31 October 2009

Aimar's Ben-10 B'day Bash

Marsya is enjoying her ice-cream

It was Ain's lil boy, Aimar's birthday today. For the past few weeks Ain had been so enthusiastic about this event. Every time I we chatted, she's always in the midst of doing something for the party. I understand very well how excited she can be for I've done that & been there. We, mothers can sometimes be so overwhelmed over this kindof things. We've always want it to be the coolest party our kid would ever had.

Oh yesss......they have inflatables !

The party was held at Ain parents' house in Taman Sri Ukay. Having a yard of their own is obviously an advantage to have such a birthday party like this. Kids would have an ample space to play and run around the area. You wouldnt be in fear that you kids might bumped into other people or even worse, ran over the birthday cake !

The Ben-10 cookies

Ain really put lots of effort in making the party a great success & something her son would thanked her for one day. The party is a Ben-10 themed party. So, you can find Ben-10 everywhere - on the cake, of course, biscuits, toys, goodie bags and on a pancake too! She even make her family (though not all of them) to dress up in green.

The birthday boy & his mummy

Food was very good & plenty. Lots and lots of good food. As usual, her auntie's marvelous laksa was in the menu. There's also nasi tomato, chicken, nasi impit, beef rendang & lots of deserts. I really had a good meal there....if it's not because of this one lady who was glued at the same table of mine, I would have eaten more. Even that, I'm quite sure she might have lost counts on how many times have I gone back & forth to take the food.....hahahah. I surely hope that was my last encounter with her on this planet earth!

Good food....yummy !!

Marsya too had fun there. In every birthday party she attended, it will be the games that she've always looking forward to. She love to participate in those birthday games - not because of the present but just for the fun of it. Anyhoo, she won a few too ! Good for you, gal !

The pre-cake cutting ceremony

Last but not least, I would like to congratulate Ain for the wonderful party.....I guess all the hard works paid off. Thanks for having me & Marsya to be part of your great event. Many, many thanks to your mum who tapau some laksa for me. Appreciate that very, very much !

Spring Cleaning

It was a cold Saturday morning. The initial intention was to wake up as late as possible but then the furthest I could go is 8.00 am. Yeah....it is that far off. How I'd wish I could sleep till 11 like some people. 8.00 am by far, is my best achievement......huhuhu.

Anyway, the good thing about being up early is that I've managed to complete all my long overdue house chores. Doing housework when the day had just started gave me an entirely different perspective. I'll be feeling very fresh & energetic plus the coldness of the morning really helps in boosting up my determination.

So, I'm quite happy with my accomplishment for the day. Got my bed sheet changed after about 2 months of attempt. Changed the curtain for my room - the curtain I've just realized I had.....hehehehe. Vacuumed the carpet. Mopped the floor. Wiped all the dust off. All done & dusted.

After all these cleanings & scourings, I've always have this feeling whereby the air that I breathe is somewhat fresher. It makes me have this healthy feeling in me. I guess all the hard work are paid off then !

A Poem To Edward Cullen


A wish
A wish to read his
as he reads ours
to know the story behind his tortured soul
to see the world he lives
through the blazing golden eyes

Our favorite vampire
his story to never be told
to understand how he sees things
to understand what he has seen
to know the love within his beating dead heart

A stake through the heart for us
nothing to the people who shoved it there
to see his world
our world
aching us for the wait
so quench our thirst
heal our hearts
and watch us sparkle
under the midnight sun

p/s Credits to Twilight Guide for the poem

30 October 2009

Restoran Tupai-Tupai

Had dinner here with Ji & Marsya. Been here before a few times which explains that I love steamboat......not only steamboat, but seafood steamboat to be exact. There are a few other restaurants which served seafood steamboat but this one seems to be my favourite. And why is that? It's all because of the price. For a small eater like me, it would be a waste of money to spend over a pricey buffet.

That's why Tupai-Tupai has always been my choice. Their prices are quite reasonable. RM28 nett for adult and RM15 for kids. Besides the pricing, their peaceful ambiance is one of the attraction, I would say. Being at the restaurant, it'll make you feel as though you're in some kampungs - with the Minangkabau designed roof and the greens surroundings. Notwithstanding that, it is located right in the middle of the busiest part of the city.

