27 July 2010

Sekinchan Ikan Bakar

After a long break (to give way to the Fifa World Cup 2010), the Celibacy Club has been officially re-enacted last Friday. The destination this time was Sekinchan Ikan Bakar Restaurant. Though the name is Sekinchan which is a small town in the state of Sekangor, it's actually situated in Taman Setiawangsa, Ampang. The very crowded part of Taman Setiwangsa that is.

There are 2 ways to get to this place - either via the Middle Ring Road II or Jalan Jelatek, Ampang road. Since MRR2 is forever prone with traffic jam, I opted for the other route which is not that much of a difference as compared to the MRR2. After 40 mins battling with the traffic, we reached the place @ approximately 9 pm. As mentioned earlier, the restaurant is located at the busiest part of the area & looking for a parking spot that night was a real pain in the ass.

The crowd at the restaurant was reasonably huge as well. I'm quite sure it's due to the "promotions" they got from TV3 where they have been featured in the recent episode of the Jalan2 Cari Makan series last Sunday. It's a good thing that the restaurant is quite spacious to accommodate all its patrons comfortably.

Overall, in terms of restaurant's setup & facilities, theirs are not that bad. Apart from having the ample spaces, they also have this big screen TV & above all, while having their food customers will be entertained by the performance of their live band. It was a big restaurant with a number of counters - fresh seafood counter, BBQ counter, Ulam counter, nasi lemak counter& of course, the cashier counter.

In my honest opinion, the food is a bit too pricey - especially with their super-slow service. We ordered squids, fish & cockles which took them more than an hour to deliver. I guess that's where they got the name Sekinchan from. The time taken to prepare the food will be as tho they have to fetch the seafood all the way from Sekinchan it seems.

These drinks are called "Jumbo Juice" - RM8 each.

Imagine, we started ordering @ 9.30 pm & we only got to eat close to 11 pm. Rather than having dinner, we've ended up with supper instead ~ big sigh ~. Another mistake we made (apart from choosing this particular restaurant to dine in), was to complain their slow service to the wrong person. There's this old chap aged somewhere late forties or maybe early fifties, who simply cant stop talking when the only thing we've asked was our food. This guy could talked & talked as if there's no tomorrow it seems. It was so bad that we have to avoid any eye contacts with him every time he passed by our table - coz once started, he could never stopped.

Basically, what they have here is plain rice or nasi lemak, paired with variety of grilled seafood. The nasi lemak was quite good actually especially with the sambal kerang ( or is it "rendang kerang" since there's stripes of daun kunyit in it). Unfortunately I've to give way to K.Mimi on the sambal kerang as there's only one portion left.

As for the seafood, this is what we took : ikan keli, squids & cockles. For these seafood, you'll have to personally handpick them from an array of seafood at the counter. There are varieties of seafood available, all the way from prawns, squids, fish, crabs, lala & cockles. Once you've made the selections, you'll be directed to the weighing counter where all the seafood will be weighed & priced. Then, just go back to your table & wait for at least 1 hour before you'll get re-united with your seafood !

All & all, it's place I dont think I would go for a second time. Firstly, the food is just not worth waiting for. It's not that great of a food & practically nothing to shout about. Secondly, I feel that it's a bit over-priced. Imagine, 2 medium sized squid can cost RM16 & 2 small sized catfish is priced at RM18.

With that amount of price & time of waiting, one might as well drive all the way to Umbai, Melaka for a much, much more satisfying seafood dish !

26 July 2010

Mr. Asshole Meets Ms. Slut

Remember the entry I wrote about the crush I had on Mr Big (from Sex & The City) ? Well FYI, that feeling just got crushed last weekend. It was really bad not a single tiny-miny love molecules left for him. Vanished. All gone !

Since my 320 Gb external HDD has reached its limit recently, it's about time to start watching if not all, at least some of those TV series & movies I've actively downloaded for the past few months. I need to make some room for other new movies as well - not forgetting the TV series too. Anyway, worse comes to worst, I'll buy another HDD then - and this time I'll definitely go for the Terrabyte sized HDD and whistle all the way down the Torrent lane.

As planned, I managed to finish the Sex & The City TV series marathon over the weekend - the whole of Season 3 that is. It's in this 3rd season I've discovered these 3 important things : Mr Big is an asshole, Carrie Bradshaw's a slut & I am an idiot (who could actually fell for a prick like Big !).

