25 November 2008

Countdown To 2009

Yes...it's 35 more days to new year i.e. the year of 2009. As I mentioned earlier in my previous posting, a year passed by just like that.....in a flash! Same goes to my age which i dont have problems with. Never afraid of getting old actually. In fact I would like to grow old gracefully.

However, there's only this one thing that worries me as the years passes by. It's my darling Marsya. I would stop her from growing if I could ever do that. She's growing up too fast. Too fast I sometimes find it hard to cope. The fact is, the faster she grows, the faster she's gonna leave me which is really scaring me. Cant imagine how I would be when that time arrives. I'll just have to cross the bridge when it comes........

As the year end draw nearer, it makes me think about what I've achieved for the past 12 months......nothing to shout about though. Or maybe I'm just being too modest or inferior coz it's actually not bad of year after all. Let us see.....achievements for 2008 :


  • Got myself a brand new car.....finally, after 38 years. Such a long wait, huh! I still remember, way back in 1997, when I bought my first car. It was a 10 year old green Proton Saga, 1.5 manual, Sedan. The plate no. was PBS 2252. My second car was a 5 year old Wira, manual, 1.6 aeroback ( WJD 6860 ). The car looks fab. when I first bought it. However, after been with me for a few years, I really wrecked that machine.... hehehehe. Poor thing.

  • Went to Naples, Italy - though it's purely sponsored by the company. I still remembered the day I arrived Naples which was my birthday. It's both happy & sad - happy for being abroad but sad coz I'm all alone there. I would still consider this trip as one of my achievement even though I've been to most of the places in Italy, coz Naples is not in the list yet.

  • Went to Bandung. My first ever trip with my friends coz most of the time, I'll be travelling alone. Howevr, for this particular trip, there are 5 of us altogether. We had so much fun there in Bandung. For somebody who always travelled alone, this trip meant so much to me. It's something I would remember for the rest of my life.

  • I'm not sure whether I could classify this as an achievement but since I dont have that much, I'm still gonna put it here. Met 2 of my favourite singer personally - Faizal Tahir & Anuar Zain. This is not just bumping into them, it's more to it. I actually got the opportunity to sit down with them (on different occasion la) & chat. With Faizal, it was during Molor's re-union dinner at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara. Anuar's case is rather special as I was actually sitting beside him in my flight back to KL from Rome. Both of them are kind & sweet (obviously they would, wouldnt they? )

  • Appeared in Midi magazine for the 35th issue (February 2008). I was asked to pose for that month's issue. It was quite an experience though - especially for an amatur like me. It was really tough to pose in front of the camera...and tiring too. Anyway, I dont really like the outcome. I look old in that pics. - maybe it's due to the way they've applied the make-up on me. Yuckss !!!
  • .
  • Received in average 10 visitors to my blog daily. This number might be very small to most people but to me it's something I'm really proud of. I dont care if all the visitors are only my own friends or relatives coz the point here is that there are still people who are interested to read my merapu blog. Thanks to you guys who've been my regular visitors namely Ain, Ayu & Has.
  • .
  • Finally got my nose pierced after several attempts. I know some people are quite sceptical about this but I just dont give a damn. They can say whatever they want coz I cant shut people's mouth, cant I? As long I didnt bother their life, they shouldnt have bothered mine - rightly. But....I reserve my case!

  • Last but not least, managed to achieve my ideal weight. Middle of 2007, I weighed around 68 kg (yeahhh...I am that heavy). Now, after lots of sacrifices & hardship ( phewww !!!!) my weight is at 60 kg. I'm quite happy with my current weight & all I need to do now is just to maintain it.

.Well, it's not that bad after all. In fact, I should give a pat on my back for all these achievements I've gained so far.....praise to Allah SWT. I hope things would get better and better each year, Insyallah.



p/s : After reading this posting, I feel like I'm kindof "perasan".....writing all those good things about my own self. But come to think of it, hey watta heck!! It's my blog anyway and it's up to me to write whatever things I like, right? Of course it's right!!!!

24 November 2008

I Am Truly Blessed

In less than a month, we'll be in the new year already. Year by year passed by without us noticing it. Time really flies you wont be able to cope with it sometimes, especially when you're having good times. I'm not saying that I am having good times all year round..there's still hiccups here and there but overall, I'm enjoying my simple life. Enjoying every moments of it with my darling princess, friends, family and also my special moments with my blog (if that counts).