Another unique thing about this place is their Coconut Juice Tomyam Soup they served. Imagine the sweetness of the coconut juice mixed with the spicy & hot tomyam base. The result of course, one hell of a soup ! They do have the plain soup for those who cant take spicy food though.

Tupai-Tupai Restaurant is located at 551A Jalan Bukit Petaling, Off Jalan Istana. It’s somewhere on the small hill opposite the MAA building, but the entrance to the restaurant is directly opposite the Wisma Putra building. You can reach them at this number : 03 - 2143 (Tupai-Tupai) 2525.....get it?

Women & Make-Up

Recently, a colleague of mine came back from her maternity leave as a different person. She's no longer the same lady we used to see. She've changed herself to the better...she had a make over! From a plain looking lady, she's now vibrant & lively. That is one transformation I really like to witness especially among the people I knew.

Before, you can hardly see her using lipstick....let alone the eye-liner, blusher & others. But now, she had it all (except for mascara & blusher which I strongly believe she'll eventually try some day). She uses foundation, lipstick, eye liner & even an eye shadow ! And trust me, she looks good! She looks much, much more glowing & livelier. Hats off to her ! Way to go gal !

I've always encouraged my friends to put on make up. Why do I do that? Why did I apply make up on my face? Well, simply because it makes me feel better. It gives me a boost to my confidence level though I cant even see my own face (unless in a mirror). It gives me a reason to hold up my head a lil bit more.

I am a person who believes that women should always look good .......all the time. I dont wear make up to impress others. In fact I'm doing it to please myself. I love to see myself looked pretty. Call me self obsessed but I just love admiring myself in the mirror (Carol, I can see you nodding your head to this) !

I personally feel that looking good at all times is very important. Apart from the confidence thingy, you wouldnt not know whom you might bumped into. Imagine it's your rival during college time or maybe your ex.....I'm sure you would wanna look at your very best in front of them, arent you?

So, to all women out there....do dressed up yourself. Put some colours onto your face. Let's make the world looks better with our pretty faces !


I dunno whether it's me who's getting older or it's the music industry that is reforming. Listening to the radio nowadays ( am referring to the English radio station here) can be quite stressful when the effect should be the reversed. There are too many shitty songs being played in the radio. Songs that dont deserved to be called a song. A person who is indecisive in committing suicide would straight away jump out from a building upon hearing these songs.

However, since last week I've been hearing this one song in Fly FM & sort of liking it especially that husky voice who sung it. It's a song you would wanna listen over and over again. Myself & Carol went high & low trying to find out who's the singer. After all attempts made were to no avail, Carol suggested me to call the radio station. So, yesterday I called up Prem from the Rush Hour Show & finally got the answer we've been looking for.

To our surprise, the song entitled Crumbs was performed by a local indie progressive rock band - Disagree. Crumbs is infact an old song from their first debut album, At The End Of The Day which was released way back in 2004. They recently released their latest album “To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You” on 30th June 2009.

Ok then, check out the song......

Bravery Or Stupidity ?

Akak accident pagi tadi on my way to the office......huhuhuhu. Got nobody else to blame but my own self. Remember in one of my entry few weeks ago, where I've mentioned about the funny noise my bike's been producing. Well, that was about 3 weeks ago. Been very busy for the past few weeks that I cant possibly get the bike checked.

So, today I'm paying the price for my neglectfulness. It's something between bravery & stupidity. Stupid for doing nothing to rectify the bike's problem but brave enuff to still ride the bike despite of all those signs. Fortunately, it's nothing major & serious. I'm still breathing normally & with God's will, I should be able to finish this entry.

So, what's wrong with the red scooter? Apparently, the brake plate got worn out. So, when the worn out brake get in contact with the disc, that's where the funny noises came from. This morning the brake has reached it's maximum lifetime that it doesnt function anymore - which has caused Red Scoot's life at stake.

