24 March 2011

Join Me In Twitter !

For the past one & a half week ago, I was infected by the tweet bug which resulted with an addiction - not that severe though but enuff to occupy myself quite fully ......hehehe. I know I am such a late comer as compared to the rest of the Twitterers considering that it has been around since 2006.

Honestly, I have signed up for the account a couple of years ago and that's about it. Zero tweet, no followers (obviously) and not following anybody - simply becoz I dont even know how it works ! And the account has been dormant ever since - until Lin came into the picture. It was her who initiated my interest to give it a shot - and now I am hooked !

So, what is Twitter? I know most of you knew what Twitter is but there are still a lot of people like me who doesnt really know what actually Twitter is. Twitter is basically a very cut down to basic social network, or micro-blogging platform. It gives you the platform to write down your thoughts, feelings, goings on, problems, announcements or anything else which you can sum up in 140 characters and the people who follow you will see it.

Essentially it’s like Status Updates on Facebook and your friends seeing the updates, but instead of your ‘friends’ it can be any random stranger and the status updates are called ‘Tweets’. It is slightly more fun than blogging because you can have real time conversations with people. Also, you get little glimpses into people’s lives that you might not see just from their blogs.

It's really interesting to be able to get connected not only to your friends & family but also to celebrities & politicians. It's kinda cool to get inside scoop on things that you wouldn't normally read anywhere else.

Twitter becomes much more fun and useful as you follow more people and they follow you. The more people you follow and who follow you, the more likely you are to have questions answered and to learn interesting or new things.

So, have I gotten some of you interested already? If so then, come & join me in Twitter. Lets scoot around the Twitter world & have fun there ! The more the merrier !

21 March 2011

Lat Kampung Boy The Musical

Had the opportunity......... wait, no ! It should starts like this : After being numerously blackmailed by Marsya, I've got no choice but to take her to the Lat Kampung Boy musical theater on Saturday afternoon.

So, what happen actually? About a month ago, I told Marsya that I've just bought the ticket to Wings's life performance in Istana Budaya next April ( yes...yes...yes....I'm gonna have a head-banging session with Wings...wooo hooooo!!! ). Since she neither knew Wings nor their songs, I've decided to exclude her from this rendezvous this time.

Knowing that fact, she quickly demanded a "compensation" from me for ditching her. And Lat Kampung Boy The Musical is the price I have to pay for trying to have fun without her. Marsya is the big fan of the Kampung Boy animation series - the one shown in Astro. She found out about this musical during our previous visit to Istana Budaya to watch Siti Di Alam Fantasi few months back. Moral of the story : always arrive late at the scene so that these rugrats wouldnt have the opportunity to collect enuff ammo for their weapon of mass destruction (to our wallet, of course).

Honestly, I am not so much into musical theaters. I've always prefer the conventional theater where people only act rather than singing on the stage. But nowadays, the trend has indeed transforms that people tend to switch to this kind of performance instead.

The moment I stepped into the auditorium, I wished & prayed that I wont fall asleep like the previous Siti Di Alam Fantasi show. One thing for sure, Liyana Jasmay is not one of the actress which gave me some sense of hope to stay "alive" during the show.

All and all, the show was okay & I managed to stay awake throughout the time (applause to myself). Everybody who was involved in the play gave their best performance. Atilia was good - both acting & singing. Douglas Lim was as good as well - funny, funny guy he is. Not forgetting Awie - listening to him singing makes me so excited to watch his concert next month - love that voice of his ! Sandra Sodhi as Mrs Hiew was really awesome. The way they made that bee-hive look-alike hairdo really depicts the character as how Lat portrays it in his cartoons.

The star of the show without doubt was Omar Abdullah. He was just pure magic as Pak Samad Ismail, the Managing editor of NST. Everybody gets really excited every time his scene is being played - he's just so hilarious & definitely liven up the show.

Marsya was so happy - not only bcoz she got to watch the play but also to get her picture taken with the hot Hans Isaac. It's just too bad that we have to use her phone to snap the pic. as I left my camera at home....huhuhu. That explains why there aren't any photos of me uploaded in this post - so not me kan, considering I'm a cam-whore !

Anyway, if you are interested to watch this show you could still make it since it will be showcased at Istana Budaya till the 5th April. For more info. on the show, visit their Facebook page or head onto Ticket2U.biz to get your ticket.