I know I always rode on the last train as far as movies are concerned.......let alone the TV series. And I also know that by now, three quarter of the world's population already knew what happen between Carrie & Big but still, I need to tell the story here just to let the world knows how stupid I was before.

In this season 3, the slutty Carrie can actually had an affair with the bastard Big who's only been married for a few months. I just cant stop cursing both of them while watching it. It was like, damn, shit, fuck.....all the way. I really hate myself for liking Mr. Big at one point of my life. He's nothing more than a stinky rotten rubbish & the same goes to that whore writer girlfriend of him !

Both of these creatures (Big & Carrie) had a good partner in their life & instead of being grateful with all the blessings, they backstabbed them by screwing each other behind their back. And this slutty Carrie would then feel very bad & guilty every time they did it but would still sleep with him over & over again. Damn stupid isn't it?

I love watching SATC coz the writing / scripts are crisp & funny. But this Carrie-Big affair has indeed becomes very detrimental to the love & interest I had for this series. And now it leaves me with no choice but to watch it while at the same time swallowing a big chunk of hatred towards that two desperados. I could feel the sudden warmth rushing to my face (due to the anger & hate) the moment these two people appeared on the screen. In fact, seeing Chris Noth's name appeared during the first few seconds of the intro montage, has actually resented me watching it. If it's not because of Samantha Jones ( Kim Catrall), I dont think I would still continued watching it.

Anyway, the 3rd season of SATC seems to be that last piece of the missing puzzle I had in my head all these whiles. It all now make sense as to how the haggard-looking Carrie Bradshaw could end up marrying Mr. Big.

Simple - a slut is only good for an asshole !

20 July 2010

A Simple Thanks Will Do

I am an Application Engineer (AE) & have been that ever since I started my working life approximately 16 years ago. And I'm quite certain I would retire as an AE too since that's what I've always hoped for. 16 years of doing the same old thing - sounds pretty boring isnt it? But somehow or rather, I didnt actually felt that way - well, otherwise I wont be working here anymore, won't I?

I love being an AE & the work I'm doing. When I first started way back in 1994 (as a fresh grad), I was attached to this small local company which is the exclusive agent for Malaysia. My first week of working there was the most boring week in my entire life - I was given a few brochures about the product I'm supposed to be doing - something that I've never ever heard of before. How many of us knows what a "Control Valve" is? None, unless you're involved directly in the industry.

Reading or should I say, looking at those product bulletins for a week scares the shit out of me. I was totally blank & cant relate anything about Control Valve to the things that I've learned from my uni. It then makes me wonder whether I'm really fit for the job. At that point of time, I'm quite sure I'll create a history in the company for being the first employee to be fired due to my incompetency.

After a few months, I realized that things are not that bad after all. I slowly began to enjoy the kind of work I gotta do. It gave me some sense of pleasure & was feeling very honored for being given the opportunity to select the valves for most of the oil & gas industry throughout Malaysia. Since I'm working with an exclusive agent, only a few of us been given such an honorable task. In a way, it makes me feel very important & I'm so proud of myself with all the contributions I've made to one of the biggest industry in the world, and Malaysia specifically.

As one of my manager once told me - being a control valve's AE is a very rewarding career. And that is absolutely something I cant deny. I owed a lot to my job. Through my 16 years of dedication, there are indeed a lot of things I've learned ( besides all those overseas traveling) & achieved in life. What more can I asked for but to be blessed with all the opportunities being forwarded to me all these whiles. Alhamdulillah.

Still, though it sounded so perfect, like any other job, mine has its downside too. In my line of work, an AE's job covers both the technical & commercial review of the requisition / enquiry from the customer. This shall includes doing the sizing & selection of the valves in accordance to the customer's technical requirements & as well as quoting the prices to complete the proposal. The sales people on the other hand, will need to convince the customer that our proposal is the best among the rest.

I would say, both the applications & the sales played an important roles to secure the order (though I selfishly feels that the AE did most of the dirty jobs than the sales). It takes an effort from both parties to make it a success. The proposal wont be completed without the AE & the customer wont be convinced without the bullshits from the sales.

Well, that's exactly how the AE thought it was. Apparently what the sales have in their mind is something else. The AE would do all the shitty work & the sales would take all the glory & credit to themselves. The AE however would only get their name mentioned if they happened to lose the job. That's when the pointing fingers session started --> it's all due to the AE's technical incompetency !

