29 September 2009

Get Well Soon.....

Got a news about my ex-hubby being admitted to the hospital today. He was diagnosed with liver stones. Liver stones are the less publicized cousins of the gallstone, as the two are essentially the same. Ultimately, location defines the difference between the two. They are commonly formed whenever an excess of cholesterol exists in the body. When excess dietary cholesterol is present, the remainder often crystallizes into small, pebble-shaped masses.

He is scheduled to undergo a surgery today to remove those unwanted stones out from his system. I hope it's a successful surgery & everything goes well with him. Let's pray for this man who used to be part of my life before. Wish him all the best & a speedy recovery, amin.

26 September 2009

Mentakab Railway Station



Mentakab railway station is on the line from the Northeast coast to the south of Peninsular Malaysia owned by the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB). The railway from Gemas to Tumpat in Kelantan goes through this town of Mentakab.




For a person like me who never got the chance to travel by this particular transportation mode, would obviously be so “sakai” being at a railway station like this. One thing good about this station is that, it is not that crowded. There’re less than 3 passengers at the station when I was there.



Another good thing about it is that there’s no fence around the station which gives us all the freedom to venture the surrounding area including on the railway tracks themselves. It was one heck of an experience being in the middle of the track, posing ourselves out in front of he camera. Cant help but to feel like a supermodel being photographed for an international brand ! Phewittttt !



I’m sure those passengers at the station must be wondering what on earth has gotten into these 2 ladies’ head that makes them crazy enuff to be under the hot sun @ 1.00 pm, in the middle of the railway tracks. It is indeed very hot & humid being there but it just couldnt beat the thrill & excitement that were mounted up in us.




We were so lucky we’re not being chased away by the station master. I guessed he must have pitied us for being so sakai. “Biarkanlah dua beranak tu……kesian dia org. Ini kalau tak gila meroyan…..mesti kes buang tebiat nih……”



Anyway, special thanks should be given to Chu for his kind hospitality while we’re there. Thanks for your patience in putting up with our folly & craziness. Thanks a million for being the volunteered & unpaid personal photographer ( whose talent & creativity are not that bad at all ! ). Last but not least, terima kasih daun keladi……..

Mentakab Rendezvous

Since I was already in Temerloh, I guessed there’s no harm stopping by at Mentakab to visit Chu. Passed by that town every time I travelled back to Kuantan via the old road, but never made an attempt to stop by. So, I'm taking this golden opportunity to explore this town called Mentakab.



Mentakab is a small town under the administration of Temerloh District, Pahang. It was once considered by the State Government in the year 1901 to be the new centre of all administrative works in the state of Pahang. However, due to a problem of uneven land, Kuantan was to be the new capital of the state. Quite a history, huh?


Chu has been telling me about this famous restaurant in Mentakab by the name of Restoran Ledo. Restoran Ledo is just an old coffee shop, nothing fancy but seems to be a famous makan place among the Mentakabians for it’s good food. Their opening hours started as early as 7 am with choices of various kindof noodles, toast, steamed bread & breakfast set. From 12 pm till about 3 pm, they served only rice & dishes, cooked to our own choice. You can even brought your own fish / chicken & asked them to cook it for you. The restaurant will be closed after 3 pm. It will be re-open at approximately 6 pm for dinner where they served heavy food, most likely rice.




We had lunch at the restaurant that day. Chu ordered his favourite “Nasi Campur Sayur” for us. He’s been promoting me this dish for the past 6 months or so. It’s just a plain white rice topped with a fried mixed vegetable + seafood. It’s the way it’s been cooked that makes it so special. Those who love Chinese food would definitely adores this place. Their cooking is the authentic Chinese style which really gives you the ultimate satisfaction.




This Nasi Campur Sayur is best eaten with the “kicap cili” i.e. cili api mixed with chopped garlic & light soya sauce. This special sauce really enhanced the taste of the rice. Superb !



The cili api & garlic – before




Apart from the rice, we’ve also ordered the Sweet & Sour Chicken – which is really sweet & sour yet nice. A very unique taste.


Patin Temerloh

On my way back to KL today, I decided to stop by at Temerloh a.k.a Bandar Ikan Patin. Reason being, no other for it's fresh & juicy Patin fish. During the old times, before the existence of the East Coast Highway, I never failed to stop by at this town for the fish. Being a fish lover, Patin is definitely one of my fave.

I know we can get Patin everywhere else especially in KL where everything can be bought with money. However, Patin fish that came from this small town is really different & special as far as the taste is concerned. Those Patin obtained elsewhere were bred in the lakes or large pools where the water does not run. This has indeed affected the taste of the fish.... a lot ! The fish will end up tasted like mud & I really hate it. To those who never tasted Patin Temerloh wouldnt know the difference. As for me, it's one great deal.

