that night is something I wont be able to forget. The cheering and singing from the supporters, the oohhhhs and the ahhhssss when we missed the goal or saved the ball and the best is of course the Ultras Malaya who was supporting the national team throughout the game with their energetic chanting and singing. They are superbly awesome ! They are like the heart of the stadium and the stadium was kept alive by their cheering.

Then it was the Mahsuri Adventure Ride convoy in September. There are a few things significant about this ride actually. Firstly, it was the first Vespa ride I joined after 3 years being dormant. Secondly, it was the first time I joined a convoy which started at 12.00 midnight - meaning no sleeping at all throughout the journey. And thirdly, met with an accident on my way back from Langkawi which ended up with a broken ankle and was on crutches for 2 months !

I almost forgotten one important event which took place this year - it was the Jornam re-union party. Jornam is the name of our gang way back in secondary school. We have been planning a meet-up since the last re-union 3 years ago but it's just too hard to find a date where everybody is available. Even for this time, Has was not able to join since she has to be in KB that week. It was an overnight event filled with good food and abundance of laughter and fun. We really had a good time catching up with each other while reminiscing our past memories.  

Though Marsya and me went to Bali early this year but I dont really treat it as "the best thing" since I dont really enjoyed it. In fact, it was so bad that it kills all of my travelling desires thereafter hahahaha. Dont misunderstood - Bali is not that bad. It's just me who has problems being in a car for long hours - other than that Bali is as beautiful as one can imagine !

So there you go ..... the highlights of events & happenings in 2017. Let's just remember the good ones and put aside the bad ones as a reminder that life is not always rainbows and butterflies. 

01 November 2017

Me & Blogging

Is blogging really dead? More or less I do think it's true. With the fast growing social media platforms who needs a blog anymore? Need to make an announcement or to share important infos? You have Facebook and Twitter. Within hours, half of the globe would have read it already. Wanna share what's going on with your life today? Just go live telecast via Instagram or Facebook or even Whatsapp. 

But as much as irrelevant a blog is these days, I still have that sentimental feelings towards it. Maybe because I was once an avid blogger.  I still remember how I was always looking forward to publish my post everyday. Always thinking what to write or bitch about. Carrying my camera (handphones doesnt comes with camera yet those days) everywhere I go fearing that I might not be able to capture important pictures to be shared among my readers. 

Blogging has indeed makes my life very interesting then. It gives me a reason to look forward to another day. It also gives me the opportunity to connect with people. I have touched a lot of people's life through my postings. People who thanked me for giving them inspiration. People who are thankful for the tips I shared. And people who are just enjoying themselves reading my silly ramblings.

Sadly, nothing stays forever. I dont know exactly what happen but I slowly drifted away from the blogsphere. I have made several attempts to be back but none succeeded. I will post one or two postings and that's about it. I just couldnt keep the momentum going. The drive is no longer there & the desire of writing completely died. Sigh. 

Nevertheless, I really love this blog of mine. Once in a while I will randomly read the postings and cant help but to admire my writings hahahaha. Due to lack of practice, I dont think I could write as good as before. I would end up being the most boring blogger if I were to start a blog now. Reading all my old postings would certainly leave a smile on my face - especially those ravaging men-bashing posts ! Boy, I had fun reading them !

As for now, I am just gonna continue reading my old posts. Once in a while when I feel like rambling my thoughts about something then I will do so. Till then, lets just keep it as it is. Red Scoot is indeed still on the move....just not as publicly as before.

29 October 2017

Keeping A Promise

A promise, as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is: "a declaration that one will do or refrain from doing something specified; or a legally binding declaration that gives the person to whom it is made a right to expect or to claim the performance or forbearance of a specified act."

Promise is a norm in anybody's live. We make promises every other day - to our parents, friends and even a promise to our own selves. There is nothing so immense about making promises.... it's keeping them that makes it huge. Anybody can make promises but it takes a real man to keep it !