This has been happening for as long as I could remember. And today, the history repeats. I received an email from our Sales Director congratulating our sales person for winning an order for this one particular job I'm completely involved with. And obviously, my name can only be found at the CC copy of that email & not being mentioned as part of the email itself (though my name is not as long & as complicated as the sales guy's name).

One thing I dont understand here is that, if that dickhead Director doesnt even wanna acknowledge all the efforts I've put in, why bother copying me the email ? If you think the other guy is the only one deserve the recognition, just send it to him only then. And if you think that is still not enough to represent your gratitude, go ahead & lick his face up to his ass, for crying out loud ! That way, both me & him would be happy & I dont have dirty my blog by having both of your stories in it.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is not the first time this ever happened. Anyway, I dont know what have gotten into me today that suddenly makes me feel the urge to reply to that dickhead's email. Here's how my reply sounds like : "Guys, dont you think I deserve a bit of thanks as well ?". Short & simple but strong enuff to gave a hard knock on that airhead of my Sales Director & Sales Manager.

The moment I hit the send button to reply that stupid email, I didnt expect to be getting any response from either one of them. Frankly, the only thing they could say in their reply is just a mere "sorry". And knowing these ball-less smartass, they would rather be shot to death than saying that magical word to an AE like me. Well, what do you expect - these two pricks are men ! Aaaaa.....now everything seems to make sense isn't it? Do I need to say more ?

15 July 2010

Walk For Charity 2010

Islamic Outreach ABIM invites Malaysian community members to sign up for their annual “Walk For Charity” event on Sunday, July 25 2010 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Participants can register by calling 03-42569822. The “Walk for Charity”, sponsored by various corporate organizations, including Bank Simpanan Nasional and Maybank Islamic, MAIS, Gardenia and many others, will benefit a number of its activities including Children Welfare & Sponsorship Program, Awareness Through Mosque Tour, Orang Asli Socio-Economic Development Program, Hospital Visit Task Force.

Registration for the event is at RM15 and RM10 for students. All participants will receive a “goodie bag” filled by event sponsors with a complimentary event T-shirt. The walkathon starts at 7:30 am, with participant and sponsor registration beginning at 6.30am. Sign up is at the registration tent on the corner of the main parking lot. Various viewing stations and tents will be set up along the path for supporters to watch and sponsors to distribute water and other items.

I thought of joining this event - since it does not requires me to run. I used to run a lot last time which resulted with an operation on both of my knees not so long ago. And becoz of that, I'm no longer fit for running - brisk walking is all I'm left with, which is why I would wanna join this charity walk.

So to all my fellow friends & readers, come and join me for this walkathon (by the way, Hajar & Lin already agreed to join). It's like killing 2 birds with one stone - not only you'll be doing good deeds to yourself, you are giving back to the society too at the same time.

Here are the details of the event, to those who are interested :

Date: 25th Jul 2010, Sunday
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, KL
Registration Fees: RM15 - adult, RM10 - student
Distance : 7 km (adults) , 5 km (children)
Contact: 03-42569822.
For more details, kindly refer to Official Website

14 July 2010

My Salami Story

I stopped by @ Carrefour (in Axis, the newly opened shopping mall in Taman Cempaka, Ampang) after work today to get some Chicken Pastrami since I was into sandwiches for breakfast these days - not only it's good in taste, the preparation took less than 5 minutes. A very healthy & convenient options to start the day !

I used to buy those chicken / beef salamis from this brand called Gourmessa. They are quite good in terms of taste & quality. At Carrefour however, they only have one brand available which is Hjh Maznah Food Industry. My first impression when I saw it was good coz they're much more cheaper than Gourmessa - at least 20% lower. Taste wise, I cant comment much - not until I've tried them all. So, I end up buying 3 types - Chicken Pastrami, Beef Salami & Beef Pastrami. Cant wait to taste them......yummy !

At the payment counter, the cashier was scanning all these meats & it so happened that for one of them, the scanner machine cant read the bar code pasted on the packaging. She tried a few times but to no avail......and here comes the best part. After failing to scan the price, she then asked me,"Owhhh......looks like this particular ones cant be scanned.....do you actually want this?" She asked me while extending the Chicken Pastrami to my attention.

