29 June 2013

The Wallpaper Story

I have a lot of things going on around me since the last time I was here, which mostly comprises of the good ones, alhamdulillah. Everything is perfect, everything is good and everything is just great. All I am saying is that God has been so kind to me and I am surrounded by His blessings all the time.

I have so many great things to share here but today, I am just gonna talk about my house. As most of you are aware of, I am a home-decorating OCD. I have one long list of things I wanna do to that tiny-miny house of mine. What else can I do to my livings? What colour should I paint my bedroom? What accessories should I get for my kitchen? See, told 'ya I am an OCD !

Recently......3 days ago to be exact, I've just finished decorating one specific wall in my house. I decided to install a wallpaper on the wall of my dining area. I just feel that I need to add some umphh to that area. Something simple but will give a big impact to the whole house and a wallpaper is definitely the answer.

To begin with, this is how the so-called dining area looks like then, which was okay but a bit plain, I would say.


It took me almost a month to hunt for the right wallpaper, considering how picky and complicated of a person I am. What I have in mind is something outstanding which not only gonna liven up the dining area but the whole house indeed. So, after much deliberation, this is what I end up with :


Nevertheless, being a fickle-minded person, I'm still skeptical about the design I've chose. At times, I am not really sure that design would looks nice on my wall. At a worse time, I even have a second thought of putting a wallpaper there. Goshhh, what IS wrong with me ? Luckily I have Marsya who is never tired of convincing me that I am doing the right thing....phewww !!

So, last Tuesday is the day. I bought the wallpaper from Jun ( D'Naj Home Decor ) and engaged a contractor (whom I found in the internet), to carry out the task. And...drum roll please....here's the result :

Awesome isnt it? It's really, really nice and I am so loving it. I am so relieved & happy that I make the right decision. It really gives quite an impact to my house. The colour matches my beloved purple sofa perfectly and the design suits my house concept really well. #clapping

So, that's my wallpaper story. I am glad it's over & even glad it turns out really great. 

Next would be a much bigger project.......the walk-in wardrobe.

Tungguuuuu !!!!!