Let me just sit back & think for a while.....what have I achieved in the year of 2008. Nothing much I would say but it has been another good year for me though. Have to be grateful with what we have & not to whine over the things which are just not meant for us. I've come to the stage where I'm pretty much happy & pleased with all the things that have been blessed to me throughout my life.

First & foremost is of course, my beloved daughter who never stop loving me.....continuously saying how much she loves me & missing me especially these few weeks when she've been with her dad most of the days. Her sms'es would never failed to cheer me up at least 3 times a day - just to tell me that she loves & been missing me so much. Where else can you find such happiness? A love from a child is so genuine & pure you can never replace it with anything else in this world. And I am one of the lucky ones to have been blessed with that. Syukur, alhamdulillah.

The next one would be my work. Richard called me up a few weeks ago telling me that the Project Coordinator position will have to be put on hold at the moment. Reason being, Dresser is currently freezing all new recruitments due to the unstabilized world economic situation. Whatever the reason might be, it's all fine with me. I dont really give a shit for all these career thingy. If it's there...it's there. If it's not then, just let it be. Perhaps that's the best things for me. Things can look deceiving to human's eyes but God surely know what's best for them. All we need is to have faith in it & insyallah, everything would be fine. Anyway, I'm never a career minded person. I work because I have to work ...not because I want to. I would rather stayed home with my Princess all day long if I could but unfortunately I'm not that lucky. I'm quite happy with my current job actually - less responsibility...thus less headache. If I have to be the Senior AE for the rest of my life, then be it. As long as I still got my job, got my pay every end of the month, I'm cool. Alhamdulillah.

The only flaws in my life is no other than my marriage. It sucks! This is one thing i never like to talk about. It's too bloody sickening to even think of it! Nevertheless, I am quite sure, there's a blessing behind all these ( I am trying very hard to convince myself about this...trust me). Anyway, it add colours to my life in it's very own way (again I'm trying very hard to act cool here....hehehehe ). How matter bad it might be, I'll just take it as it is. I am very sure, there are more unfortunate people out there.

So, just count your blessings Intan !!!! And hope for the best in the years to come. Amin.

Ghost Eyes

These are my eyes with my new coloured lens. Bought it over the weekend - the colour is Hazel & the price is RM 53.00/pair. Been wanting to try out these coloured lens since a few of my frens did put it on & they looked quite ok. Tina had the grey ones......Azah too....and they look simply gorgeous which makes me wanting to be in the same group too.

However, things doesnt always end up the way you want it to be. The moment I look in the mrirror, all I could see is a pair of ghost eyes. It's damn scary ! I look so ghostly....so un-natural (duhhhh....). Didnt expect I'll look this awful.

Anyway, I still put it on to work today & as expected, Carol freaked out. I've reminded her of this girl she always bumped into in the lrt whom she called "Anak Pontianak" coz she had a pair of grey eyes. So for her, a coloured lens is a no-no. She was so startled when she saw me this morning. Cant blame her for that though.....I do look scary, that I agree....uwaaaa !!!

I should have gone for the brown ones instead. But then, it might not be noticeable if the colour is too natural. What's the point of having a coloured lens stucked onto your pupil when nobody actually notice it, right?

Anyway, I'm still gonna put this hazel lens on, no matter how terrible I look since it's not free. Well at least my Chef fren said I look okay, which I doubt it so much. I'm sure he's just trying to be nice so as not to hurt my feelings. So, just brace yourself if you're so happen to bump into me ! Good luck ! The vampire is in town !

p/s : Pell, if you're reading this ....I'm sure you would have the same comment when I pierced my nose back then. A woman got to do what a woman got to do........


21 November 2008

If I Were A Boy......

