29 June 2009

Once Upon A Time........

Once upon a time
In your eyes I could see
That you had a love
Meant only for me

Once upon a time
In your voice I could hear
That you told me no lies
I was the one you held dear

Once upon a time
In your embrace I could feel
That everything was right
Our love was truly real

Once upon a time
In my heart I now know
That once upon a time
Was a long time ago

It's funny how fake a smile can be .....and no one would notice the pain that lies beneath it all.......

28 June 2009

Car Boot Sale @ Shah Alam Stadium

Went here this morning with my bro, Ji & his girlfriend. This "market" has always been one of my favourite weekend destination. Pakkal lagi la jauh, kalau tak mahu tiap2 minggu akak menepek kat sini.

This flea market is located at the parking lot of the Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam. It is advisable to be there very, very early in the morning or else you'll end up rounding the area for a couple of hundred times just to find a parking space for your car. The market is always packed with people. The best timing is to arrive there by 7 - 7.30 am....then had your breakfast at the so many food stalls provided, u'll be spoiled with choices. By the time you are done with your breakfast, most of other stalls will be opened already.

Look at this uniquely fertiled chilli plant....

This Shah Alam market is a place where you can find almost everything from groceries, fresh seafood, farm products, plants, clothings, antiques, second-hand goods etc..etc....pendekata, cuma mak bapak je lah yg takde kat sini. That's why I'm so in loved with this place.

Home decorative items

The other drawback to this market, especially if you came a lil bit late is that it could be very-very hot. Being set up in an open area, the hot sun could really kills. If you can leave your kids at home, better still coz they are so gonna hate this place - juz like Marsya hated it. That's why it is wise to come here early so that by 10.30 - 11.00 am, you're already done with your tour.

These are among the few snapshots of things that are being sold at the market :

Antique lovers should pay a visit to this place too

Car accessories for the guys

Pets for the children

Handicraft items

They even sell cars here !

This is the Gred A, China imitation Crocs sandals...sold @ RM70/pair

On our way back to Pandan Indah, we bumped into the KL Marathon participants - fighting their strength out to finish the 42 km run....phewwww !!

Run Forest....run !!!!

Bumped into this beauty too !

26 June 2009

Satay Station - Mission Un-Accomplished

Arrgggghhhhhh....tentionnnnn !!!! I was so looking forward to have satay & mee rebus for dinner tonite with my precious. The satay & mee rebus have both been playing in my mind from this morning itself after Shamsul told me about this particular makan place. Right after that, co-incidently I received an e-mail from Kak Mimi about the same place. Tu yang buat semangat akak berkobar-kobar tuh. Siap pesan kat Marsya lagi jangan makan dulu kat umah babysitter tu coz I'll be taking her to a special place for dinner tonite.

Tapi apakan daya.....kita manusia ni hanya mampu merancang...Tuhan jua yang menentukan. As we set our foot there, we were so surprised to see such a big crowd at the restaurant. The food must be damn good - I was thinking to myself. Otherwise, people wouldnt have swarming the place like this.....

Apparently I was wrong.....later I found out that there's a function held there that night. So happened that it was somebody's birthday today & of all the places, she've chosen this place to celebrate...huhuhuhu......melepas la satay & mee rebus haku !!! Uwaaaaa..................

Anyway, as promised to K.Mimi & Farah....here's the map to this place as sketched by my ownself, using the old haggard memory of mine......

Hope you guys managed to find your way here. As for the food, nothing much i can say at this point of time but then...asta la vista...I'll be back.......

Tribute To Michael Jackson

Early this morning I heard a very shocking news on the radio which says that Michael Jakson, the King of Pop passed away at the age of 50 due to heart attack. I was stunned for a while hearing that news....so unbelievable....and feeling sad at the same time.

I'm neither his hard core nor die-hard fan of MJ but still I could feel the big lost in the music industry. He's an amazing artiste who comes up with great music. Despite of all his weird acts & accusations made on him, nobody can deny the fact that he's a great musician. Michael Jackson was one of the most important and influential musical figures of the 20th century.