I was in the midst of "cilok mencilok" when the accident occurs. While at it, the car in front suddenly stopped & obviously I have to stop too. I did press the brake lever but it just wont stop. So, it right away hit the car's rear bumper & down on the road I fell. I was lucky there's no car coming towards my direction at that time. Otherwise I might not be here writing this entry anymore. Syukur.......

The injuries : few scratches on the Givi box, left side mirror broken, brake tube torn & a few minor "bruises" here & there. As for Red Scoot herself, nothing to worry. An approximately 3 inches of shallow cut on the left arm. Other than that, she's as strong as the bull......hehehehe.

Nama pun minah rempit kan...kalau tak bercalar lengan, kira tak cukup syarat lah kan...kan.....kan....

29 October 2009

My Heart Bleeds For You Too

I bumped into this blog called My Monologues while blog hopping today. It is owned by this  wonderful lady who called herself as Myheartbleeds (MHB). MHB is a mother of two who lost her husband in 2007 due to sudden heart attack. 

There's nothing so special about her blog - no fancy blinkies, no cool widgets, no nice pics...but her blog is interesting enuff that I just cant stop myself from reading it, posts after posts. I like the way she expressed herself in her blog. Her writings really touched my heart deeply. Few times I've to stop reading & take a deep breath in an effort to stop my tears from rolling out on my cheeks.

Only the good dies young. Her late husband must have been a very good person during his lifetime. MHB misses her late husband very much. I can clearly feel her sadness through her writings......my heart bleeds together with hers.

Both of us are in the same ship. Both of us have to sail the ship on our own no matter how high the tides are....no matter how strong the storms might be. There's no such thing as to retreat or surrender for we're not been given the choice. But in a way, I am luckier. It has been 3 years since her late husband passed away & yet she's still struggling to move on. In this case, it is much easier for me. 

To MHB, I wish there's something I could do to take your pain away. My heart goes out to you. May Allah bless you & your 2 beautiful daughters. Amin.

28 October 2009

Restoran Sinar Mesra

This is where we went for our dinner last Sunday. The original plan was Saisaki but we were too tired then - due to the excessive swimming at the PGH. So, the Saisaki dinner will have to wait then. Thank god the craving for those raw salmon isnt that great yet. Otherwise, I would have just hauled myself there.

I've been to this restaurant before - quite a few times since it's in Pandan Indah. It was Pakcik who introduced me to this place. According to him, it's a popular place not only for dinner but also during lunch. This is something quite unusual for a Thai food eateries. Most Thai restaurant would normally starts their operation after 6 pm. Maybe that's one of the reason of it's popularity.....besides the food quality.

Ulam + Sambal Belacan

Generally, the food here are good. You wont end up being disappointed with what you've ordered. Their menu are those normal Thai foods like tomyam, steamed fish, kangkung belacan etc. One thing I like about this place is the portion of food served. They are quite generous in that sense. Your food wouldnt come in that tiny-miny lil plate. In fact, one portion could easily feed 3 - 4 person at most.

Kerang Bakar

Price is also affordable. Nothing so pricey. It is more or less the standard price you've at other Thai restaurants. Anyway, people would never complaint about the price as long as the food is good.

Ikan Stim Limau

They have quite a wide range of food varieties and drinks. Meaning that if you intent to visit this restaurant 3 days in row, you wont be shrugging your head thinking what to order. Their long list menu should be enuff to cater to your needs .

Tom Yam Sotong

As fas as service is concerned, they are acceptable. Depends on the timing though. You cant expect your food to arrive at your table in 5 minutes time when all tables are occupied, right ? 10 - 15 minutes of waiting, to my opinion is tolerable.

Kangkung Belacan

Didnt sketch any map for this restaurant. To those who would like to try out the food here, can contact me for the directions. I would be more than happy to show you the way.

Wish It Was As Real As It Felt

Didnt get enuff sleep last nite, yet I'm smiling from ear to ear. I did feel sleepy though but what I've gone through last nite simply overwrites all those grogginess & tiredness in me. It is something I never expect would happened to me...something really special & sweet that would absolutely put a smile to my face this whole day. Allow me to share this would you though I'm sure some of you might be envious of me....hehehehe.