If I were a boy
Even just for a day
I’d roll out of bed in the morning
And throw on what I wanted and go
Drink beer with the guys
And chase after girls
I’d kick it with who I wanted
And I’d never get confronted for it
Because they’d stick up for me

If I were a boy
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear I’d be a better man
I’d listen to her
Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
Cause he’s taken you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

If I were a boy
I would turn off my phone
Tell everyone its broken
So they think that I was sleeping alone
I’d put myself first
And make the rules as I go
Cause I know that she’d be faithful
Waiting for me to come home

It’s a little too late for you to come back
Say its just a mistake
Think I forgive you like that
If you thought I would wait for you
You thought wrong

But you're just a boy
You don’t understand
How it feels to love a girl
Someday you’ll wish you were a better man
You don’t listen to her
You don’t care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
Cause you've taken her for granted
And everything you had got destroyed
But you're just a boy…

This song by Beyonce ( now known as Sasha Fierce ) has really gotten into my head these few days. The melody is not that great but the way she sang the song makes it sounds so nice. She sang it with lots n lots of emotions which makes the song so meaningful.
p/s : Yasmin, this song is for you. If only you would understands........

16 November 2008

Red Scoot's Shopping Spree

Opppss....I did it again ! I thought I could but obviously I couldnt. Already told myself that I shouldnt buy anymore things this month - no more shopping for November. Period! Unfortunately I am not that strong.....I failed....again.

In my case, the 3rd M'sian Megasale started a lil bit early than planned. I screwed up everything as I stepped into Amcorp Mall this morning. Every Sunday from 10 am till 5 pm, they have flea market here which I guess the only attraction to this mall. It is the first Flea Market in Malaysia with items from antiques, records, collectables, homemade food, old and new toys, pictures and photographs, stamps, old weapons as well as various other interesting items.

The last time I've been here was about 3 years ago. Suprisingly, the market has now expanded - more variety & options. The crowd have also increased which makes the place quite happening. This has definately contribute some sort of shopping spirit in me - not to say that the spirit is never there lahh.....hahaha.

So, these are among (not everything, ok..) the items I bought that day :

Love at first sight - cant take off my sight the moment I laid my eyes on this skirt.
There goes RM 69.90 out of my pocket.

Sandal - RM 39.90

Necklace - RM 10.00

My favourite item for the day (besides the skirt)
Indian-style anklet - RM 25.00

Magnetic Bracelet - RM 10.00

15 November 2008

Kellie's Castle

It's "Jalan-Jalan Carik Pasal" again for me & my travelling companion, Ded. This time Kellie's Castle is our destination. We took the old road (rather than the highway) to Ipoh for more adventures & views. Luck is not really on our side as it was raining all the way from KL to Ipoh. We stopped by at Kalumpang (about 134 km to Ipoh) for lunch. The place is called Laksa D-Pokok ( as it is located right under a tree ). The laksa there is really awesome - very-very tasty. The gravy is so thick with fish paste & the taste is just right.

Then we continue our journey & the next stop is Tg. Malim, which is very famous for it's pau - Yik Mun's Pau. The restaurant is very easy to locate as it is just by the roadside. When we got there, there's a long queue of people waiting for the pau. Bought a chicken & beef pau for me & Ded. The pau is so soft & the filling is also quite good which is why it is very popular. I also bought the frozen ones to be taken home.

We finally reached the castle about 20 minutes to 6 pm. We were so worried we wont be able to made it on time as the entrance to the castle is close by 6 pm. After paying the entrance fee of RM 4/person, we head straight to the castle. From the outside, the castle looks quite huge. The surrounding area is quite calming with lots of greens & a small stream flowing right in front of the castle.

Kellie's Castle was built by William Kellie Smith somewhere around 1915. He built the castle for the same reason as Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal, which is "LOVE".....auuwww !!

The yellow building is the first Kellie's mansion before he started extending his castle

One of my favourite picture shot

Kellie Smith was a Scottish who made his fortune out in Malaya with various ventures. The original name for this building was Kellas House, which he named after his hometown in Scotland. However, over the years its become popularly known as Kellie's Castle.

Posing on the roof top which is also known as the Para Pad - the place where Kellie Smith used to view the surroundings & his etates


Standing in front of the castle tower where Kellie Smith intent to build the first-ever lift in Malaya

The castle was never completed as Kellie died of pneumonia whilst overseas in Portugal in 1926. After his death, Kellie's wife sold the building and estate and moved back to Scotland. The site was then left abandoned and lost in the jungle.

It became a ruin with many legends.....legend of the ghost of Smith wandering through the ruins is one of them. Other legends were off secret underground tunnels. But apart of the two known tunnels, none were ever found.

Dont know why but I feel like I'm posing for the Levi's ads. in this pic....wakawaka....