I grew up with his music. His music videos are awesome - nobody could ever beat his dance moves....especially the moonwalking which he invented. It was the coolest & sleekiest dance ever. There's this one time way back in 1993 (I think) where MJ appeared in Oprah Winfrey show. I was so impressed to see him creating a music instantly just by whistling & making sounds from his mouth......the outcome was so cool. I dont actually know how to describe this but if it's not on TV, you wouldnt know there's no musical instruments were used to produce that beautiful melody. He was truly talented.....damn talented!

Michael Jackson has it all except for a childhood. He was never allowed to live a normal life -- thrust onto the stage and into the spotlight at an early age. He quickly became the centre of attention as a musical child star and that spotlight never left him. Something he could never buy back - his childhood. The effect of this can be seen throughout his life. He has certainly done some strange things in his life, but that's not better be the things we wanna remember about him - it's his music that we should be remembering.

Michael...you will be missed by the whole world. There will be never be another Michael. May your soul rest in peace.

The 2009 Tour Teaser Video

25 June 2009

Shah Rukh Khan Is Not Short !

We were listening to Fly FM just now when Hani Madu, si minah perasan tu ( hate this girl) says that Kylie Minogue is just 5 feet tall. Didnt know she's that short actually. She doesnt look that short in TV. Anyway, it's not Kylie that I'm gonna talk about here. After hearing about Kylie's height, Carol suddenly turned to me & said, "no offends but Shah Rukh Khan is also short, u know"

He's such a hottie.....I cud have an orgasm just by looking at him !!! Hahaha.....

That really blows me off ! SRK is NOT short.....again, he is NOT short !! Amir Khan is short.....Danny De Vito is short....but Shah Rukh Khan is definately not short - not even close to that. I am not being biased here but that's the fact, isnt it? He might not be as tall as Amitabh or Abishek but he's certainly not short. Gerammmmmm !!!!

I did some research on this & finds out that my SRK is not short after all. He's 5' 8"......yessss !!!! Tall enuff for me....hehehe. So Carol, please get your facts right next time. Dont simply-simply kutuking my heart throbe ok. For all you know, you can get yourself killed. This warning not only applies to Carol but also to others out there. Careful ya !

OMG...he is so darn gorgeous !!!!

Anyway, even if he's only 5' 2", I would still fancy him the same. Nothing could ever come in between us except maybe.....for one guy....Edward Cullen. But I only love the character, not Robert Pattinson himself. So, SRK still remain as the love of my life - short or tall !

Shopping Again

Yes, another sales which will burn a big hole in my pocket today. This is the same sales they had every year in UOA building. Items like perfumes, make-ups, handbags & facial products are all being sold at a very-very low price. We're not talking about just any products here but those branded ones like Clinique, SKII, Lancome, Salvatore Ferragamo, Clarins and lots more.

The only drawback to the sales is that transaction is only via cash, meaning that no credit cards are accepted. Anyway, come to think of it, it's actually a good thing coz otherwise God knows how much people (which includes me) would be spending there !

I've been a very, very good girl today. I end up buying only this one green bag for myself today which only cost me RM28. Didnt have a handbag in this colour yet in my collections :-) For those who's working nearby UOA Jalan Pinang, come & check it out. The sales will be on for 2 days only being today the 1st day. But please remember to bring your cash as that's the only payment method allowed.

24 June 2009

Ekspo Barangan Malaysia - The Review

Wokeh, juz came back from the expo. All I can say is that it's so dead. Nothing that interesting there except for the free food samples. No new exciting products been exhibited. It's all the same old things lah.....most of them are food.

To me, the expo is a
failure. For any expo / exhibition held, the first day should always be crowded with visitors. People will be swarming around the booths but this particular ones, it was so quiet & deserted and mind you, it's the first day. Cant imagine how would it be during the next two days, worse still it's weekdays.

