08 March 2010

Fresh Salad @ Isetan KLCC

I started this week with a food entry & for my 2nd entry, I'm still gonna talk about food. One thing for sure is that you can never go wrong with food entry. Nobody could ever get upset or pissed over food entry. In fact, most of them would be pleased & smiling reading about it. So, that's what I intent to do today - to put a big smile on my reader's face.

To those who are working around KLCC area, today's entry might catch your interest. Some of you might already knew about this deliciously wonderful rows of fresh salads @ Isetan KLCC. Those who didnt, please be aware that at Isetan Supermarket, they have at this one corner varieties of fresh salad - 7 options altogether. Fruit salad, broccoli salad, coleslaw salad & mushroom salad are among the salads you can get here.

These salads are very, very good in taste. They are priced according to the weight i.e. RM 1.30/gm. All salads are priced the same which means you can mix & match all of them according to your taste & desire. My personal favourite would be the Japanese Mushroom & Crab Stick salad. Havent tried the other 5 but I'm quite sure they are all as good.

My fave - Crab Stick & Japanese Mushroom Salads

To those who prefers a light lunch, these salads should definitely be in your lunch options. It's cheap, yummy & more importantly, it's healthy. What more would you asked for?


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