"Owhh.....of course I dont wanna it. I took it for fun. In fact, it was those meat that actually jumped inside my shopping cart when I passed by the counter just now. I guessed they must have been too excited looking at me in this bright orange tops which initiate them to do that suicidal jump. And that's how those salami & pastrami end up being inside my trolley. Interesting huh?"

I wished I could have said that to her. She's so lucky my hormones are at their best state of stability and I had quite a smooth day today in the office. Otherwise, things can turned quite ugly, I would say. C'mon, what does she mean when she asked me whether I want those meats? What the hell those meats were doing in my trolley if I do not want them? You dont need to have an IQ of a genius to figure that out isnt it? If she could put on those fake eyelashes onto her eyelids, why cant she put the same effort to check what the hell went wrong with those bar codes ????

I then looked straight into her eyes & told her that I want them all. She went off for a few minutes & came back with a strip of bar codes in her hand. Once I got everything in my shopping bag, I quickly left the hypermarket feeling very, very pissed. Those meats better be good & worth all the angers I've swallowed. That's it.....I rest my case !

13 July 2010

Let's Talk Eclipse

Watched this long awaited movie last Friday with Lin & sisters. Been wanting to write the review since Saturday but then I was really occupied the whole weekend, accompanying my BFF from Kuantan. Tried to blog in the office earlier but my eyes couldnt compromise - they are hardly open through out the evening. I was so sleepy the whole day - not that I watched the World Cup's final but the truth is my too tired with all those activities I had over the weekend wif that fren of mine. Anyway, here goes my review for Eclipse....

The Story

To those who havent read the book, Eclipse is the continuation of the love triangle between Vampy Edward, mortal Bella and the hideous werewolf Jacob (who's obviously running out shirt since he runs around half-naked through out most of the movie, even when there was no need for him to do so). Besides the love triangle or should I say, Bella's stupid indecisiveness, this movie focused on the battle between the newborn vampires, recruited by Bella's long time enemy, Victoria with the alliance of Cullen's family & the howling pack - in order to protect Bella & the rest of the Fork's residence.

Did I Love It?

Of course I love it! What do you mean "did I love it?" Though Lin feels that Eclipse didnt gave the same impact to her as compared to New Moon, to me it's still a great movie. It's difficult for me not to be biased with the Twilight Saga movies - I love Twilight.....I love New Moon.....I love Eclipse & I am very, very sure I'll love Breaking Dawn too since that's my favourite ones beside Twilight. How can a Twilighter like me not like any of these movies? Those who love the series will love it, while those who loathe the series will loathe it. Simples.

My Likes

1. The tent scene is by far, my favourite though I hated it because I felt really bad for Edward. But then in this scene, it really showed how matured & kind-hearted Edward is - especially as compared to that selfish, immature wolf. This scene was far than perfect. It matched how I've pictured it in my mind when I read the book.

2. The proposal scene was so sweet. It was just beautiful and so sensual. I could actually felt the love from the way Edward looked at her. I wished Bella would cried when Edward "rejects" her, (like she did in the book) but I can live without it. Especially since we get to hear "I promise to love you every day of forever." *sigh*

3. The "passing off" scene between Edward and Jacob was pretty entertaining. She goes from one hot kiss from Edward, to a half-naked Jacob who wraps her in his warm arms. The look on Edwards face was hilarious. I really enjoyed the love triangle scenes.

4. Those 2 particular scenes with Jasper & Alice in it - the training scene and the one right after Jasper's flashbacks scene as Alice tells Jasper he kept her waiting and Jasper replied “sorry to have kept you waiting, ma'am” and then the little kiss. They were so cute together in this movie. Everbody kept going awww at their moments.

5. The bad vampy, Riley - acted by Xavier Samuel. He's so damn gorgeous. Me & Lin kept on drooling over him every time he appeared on the screen. Both of us agreed that he suited the Edward Cullen's character much better than that skinny Rob Pattinson. I could still remembered my disappointment when I first saw Rob being Edward in Twilight. He's nothing like Stephenie Meyer described him in her book.

5. The perfections of the wolves. The CGI on the wolves is excellently done. Every scene with the wolves is perfect. They looks real & awesome.

My Dislikes

1. The death of the vampires - it doesnt looked real at all! It almost looked like ice being ripped apart especially with that ice-breaking sound effect. When Edward kills Victoria (everyone cheered in the theater, by the way) it looked a little silly, to me. They've made Victoria's head looked like a mannequin instead.