Nevertheless, being a normal shopaholic, no matter how dead the place is I could still find things to buy...hahaha. As I mentioned earlier, most of the things there are food. So, it's food that I bought la. In fact, I'm quite satisfied with my purchase - it's the Salt & Paper Squids & Black Pepper Fish Fillet by Pacific West. The prices are a lil bit cheaper as compared if you bought them elsewhere. Well, that's the only thing that actually caught my interest there.

Apart from the not-so-happening place, we stumbled upon an unpleasant sight there at the expo. We saw Azwan Ali.....boy, he is so pukable. He had this shawl / scarfed wrapped around his neck as if it is so cold in there - another fashion victim I guess. He & the botoxified Zahida Rafiq were there as the so-called host for the event that day. I really cant stand Azwan - not in the TV neither in person...... I dont understand why on earth he has to transform himself into that creature he is now. The first time he appeared on TV3 years ago, he's just a normal looking guy. Again, the question here is why???

Anyway, these are a few of the pics. taken at the expo. For those who intent to visit, yeah you may come over but please do not put any expectation to it except if you're aiming for the free food la.....hehehe....there are plenty of them here. You'll be burping your way out of the halls with a smile on your face, of course.

These are the Bufori cars - one of my dreamed car. But one thing I dont understand here is why is it here in this Barangan Malaysia Expo? Dun think it's made from Malaysia. Anyway, only realize this when I was writing this entry - otherwise I could have check this fact out.

I just love these paintings....they are so cool, isnt it. They called it Digital Art (dun actually know why, maybe they were digitally drawn )

Ekspo Mega Beli Barangan Malaysia


24 - 28 Jun 2009

Time : 10 am - 9 pm

Location : KL Convention Centre

Simply la promoting this event, not for being a good citizen neither being patriotic - just because I love shopping & I do hope this one is worth a visit. One thing I'm expecting from this expo is good bargains since it's our own products.


Intent to go there this afternoon to check the place out. Hope for the best.....expect the worst !

23 June 2009

New Moon Official Trailer

Has my obsession towards Edward Cullen stop? Hell no! Still very much head over heals in love with this hot vampire. Watched this trailer somewhere a month ago but didn't feel like uploading it here in my blog- not till today.



Isn't it awesome? Didn't really like the book though but this trailer is amazingly great ! Another 149 days to go....damn ! But I'm sure the waiting is worth while.

Time In A Bottle

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day
Till eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I'd save every day like a treasure and then,
Again, I would spend them with you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with

If I had a box just for wishes
And dreams that had never come true
The box would be empty
Except for the memory
Of how they were answered by you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with

The above is the lyrics from a song called Time In A Bottle made popular by Jim Croce. Don't ask me about the song or the singer for I know nuts about either one of them. Abe9 quote this lyric in FB this morning when we were playing the "Teka Lagu" game.

Love every words of it....so beautifully written that I've decided to post it here. Anyway, the song itself is a no-no....me no like - at all. Too lembik of a song.

22 June 2009

Painting Time

As most of you all knew, I have lots of plans lining up for me for my new obsession.... that is decorating my lovely home. Belum abis decorate dah claim "lovely home".....wakawaka. Last weekend I managed to complete a few tasks - well, with hardship since Marsya just couldnt stop whining & droning for dragging her along (like i have a choice.....duhhhhh)

Went to IKEA in the morning - but couldnt specifically find the things I have in mind. From there head straight to Sg Buloh since dah dekat kan. Being in Sg Buloh can really makes me crazy - love to see all those plants & flowers. Ikut hati mau aje akak angkut semua pokok2 bunga tu....shantekkkkk !!! Another interesting fact is that the Indonesian guy who assisted me at the nursery was so cute....sumpah ! Memang cun ! Tot of turning back & snap his pic. but Marsya stopped me from doing so.....giving me that mean look of hers. Hehehehe.....dun worry Masrya, I dun have any intention to give you an Indonesian step dad.....unless he's as cute as Airil Peter Pan la....hahahaha.