In Temerloh, the Patin are bred in a special breeding cages at the Pahang riverbanks where the water flows through it all the time. However, the best Patin would be the wild ones caught from the river and the price can go as high as RM100 per kg ! So, far I havent got the opportunity to taste this particular ones. Some of the restaurants around the town would claimed that they served those wild Patins but how on earth can we determine the truth. For all you know, it's the caged Patin & you'll end up paying a hefty price for it !

This is how the breeding cages looks like

I cant remember the last time I had Patin Temerloh. Having that in my thought makes me take the Temerloh exit instead of heading straight to KL. All this time, I only bought those dead fish sold by the roadside. This time around, I was so lucky to discover about this place which sells fresh, live Patin. Thanks to Chu for that !

One of the 2 said aquarium

If you're coming from Kuantan, using the old road, after the bridge (over Pahang river), there'll be a food court on your left hand side. Take the left turn right after the food court & head all the way to Triang. About 1.5 km from that turn, you'll find this place on your left where they have 2 big aquariums in front of the shop. The shop is located just by the Pahang river.

This is it.....the fish itself !

Those 2 aquariums housed a few types of other fresh water fishes like Lampam, Tilapia,& Jelawat. The Patin that I bought were sold at RM14 per kg. I bought 2 medium sized Patin for RM21. Cant wait to cook them & enjoy the smoothness & sweetness of the flesh.....it's to die for !

25 September 2009

If You Could See Me Now

I enjoyed reading Cecilia's other book (Where Rainbows End) very much that makes me decided to try this one. Unfortunately, If You Could See Me Now is way beyond my expectation. If it's not because of the excessive free time I'm having due to the recent accident, I dont think I would be able to finish the book in less than a week. To my opinion, this particular ones is worse than PS I Love You. Maybe it's not my kindof book....not really my cup of tea.

The story is about an adult having an imaginary friend......freaky isnt it? This adult is a 35 year old interior designer, Elizabeth Egan who is an uptight woman and an adoptive mother to her six-year-old nephew, Luke, whose mother, Elizabeth's 23-year-old sister, Saoirse, prefers boozing to parenting. Elizabeth's childhood is a nightmare since her mum abandoned her & her dad when she was still a kid.

I just cant digest the part that an adult could possibly have an imaginary friend. Maybe it's just me since I'm never a superstitious kindof person. It's way too far from reality which makes it so difficult for me to enjoy it.

24 September 2009

Mayday….mayday !!!



Today, I almost pee in my pants when a cupboard actually fell on my left toe. It hurts like hell ! It is so painful that my whole body trembled trying to bear the pain !


I was helping my mum re-arranging the furniture when it happened. Fortunately, the cupboard that was the last piece to be moved coz after the accident, all I can do is sit while trying very hard to endure the pain.


Initially, only half of the toe nail was blackened. After a few hours, it spread to the whole nail. The pain is continuous & unbearable. The doctor gave me an antibiotics, something to reduce the swelling a a pain killer that can only manage to lessen the pain but not to eliminate it. The thing is that the pain gets worse each day !


This experience, by far has made this raya to be the worst raya holiday ever. I wont be able to really enjoy each & every day of my raya this time. My movements & walking have to be minimized. Nothing could actually put a smile on my face for the past 2 days. Most of the time I would be frowning in pain……huhuhuhu.


Anyway, I should be grateful for there’s no broken bones. All I need to do now is take a deep breath & grit my teeth in agony img0013 .

22 September 2009

Evolusi KL Drift



Hehehe……cun kan? I mean, the car lah. Dunno whether it’s me who makes the car looks good or it’s the car that makes me looks so coolemot111.


This Toyota Celica belongs to my brother’s friend who came for beraya at my parent’s house in Kuantan. I’ve never been this close before to a racing car which leads me to snap this pic. Like the saying goes, good opportunity only comes once. So why waste the chance?

JP’s Unofficial Re-Union

This year we’re not having a re-union like last year. However, somebody ( I’m really sorry, I cant recall whom) suggested that we should meet up on the 3rd raya – just to catch up & update each other’s stories.



@ my place


Initially, the plan is to gather at Has’s place, but then at the last minute Has had to pull out since she would be in Terengganu that very day. So, in order not to cancel the whole plan, the venue had been relocated to my house instead.


My mum was so kind to cook such an awesome Nasi Dagang that day. Out of 8, only 5 turned out that is Zizah, Ayu, Harti, Marzita & of course myself la. Azah & Has are out of town whereas Julie had a visitor to entertain. We had so much fun that day – makan, borak, ketawa……makan, borak, ketawa…..


