26 September 2008

Buka Puasa @ Dewan Perdana Felda

Dresser & Penaga, like the past years have jointly organizing a Buka Puasa treat for the staffs last night @ the Dewan Perdana Felda. If I'm not mistaken, this is the 3rd year the're having the same event at the same place. Since I've never been to the previous functions, this year I've make it a point to be there. Morever, I'm allowed to take Marsya along - better still. Marsya is the reason why I've never attended the previous Buka Puasa dinners - I dont think I could enjoy the food thinking of Marsya at home.

With the help of Alice's map, we (myself & Marsya) managed to find our way there. The Dewan Perdana is a big & huge place...quite nice I would say. The food however is just so-so. Nothing really great or to shout about. I would only give 6 stars out of 10. The deserts are also moderate - not that very good in fact. Well, at least I dont have to go again the next time - if there's any.

With Ija who relies on everybody else (Marsya included) to take the food for her.......that's the luxury of being pregnant !

15 September 2008

And The Baking Starts.......

Started my cookies baking project this weekend. Planning to bake 6 types of kuih raya this year - the least number as compared to the past years. Reason being, what else....the hike of the petrol price lar....hehehehe. I just dont feel like celebrating Raya this year. I dont even get a baju raya for me & Marsya. All I'm looking forward to this Raya is the Jornam's Reunion. Cant wait for that !

At the moment it's gonna be 6 types....my raya cookies I mean. But we never know.....like last year, I'm planning to make 5 but end up with 8 instead. That's the problem with me.....when I'm in the mood of baking / cooking, I just cant help it. All I can think of is baking....baking and baking. It'll surely gives me the ultimate satisfcation.......better than sex!

So, the last two days have been dedicated for my kuih raya project. Managed to bake 3 types of cookies i.e. Greenlace Cookies, Choc. Spotties and Orange Cookies. I've decided to try out new recipes this year. Got them from my favourite recipe site - the Cari Forum of course. out of these three, Greenlace is the best in terms of appearance & taste. Followed by the Choc. Spotties & Orange Cookies. Well, the Orange Cookies is just so-so....luckily for this particular ones, I stick to only 1 portion unlike the other two.

That's for this week. I'm already so excited for next week's batch. I'm now counting the days......

07 September 2008

Lampu Raya

The ceiling light at my dining has been out for the past 1 week. Out of the 3 bulbs, only one works. Well the light has been there for almost 5 years already. I guess it's about time to be replaced by a new one.

Been doing light-hunting ever since that thing went off. Went to a few light shops around Ampang & Pandan area....so-so lah. Nothing really caught my eyes. So, yesterday on my way back from Chow Kit (after buying my bakery supplies) I took the Jalan Pahang instead. I'm just trying my luck looking for any available light shop along the way.

Found this one shop called Bright Beam somewhere in Danau Kota area. Finally, got what I want - the ceiling light. It's very, very cheap as compared to other shops I've been to. It cost me only RM80.00. With the poer-saving bulbs, it's only RM143.00. Dirt cheap !

This morning, I started my light project. After for about an hour, I managed to install the light & lit it up. I am so proud of myself for being able to do it on my own - 100% . Men always need a women in their life but not vice versa. Not anymore & I've just proved it !

01 September 2008

1st Ramadhan Menu

It's the 1st Ramadhan today. Since Merdeka falls yesterday, so today is the public holiday. Rather than celebrating the holiday for merdeka I'm celebrating it as the first day of puasa. As I usually did for the past years, I've managed to complete my Ramadhan daily menu for this year - done & dusted! Oh yessss....I have a daily menu for this whole month of Ramadhan. started doing it about 3 years ago. I found it so practical & convenient. I no longer need to crack my head thinking of what to cook coz it's really painful. I'm sure a lot of women out there agree with me. With this menu, all I need to do is just refer to it & cook! That easy!

On top of that, I would always have the complete ingredients to my dish everytime I wanna cook. I hated it so much when something is just not there in the midst of my cooking venture. With the menu, I just have to list down whatever ingredients I need for each dish listed there before going to the market. See....it pays off to be organised.

So for today, my main course is Ikan Patin Stim Tempoyak

The next dish is Sambal Ikan Bilis + Jering

Last but not least is Sup Suhun + Fucuk + Kincam + Cendawan Hitam

Selamat Berbuka Puasa !!!!

Salam Ramadhan 1429H

To all of my Muslim frens, I would like to wish all of you Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. May Allah showers his blessings on you and your family during this month of Ramadhan.

I ask myself tonight!

“Oh how swiftly, it’s mid-Ramadan now

I sit here, wondering and thinking how,

Have I spent my first days of Ramadan fruitfully?

Or have I wasted the time unknowingly?”

Ramadan comes, for a short month it’s here

Will I ever meet the Ramadan next year?

Allah Oh Allah, help me guide my heart through

For only You know, if I’ve devoted enough to You.”

by Udiana Jamalludin