We spent about an hour or so at the castle. Wanted to spend more time but Ded got quite scared coz it's getting dark & we're the only visitors left. It was already 7.15 pm when we left the place & come to think of it, it's quite spooky being in the castle at that hour. You'll start imagining things....like seeing images & hearing voices....things like that. So, the best thing is to do is just leave !!!!!

Another pose for the Levi's ads


The other favourite picture of mine.....ala-ala cute la konon.....

I have this craving for Mee Rebus Ramli since the last I time I had it was around 2-3 years ago. since we're already here in Ipoh, I've decided to have it for dinner. Well it had been quite a quest looking for the place since none of us actually know it's exact location. After about 30 minutes of rounding the city, we finally get a grip of it. Anyway, it's worth a quest coz the mee rebus is superb. Too bad they didnt have any branch here in KL.

Shopaholic & Sister

This is the fourth book in the Shopaholic series. Once you've started with the Confession of a Shopaholic (which is the first one), you can never turn back. You'll get yourself addicted & all you want is to complete the whole series. Well, with this one done, my journey with the Shopaholic series is almost towards the end.

In Shopaholic & Sister, Becky finds out that she has a long-lost sister she never knew about, who is a complete opposites - Jessica hates shopping ! Not only she has to deal with that, she also has problems with husband Luke & best friend, Suze who now has a new friend called Lulu. Still, with all those problems on top of her head, she didntreally manage to control her shopping habits (otherwise, the title of the book wouldnt be "Shopaholic" anymore, isnt it?)

I am currently reading her other book entitled The Undomestic Goddess, which is now stucked at page 9. I already have the finale of the Shopaholic series waiting for me but thought I would give it a break for a while. Looks like Shopaholic & Baby will have to wait for quite some time since I've been quite bz these few weeks. God, I wish I have more time............

14 November 2008

It's A Holi..Holiday !!!

Today is the last day of school for the year of 2008. I am sure it's the day everybody have been waiting for. The school children are obviously the happiest ones as they dont have to go to school for the next 1.5 months. No books...no homework...no fierce-looking teachers. As for the parents (me included), we dont need to wake up so much early anymore - the first thing I could think of when it comes to school holidays. Another good thing for all about school holidays is that the road would be relatively jam-free.

Ok, those are the pros. Now the cons. Do not go near the tourist destinations- places like amusement parks, Genting Highlands, public swimming pool, resorts etc. These places would be swarming with kids and teenagers, you wont be able to breathe properly!

I cant think of any other cons but for me personally, the greastest cons is that I would be missing my princess so dearly. She would be in Seremban with her dad for the next 2 weeks or so....... leaving her mummy alone grieving over her absence....uwaaaaaaa.

10 November 2008

Juz Like Old Times

It has been 2 days since Mar went back to Padang. So, it's now just me & my cutie pie at home. Like what Marsya told me : "it's now only you & me, mummy...just like old times !" Yeah...just like old times. In a way, we really enjoyed the privacy.

I am fasting today - puasa sunat...puasa ganti dah abisssss.... yeehaaaa !!!! And for my buka puasa today, here's what I've prepared :

Marsya's favourite dish


Again.....Marsya's favourite !

My signature dish...ahaks....

Me & Marsya make a good team at the kitchen. While I'm busy cooking, she helped by washing the dishes. It's quite a help I would say since I keep on tossing the plates & stuffs in the sink for her to wash. She in return, just stood there & clean up everything - piece by piece.
Then while I showered she helped setting up the table for dinner. By the time I'm done, everything are set - the dishes, plates, glass, drinks....all in place. Marsya makes me really proud to have her as my daughter today (not to say that I'm not before). I guess I did well in raising her up all these years and the best thing is.....I did that on my own (at least 90% of it) !!!!

09 November 2008

Coffee-Break @ Old Town White Coffee

After sending Mar at the Bandar Tasik Selatan Komuter Station, me & Marsya went to the Old Town White Coffee in Ampang. Marsya been making noise about her empty tummy while waiting at the station just now which makes me decide to take her to this place for a coffee treat.

Been here (but not Ampang outlet) a few times before. It was the one in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng then when I was first being introduced to this place by Ain. It's quite a cool place to hang out - be it with your frens or family.