16 March 2011

Best Kebab In Town

For those who originated from KL, I'm sure most of you knows which kebab I'm referring to here. They've been in the business for as long as I could remember. I would say that their kebab is the pioneer in the kebab's world here in our country. They have been in the business much, much earlier than those many kebab franchisees around like Doner, Kyros, Melawati etc.

The queue gets longer in no time !

Kebab Syawarma Raihani is indeed the best kebab in town. It's them who introduced "kebab" in my eating life. They are not as popular & commercialized as the rest of the other kebabs but theirs are totally incomparable. Operating at a small stall along Jalan TAR (opposite Kamdar), kebab Syawarma never failed to satisfy the cravings of their customers.

The juiciness & tenderness of the meat makes us wanna come back for more. The freshness of the celeries, cucumbers & tomatoes complete the taste of the kebab alongside with the special mixture of various sauces. If you think other kebab is the best - this particular kebab might change that view of yours for good.

As good as it gets !

There are 2 choices of bread available - it's either the normal hotdog bread or the pita bread. As for the meat, unfortunately only beef is available - no options for chicken or lamb though. The prices are RM 3.00 for the Bread Kebab & RM 3.50 for the Pita Kebab.

If you are around the area, make it a point to catch a bite of this kebab. One thing for sure, your effort would definitely be paid off the moment those succulent meat hits your taste bud. You'll be sorry for not knowing the existence of this kebab much, much earlier. And of course, you'll be thanking me for writing about this in my blog. You're very much welcome !

15 March 2011

Your Loss, My Gain

I received an sms from a friend yesterday evening which is a warning about the acidic rain that might occurs today due to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant explosion in Japan ( resulting from the tsunami that hit Japan last Friday ).

Being thoughtful & as a gesture of goodwill, I decided to forward the warning to my family and friends. Though it might just be a hoax, I dont see any harm distributing the sms all around. As the saying goes, it's always good to be safe than sorry.

One of my friend then replied my sms by saying, "c'mon, how can the radiation travels that far....dont be silly". Ok, why did I send the sms in the first place? Simply because I care about them. And this particular person just couldnt be thankful for that. And obviously, this kind of thing would only comes from a man - a fact nobody could ever deny.

Honestly, I dont mind the part he called me silly coz maybe I am - by sending such a warning without even knowing whether it's really true or not. Why did I include his name in the list of frens I'm sending the sms to - that is something I really regretted. Cant help it but to curse myself thereafter.

I dont mind if he wanna criticize me no matter how cynical it can be but he could at least thank me first for my kind thoughts. He is so lucky I'm in the midst of transforming myself into a better person (which I am still struggling very, very hard to achieve). Otherwise, I would have replied his sms using the harshest words he would ever get from me.

Anyway come to think about it, it's not totally his fault for being so stupid. No matter how pissed I am, I have to be fair. It's in his blood - he cant go against nature just like that. Men are naturally stupid. Their biological occurrence are being made that way. Ungratefulness, egoistic, unfaithful, unappreciative, taking things for granted, self-centered, etc, etc..... are among the extra elements which completes a man. His just being himself !

Looking at the bright side, at least I dont have to waste any extra cents sending him an sms should I receive any other warnings in the future. And cutting off this species out of my life has always been a pleasure to me.

It's your loss & my gain !

08 March 2011

It's Our Day !

Being born to this world as a human is a great blessing. And being born as a woman is even greater. I am incredibly lucky to be born as a human being and as a woman. There are just a whole loads of fun things I'll be able to do being a female - things men never got to enjoy !

I can put on make-ups, use jeweleries & accessories, wear long hairs, use skirts and the list is simply endless. But the most wonderful thing of being a woman is of course to be able to give a new life to this world that is being a mother. Nothing could even match up the feeling I had the first time I held Marsya in my arms. Being a mother really completes me as a woman, ultimately.

Born a female does not mean I'm weak & vulnerable. Men could break my heart but they couldnt break me down. In fact, it'll make me even stronger than before. I may not be a marriage material but I know I am the best mother material any child could have.

If this thing called "the next life" really exist, I would love to be born again as a woman. Again & again even for the next millionth times !