2. The newborn fight with the Cullens. The fight scenes were great and full with action but they were too quick to really appreciate them.

3. Jacob & Bella's kiss. This part of the story made me want to throw the book across the room the first time I read it. I hate Bella for hurting Edward's feeling by kissing that emotional immature wolf. I mean, how can you love 2 different man at the same time? Stupid!

4. Jacob being topless most of the time - put the T-shirt on for goodness sake ! If the female werewolf could put on her shirt through out the movie, why cant the boys too? Duhhhhhh........

Cool Lines

1. Edward's to Bella (referring to Jacob), "Doesnt he own a shirt?" during the "passing-off" scene.

2. Charlie's to Bella, "Virgin, I am starting to like Edward more." Hilarious.

3. Jacob's to Edward during the tent scene, "Let's face it, I am hotter than you...". Poor Edward.....he should have answered, "You maybe hotter, but at least I'm harder!" Wakawaka....

Writing these reviews makes me wanna watch the movie again and most probably I would.....

09 July 2010

Borneo Baruk Club

Me & a few of my BFFs had this arrangement on how to wisely spend our lunch time and this is how we've planned it. Every Thursday, we're gonna have lunch at a place picked by each one of us every week. This is the day where we shall rest our feet (since the other 4 days we will be busy measuring the area of KLCC & Pav) & indulge ourselves with good food while discussing about the business development of the oil & gas business across Asia Pac. Boohooo !!!!

So today being a Thursday, was chosen to execute the said plan or should I say, the lunch. For this pilot lunch, four of us ( Ain, Carol, Mei & myself ) are attending and the destination (as picked by yours truly) is the Borneo Baruk Club.

Borneo Baruk Club is one of the many clubs surrounding the building I'm working at. This particular ones however is quite unique in terms of it's architectural aspects. The exterior was built as a replica to the longhouse in Sarawak with striking totem poles in black and white motifs. The interior of the restaurant was modernly decorated with a touch of the traditional elements that gives the place a natural & local ethnic environment.

The Borneo-themed ambiance makes you feel very cozy & relaxed while enjoying your meals despite being in the headhunter's house. Yes, that's what "Baruk" means in the Bidayuh language. In the wilderness of Borneo, warriors return from hunting excursions to the Baruk to celebrate their victory, exchange stories of bravery and obtain information about other tribes. Not that much of a difference with all 4 of us who fought in the corporate battle everyday for survival. And we do have lots of bravery & success stories to share among each other, especially stories about the other "tribes" we're fighting with !

The mango cordial drinks

I'm not sure whether they have other food for lunch since we've only been given the menu for the set lunch i.e a 3 courses meal ( soup, main course & desert) + a drink. There are 6 options for the main menu which consists of westerns & local foods. Service was quite fast & smooth and I have to give credits to the waiter who replaced my 1/4 filled glass of spilled drinks with a fresh new ones !

Soup of the day - a plain soup with a few small chunks of carrot

There are 3 good reasons for me to come back to this place. First & foremost would be the quality of food. Their food was really good especially when it's only RM 10 nett for a 3-course lunch set. Not only it was good, they are quite generous with the portion as well.

The awesome main dish

The second reason would be the atmosphere of the place. Despite being by the bustling road of Kia Peng, the restaurant managed to create a cozy & warm environment for its patrons to enjoy their meals. The last reason is of course, its location. It is conveniently located in Jalan Kia Peng, across the road from Novotel Hotel, next to the Hakka Restaurant, which is just a few minutes away from my office. Great isnt it?

If you are wondering how the desert looks like, well we kindof missed it actually. We were so engrossed with the stories of the other "tribes" that we've forgotten our desert ......hehehehe !

To those who are working around the area, I highly recommend this place as one of the great option for your lunch escapade. It'll definitely satisfy your appetite without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Open time: Daily: 11am-3am
Address : No 1, Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2148 0015
Parking : Available

08 July 2010

The Gift

I've been thinking the whole day (despite of the amount of work I had at the office) what to write for my today's entry and I end up with nothing. Zero. Nil. Perhaps my mind was fully occupied with valves that I cant seems to nail down any interesting topic to talk about. Honestly, I could bitch about men again & again if I want to since their stories had never fail to "amaze" me so far. But then, I've decided to be nice & give them a break & write about something else for a change. The problem is I'm currently experiencing this situation known as writer's block. My brain just suddenly stop producing ideas. Help !!!!!

