27 February 2010

Diva & Glitters

Cafe Cafe - that's where my fab forty dinner was. It's a fine dining restaurant which serves authentic French & Italian cuisines. You dont have to travel hundreds of miles to Champs Elysees coz they have the same ones here in KL.

Cafe Cafe is far from the normal restaurant I've been to. The moment I stepped in, I was like WOWW !! The dim lighting & chandeliers created a very romantic atmosphere. When I looked up, there were these tiny crystal thingy dangling out from the ceiling which looks like twinkles of stars. Hanging on the wall are those Victorian style large drapes. The tables are all well-set with candle light on each one of them. A perfect place for a marriage proposal, I would say.

The Divas

But last night, I was there to celebrate my birthday with 3 of my wonderful friends. Out of 7, only these three can finally made it through. The restaurant is located along Jalan Maharajalela - a very unusual place for a happening restaurant like this. Me & Ain gotta make a few rounds before we managed to find our way - thanks to Andy, the waiter who helped us with the directions.

Look at that lashes? So the very diva !!! Not bad for a first timer like me....not bad at all !

As we find our way to the table where Farrah & Carol have been waiting, I took out my IXUS 860 IS & began clicking it. That went on for at least 10 - 15 minutes & has really gotten on Ain's nerves.....hehhee. I was supposed to look at the menu & select the food that I want. But at that moment, all I'm interested at is getting my pictures taken & snapping the pics of the beautiful setup of the restaurant, which later on we've been told that taking pictures of the place is prohibited. Duuhhhhhh !

What I had last nite.... I missed out the Lemon Sorbet (dessert) tho - it's too good that I've forgotten to take the picture of it.

My scrumptious birthday cake ! So, so, so.......goooooood !

Food was really good and very, very expensive. Both the food & ambiance compliments each other well. Besides the food & place, I was also mesmerized by their hot Nepalese waiter, Neeran. He's so gorgeous & damn good looking and I was literally flirting with him whenever I got the chance. Hehehe...I hope he wont have nightmares tonight being flirted by a 40 years old lady. Well, it's either nightmares or wet dreams since this 40 year old lady is not just any lady but a hot, sizzling woman that would set any man on fire ! Woo hoooo !!!

Mr. & Mrs. Diva......hehehe. Isnt he yummy? Am drooling already...

We indeed had a great time last nite. We chatted, laugh, flirt (that's only me actually) & were the most happening patrons around. There are mostly couples there & they are all Chinese. Our presence there were sort of completing Najib's 1 Malaysia vision.

A toast to health, wealth & good life ! Cheers !!

Remember the DKNY watch I've lost while on my back a couple of months ago? Well, I've got it back & this time it's even better coz it's brand new! Ain & Ija bought it for my birthday present. Aint it marvelous? Love you two gals. Thank you so, so very much.

I wonder what's inside.....OMG !! It's the watch !!!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Carol & Farrah for being there with me to celebrate one of the most important event of my life. Thank you Carol & Ain for all the arrangements & planning to make this dinner works. It means the world to me & I hope I will live long enough to celebrate you girls' 40th birthday - which is gonna be Ain's the next time. I would also like to thank everybody for their birthday wishes be it in person, sms and Facebook. They are all very, very much appreciated. ( p/s : Marsya remembered :-) )

Poor Ain......damn the culprit !

Me & Ain thought of having coffee at Alexis after the dinner. But then, a mishap took place where Ain's car window got smashed up. We were surprised to see a handbag lying by the side of the car. Knowing Ain, I thought that was due to her carelessness that she didnt noticed it fell out from her car earlier. Only when she pointed at the window that I realized that her car has been broke in. Anyway, the culprit didnt get anything valuable out of it. Poor Ain....... pitied her so much. But one thing to be grateful for is that, at least they didnt took the whole car away.

26 February 2010

Diva In The Making

My frens planned a birthday bash for me tonite to celebrate my 40th year of existence in this world. They've been planning this for weeks & keeping the venue as a secret from me. Only last Monday they told me that the theme for the party is Diva & Glitter. Wow! I like.......it is soooo me for I'm a diva & I love glitters !

Fortunately, today on my birthday is a public holiday for the Maulidur Rasul. So, I took this great opportunity to scout for my complete D&G (Diva & Glitter) attire. I'm the birthday girl and therefore I'm supposed to be the diva-est & glitterest among all, kan?

