08 June 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan - The Review

The last Malay movie I watched at a cinema was Kabir Bhatia's Cinta. Kabir Bhatia being the director is the only factor that brought me to the theater. I liked the way he make his movies. He had this magical touch which has brought the notch up for Malay movies. Kabir Bhatia had indeed created a paradigm shift in the local movie industries.

Last weekend, I was doing a favour to a friend of mine by accompanying him to watch this movie called Lagenda Budak Setan. It was an adaptation of the 1980s best selling novel (by the same title) by Ahadiat Akashah. Heard of the novel before but never actually had any intention to read it.

So, here's what I'd comment about the movie :

The Story : Revolves around Kasyah who is nicknamed Budak Setan at his college due to his naughtiness. Everything changed when he fell in love with Ayu. Kasyah then loses her to Azmi, her ex-lover, when she is forced to marry him. This leaves Kasyah feeling betrayed and heartbroken. Ayu then meets with a bad accident that completely changed her life.

What I Hated : Poor storyline. No character development. The way the movie was made as though the director are rushing to include all the important plots from the 900 pages novel into a 90 minutes movie. The transition from one plot to another was very badly done. It's like watching a Powerpoint slides presentation rather than a real movie.

As for the cast, honestly I never did like Farid Kamil. I think he is generally too "jambu" to becomes a hero. He might be other girls fave ( and one of them is unfortunately my friend ) but never mine. This statement somehow ruled out any comments from me on his acting skills, right? As for the newcomer, Shiqin Kamal who played the character, Emilia - she still have a lot to learn. Her acting is quite stiff still & her facial expressions didnt somehow hit the spot.

What I liked : There are 3 things I liked about the movie - not bad of a number for a movie I didnt enjoy watching, huh? The first thing I like about the movie is the soundtrack. Really love the song "Bila Cinta" which was played w few times throughout the movie - yet still sounds fresh every time and compliments the emotional scenes well.

The second thing I like about the movie was Que Haidar's acting. He played his character very well. Kudos to him for his outstanding performance.

Finally, it was Fazura's beauty that captured my heart. She appeared only after two third of the movie & if it's not because of her, I would have walked out of the cinema already. I really liked Fazura - I think she's just so naturally pretty. I was continuously oohhhhh-ing & aahhhh-ing every time the camera focused on her face. Amazingly beautiful. Well, what can I say....... another Pahang's beauty besides CT Nurhaliza & me !

All & all, there's only 1 word to describe this movie - horrendous or in Malay, we say it as "hampeh". I was non-stoppingly criticizing the movie from the very start till the end of it. When people laughed, it confused me coz I just didnt get it. Not that I'm lacking any sense of humour here but then, how am I supposed to laugh when it's not even funny?

I am a very romantic & soft hearted person. I could cry over anything. Just the other day I was watching Friends on the episode where Rachel gave birth - and I cried though it's the 100th time I've watched it. This movie is supposed to be a tear-jerking love story but couldnt shed a single tear out of me.

Hence, the verdict - dont waste your money. Just wait for another few months & I'm sure they'll show it in Astro Box Office. Otherwise, just do like I did - just download it !


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