20 May 2011

Envy Me Gals !

Have you ever seen those make-up train case where you could store all your makeups & accessories in it? What I mean here is the one used by those professional makeup artists - the one which can be open up in a few layers with few compartments in it. It's something like the tool box for the guys but this one is much, much more classy & vogue, of course. Here's basically how it looks like :

Cool isnt it? Actually "cool" is an understatement. It's cooler than cool - it's simply awesome. I can imagine myself carrying it - exceptional...totally exceptional & of course, very, very damn vogue too.

I've seen the case for a couple million of times already, being carried by mak andams at wedding venues. And every time I laid my eyes on it, in a long sigh I'll quietly tell myself that someday I'm gonna be the owner of the case. The makeup case has been the missing piece of my divalicious life all these whiles.

Today, after all the waitings & longings, finally that missing piece found it's way for good. Hell yes, I'm now the proud owner of the BELLO & BEO Makeup Train Case ! Only God knows how I felt inside of me right now. I am so thrilled & excited - so, so very happy that I simply cant stop smiling. If it's not because of my injured leg, I would have jumped to joy when I got the parcel earlier.

And girls, I havent gotten to the best part yet - I dont need to spend a single cent for this bag coz it's totally FREE !!! I was going through the online Citibank reward catalogue the other day when I noticed this beauty. Since I have quite a hefty amount of unredeemed points so far, I guess this could be a smart way to strike down one of the many items in my must-have list. Without further hesitation, I proceed with the redemption & wallah....here I am holding my dreamed makeup case in my hands.

Arent the beg awesome? It is isnt it? So awesome I could feel a gush of heat on my face as I examined the case. My blood just rushed through my veins in parallel with the joy & excitement built up in me. I love everything about the case - it's shiny black vinyl PU exterior, the adjustable strap, the extendable trays & not forgetting it's size - not too big & not too small - just nice !

With this new makeup case of mine, Marsya then inherited my old Elizabeth Arden's makeup box. The moment I've finished uploading my makeups into the new case, Marsya's pretty much done with her part too - which is putting her stuff into her new inherited makeup box !

18 May 2011

My Life As An OKU

Today, it's exactly the 3rd week I've been on MC - the 3 luxurious weeks for a lazy bump like me. You know the saying which sounds like this : Time flies when you're having fun. Well, trust me, that is so very true. The past 3 weeks has gone by so fast that it freaked me out. It was the speediest 3 weeks in my life & the thought of how soon it'll end, scares the shit out of me. In another 4 weeks or so, I'll be back to office & as I'm writing this, I could feel the chills running through my spine already.

The last time I had this luxurious moments in my life was when I delivered Marsya into this world 12 years ago. But that was totally a whole different experience after all. Marsya really gave me hard times during my confinement period where she'd cried all day long for the rest of my 60 days maternity leave. It's a nightmare for all I know !

Well, this time around at least I've got to enjoy my leaves even with this Robocop leg of mine. Though my days still starts as early as 5 am every morning, but I got the luxury to go back to bed after sending Marsya off to school. I'll only wakes up around 8.30 - 9.00 am later on & did my physiotherapy right on the bed itself. The physio session would occupies 30 minutes of my time the most.

Then, I'll proceed by making up the bed & have my shower. If there's any, I'll do my laundry shortly after, otherwise I'll be in my kitchen preparing lunch. Normally, by 12 noon, I'm all done and I would spent the rest of the day lying on the sofa watching TV with the lappie by my side. Heaven !

All those house chores may sound so easy & simple but for a permanently handicapped person like me, believe me, it's tough. Imagine walking with crutches underneath your armpit with one hand holding a pot & another hand gripping the crutch while hopping on one leg ! Imagining it itself is hard - trust me, the actual is twice harder.

You see, God would only tested those whom He believes is strong enuff to handle it & in this case I understands it very well why he'd chosen me again this time. Only a strong & independent person like me can makes it work. Me being who I am helps me a lot in managing my life with Marsya day by day. From cooking, mopping the floor, cleaning the kitchen, drying up the clothes to watering the plants - all these need to get done whether I like it or not. And I'm so proud of myself for being able to accomplish all these tasks on my own - something not every body are capable of !

Besides the long leave, another thing I'm enjoying at the moment is the privilege of being a disabled person (OKU). And what I meant here is mainly the OKU parking privilege. With my current situation, I got to park right at the front of any shop or building I went to. with no question asked. Something I've never got to enjoy before. Isnt that cool? Makes me feel like a VVIP indeed !

And also, do you know that I could burn 50 calories by walking with crutches for a duration of 10 minutes?

See....for every cloud in the sky, the silver lining would surely be there !

05 May 2011

My Robocop Leg

One thing I hate about surgery regardless if it’s a minor or major is the post-operation experience. The effect from the anesthetic really kills me. The vomitish & nauseous feeling was all over me. They are too great that I almost didn’t notice the pain on my knee due to the operation. My head was spinning as if I am having vertigo – I can’t sit, can’t sleep, can’t eat….and practically can’t do a thing. And this will go on for at least 2 days ( in my case, dunno about others tho. )

Alhamdulillah, the operation went well. After 2 hours in the OT, this is how my leg looks like : doesn’t it reminds you of Robocop?

This thing called leg-brace is the option to the traditional cast. I am so relieved they’ve came up with this option coz gotten my leg on cast would be twice difficult for me to move around. This brace itself is quite heavy – imagine the cast! With that thought in mind I begged the doctor to use the brace instead. My justification : I need to take care of my daughter on my own & with the cast around my leg, things gonna be twice harder for me.

FYI, I’ll be having this Robocop leg for the next 6 – 8 weeks. It may not be as heavy as the cast but it still restricts the movement of my leg. Being in this situation makes me realize how lucky I’ve been all these whiles. How lucky I am to be able to walk, run, climb, hop, leap & jump unlike certain people out there who could just sit & watch. It gave me the chance to thank Allah for all the blessings & luxuries of life given to me during my entire life.

03 May 2011

Exec. Deluxe Ward @ APSH

I checked myself in @ APSH yesterday evening. Took the cab & went to the hospital all by myself. The people at the hospital must have a few assumptions in their mind seeing me pulling my luggage through the registration counter since I am the only person there who’s not accompanied by anybody. She’s an orphanage. She doesn’t have frens in her life. She’s not married & doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Those were the thoughts that running through my head seeing the pathetic look they’ve given me.

To me, this is something very, very normal. Even when I was to deliver my Marsya 12 years ago, the situation is pretty much the same (though I do have a husband at that time ). I went to the hospital on my own too. And the same goes to all my other hospital trips thereafter. Me being so independent, I just don’t feel good asking help from others – unless in a situation where I’m not left with an option.

The last time I was admitted to APSH was about 2 years ago – that was the time when my toe got smashed by a cupboard. I was put into the newly built Premier Ward. Unfortunately, this time around that particular ward was full & I’ve to make do with the Executive Deluxe ward.

To my surprise, the Exec. Deluxe is far more better than the Premier – in terms of size. It was one huge room which can easily housed 3 queen beds at one time. How I’d wish it is the school hols. so that Marsya & my mum can stay in with me.

Tomorrow will be D-Day where my orthopedic is gonna dissect my knee. Hope everything goes well. Amin.