Anyway, in order not to disappoint my loyal readers I've decided to write a book review. The last review I made was on Sophie Kinsella's latest book, Twenties Girl ( oohhh.....I love this book so much). Not that I stopped reading right after, I've just stopped writing book reviews. The latest book I've read was The Gift by Cecelia Ahern.

Honestly, Cecelia is never my favourite author. I've read a few of her books & among all ( PS I Love You, Thanks For The Memories, A Place Called Here to name a few), only one book really captured my heart, which is Where Rainbows End. One thing with me - I love reading love stories and it doesnt need to have a happy ending either. Reading love stories lifted my spirit high up that I feel like walking on air. And that feelings definitely makes me feel good. Wonderfully good that is.

The Gift. A nice book for the holiday season but has a moral that is good for the entire year through. Lou is a workaholic striving to move up in his company despite his competition. He offers a coffee one morning to a homeless man who is sitting outside his building and whom he has passed by every other day. A series of events begins to transpire as Lou learns what is truly important in his life.

Just not my cup of tea. Definitely not a chick-lit - a sappy Christmas book with a touch of fantasy in it. The underlying story and the message Cecelia tried to passed on to her readers are somewhat achievable but it never really hooked me. Personally, I wont recommend this book unless you love sad & depressing stories.

Anyway, after finished reading the book , it will makes you think about life and how to live it to the fullest. It makes you appreciate what you have rather than always searching for more.....

Memorable Quote: Time is more precious than gold, more precious than diamonds, more precious than oil or any valuable treasures. It is time that we do not have enough of; it is time that causes the war within our hearts, and so we must spend it wisely.

07 July 2010

Things I Hate About Me

Okay, I have to agree that I bitch a lot about men - not that I like doing it but I just cant help it - men are simply disgusting. Besides them, there are a few females who managed to make an appearance in my blog -> both evils & the good ones, unlike men where only their rotten & bad stories are interesting to be shared here. All and all, I bitch almost on everything on planet earth of which some of them are simply for the fun of it. But then, all these bitching & ranting got me thinking.....what about me that I need to bitch about?

So, with this thick face of mine, here are my top
5 Things I Dont Really Like About Me :

1. My broad shoulder. I'm sure everybody has at least one part of their body which bothered them & wish they could change it. For me, it's forever my long, wide shoulder. Not that I'm ungrateful for what God has given me (syukur alhamdulillah) but I wished it could be just a few inches smaller, at least proportionate enuff with that shrunken hips of mine. Okay....okay....another confession : I have more than one part of my body to complaint about - my broad shoulder, my small hips & my teeny weeny boobs. Oucchhhh......that is so embarrassing !

One thing Jennifer Garner & me have in common - a broad shoulder.... but at least she got the boobs !

2. My extra-soft heart. Though I looked tough from the outside, inside I'm so fragile. I trust people and sometimes fall in love with them too easily. And becoz of me being so gullible and vulnerable, I've gotten my heart broken, back stabbed, cheated and other terrible things which ruined some part of my life. I hate myself for always giving to the undeserving people, and for not being able to stop doing it.

I so wanna be mean.... I just dunno how to !

3. Me being too independent. Being independent is undoubtedly, very good. But sometimes, when you are too independent, people tend to take the situation for granted. I sometimes get caught in the said situation I, myself created. People around me always thought I am very capable of anything & everything, that they sometimes forgetting the fact that I'm just a normal human being who also needs attention. Now that I've said that, I hope I wont be getting unexpected amount of attention from my friends suddenly.....hehehe.

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much

4. My inferiority complex. Oh yes, you are reading it right. Most of you must be wondering what the heck am I talking about here? Doesnt sounds like me, isnt it? But the fact is, I am that. I blamed it to my bad childhood experience. I used to be very fat & ugly when I was much, much younger. And boys liked to call me all sort of names - like Fatty, Hippo, Cik Badak etc which really pushed my confidence level to the least. All those self-praises of how beautiful & smart I am are just my way to instill that self-confidence in me - which by the way, is working :-)

Do I really have to go out???

5. My temper. Though it's not as bad as those times when I was younger, it still doesnt do any good to me. Too many people have been hurt & too many hearts been crushed and for some of those, forgiving myself is something I'm still struggling with.