To all women out there, Happy International Women's Day ! And in commemoration of this special day, GE is having this Wear Read Day campaign to support the fight against heart disease in women. And here are the red hot girls of GE in supporting the said campaign :

07 March 2011

Too Hot To Handle

My family and I are among those people who just cant live without chillies. Not just chillies but lot and lots of them. Chillies are like the force that makes my heart beats. I could live without a man but without chillies, I'd rather be dead. Life wouldnt be the same without that spiciness of a chilli in it.

This however reminded me of my trip to Japan many, many years ago. Japanese food is really a killer to me & I'm talking about those authentic Japanese food here - not the ones in this country which have been customized to the local taste. Their food there in Japan are really bland & tasteless - no joke !

I was there with my colleague for 12 days. Towards the end of our trip, our Japanese counterpart took us to the local market. Guess what we found there? Cili padi !!!! Even going to Japan Disneyland the day before cant beat the excitement in seeing those cili padi. And from that day onwards, the cili padi is like a passport for us where it stays in our handbag wherever we go ! That's how much love I had for chillies !

Being born in family who is so obsessed with chillies, I just cant help but to train my princess to be able to start consuming chillies at a very young age. By now, my Marsya's threshold for hotness / spiciness is undoubtedly much, much higher than any adults I knew.

Of all chillies, cili padi ( bird's eye chillies ) is by far, the best. I put cili padi in almost all of my cooking. I put cili padi in the fried noodle, fried vegetables & even kuih like vadai, cekodok, croquettes etc. Wherever possible & logical, I'll definitely add cili padi as one of the ingredients in my cooking.

A few of my friends in the office have already customized their tongue to the spiciness of my cooking - and these would be Carol & Lin. As for Ija, since she's still new (less than 6 months) she still weeps whenever she eats my food.........hehehe. I reckoned that she needs another 6 months or so to be able to cope with the rest of the girls. You go girl !

To those who didnt know, there are 2 types of dried chillies in the market - the hot ones & the not-so hot ones. So how do we differentiate these 2 types of chilli? Well, it's very easy once you master the art of the chillies...hehehehe. The hot ones (which is my all time favourite) are more bright in colour, shinier & smoother.

As compared to the the hot ones, the mild ones has a colour that is a bit darker & the texture is not as smooth. They are normally more crumpled up in terms of the look.

I hope you got it right since it's a bit difficult to explain it here. The best thing is to ask the traders at the market about it & do the comparison yourself. You can actually see the difference between these two types if you were to look at it physically.

Anyway, a few months ago while doing my groceries at Tesco, I noticed another type of dried chillies which is called as the Super Hot Dried Chilli. For a chilli lover like me, I jumped in excitement looking at it. Without hesitating I grabbed not one, but two packets instantly while thinking the things that I'm gonna cook with it. Am soooo excited !

I then decided to make a fusion olio with that chilli. Took a handful of them, pound them coarsely & toss in the spaghetti. The taste? Wallauwehhhh !!! Do you remember this old Malaysian cartoon about this monkey who ate chillies & fire coming out from both side of his ears? That's exactly what happened to me. But in my case, the fire shoots out from my nose & eyes as well. It was damn, super duper hot ! The hottest chilli I've ever tasted in my whole entire life. Even cili padi is not as hot. My lips actually went numb for a few minutes due to the hotness.

So, a friendly reminder to all - be extra, extra careful with this special type of chilli. All I can say is that, it's really fatal. No matter how high your threshold is towards chillies, this particular ones would definitely challenge you to the core. I've learned my lesson & I've learned it the hard way, unfortunately.

04 March 2011

Happy Friday

Always look on the bright side of life - be optimistic. A positive mind will sned out good & positive vibes which will affect everything around you & whatever you are doing, thus will contribute to things going well for you. Think more of good thoughts & less negative thoughts.

The mind is much stronger that we think it is. So, make good use of it & starts thinking positively about everything. Those good vibes will then make things work out for the better rather than for the worse.

Have a great weekend everybody & be happy always !

03 March 2011

Muchas Gracias !

Just a note to thank everyone - family & friends for all the awesome birthday messages - be it via sms, calls, emails, facebook & comments on this blog.

I'm not the measure of what I've done but more of who I am and those who've I've surrounded myself with. You are the reason why and who I am today.

I am extremely lucky to have such wonderful friends and family who care enough about me & take a minute out of their day to call, write and text me beautiful messages!

Thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart.