30 April 2009

It's Good To Be Back

Today is d-day! The most awaited day has finally arrives. It's the day I'm driving back to Kuantan.....yabeda beduuuu !!! The initial plan is ETD 1500 hrs from Pandan Indah. Tapi biasalah kan.....kita hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan juga yang menentukan. I only manage to take off @ approximately 1545 hrs.

As expected, Marsya dozed off soon after we reached the highway

The traffic is pretty smooth - not so many cars on the road since the public holiday only starts tomorrow. Weather is great - clear blue sky, sunny day but not that heaty. Such a great day to travel, alhamdulilah - praise to God. On the way, we stopped twice for the uploads & downloads. Upload is filling in the fuel & download is when Marsya needs to go to the loo.

Temerloh Bridge - right across Sungai Pahang

Suprisingly, I dont have to stop at the Temerloh R & R - I'm not sleepy!! Not a slight sleepiness manage to creeps in. I dont even yawn during the whole journey - feeling very fresh & energetic. It's either I'm too excited or God have mercy on me this time around. Whatever it is, I am so grateful. Seronok sangat rasanya bila tak mengantuk masa driving - rasa cepat jer masa tu berlalu. 2 1/2 hours is not as torturing as it used to be.

Yei....yei....dah sampaiiiii !!!!!

Reached Kuantan safely at approximately 6.45 pm. It's good to be able to breath the Kuantan air again. The air I've been missing & longing to inhale. Looking forward to enjoying the limited days here in Kuantan. Makkk....anak mak dah balikkkkk !!!!!

The road heading to my parent's house in Taman Sepakat

This is it - rumah Cikgu Rahim

Nothing Beats The Male Ego


A friend of mine told me once : “If you think KLCC is is high, wait till you see a guy’s ego. They’re nothing in comparable with”. I have to agree with her. Nothing beats a guy’s ego. They’re so high up even common sense couldn’t defeat it.

'Being a female rider, I’ve to put up with lots n lots of egoistic male riders every day. One thing with these group of people, they cant just accept the fact that a female could ride faster than them. Over took their bike & their ego exploded. They’ll somehow try their very best to beat you. Do or die, they’ll over took you back. Then only they can rest in peace.

'Had a similar experience with my ex-hubby. He would never believe whatever I told him – it’s all rubbish it seems. But wait till one of his friend told him of the exact same thing later. Without giving it a single thought, he would just agree with it – as simple as that. And he don’t even remember I’ve actually told him the same thing before & he objects it. See how sickening this can be. It’ll eat your heart out for sure. To all hubby out there : to listen to your wife’s advise or opinion doesn’t makes you incompetent, for God’s sake !

'Another classic example on male’s ego is when they get lost. If they have to make a turn at the same place for 10 times, they would still do it. To stop & ask for directions is a complete no-no. No way they would do it….they’re the man. They knew EVERYTHING.

'All these are based on my own personal experience. I’m sure not all guys are as bad as how I’ve pictured them – there are some rare, very rare species who could still push down their ego to us, women. It’s just my fate that I have to put up with the rest of them.

'I could go on and on sharing similar examples about male ego. But I’d rather not coz it’ll certainly makes me sick . So bloody sick !!! vomit

3 words to ruin a guy’s ego : IS IT IN ?? Happy

28 April 2009

Jom Balik Kampung

Am taking a long leave this weekend - on top of the Labour Day public holiday on Friday. Akak nak balik kampunggggg........Kuantan, here I come !! The only setback to this excitement is of course the driving. I hate.....I mean, really hate driving in a long journey. Within the town is still okay but long journey is a no-no for me. Maybe it's the navigator that causing me this problem.

Marsya, my so-called navigator can be as chatty as she could be when she's out of the car. but once she stepped in, all her energy & strengths seems to weaken & she'll would just fell asleep without me or even her, realising it. So, that leaves her poor mummy to drive alone - trying very hard to keep herself awake behind the wheel which is a very torturous experience, I tell you !!!