I've decided that Sg. Wang Plaza would be the best place as far as D&G is concerned. And I'm glad, I've made the right decision. Sg. Wang Plaza is indeed THE place. I havent been there for quite some time & I'm quite surprised that the place has changed. They have more shops at their Lower Ground level and the prices here are much cheaper now. They now have the RM15 and RM 25 shops where everything are sold at that price. And mind you, these are not those cokia or cepalang items - they are all quite good & they even have bling-bling clothes. Imagine, a short dress full with bling-blings cost only RM15! Amazing, huh ?

For those who are looking for clothes with glitters & glamours, Sg Wang Plaza is indeed the place to go. I was there from 10.30 am till 4 pm scouting for my stuff. 61/2 hours of walking and no eating...not even drinking! I'm so excited in getting myself dressed up tonite that I just cant stop till I've got everything covered - from top to toe.

So, here's what I've end up with :

My glitteraty tops.....feewwiitttt!!

My bling bling shoes

My diva belt - full with bling bling

My diva watch - look at those stones...arent they cool?

My bangle - so hip & trendy !

My "stardust" shiny scarf

My faked eyelashes to enhance my already sizzling hot looks

So if you put all the above together, what would you get?

A DIVA !!!!

Fabulous Forty

It's my 40th birthday today. 40 is indeed a big number nobody can deny. And yet it means nothing to me. I am not mourning; in fact I feel majestic when I say "I'm 40"! I’ve never been one that was affected by birthdays or getting a year older, or anything like that! After all, I’ve always felt “18″ ever since I was, well….”18″!

Forty years.....that's a lot. Come to think of it, I've learned a lot over my 40 years of age. Far more than those who were born in the same year as mine. I've gained loads of experience & learned from my mistakes which makes me wiser as I grow over the years. My goal as I enter the number 40 is to become stronger, leaner, healthier, wiser and more thankful than I ever was anytime in 30!

If you have asked me 15 years ago, what would I be doing when I'm 40, I would most likely said that I would be a very happy & successful housewife to my husband ( that would be Nain since he was the center of my life then.....hehehe ). I doesnt sound ambitious at all at the age of 25, huh? Apparently, that's exactly what kindof person I am - never been an ambitious person, never was and never will be. All I want is to be a good wife to my husband and a good mother to my children.

Of course if you have asked me 10 years ago what would I be doing when I reached 40, I would say that I'd be staying in an expensive condominium, driving an expensive car & going places with my lovely Marsya. 10 years ago, I was at the peak of my career where things were going great in my life. So having all those luxuries in my life is not impossible at all provided that I could sustained the same enthusiasm in my job back then.

Now, if you have asked me three years ago how I planned to celebrate my 40th birthday, well, I’d have scaled down a bit, to be sure. But the scenario would still include something like having my best of friends around me and we'll all have tremendous fun together in a grand & glamorous party.

But then, that's all an "if"........ and what turns out there are nothing close to it. And now, I'm officially 40 and I'm very much okay with it, honestly. You cant help getting older but you dont have to get old. Like what we've always heard people saying, age is just a number - you can be old in your age but at heart, you can always stay at 18 forever & ever. Anyway, I'm kindof excited to touch the digit 4 actually. And what makes me more happier is a few weeks ago when a stranger mistaken me for a 35 year old lady instead.....kembang daaaa.....

It's my birthday today & yes I'm 40 but no I'm not that glamorous housewife to anybody. Nor am I the successful manager in my organisation, let alone owning those luxurious properties or cars. Those are one of my 1001 unfulfilled dreams. Let the gone be bygones. I'm not bitter. Neither do I have any regrets. And I refused to think of the possibilities of woulda, coulda, shouldas.

What's the point of wasting my precious time thinking about those anyway. For all I know, by far my life has been fabulously wonderful. A great daughter any mothers would dying to have, family & frens who are always there to give me the support whenever needed, an excellent health for me to savour life, a good job that not only pays me well but also allows me to spend time on this cool blog of mine and of course the total freedom to do whatever things I want which most women out there are envious of. So, what is there for me to complaint. All I need to do is being gracious to the Almighty for all that blessings. No regrets and the best is yet to be!! Woo hoo!

Anyways when I was born, the TV is still in black & white. Belled bottom pants were so in during that time. Combat was the most popular TV series I could ever remembered. At that time, every boys wanted to be either Sergeant Saunders or Lieutenant Hanley. I myself tho I'm a girl, have my own German's military helmet and was so proud of it. That's how popular Combat was those days.

So, here’s forty absolutely, wonderfully fabulous things I’ve done / achieved so far. Ain’t life great?