From Sg. Buloh, I drove to Macy in Seri Kembangan - for the curtains. Sakan sungguh raya akak tahun ni. Spent almost 2 hours there finding the best material for my curtains. Macy is the only place I went to if I wanna buy a curtain. Not only for their vast selections but also the service they offered. The price we paid for the curtains is inclusive of the sewing too but only for French pleat je la. Other designs macam yang scallop2 tu kira extra la kan. The good thing is, I've never fancied other curtain design except for the French pleat - simple yet beautiful.

So, this weekend I'm planning to re-paint my house. I am so excited already....cant wait to see the new look of my house. While browsing for painting tips that day, I've came across ICI website which turned out to be a very interesting & helpful site - http://www.icipaints.com.my/EN/index.html It is a very interactive website which provides lots of useful tools & tips.

Once you are in, click to "Mouse Painter". This tool helps you to select the colour you desire for your house, be it your living, kitchen, bedroom etc. It lets you play with the colours in order to get the best colour combination for any rooms desired. Those who wanted to paint their houses are strongly suggested to check this site out. It's so much fun ! Even if you dont have any plans to paint your house, you could still drop by. You'll be amazed !

21 June 2009

Jacob's Walk of Life 2009

This walk has been an annual event for Jacobs for the past 2 years. This year, Marsya & me decided to join the rest of the Kuala Lumpur citizens to support this campaign in promoting a healthier & better lifestyle.....chewah......chewahhhh.....

The registration booth

The event started as early as 6 am.
When we got there, it was approximately 6.20 am & the number of people there are so unexpectedly huge. I didnt expect that much of people would turn up that early. Bersemangat sungguh orang-orang kota ni yek - must be becoz of the free t-shirts & biscuits la tu...hehehehe - but certainly not us, ok......we were there just for the walk, of course. Sajalah nak memeriahkan suasana yang sememangnya dah meriah tu....

It took us about half an hour to complete the registration. It could be much, much more faster & efficient if only a laptop is being used rather than doing it manually. Laptops are very cheap nowadays & for a big company like Jacobs, I dont see that as a problem at all.....(sigh). That's one drawback there.

The next drawback would be the attitude of our people.......oppss...I wouldnt be fair to have said that. It's actually coming from my other half clan, if you know what I mean. These people just dont have "queue" in their dictionary, isn't it? Four people....not 1, not 2 but 4, trying to cut the queue. They're just too bad for trying to do it in front of me. Memang silap besar la kan. I've chased them all the way back to the end of the queue while trying to put some civics senses into their dumb minds. I hate it so much when people cut queues....be it on the road or elsewhere. If other people can queue, what cant you? Duhhhhhhh !!!!!

After gotten our T-Shirts, what else.....posing time lah ! The 2 Hot FM celebrity DJ were also there - Fafau & FBI since they are Jacobs Ambassadors - apart from the other two Chinese celebs. (I think ).


Fara Fauzana

The walkathon started at about 8.00 am for a distance of 5 km. The venue, Taman Metropolitan, Kepong is a very nice & beautiful park. There are lots of recreational activities facilities provided at this park such as children playground, reflexology, observation tower, jogging & cycling tracks and kite flying too. There's also a big beautiful lake in the park. At one side of the park, you'll come to a small woods, surrounded with the greens & sounds of the chirping birds. It was such a tranquil & peaceful place to be at.....sungguh mendamaikan. The only drawback to this place is it's location - a bit too far for me :-(

By the the end of the 5km distance, my Marsya was really exhausted & worn out already. She've been asking me to stop for a few times before but I keep encouraging her to continue walking. "Mummy...this is not walking...this is dying....." Poor Marsya.....she's so fragile.

Just look at the crowd....

The whole event was quite a good one for us - in terms of loosening our rusty & jammed muscles. Me & Marsya have make a deal that we're gonna do this every week - walking in the park but she will need to bring her bike to cope with her mummy....hehehehe.....that really makes me sound like I'm so damn good, huh? Kasik can la......after all it's my blog what? Where else can you boast if not in ur own blog kan?

My exhausted darling....u make me proud, girl !