So, normally I would stop at the Temerloh R&R for a drink or if situation gets worse, I'll stop for a nap. Both of us then, would be enjoying ourselves, sleeping in the car till either one of us woke up. Still, that doesnt help much once I hit the road again. Me & sleeping - we were so much bonded to each other.......hahahaha.

This time around, I have a few things I would like to do while I'm there in Kuantan. Let's just list them down & at the end of the trip we'll find out what have been achieved & what have not :

  1. Visiting the heritage trail of Sungai Lembing. I found out that Sungai Lembing has becoming one of the popular tourist attraction in Kuantan especially the sunset watching at Sg. Lembing Hill. The only obstacle I'm facing at the moment is finding a travelling companion as I need to be at the bottom of the hill as early as 4.30 am in order to catch the sunrise (the journey to the top of the hill will take approximately 1 hour or so). Still a bit sceptical in making this plan a reality. We'll see how it goes....God's willing, I'll be there shouting from the top of Sg. Lembing Hill.

  2. Curry Mee @ Hoi Yin Restaurant in Teluk Cempedak. This curry mee reminds me a lot to the ones I used to have at my school canteen during my schooling time in MGS. The gravy is just nice - not too thick & not too thin as well. Yummy !

  3. Breakfast @ Tg Lumpur. Went to this place with mum & Aida during my last trip to Kuantan. It was mum who actually discovered about the whereabout of this warong. One thing I love about this place is it's variety - lots & lots of them. There'll be Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Laksam, Nasi Berlauk, Nasi Lemak and many-many more. You'll be spoilt with all the choices they have there. I'll try to find out the exact address of this place & post it in my next entry that is after I came back from Kuantan.

  4. Soya Bean drinks & Taufu Fah @ Kuantan Market's Foodstall. Their soya bean & taufu fah are the best in the world ! The texture of the taufu fah there is so smooth & shiny. In my 39 years of age, I've never came across a Taufu Fah as good as this one - honestly. So, a visit to this place is a must.

  5. Pelindung Beach in Beserah. Heard of this place so many times but havent actually make an effort to go & check-out the place. It's being referred as the "well-kept secret" beach since its existence known perhaps only by the villagers and the nearby residents of Kampung Pelindung and Beserah. I just hope I would be able to locate the place.

  6. Keropok Lekor @ Kg. Selamat, Tanjung Api. Actually, you can find Keropok Lekor practically everywhere in Kuantan. But of all the places, I like this one the best. It's a small warong by the road side of Kg. Selamat which sells some other things too beside the keropok. The keropok here is so sweet - when I say sweet, I dont mean sweet as in sugarly sweet but more of the sweetness of the fresh fish they've used to make the keropok

  7. Kuantan River Cruise - one of the newest tourist attractions in Kuantan. From the info. I gathered in the net, it's quite an interesting cruise I would say. And therefore, I would find time to make myself available for this trip. Am so excited alreadyyyyy !!!!

Very well then, as of now, these are the things & places I would like to venture during my short trip back to my hometown. Most of the time, I could only manage to achieve 80% of the planned schedules. We'll see how it goes this time around. Break a leg Red Scoot!!!!

27 April 2009

New Moon

I'm done with New Moon in one day. Not that it's such an interesting book to read....in fact, Twilight is much better than this one. It's just that I'm trying to finish the boring part so much that I read it so fast.

New Moon is not as interesting as Twilight since we spent so little time with the Cul­lens. It's the Cullens (Edward, especially.....for me, at least) who make the story interesting besides the romance between Edward & Bella. How­ever, in New Moon, there was very little of Edward or the Cul­lens except at the begin­ning and the end. I missed Edward so much that I just cant stop reading till he's back in action.

The middle part of the book really bored me I wished I could just skipped it but that would be against my own principles - not to skip any part of a book no matter how boring it can be. It's like a sin in a book-reading process - my so-called principles. Anyway, the middle part of the book is a bit too mythical for me - the werewolfes, Volturis. I just feel it's a bit too much even though they are all very well related to Vampires.