A lot of us are quite casual at making promises which ends up promises being made with no real intention of keeping them. "Let's meet up," "I'll call you later," "I'll be there in 10 minutes"  are some examples of a throwaway promises we heard everyday but seldom they are kept. It looked small but this casual attitude can end up with real consequences.

Some people apply a rating scale to promises. Breaking a big promises is a definitely a no-no while the small ones are acceptable. A promise is a promise - they don't come in sizes. Brains do but not promises !

When promises are broken, no matter how small it may seem to you, the world wouldn't collapse but it can surely damage a relationship or your reputation. When somebody asked you to promise them something, there must be a reason why you were chosen in the first place. Think about it.....if you break the promise made to her, it will definitely makes her feel cheated and violated. She will be wondering whether she was wrong to ever trusted you coz you have clearly let her down, be it intentionally or unintentionally.

So please understand the important of keeping a promise. It is not "just a promise" but it heavily involves one's personal integrity and relationship with that someone we have made the promise to.

Don't respect someone for making a promise, respect them for keeping it.

06 July 2016

28 June 2016

Kuih Raya Charity Project

This is the 3rd year General Electric (GE) is conducting a kuih raya charity sale among the employee. And for the 3rd consecutive year, I was one of the volunteer. Since this year is not a bz year for us, me and Ija agreed to manage the kuih raya, from selecting the supplier up to distributing them off.

Being an artsy person that I am, I volunteered to design the posters - one for the sales of the cookies and the other one for the buka puasa event with the orphanage. 

So, this is the first poster

And this is the other one.......cantik kannnnnnn !

 After doing aggressive sales for a week (which includes forcing my fellow non-muslim office mates to buy the cookies ) we manage to sell jars of cookies with an overall sales of RM 9,032.00 .....yippie ! The net profit obtained was RM 1,496.00 which will be donated to the Rumah Nur Sakinah Orphanage.

Honestly, managing 300+ of orders ain't easy at all. Last minute of order change, people wanting to change cookies, additional order request, QC issues etc. Nevertheless, I am more than glad to be part of it. Apart from the experience, it makes me feel good that I have contributed something back.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Do good...and good will come to you. 

25 June 2016

Weekend Well Spent

Today is the most awaited day for the week and i m glad it is finally here. So what seems to be so exciting about today? Firstly, its the day I am gonna meet up with my darling princess at her school. And secondly, we will be enjoying out favourite dish for buka puasa later, which is the grilled lamb. Ooohhhh we so lurve lambs / mutton berry berry muchie. What we are gonna have later is actually called kibas but I'm not so sure what is it called in English. I've never had a kibas before but i am sure anything in the goat's family would please me well.

There is this thing called Interaction Day at Marsya's school today where parents could discuss about their child's education with their teacher based on the previous Mid Term Exam. Alhamdulillah, I had the least of a problem with Marsya when it comes to studying and schooling. The only thing that worries me sometimes is when she put too much pressure on herself.

Right after that we headed straight to Klana Resort Hotel where I've booked a room for tonite. Apparently, Marsya cant stay overnite n she has to be back to school before 9 pm. We are still grateful coz at least we've got to spend some quality time together, alhamdulillah.

So allow me to give a bit of a review on this hotel since this is the second time we are here. The rate that I got is RM 120 per nite (including sahur) through Booking.com, which is quite reasonable considering the facilities they are offering. Klana Resort Hotel is considered an old hotel - it's just old but not run down and dirty. The room has all the facilities that a 5 star could offer - aircond, shower, bath tub, television with Astro, iron, kettle, safe box and a hair dryer. Like i said, they have everything you ever need for.

Next I am gonna talk about their buka puasa. We came down after performing out maghrib. So, by then almost half of the food has been consumed. Luckily our grilled kibas was still there patiently waiting for us. I found that kibas meat is more tender than lamb, also a bit more juicier. As for their other foods, its just so-so lahhh....like those normal hotel food.