1. I managed to walk after 9 months being born. See? I was a go getter.

2. On my first day at school, I was the only student who doesnt have my parents accompanying me. I am all by myself & didnt even shed a single tear.

3. At the age of 10, while other girls are still busy playing "masak-masak", I already doing it for real - masak-masak the real food using the real fire & utensils.

4. By 12, I've already knew all the name of the fishes & vegetables at the market since I started doing the groceries at this age.

5. Got 5As for my Year 5 Assessment Exam.

6. Been in the top class & being the top 10 students throughout my schooling years. Thanks to the mix parentage genes I had in me.

7. Representing my sports house for Netball during primary school - for the Wing Defends position. Though I dont think I contributed that much for the team but it do makes me feel good.

8. Went to Maran alone (approximately 70 km from Kuantan) by bus when I was only 8 years old. That was how safe the world is during those years. Dont think I'll ever arrived Maran in one piece if it was at the present time.

9. Baked my first Hari Raya cake & cookies when I was 15. Though the outcome was not that impressive but it's the effort that counts, right?

10. I was selected as the Sport's Assistant for my sport's house when I was in Form 4 and trust me, not only it amazed my friends, I was as amazed as well. Till today, we're still joking about it. Honestly, it is just to fill out that post - didnt do a single sporty thing the whole year. Not my fault though - what did I know about sports ? Duhhhhh........

11. Another joke on sports - represented my class for hockey during Form 4. All we did is scream our heart loud when the ball start coming to our directions. No other games is as scary as hockey.

12. Had my first oversea holiday when I was 11. Went to Singapore ! Hehehe.....still oversea whatttt !!!

13. Had my first public speaking experience when I had to talk in front of the whole school during the school assembly. It was this thing called Spot-Talked which was introduced by our Principal whereby a student shall be picked at random & was supposed to talk on the stage about a given topic. My topic then was "My Hobby". As expected, I did well....hehehehe.

14. Got 8As for my SRP. Bravo !

15. Was once the best student for Additional Maths during Form 4. My Add Maths teacher then was Mr. Peter Khoo whom I've disappoint for not being able to sustain my grades. I became very lazy & too playful as I stepped into Form 5. Nevertheless, I never regret it coz that year was one of the best moments in my life.

16. Passed my SPM with Grade 1, 19 aggregates - though it doesnt sounds brilliant at all but taking into consideration that no studying ever takes place, I'm considered a genius!

17. Representing my university for the Pekan Teater Selangor in 1989. Anyway, I'm neither the main cast nor the "Pak Pacak". Not that I dont have the look to be one of the actress (.......hehehehe) but my interest was more on the backstage roles such as lighting, props, costumes & make-up. It was indeed one of those fun moments during my years as an undergraduates.

18. I ride..... and mind you, a motorbike since I was 19

19. Still riding...to work everyday....

20. Without a license !

21. I can weave a ketupat when nobody else in my family can.

22. Got my driving licence at the age of 26 - not that impressive to most people but heyyyy, I'm not as lucky as you guys whereby your parents would sponsor the licence while waiting for your SPM result. Anyway unlike certain people, I didnt go & drive an auto car right after.... manual transmission has always been my choice.

23. Driven a manual car where the gear was the old style kind of gear - the one that was located at the side of the steering instead & this was the first car I drove after I got my license.

24. Survived after a week being in coma @ the Intensive Care Unit, HKL during my 1st pregnancy. It was a 50-50 situation for me, between being dead or alive. However I lost my baby, Qistina two months later. May she rest in peace.

25. Got my Degree In Physics (Hons.) minoring Maths, with 2nd Class Upper and 3.3 CGPA. Boy, am I proud of myself !

26. Landed my first job just one week after my final exam. Didnt even graduated yet at that time - just used my results transcripts to apply for the job . Lucky me!

27. Got my Marsya after 3 miscarriages + 1 premature pregnancy. But, it was totally worth it - the waiting & the sufferings !

28. Anuar Zain...yes, the Anuar Zain sat beside me in my flight back to Malaysia from Rome. But then, I decided to ditch him since I found myself a better seats where I could lie down & have a good sleep. Things would be different if it was SRK tho....ghehehe.

29. Been to Italy - Rome, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Milan, Colico (Lake Como), Naples and among all, Venice is by far, my favourite of course. Oh yes.... catch a glimpse of Pope John Paul II when I was visiting the Vatican City.

30. Been to Paris & visited that old infamous metal tower named Eiffel & Mr. Da Vinci's Monalisa at Musée du Louvre. And not forgetting the beautiful Baroque château of Versailles, the river Seine, the Champs Elysées & Notre Dame.