Old Town White Coffee is a kopi tiam style coffee shop. The food they served are quite good & they are all exceptionally affordable. My favourite food here would be the Signature Kaya & Butter Toast. The crispiness of the toast is just right plus the creamy mixed taste of the butter & kaya. Yummy !

Laksa Sarawak - Finally !

Been wanting to try out the Laksa Sarawak paste I bought a couple of weeks ago. Just dont feel like cooking it not until today. I've decided that Laksa Sarawak will be the menu for lunch today.

After reading through a few Laksa Sarawak's recipes, I decided to use Hanieliza's recipe coz the picture looks good. Furthermore, most of her recipes are very reliable. The last time I had this dish was approximately 4-5 years ago. Had it in Kuching airport while on a transit flight back to KL (from Miri). I kindof like it - the taste (& even it's looks) is similar to Curry Mee.

Took me about 1 hour for the preparation & cooking. Luckily it's not that difficult and time consuming to prepare this dish coz I dont really like the taste of it. It has this funny taste which i dont know what. Cant really remember how it tasted back then in Kuching but i thought I kindof enjoyed it then. Or maybe it's the paste....
Anyway, that's about it. Dont think I would wanna try it out again. I'm just gonna give the rest of the paste to my brother, Jack since he seems to like Laksa sarawak. Hope he'll appreciate it more than me!

Bag Fever Is Back !!

Well, the title of this posting explains it all. Yup, bought me 2 new bags.....again. I could say no to clothings, accessories, make-ups and such but when it comes to bags......it's just so difficult. I just cant resist buying bags. Anyway, since I've donated few of my bags (which are now should be on their way to Padang, Sumatera) to my maid, I should have enuff spaces for the new ones. See..it's all about planning. Plan it well & you wont got stuck....hehehe.

This is the handbag I bought in Tangs last Friday. Tangs was on sale for the past 2 weeks or so and this is the last week of their sales. Went there at least 3 times before but didnt actually noticed this particular bag. Anyway, I'm glad I did this time. The moment I saw it, my brains started working very hard to find the justification to it. Already have a few black handbags actually.....but they are all so office-like. This is more casual. Yes....that's it! I need a casual black handbag! It's not that difficult anyway, I mean to justify my spending. But to tell the truth I would still grab it even though I cant justify it - it's too cool not to have it. It's a casual yet glamorous look with those sequins sewn on the front part of the bag. This bag is actually priced @ RM100 but they're giving a 50% discount. So, it just cost me 50 bucks - how could someone let go such a bargain! I wouldnt!

Then, this morning I went to Shah Alam where I saw this sweet looking purple handbag. Here we go again...... But when I came to know that the bag is only RM30, I quickly said yes. This time i dont have to give any justification to myself coz it's so cheap. I would still spent RM30 even if I didnt take the bag. So, watta heck!
The thing that attracts my eyes on this bag is that organza ribbon tied around it.....it look so sweet, plus it's purple. You know how sweet can a purple be, right? The colours & ribbon blended in so well.

To sum it all, I'm so happy with my 2 new bags - in terms of both looks & price. Very much satisfied indeed.

07 November 2008

Remember Me?

Lexi Smart wakes up in the hospital and the last thing she remembers was from 3 years ago. She wakes up with a new life, a new look and a newly acquired marital status...she's married! That's the brief synopsis about this book from Sophie Kinsella which I've just finished reading.

I have been Kinsella's fan for quite a while now ever since I read her Shopaholic series. Remember Me is a fun light read & I enjoyed reading it just as all of her other books. Finished the whole book in 2 nights because I wanted to know the ending so very badly.

I've been wanting to read this particular book for quite some time actually. Saw it on the shelf while looking for one of the Shopaholic series few months back. Unfortunately, the price doesnt really matched my budget (for books in particular). So, i said to myself that I should wait for the paper-bag version since it's much2 more cheaper (about twice the price). Later, we (me & Carol) found out that Mei Yin owned almost all of Kinsella's book. Thank you God! So, for the next one month or so, I need not to worry about my storybooks supply anymore. You're an angel, Mei !

Back to Remember Me. My favourite part of the book is the sunflowers scene..... soooooo romantic. It doesnt sounds real though (c'mon....which guy would do that??? ) but I dont care coz it makes me smile and starts dreaming.

For those Kinsella's fan who havent read this book, go grab it now. It's a must-read !