So, after we are done with our buka puasa, I sent Marsya back to her school which is just 10 minutes away. Then back to the hotel n dozed off.....sayonara !

24 June 2016

Warehouse Clearance Sale

I was browsing my FB timeline this morning when my eyes were suddenly locked at an ads which will excite any normal women on planet earth. Guess what? Bonita, Elianto, Tiamo, to name a few, are having their warehouse sale in Taman Shamelin, which happens to be only 3 km away from my place. How convenient !!! 

I looked at the clock and it showed 10.15 am. The sale starts at 10 am, which means I dont really have much time to spare. The thing with warehouse sale, if you go 3 hours after it starts, you might as well just abort the plan. Women are vultures when it comes to warehouse sale.....remember the Vincci sales late last year? Disastrous, I tell youuuuu !!!!

So, I managed to get there before 11.00 am which is not so bad. The place are already 3/4 occupied by hungry women looking for their prey, included yours truly. They have women's stuffs like make-ups, toiletries, food, shoes, clothes and handbags which are quite cheap, I would say.
I didnt shop that much tho - just 3 pairs of shoes @ RM 20 per pair. Not bad kan? Being a shoe lover, I simply cant resist them especially when they are selling at that price. Nice shoes, good price....I'd be stupid if I didnt buy them.

The sale is on till 3rd July 2016. Go check it out girls !

Time: 10am - 7pm
Venue: 28 Jalan 6/91 ,Taman Shamelin Perkasa ,Batu 3 ½, Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Click here for location map http://www.aivoria.com/website/support.php

Have fun shopping !!!

23 June 2016


No.....dont go !!! This is indeed the correct blog. It's just.....different. A bit slicker. A bit refined. Dont you just love this new look? I hate to admit but the old RSOTM looks a bit too girly and childish, dont you think so? Those flowers, blinkies, cartoons and animations are just a bit too much. We need to look professional in order to be treated like one and this new template definitely portrays that. Yesss !
Ok, stop ! Cut the crap !

The fact is that I love my old template so very much I feel like crying already. The flowers, the blinkies, the animations....those are the lifelines to my blog. They made the blog looked so cheerful and fun. Who cares about looking professional....they are just so boring. I love to see those colourful widgets that decorate my blog.....the animated marquee which welcomes my readers....those daisy buttons....uwaaaa i miss them already.

Here's what happen. Last night when I logged in to my blog, they looked so messed up which was entirely my mistake for deserting it. Images  went missing, widgets malfunctioning, labels gone haywire and a few more glitches here and there. So, today I thought of tidying things up in here, so that it wont looked that pathetic anymore, but little that I know this noble intention would end up in disaster.

Apparently, after a few years I have forgotten a lot of things about maintaining a blog. Things like HTML scripts, CSS and widgets were all so familiar, yet so alien to me. Nevertheless, I started deleting all unnecessary widgets without realizing that I have accidentally deleted the blog background.....yes that beautiful stripes background.  

If I had stopped and think for just 30 seconds, then I would still be looking at my chirpy, beautiful template. I've spent the whole day trying to resuscitate my old template but to no avail. What's done can no longer be undone, the milk has spilled and no points crying over it. Only thing I can do now is to just being positive about it.  At least I didnt lose the whole blog kan......

Same blog, same content......new look and of course, new hope.

My Come-Back Post

I was already on bed, tucked under my worn-out blankie getting ready to travel to the other world when all of a sudden i decided to open up my FB. I was sleepy n it was already past midnite and yet i have to flip open the Ipad cover....what else do you call this if its not jodoh rite ? LOL

You know Facebook will everyday send us notifications on memories we had on that particular day - stuffs we posted on our walls, be it the food we had, places we've been to or a mere pathetic attention-seeking status. In my case, it was my blog post sharing in 2010 which appeared in one of my memories today....

I know i have been neglecting my beloved ( i feel a pang of shame saying this, honestly) blog for a long, long time. While reading that particular post (which appeared to be quite a good one...ehemm ) all those love and passionate feelings suddenly swelled in me which makes me miss blogging so much.

I was once an avid blogger n i really loved blogging so very much. At that point of time it never occurred to me that i would someday stop from blogging considering how passionate i was. Kita hanya merancang kan.....I cant remember what actually happened but I would like to find an easy way out by putting the entire blame on FB....aci tak ? And speaking of this i salute my bff, Ain who still updates her blog ( http://classychattychic.blogspot.my/ ) regularly...hats off to you dear ! 

So, being an OCD ( i think i am gonna write about this someday ), i just cant wait not a minute longer. I really have to write something tonite. It may not be something important but i need to do it in order to fulfill that intense desire this very moment. 

I remembered downloading the blogger apps few years back as an attempt to blog again (which i failed miserably) but unfortunately that apps has no longer exist ....sigh. Since i am very much fired up with this blogging thingy at the mo, i end up buying the BlogPress apps for USD $2.99 (i hope its worth it). See how bersemangat i was ? I just hope the flame wont die as fast as i decided to buy the apps .....ameen...ameen. 

I think this is good enuff to be my come-back post after my long, long rest....ok lah kan for a start? Who would have guessed Red Scoot On The Move being updated tonite at 1.30 am? Neither do i.....hahahaha.

Itulah...kalau dah jodoh tak ke mana ye tak ?

p/s  Those grammatical errors....well, blame it on my English teacher who has migrated to Kiwi Land ( i hope she's reading this, else i need to tag her in FB ).

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03 March 2014

FMFA 2014 X Dr. Martens Boot-Away Competition


Dr. Martens Airwair Malaysia is having the 'Boot-Away' Instagram competition where contestants shall upload their creative photos on Instagram, adding caption that answers:  WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR IN FMFA 2014 ? Easy kan? And the best part is they are giving away 26 pairs of Dr. Martens !!!

When I discovered about this competition, it was just a day before the closing date, phew…. and I havewas so determined to win a pair of Dr. Marts. The next thing I should be doing is getting my picture taken and it has to be with Red Riant in it. Dr. Martens alone is cool but with a Vespa, it’s gonna be even cooler !

So that very evening after work, I’ve engaged my personal photographer, Marsya to help me captured the best pic of me with my Dr. Martens and Vespa…..fefeeling model gitu, chewahhh ! Though it’s not an easy job to get the best shot (considering the amateur photographer, although the model is somewhat professional  LOLS ), but we manage it through somehow.

So going through all the pics taken I have shortlisted 2 and using all the available apps in my Ipad, I started editing those pics to perfections. I was unsure as to which pics I should be using for the competition, so I decided to get some opinions from my colleague friends. 

I was about to upload the selected pic when I noticed the closing time which is 12 pm. I froze for a few seconds and my face turns pale. It was already 1.00 pm at that time, for God’s sake. I dunno what happen but I was positively sure that the closing time is 12 midnight. I mean, my eyes did see the time as 12 pm but when it gets to my brain, it got translated as 12 midnite…….uwaaaaaaa !!!!

There’s nobody else but me that gotta be blamed here. If only I’d be more observant or maybe, focused then I won’t be this disappointed and upset. I then checked out other photos uploaded for the competition hoping that those pics are far more better – at least it would makes me feel better, right.

Well looks like things get even worse – the pics uploaded are more or less are at the same par with mine with some even worse. I felt terrible then…there is a chance of me winning a pair of Dr. Marts if and only if……uwaaaaaaa.

Seeing me so stressed up like that, my friends then were asking me to go ahead and upload my pic even though it’s already due. Just upload and who  knows, they might like the pic and decided to extend the closing time. Miracles do happen sometimes……

So, that was exactly what I did – and this was the said pic.  :


P/S Just for the record, I didnt win thic competition...macam frust la jugak sebab perasan gambor ni macam happening sangat kan...anyway, I strongly believe that I didnt win coz I uploaded my pic after the competition has already closed. I might have won if it's otherwise #memangakuperasan