Later then, we decided to give Julie a surprise visit at her house. Kita org buat segmen Terjah kat umah dia……saja takmo call. Nasib baik dia dah mandi……itu pun baru je lepas mandi katanya. Biasalah kawan aku yg sorang ni….



@ Julie’s


Some of the updates to those who are not presence that day :


Zizah is set to lose at least 30 Kg by next year – after being pressured & preached by others. Brace yourself for a voluptuous Zizah next raya !

Harti’s gonna be the opposite of Zizah – she’s determined to gain some weight thru the Jus Gain drink. Way to go girl !

j0431510 Julie will be getting married soon – no other details can be provided as she’s been very, very secretive……duhhhhhh !

20 September 2009

Hari Raya Pics,

Pagi raya lepas sembahyang & sarapan, macam biasalah - sessi fotografi & bermaaf-maafan. Sessi fotografi tu yg favourite akak tuh....maklumlah bekas model la kata kan..... jangan jeles ( uwekkkk!! ). Marsya pun cam mummy dia la jugak.....suka berposing. Nama pun anak beranak kannnnn......

Marsya & Mummy.....sama cute & sama cun ahaks !

Marsya & Acu - trying their best for the Most Happening Pose Award

With Faiz, my energetic nephew

My beloved parents

19 September 2009

Hari Raya SMS



Every year during raya, our fons will be flooded with various sms greetings & wishes. Some of them are just the plain & simple ones & some are quite creative too. What I normally do is to wait till the last few hours before sending out the raya greetings via sms. Reason being, I would wait for the best SMS received & used the same ones to all my other frens.... kira cam plagiat la ni ! Hehehe......

This year, I've decided to jot down here all the raya sms received - kot2 la boleh recycle for the next year. Ye lah, akak ni tak lah creative sangat nak karang message2 yg power. Setakat "Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin" tu dah cukup bagus lah tu !

So, below are the said smses which I've arranged in accordance to my preferences - from the most liked to the less :


Pejam celik, pejam celik dah 29 hari kita berpose. Makin dipejam celik makin banyak salah dan dosa. Sebelum pejam tak celik2, harap maaf zahir dan batin atas segalanya.....salam Aidil Fitri, maaf zahir batin --> from Fara

Selamat hari raya pembuka sapa.....maaf coz ucap awal pula....bukan excited atau teruja .....cuma agak nanti "line" mesti busy giler.....Maaf Zahir Batin --> from Iwan - very humorous !

* Lisan kadang2 tak terjaga * Janji kadang2 tak tertunai * Hati kadang2 berprasangka * Sikap kadang2 menyakitkan * Hidup ini menjadi indah jika masih ada rasa kemaafan. Dlm menyambut Aidilfitri, mari kita bersihkan hati. Mohon maaf zahir & batin. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Tulus Ikhlas dari Tina sekeluarga

Dlm kerendahan hati ada ketinggian budi. Dlm kemiskinan harta ada kekayaan jiwa. Dlm kelembutan lidah ada juga keterlanjuran kata. Dlm gurau & senda tentu ada khilaf & dosa...... Mohon ampun & maaf di atas segalanya. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri --> Juny


So, these 4 are the shortlisted ones - though there are few more saved in my phone. To all my frens who have sent me raya sms (thanks so much, appreciate it ) & yours are not here - no hard feelings ok. Hehehe...bukan ada hadiah sms raya terbaik pun....ahaks. Kalau nak jugak hadiah, meh la dtg beraya ke umah !

18 September 2009

Balik Kampung

Harini half day keja sebab ptg ni nak shoot off to Kuantan for raya.....yey yey yey ! Didnt know that school will be closed today, otherwise I'll be in Kuantan already by this morning. Sekolah ni pun satu.......it's only the day before yesterday they announced Friday as a holiday.... ~ sigh ~

When I was small, I've always envied my friends who'll be balik kampung during raya. Being raised by my grandparents, there's no need for any balik kampung anymore since I am already there. But now, I'd prefer it very much if things are like they've used to be. No more packing up, no more long hours of driving & no more hassles of balik kampung. It only sounded nice but the truth is not even close.

This was how the Karak highway looks like that Friday afternoon......pretty cool, huh !

Anyway, I'm considered lucky for never been stranded in the traffic for balik kampung trip. I've heard horror stories from lots of people about how painful it is to be stuck in the jam for 7 - 8 hours, especially those who are travelling to the north. It is even painful to those who have babies & small kids with them. As an adult itself it is already so unbearable, let alone those kids who dont even understand why they have to be in the car for such a long hours.

Reached Kuantan in less than 2 hours......yippieeee !!

This year, thanks to my lucky stars again. The journey to Kuantan was fairly smooth as the traffic is not that heavy at all - though last night was quite bad, I heard. I was praying very-very hard since yesterday coz getting myself stuck in the traffic was the last thing I've ever wanted.