Those who read New Moon would be breathless for the sequel, as Bella finally understands everything that will be at stake if she make the ultimate choice to give up her humanity and transform herself to a vampire. I was so eager to find out about this that I nearly went to Kinokuniya on Saturday to get the Eclipse - the sequel to New Moon. If you have a vampire boyfriend, would you wanna be like him? Well, if that vampire is as cool as Edward Cullen, I wouldnt mind being transfromed into a vampire.

"Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark but there were stars - points of light and reasons."

"And then, you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire, there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldnt see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for everything."

Edward Cullen

I'm falling in love, again and again, with Edward Cullen. Been walking on cloud nine ever since I got to know him. Arrgggghhhh.......it's a beautiful feeling yet it's killing me. It wont last, I know but it would definately takes some time to get it over with. That, I'm very sure of.

24 April 2009

Twilight....The Movie

Finally, I'm done with both - the book & the movie. And I'm sure you guys knew which one I preferred. Of course, it's the book. I wouldnt have fallen in love with Edward Cullen if I have not read the book. The book is obvioulsy more detailed as compared to the movie. And it's unfair to compare between those two anyway. How can you compress a 300 pages of stories into a 1.5 hours of movie?

My own vision of Edward Cullen is much more gorgeous than that Robert Pattinson who's the cast in that movie. There's something about his face which I dont really like.....is it the hair? Or is it becoz of the lips that's a bit too red? But that doesnt make me stop from dreaming to have a vampire boyfriend....hehehehe. Berangan laaaa !!!! Like what Carol said to me : the closest you can get here is the Pontianak.....hahahaha.

So, for those who havent watch the movie or read the book, I would recomend to read the book first. It'll make you understand the story more. However, you'll tend to get disappointed since they cant put all the details in the movie. But that shouldnt stop you from enjoying the movie. However, there are certain scenes which are best described in the movie like the scene where Edward carried Bella & ran or some sort fly through the woods. The other scene would be during the baseball game. The effect is superb. Your imagination when you read the book becomes so alive in these two scenes.

Anyway, I've already bought the sequel to Twilight which is the New Moon. Since Marsya will be with her dad this weekend that means I have more time to my own & I'm hoping to finish the whole book then. I just find out that they already started filming this sequel. So, I have plenty of time to finish the book before they start launching the movie !

22 April 2009

I’m In Love……..

Oh yesss…….I’m in love In Love !!!! I’m in love with Edward Cullen, the vampire. I’m so obsessed by this character. He was in my mind all the time – how I’d wished I could have a vampire boyfriend – the inhumanly beautiful face, the strength, the sleekness, romantic, rich Mata Duitan …..he’s everything a woman would ever wants from a guy. And he played piano as well……I’m so crazy over him, God help me !

.A boyfriend who would be watching you sleeping every night…..a boyfriend who would be protecting you all the time……a boyfriend who would carry you and run through the forest as if you’re on a plane or something. Now tell me…….who wouldn’t wanna a boyfriend like that??? Mind you….I havent finished reading the book yet & I’m already this insane. God knows what’s gonna happened to me after I watched the movie itself. I’ll be darn damned !!

Carol just finished watching the movie that I’ve downloaded a few days ago and both of us got nothing else to talked about today except the topic of Edward Cullen. We’re both are head over heels in love with him. She’s now compiling the complete soundtracks of the movie & we’ve been listening to Bella’s Lullaby song all day long. I’ve never been this obsessed by a character in a book before. This vampire had really turned my life upside down – for now. I really have to finish the book fast so that I could start watching the movie & make me even deeply falling in love with him. Edward Cullen – you are one hell of a vampire !!!!

20 April 2009

I Hate Mondays !!!

Urrgghhhh.......it's Monday again. I've to drag myself out from bed this morning & it's really tough. This is what happened when you have one extra day for your normal 2-days weekend. I was on leave last Friday to spend some quality time with my darling princess. I could feel the heat of coming back to work since yesterday afternoon itself. Menci....menciiiiii !!!!

Luckily, things are not that bad at work today - except for one stupid guy in the lift this morning. As it is there are so many people swarming in front of the lift trying to slit in. Then there's this one guy who went into the lift & not wanting to go deep inside. What he did is that he went one step in, turn & stood there like a fool, when there're still plenty of spaces at the back of him. Instead of going straight till the end of the lift, he could just stand in the middle & buat bodoh. This is how stupid people can be & they can still call themselves modern civilised people. Puhhhleaseeeeee.......

Like I said earlier, I was fortunate that work is not that bad today - no technical clarifications, no due dates to meet & the best thing.....no Chandra behind my back - he's off to Thailand for these few days. Yess...yesss.....yesssss !!! So, I'm taking the opportunity to download the movie Twillight from the net.

I know I've just bought the book last Friday & I'm not even finish quarter of it yet. But the thing is, the more I read the book the more I wanted to watch the movie. I'm enjoying the story very much - so far. No doubt it's a teenager love story but watta heck. I need something to make me feel younger since the pressure I'm getting at work everyday would certainly make me die faster.

So, now I'm in a dilemma - should I watch the movie first or should I finish the book first. Arrrgggghhhhhh !!!!!!!

16 April 2009

It's Shopping Time !!!

Juz came back from KLCC - shopping la apa lagi. I've decided to reward myself with the bonus money I recently got. Lagipun dah lama benor rasanya akak tak sopping kan. So, what did I buy? Hehehehe.......what else if it's not my long awaited wished sandal. It's not just a sandal - this is the expensive ones or should I say the branded ones. You can get this kindof sandal anywhere for as low as RM30 but unfortunately my desire is a bit expensive this time. Why? Because I don't intend to buy another pair - not in the next 3 years at least. So, it has to be a good ones then. And for that kindof quality, you wont get it cheap.

So, after surveying in a few shops, I ended with this sandal from Reebok which busted RM150 from my purse. There are not much choices available actually - but being me, if I said I want something I have to have it NOW. Cant wait no more !

With the purchase of that Reebook sandal, I'm entitled to buy a few selection of stuff with a price of RM5. So, I've chosen this red iPanema slipper where the original price is RM36.90. Later I found out that this brand is actually owned by that famous supermodel, Giselle Bundchen.

My shopping doesnt stops there....not yet. Just across the shop where I bought my sandals is Kinokuniya. It has been quite sometimes since the last time I ever read a storybook. So, I've decided to buy myself a new book. Twillight. Yes, I bought that. Didnt watch the movie though but lots of people said it's a nice movie. So, if the movie is nice, the novel should be twice nicer as it normally do, isn't it?

So, I'm done with my shopping - for today. Happy? You betttt !!!!!

14 April 2009

Be Grateful

I was so mad with Marsya this morning. I cooked her Fried Kuay Teow for breakfast which turned out to be not to her taste. As always, I like to be adventurous when it comes to cooking - in terms of trying out new recipes or new methods. So, that explains the result I'm getting for my Fried Kuay Teow this morning. Anyway, it's not that baddddddd after all - it's tasted a bit different from my normal fried kuay teow.

Marsya told me that the noodle tastes funny & she refused to eat. Hearing that really makes my blood boils. Pagi-pagi buta lagi aku dah mengamuk. I was so mad - not becoz she criticize my cooking - it's her attitude I'm pissed with.

This is what I told her the moment she pushed away the plate : Marsya, tell me how many of your friend's mum woke up @ 5.30 every morning to cook breakfast for them? I'm sure not even half of your classmate's mums did that. For all you know, some of them even go to school with an empty stomach ! You should be grateful you still have food on your table every morning. So, now you better shut-up & eat your food !!!

I can get really disturbed when people complains about their food. It's ok to complain about your food at a restaurant coz you pay money for it. But complaining over a food cooked for you for free is really mean & unappreciative, especially if that person is your own mother ! Very, very bad !

Anyway, Marsya did finished her breakfast despite the funny taste. Well, having a crazy mum like me she wouldnt dare to leave a single piece of the kuay teow on her plate !

13 April 2009

Anugerah Bintang Popular 2008


Malam tadi nengok ABP 2008 - not that I'm really into it but having to watch ke"gedik"an & the stupidity of the Malaysian celebrities is something not to be missed coz it's fun! I've to get myself updated with these kindof things so that I wont be so lost when somebody talked about this at the office kan.


Anyway, didnt really watched the whole event - it was kindof on & off for me. Watched a bit in the beginning & a bit towards the end. The followings are a few interesting facts I've captured from the event :

  • Anita Sarawak's boobs seems to be extravaganza last nite. I dont think I've been un-observant all theses whiles but I'm quite sure they're huge than before. let's not jump to conclusion - she used extra paddings....wakawaka
  • Why on earth is Siti Saerah been invited as the award presenter?? Yang ini memang akak sedikit confuse......of all the celebrities, why her? She's not even a celebrity to start with. Akak memang biased sikit when it comes to this girl - me no like her. I see her as an "attention seeker" & been using her sister for that. Why her lorrrr????
  • Mawi is no longer botak. He indeed looked different with hair on his head. Must be his wife, Ekin who've changed his look. Personally, I think he now looked older. Dunno whether it's me but I could feel the coldness from the audience's reaction towards him last nite. No more loud screams coming from the audience - the kindof reponses he used to be getting from his fans. Nevertheless, he still got the Most Popular Male Singer Award. Nasib ngko la Cik Wiwi.........
  • Nabil hugged girlfren, Irma when he was announced the Most Popular Artist for 2008. I think he got too excited that he didnt actually realized what has he done. Irma pun cam blur2 je masa tu. Akak rasa menda ni mesti jadik issue punya lepas ni. Pandai-pandai la ngko nak jawab, Nabil.......lu pikir la sendiriiiii !!!



11 April 2009

Rude Cab Driver


.Angry This is how exactly I looked like earlier this afternoon – very, very mad! I’ve created a situation at this one restaurant just now. Dah lama benor aku tak marah orang camni – very the sakit hati one !!!!

After fetching Marsya from school, we went to this restaurant in Pandan Indah for lunch. I parked my red scooter right in front of the restaurant. As I’m about to leave the place, came this one taxi & parked right behind my scooter – some sort like blocking my way out la. I tried my level best to get out from the narrow passage in between two cars but I failed to do so.



.So, I’ve got no choice but to ask the taxi driver a favor. I then asked Marsya to go & talked to the taxi driver who happens to be an old man (1 feet is already in the grave!!) asking him to kindly reverse his car a little bit so that I could go out.

Marsya then came back telling me that the old man shouted at her. “Aku nak makan la !!!!” That’s what he said to my poor little princess. Hearing that I got really pissed….really, really pissed ! I stormed into the restaurant & headed straight to that bastard.

Controlling my anger which is super difficult, I approached that pakcik & ask him why does he has to shout at a 10 year old kid ?

Aku : Pakcik, tadi kenapa pakcik marah2 anak saya bila dia mintak tolong alihkan keta?

Pakcik : Aku nak makan lahhh !!!

Aku : Yelahhhh……kot ye pun tak yah la sampai nak tengking2 – cakap elok2 tak boleh ker? Pakcik ni nama jer tua…budi bahasa langsung takde. Macam ni la Melayu – baru bawak teksi dah besar kepala !!!

Pakcik : ……….. (terpinga-pinga macam orang bodoh – memang bodoh pun!!!! )

Pastu, aku keluar & terus amik gambar teksi dia. Tak puas hati lagi tu…aku pusing belakang, tengok muka dia & give him my middle finger. Go to hell !!!!! Ikut hati, mau je aku calar2kan teksi dia tu – so that he’ll remember how to communicate with people. So, this is what a “Small Ambassador ( a nick given to cab drivers ) is – good luck Malaysia !!!!


10 April 2009

New Design For Cigarette’s Box



Last nite after fetching Marsya from her piano class, we stopped by at the 7-E to get her favourite Slurpy. Then, a guy approach the counter to buy a box of cigarette. The funny thing here is the way he asked for it : "Bagi rokok xxx satu kotak – yg takde gambarnya punya ada tak?”


Lucu….lucu….. ROTFL I laughed at him there & then. “Tau pun ngko takut nengok gambar2 tu yer….tapi demi menjaga maruah seorang perokok tegar, hisap tetap hisap yer?” I find it very funny……these people are pretty much aware of all the consequences they’ll be facing but then……well easier said than done, isnt it ?


The government has this new ruling whereby all cigarette box should have either one of these images on it. Do you think by putting these scary images on the cigarette box would actually decrease the number of smokers? Hhmmm……I doubt it la. But then, we never know……it might scares some of them out there. Hope for the best…. expect the worst !


08 April 2009

The Runaway Maid



Aduhhh.....pening kepala akuuuuuu!!!!! Maid aku buat “larian merentas kota” la pulak ! Marsya called me up this afternoon telling me that my maid has gone missing. It seems that she left the house @ 9 am this morning and had been on MIA since then. Luckily Ji is at home as he's working on the evening shift this week.


Memang kurang ajar! Tak sedar diri punya Indon ! Mulalah aku nak memaki hamun ni. I've been treating her so well & this is how she pay me back. Dasar Indon yang memang tak boleh dibuat baik.....tak mengenang budi. Gerammmm !!!!!!! j0282749


Later in the evening she called up Marsya telling her that she’s running away with her Abang (like I care !!!). Still got the guts of asking her money from me WTF . Dah la lari dari umah…..anak aku balik umah sorang-sorang….lagi ada hati nak tanya gaji? Boleh blahhhhh !!!!!


Orang gaji ni memang macam-macam hal tau. One thing with me – I dunno how to be mean to people – maid particularly. Sebab tu lah depa ni semua dok pijak kepala aku. Macam si Mar tu dulu – dah macam boss besar….tengok TV, tido – 2 tu je yg dia tau. Dapat si Jawa ni pulak – dok main jantan aje kerjanya!


Dont think I would wanna take any more maid – enuff is enuff. Marsya already agree to stay in a nursery. All I need to do now is to find one good nursery for her. As for you Miskiah – good luck to you ! Jangan sampai ngko kena jual kat bapa ayam sudah ! Ko sendiri yang carik penyakit…ko tanggung la sendiri !! Dun Bother



07 April 2009

Suprise Calls

Yes ! Finally after 7 solid days, I'm declaring myself as a 100% fever-free person. Pheww....such a relief. Seksa dek....bukan 1, bukan 2...tapi 7 hari demam! Tak penah2 aku demam teruk camni...must be aging factor lah tu. Nak bagi ingat skit.....asyik lalai aje, tu la pasal.....ngeh..ngeh...ngeh. Anyway, I'm grateful I finally recovered even though the flu & the sore throat is still there but then at least one is down. What more can I say but....alhamdulillah.

I would say it's a special day for me today, apart from being freed from the fever. Got a call from two of my old buddies - such a pleasant suprise. Nily called me up this morning. When was the last time we ever spoke or met? Huh...cant really remember anymore.....must be quite some time ago. Oh yesss.....I remembered. It was somewhere last year. She came over to UOA building with her so-called boyfriend who happens to be sumbody's hubby. So apalagi....sebagai seorang warganegara yang bertanggungjawab, terpaksa lah aku lecture minah ni. Kat dalam toilet kat belakang Subway tu pun boleh jadi lecture hall aku...kihkihkih. Yelah.....budak muda cakder camtu, buat apa lah nak waste her time with somebody like that. Not that she didnt have the look or sumthing. Sombody like Nily certainly deserves someone better! I'm glad I spoke to her that day coz according to her, she really gave a thought to what I've said & decided to broke off with that guy. Sorry la bro ! Kuang...kuang....kuang.....

Later that afternoon, another old friend of mine called. Yang ini memang betul2 kawan lama - my ex-classmate masa primary school - Farawahida. If I'm not mistaken, the last time we've ever met must be during Form 5 @ MGSS Kuantan since she was my school mate then. Well, we have to thank facebook for re-uniting us. She found me there in Facebook a few months back. Only now, we've got the chance to actually talk to each other. I'm glad she called.

Catching up with old friends is indeed very interesting. There are so many things to ask each other....keja apa...keja kat mana...anak berapa orang....suami berapa orang ( opppss...that's only relevant to me ).....and the best thing is obviously gossipping la.... In terms of getting in touch with old buddies, Facebook has indeed played an important role to re-connect the long lost relationships. Thanks to the development of the IT world! Bravo !!

Alamak....dah kol 10 beb ! Hutang tak bayar lagi ni.....till the next post then. Ciao !

03 April 2009

I’m So Sick



Been on MC for 4 days altogether for the past 1 1/2 week. Feeling very, very sick and weak. That explains the absence of any new entry in my blog. In fact, I'm on my sick leave today & decided to blog just to kill my boredom.


It started last week when I got an eye sore. When I woke up in the morning, my eyes are glued together due to the excessive discharged from the eyes. My eyes didnt swell or turned red not until the next day. Then only the discomfort begins….ouch j0424480 ! The blessings? 2 days MC of course.


Few days after that my throat started killing me. It’s so painful I find it hard even to talk….let alone to eat or to drink. This is even worse than the eye sore. All these, the eye discomfort & throat pain I guess must be becoz of the body heat. My body is dehydrating due to lack of fluids. This is one my major health problem – my difficulties to consume enuff water per day. The most I would take is about 3 – 4 glasses of water per day which is wayyyyy too far from the suggested amount of minimum 7 glasses. Very bad indeed ! Now I’m paying the price for it which turned out to be quite bad.


Had a fever for a few days then. The fever is still bearable but the throat....God help me!! It is so damn painful especially when you woke up in the middle of the nite when it's so dry. It feels like a dagger being stabbed repeatedly in your throat. Cant eat....cant drink....cant talk......felt so dead !

Moral of the story : drink lots n lots of waterrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!! j0303353


Earth Hour 2009



This blog entry might be the last posting ever been made about Earth Hour since it took place about a week ago i.e. on the 28th March 2009 @ 8.30 - 9.30 pm. It's an initiative by the World Wildlife Fund International to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change.


Personally, I dont think it would change anything......seriously, do you think those world leaders would actually sit down & give it a thought? Forget about the world leaders....our very own leaders for instance, they wont give a damn about. All they care about is to reap more & more money into their pockets. Even if they participate, they would only do it for publicity.


Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million of Australian switched off their lights for one hour. In 2008 another 50 million people switching off their lights. Global landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Rome’s Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House and the Coca Cola billboard in Times Square all stood in darkness.


This year, the awareness has been taken to the next level where the goal is to achieve 1 billion people to switch off their lights as part of a global vote. Like the rest of the people around the world, I'm proud to say that I'm one of them who has switched off the light on this very special day.


Despite what I said in the 1st paragraph, I know it wont change anything but to be part of this is quite fun though. 15 mins. to 8.30 pm, myself, Abang & Marsya are all set with the camera & tripod - trying to capture the magical moments. We're lucky to be living in an apartment only 7 km away from the city centre. The only thing is that we have to go to the end of the building to be able to view the prominent buildings such as KLCC and KL Tower.


By 8.30 pm, KL Tower has switched off their lights, followed by KLCC a few minutes later. I like the way KLCC switched off their lights - it was done in stages starting from the bottom to the top of the building. I cant really see the difference in the lightings around the city except for these two landmarks. Even in Pandan Indah itself, there are lots of houses with the lights on. So, insensitive !




Speaking of "insensitive", by 9.00 pm Marsya has started begging from me to switch on the TV - what else if it's not the Akademi Fantasia concert. So, torn between motherhood & a responsible earth's citizen, I've got no choice but to let her watch the TV. Cant bear looking at her sad face. But nevertheless, the lights are still off - trying to be fair.