Hold on......dont lose it girl !

Frankly, there are a few more things which I could add up to this list. But then, I'll settled down with these 5 first at the moment. Cant stand bitching about myself that much, especially here on my own blog. Anyway being a human, perfection is beyond anybody's reach. Everybody has their own very flaws & it's up to them to make the best out of it in life.

06 July 2010

Women & Sacrifice

Women and sacrifice are very synonym. They both go hand in hand. Being a woman, we'll go into a series of sacrifices in our lives - be it big or small. Though I didnt have the statistic nor did any research about it , I'm quite certain that women sacrifice much, much more than men. I'm not saying this simply becoz I hate the other gender so much ( yeah, like I dont) but unfortunately, that's how things are when it comes to sacrificing. Sacrificing has forever been part of women's lives.

It started as early as the time when we're a young girls. Women are always taught not to speak up their own mind (especially about things that are important to them). They have to abide to this rule in order to fit nicely into the society. As compared to boys, there are a lot of things they are not allowed to do - they cant hang-out with frens anymore after the sun goes down, they have to help with the housework while their brothers watched TV just becoz those are the girls' job!

After we get married, we give up a part of ourselves for our husbands. I don't think that is a bad thing though. It only becomes bad when we have to give up a big chunk of ourselves to please those demanding husbands. As how things are, women lose part of their life once they are married unlike men. Women have more responsibility towards their family, and things are even harder for a working wife. They worked as hard (or sometimes even harder ) as men in the office but at least the work stops for the guys the moment they stepped out of the office. As for the ladies, another strings of burden awaits them at home.

When we decided to have children, here comes the sacrifice again. Women sacrifice their very bodies to allow a baby to grow inside of them. We gain some weight and becomes fat as a result of pregnancy, and some women cant even lose it after the baby is born. Let alone the morning sickness & other illness ( high blood pressure, diabetes etc) they have to go through in order to give a child to their husbands. And how do their husband thanked them? They'll start complaining about how un-sexy their wives are now & started looking out for options.

When you talked about sacrifices, it seems impossible to relate them with men. What sacrifices have they committed to anyway? Besides sacrificing their sleep to watch the World Cup's game, they are more than willing to sacrifice their own marriage just to fulfill their immense lust. Not forgetting sacrificing the piece of heart given by their loved ones by crushing it to small pieces. These kind of sacrifices men are undoubtedly very, very good at. Enuff said - I rest my case.

Women sacrifice their whole life. They tend to put their family's needs before their own. They sacrifice their career for the family. They starved themselves to look pretty for their husbands (knowing how selfish men are). They let go of their identity & go by the husbands surname after married to them. Some of them even leave their religion & family just to be with their men.

Some men might say that those are rather the woman's "choices" rather than "sacrifices". But then, either way it's women who have always end up giving out more. It's not that we're complaining or feeling sorry for ourselves. Most of these sacrifices are indeed of our own choices. What hurts most is when our sacrifices are not being appreciated or worst still, being taking for granted.

I wonder how many men are really grateful for everything their women had sacrificed for them? Honestly speaking, I doubt most of them would. And being men, a selfish pig they are, I'm quite sure only a handful of them knows what sacrifice really means............

02 July 2010

The Rudeness Epidemic

Rude people, they are everywhere. On the road honking till you flipped. At the counter, cutting queues. At the office, ignoring your presence as if you are invisible. They are just everywhere! It is awful dealing with these people, and yet we must. And if we are not careful enuff, we could become one of them.

I myself face these type of people everyday. And it pisses me off to the core having to deal with them. These people can negatively influence ourselves, and at the very least, ruin our mood. It's not easy having to be around them particularly if you are kind and have a nice heart (like me). Sometimes I wish give I could them a dose of their own medicine, but really, what would that prove? It doesnt bring any good to either one of us.

If you wrestle with a pig, you'll end up being stinky like them! There's no getting around this concept. If you allow yourself to be at someone's level, you will only bring yourself down. Rude people are the way they are, and we probably won't be able to change them. Being rude is a classic display of a lack of class and I certainly never wanna be one them for I'm a woman with class - lots of them !

To all the rude population out there, listen here. You can be rude all you like but eventually you will find someone who is exactly like you. In other words, there's always a bigger, louder & more rude pig out there. And somehow or rather, karma would never fail finding its way to hit you back.

Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are.