31. Been to Amsterdam, city of the canals......and bicycles. A beautiful city with an extra open minded citizens. Those beautiful tulips at Keukenhof, the obscene exhibits at the Sex Museum & of course those professionally daring girls at the Red Light District are still fresh in this 40 year old mind. And of course, the sex show - who would forget that ? Never!

32. Been to London - going around the city via the tube, meet up the celebs @ Madame Tussaud, hang out at Trafalgar Square & Piccadily Circus, riding the famous red open-topped double decker bus, making fun of the Buckingham Palace's guards and sang London Bridge Is Falling Down on the bridge itself.

33. Been to the states - Avon, Boston & New York. Had fun watching the Boston Celtics during the NBA games, had my 1st experience with the real snow & was brought back to the 80s @ the Cheers Beacon Hill bar where "Everybody Knows Your Name". In New York, besides the vast size of the city & populations of the immigrants, paid a visit to that green lady on Liberty Island.

34. Been to the Land of The Rising Sun - Japan. It was nice since we decided to say hello to Mickey & Minnie @ Tokyo Disneyland.

35. Had a short trip to Korea, but enuff for me to experience their Shabu Shabu & shopping @ Namdaemun market.

36. Been to other countries in Asia as well - Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Bandung. My Bandung trip was really the most memorable trip ever - went there with my BFF who all of them are as crazy as me ! Thanks gals for the great experience.

37. I was courted by a Parisian guy while sightseeing in Paris. He even stalked me the whole day which really freaked the shit out of me.

38. In Amsterdam, a Vietnamese guy was mesmerized by my beauty ( ehemm..ehemm) & offered to give me a city tour for free. At the end of the tour, he bought me a gift & gave me his no. and e-mail address. I accepted the gift & promised him I would write to him once I'm back home. I lied & still feeling bad about it.

39. I'm managing to raise an incredibly delightful & loveable daughter. Nature, nurture…either way, I’m taking the credit.

40. I'm the proud owner of this amazingly fabulous blog !

So, there you have it. Forty years well spent. I'm planning to be around still at least another forty more years. Still got a lot of things to do - I wanna perform Hajj in Mecca, wanna visit India, ride the hot air balloon, convoying across Malaysia on superbike and many, many more that will add colours to my life.

It's okay to grow older; in fact it's fabulous!

25 February 2010

Thank You

I received an e-mail from my dear friend this evening telling me that she wrote about me in her blog today. Below is an excerpt from her blog :

A very beary good fren of mine is turning the big 4 0 tomorrow.

It happens to Prophet Mohammed's b'day as well. But this fren of mine is a little daydreamer. She is daydreaming that the whole nation is on holiday celebrating her birthday. Anyway everyone has their own right to daydream on their birthdays.

As far from what i have observed, she is an excellent person to be with. A very open-minded , loving, down to earth, good fashion sense, terrific tudung collection and not forgetting everything has to match. I think she is the only person i know who has the most shoes and bags in her collection.

She needs Mr. Big to give her, her own set of walk-in closet. So far there has been no eligible bachelor that fits into her Mr. Big's shoes. Dont get me wrong here, she has her fair share of admirers but seriously, none who is really worth her value.

I know many including me who wish her Mr Right aka Mr Big aka Cullen aka Shah Rukh Khan aka god only knows how many more, would jus come straight knocking at her door in Pandan Indah and sweep her off her feet...... read more

I just cant stop my tears from flowing after reading it. I wasnt crying anymore.....I was weeping. It's just so super duper sweet. The best birthday present so far. To my BFF, thank you so much for lighten up my day.

I've been feeling a bit blue these few days thinking of me celebrating my 40th birthday alone. Marsya's gonna be with her dad this week since she's been with me most of the days last week. At the same time, I'm worried that she might forgotten my birthday tomorrow since she never mention about it at all. She set reminders in her phone for her friends birthday but none for me. It just makes me wonder whether she actually remembers it. Anyway, i cant expect much from a 10 year old girl right? But honestly, I really hope she remembers.......

Shah Alam Wet World

Heard of this place before but since there are other water parks nearer to my house, this Wet World has never been option. I've sort of promised to take Marsya to the Gambang Resort City during our trip back to Kuantan last weekend for the CNY holiday. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, that plan has been put on hold - as for now.

The Giant Slide

Marsya is totally unhappy with it that she wants me to make it up to her. Some of the water parks in KL that we've been to is the Desa Water Park, Sunway Lagoon & Safari Lagoon, which is now already closed due to some safety reasons. One of my niece then suggested Shah Alam Wet World. And that's how I decided to take them there as a replacement to that Gambang Resort City.

Lighthouse Escape

After rounding Shah Alam city for a couple of million times & based on the directions given by my friend, we managed to get there in one piece. It's kindof funny the way we found the place - we dont really know where we are & suddenly, this Wet World is right there in front of our eyes - like magic !

The entrance fee to this is a bit interesting. You either pay RM8 or RM10, depending on your height. But then if you're an adult with a growth problem (like one midget I know in my office), you can even enter for free !

Overall all I can say is that, this water park is perfect for kids. The games & rides they have here are all children-friendly. All pools are only 0.62 m deep which makes them safe for the children. As for the adults, it wont be that much of fun as compared to other water parks. None of the rides here would gives you the adrenalin rush & thrill. The only happening ride available is the Monsoon Buster.

Fountain of Youth

Monsoon Buster is a 225 meters long water coaster, touted as one of the world's longest uphill water coaster rides. Propelled upward by water jets, the ride sends riders upward, defying the natural law of gravity. However, this ride is only available only at a certain timing. It started only at 12 pm & is available within one hour intervals.

Marsya & Khairina getting ready for the Monsoon Buster

The kids had so much fun there till they're all burnt out. As for me, I've decided not to get wet that day. Though I have my swimming attire with me but looking at those shallow pools doesnt really attracts me to be in one. Morever, it was really, really hot that I dont wanna get out from the shade. The UV rays are not that friendly to fair people like me ....huhuhu.

Another thing, as ruled out by other water parks, no outside food is allowed. However, almost everybody smuggled in food & drinks except me. I didnt know they wont do a thorough inspection on our bags like those guards at Desa Water Park. Otherwise I would have brought food from home too which is much, much better than those sold in the park. Food quality is so-so & as expected, are very pricey too.

Anyway, to those who would like to have a picnic at this water park, here are the details :

Persiaran Dato' Menteri,
Sec. 2, 40000 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: +6 03 55102588

11am to 7pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
10am to 7pm (Saturday, Sunday, public and school holidays)

The water park is closed during Wednesdays except when it is a public or school holidays.

Countdown To Forty

In less than 24 hours, I will be 40. Because there is so much attention given to this birthday, I can’t help but to think about it.

I like myself better now than at any other time in my life.

I find myself very grateful for the life that I have lead, filled with adventures, good people, and lots of laughter and tears. I look forward to being 40. I’m not sure why…I just think that the best is yet to come.

Being alive is a miracle taken for granted.

23 February 2010

High On Glee

Glee is awesome & I'm loving it so very much ! As usual, I'm forever the late comers. Am always the most outdated when it comes to movies / tv series. I've heard of this tv series before, seen the ads on TV & heard the soundtrack been played on the radio for a couple million of times. It's just that I dont have the urge to actually make me sit & watch it. During the last CNY holiday, cant remember which day tho, there's this one morning where me & Marsya were watching TV & Glee was on. It was apparently the Glee marathon where they're showing the pilot episode till the most recent ones. And from that moment onwards, you could call me the Glee freak.

I'm totally head over heels in love with the series, especially over Will Schuester who is the director of the Glee club. Not only he's cute....or maybe not so.....but I dont care coz he can play the guitar, sing & dance. What else do you want? He to me, is a perfect 10. The kind of man that can satisfy me totally - without requiring any physical contact whatsoever!

Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) which somehow reminded me of my friend, Chu - must be that curly hair - am very sure ! So Chu, dont over-perasan, ok.

To those who havent watched it yet ( hehehe, I think I'm the only one who's that outdated) ...... please do so. It's aired over Star World (Astro Channel 711) @ 10 pm every Wednesday....... which is gonna be tomorrow & I'm so excited alreadyyyy !!!! I love everything about Glee - the incredibly interesting plot (which is a mixture of romance, humour & controversies), the multi-talented cast, of course and last but not least, the amazing old & new songs ( love that powerful broadway voice of Rachel, by the way ).

I dont actually like getting myself addicted to TV series like this coz the waiting really hurts. But then, at this point of time it's a bit too late for me to back up as I'm already emotionally too deeply involved. Day to day, it's only Glee that I'm looking forward to - counting days & time for the next episode. And unfortunately, I'll be riding this emotional roller coaster for the next 10 - 15 weeks at least. Tiring? You bet ! Satisfaction? Guaranteed !

17 February 2010

The Steps of Batu Caves

Dunno what happen to me but I've been very, very lazy to update my blog. Gotten a few complaints from my so-called fans already. Luckily, there's no death threat.......yet. It started with the CNY holiday la....you know, when you're holidaying, your system suddenly shuts down. Your active brain would just take a halt & remain dormant that it need a few days of recovery process. However, this time around my recovery process went a bit too long that expected .....hehehe. It has become some sort like a disease which infected my whole system that it needs more than a few days to get immune system back & running.

I am now trying very hard to get back on track. Have a few things to blog about - all I need now is some motivation to start. Apart from being infected with the lazy-syndrome, I've also been quite busy attending to my precious Marsya since she's having a week off from school due to CNY. And being her, she's one demanding child, that's for sure.

As planned, I took Marsya for a visit to Batu Caves. My SIL, Noriah & kids tagged along with us. The last time I've been there was about 30 years ago i.e with my dad's school visit. There's nothing much there, I agree. But since it's one of the tourist attractions here in Malaysia, I guess it's no harm taking Marsya there. At least, if her friends or teachers mention about the place, she can tell them she've been there.

Visiting Batu Caves at the age of 10 and doing it at the of 40 really gives you a different perspective. When I was there 30 years ago, the steps looked so long, like a never-ending path it seems. But recently when I was there, I'm quite surprised as it doesnt looked that long anymore. It has somehow "shrunken". The steps are much shorter now.

As far as Batu Caves is concerned, it's all about the steps. It's those steps that makes it one of the touristy place in Malaysia. It's those steps too that attracts thousands (or millions? ) of people all over the world to Batu Caves. Anyway besides the steps, another significant view is that humongous golden statue just at the bottom of the steps. FYI, this statue has been doted the tallest Murugan statue in the world.

We managed to climb all 279 steps with no difficulties. The only drawback, to me personally, are those wild monkeys at the steps. I've always been afraid to monkeys no matter how friendly they can be. These species could really scare the shit out of me. My eyes would be rolling very fast from one side to the other side of the stairs, catching the sight of the monkeys. Quite scary though, come to think of it.

That's about it for Batu Caves. As I said before, it's nothing so special about it - just a place someone can visit so that when people talked about it, you knew you've been there.

14 February 2010

Makan2 @ Kuantan

My blog has been deserted for the past few days, I know. Well, I'm still here on planet earth, alive & breathing. In fact, I've been very-very well for the past few days. Had enuff sleep, enuff rest & more than enuff food. Oh yessss......been eating & eating and the best things is - it's all good food.

There's this syndrome that would always attacked my immune system whenever I'm in Kuantan. It'll paralyzed my whole body system which would pinned me down to the bed or sofa or whatever I'm comfortable on, all day long. I'd be one big, fat python who would only sleep and eat - nothing else but these two.....hehehe. Ain't life great?

Anyway since eating & food have been the main agenda for me in Kuantan, then I would write on the same subject too. This morning my family had breakfast at my parents' favourite spot. I've heard of this place before but havent really got the chance to try out their food. Didnt have that much of luck & time during my previous visits to Kuantan that stopped me from going there.

The restaurant is called Kemira. Nothing so fancy about this place except for their variety of food. It is actually a Kopitiam owned by a Chinese Uncle which operates the beverages stall and out sourced other stalls to some Malay Makciks. If you're coming from Kuantan town heading to KL, Kemira is situated on the left hand side of the road just opposite the TUDM airbase, the 10th mile of Jalan Gambang. It's just a few meters after the infamous Restoran Zaman. Once you've reached Restoran Zaman (which you'll hardly missed due to the big crowd of people), slowed down till you've reached another crowded place not so far ahead.

Kemira is popular for their Nasi Kerabu in which they have 2 choices - beef or chicken. Other than Nasi Kerabu, they too have other tasty & delicious food like Nasi Dagang (my dad's fave), Nasi Berlauk, Nasi Lemak, Laksam, Curry Mee & variety of kuih. You'll be so confused with so many choices of food in front of your eyes.

I've tried their Laksam & the taste is just right for me. The laksam is not too thick & floury like most laksam I've tasted (in KL especially) & most importantly, the gravy is thick with fish meat. Laksm is not a laksam if the gravy does not contain enough fish meat & thick coconut milk. These two are the backbone for a good laksam & here in Kemira, those specs are well met.

I intent to stop by once again on my way back to KL. The next time around, maybe I'll try their famous Nasi Kerabu.