Went to bed at about 10. Two hours later, I was awake due to the sudden acute stomach pain. I've got no choice but to drag my half awake body to the loo. Really hate it when this happen ! Throughout the "excretion" process, I was not there nor here. I was neither sleeping nor awake. All i did is sit & let it happen naturally....as it is, the name itself is "nature's call", ins't it?

Done with that, I'm back on my bed. For me to be fully dozed off again, I need at least 15 - 20 mins. Sometimes when I'm not that lucky, it might dragged up to 1 hour. Fortunately luck was on my side last night. Went back to sleep shortly after.

After an hour or two, again I was awake. This time time it was Marsya who's waking me up. She peed on the bed. Gosh! Seems that she had a dream. Luckily it is not that bad. Only a small part fo the bed got wet. Marsya's really an angel.....she only woke me up after all the work has been done - she've changed her pyjama, hung her wet teddy bear at the balcony & tucked her wet blankie in the laundry basket. The only reason why she woke me up is that she didnt know what to do with the wet mattress. Poor girl.....

After settling Marsya & her wet situation, again I've to make an effort to re-sleep. Since I've been up for the 2nd time tonite, it makes me so sleepy & tired, thus doesnt took me long to fall asleep. This is when all the magical moments began......

Edward Cullen....T-H-E Vampire Edward has actually came into my dreams last night. The best thing about it is that, he came as my lover. I just cant believ my luck.....I was Edward Cullen's girlfriend ! Though it's only a dream, how many girls would have the chance to have him in their dreams.....let alone being his girl!! I did & it was so real. He practically kissed me on his lips....and pleaseeee, I swear I didnt make this up! He was so careful putting his lips on mine so as not hurt me & at that time, I just dont care even if he ate me alive ! We were so much deeply in love.....me & Edward.

That was one dream I would love to be trapped in forever. A dream I never wanna wake up from. A dream that could possibly makes me smile no matter how bad my day would be. A dream that makes me walk on cloud nine. But then, too bad it's just a dream........

25 October 2009

Weekend Escapade - Water Cruise

For the suite I booked, I received a free coupon for the Mines South Lake Tour. If i were to buy the tickets, it's gonna cost me RM22 for adult and RM17 for children. Well, I guess I'm lucky then ! The coupons are not only for me but for 6 persons max.

Leaving the jetty

The story started a hundred years ago, when a Chinese immigrant Chan Wing came to Malaysia and discovered tin ore in a site abandoned by Europeans earlier. This became the largest tin mine in the world. Mining in the area left a gaping hole 2 kilometres long and a kilometre wide, and 200 meters deep. Gradually rain water began to fill the crevice and thus was the humble beginning of the two great lakes you can see today.

There are two main lakes in the Mines Resort City and this posed a slight problem to the engineers linking the whole lake together through the water transport system. Both lakes were at different height levels. To be precise: 7 meters. Thus was developed the unique water lock. The North lake is 7 meters lower than the South Lake.

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew's bungalow - owner of the Mines Resort

Both lakes are connected via a 1054 meter canal. The entire system took 1 1/2 years to build at a cost of RM 15 million. It takes 7 minutes to discharge or refill water and the volume is the lock is 61600 gallons altogether.

The water taxis departed daily from the grand canal which is in the middle of the shopping centre. Ticket for the cruise can be bought at the counter. There are a few types of cruises available such as the Sunset Dining Cruise, Massage Cruise and Sightseeing Cruise to name a few. The one I took falls into the Sighseeing Cruise category.

The South Lake Tour is a 20 minutes tour around the smaller part of the lake. The cruise would just go around the lake, showing the not-so great views along the way. Honestly, I felt so relieved I dont pay a singel cents for it. Otherwise I would be cursing hard. There's nothing much to be appreciated as far as the views are concerned. RM22 for a ride is plain rubbish. I just cant figure out where does that RM22 goes to....unless they have a celebrity as the boat driver rather than just a regular Bangladeshi man.

This one belongs to Tan Sri Abdul Kadir

As far as this Mines South Lake Tour is concerned, it would be a big no-no. Not sure of other cruises though, since they are more costly. I just hope they'll make the cruise worth the money people paid for.