24 May 2010

Parenting Challenges

I am still trembling as I'm writing this entry. Nope, it's neither becoz I'm in great fear and nor am I having the Parkinson's syndrome. The fact is that, I was trembling with an outbursts of anger. My whole body was shaking as the raging anger rushed in.

It was about 8 pm when I reached home earlier - feeling very tired & exhausted while at the same time having that guilt over Marsya for being very busy for the past few weeks. As usual, Marsya greeted me with her sweetest smile & the biggest hug which immediately recharged the zero energy left in me. Like she normally did, she'll start telling me stories about what happened at school & what she did the whole day today.

She then told me how upset she was when one of her friends said a terribly bad things to her earlier. Without expecting anything, I asked her what he actually said to her? To my surprise, this is what he said : Bye cock sucker......are you the type of girl who likes to suck boy's tits & cock?

That's when my pulse starts speeding up; my cheeks start to burn and my heart pounds twice as fast as my blood rushed through my veins. I cant remember when was the last time I felt the same anger before. What upsets me the most is the fact that it's my daughter he said those words to & he's only 11 year old, for crying out loud ! If he's like this at the age of 11, imagine what kind of a man he would grow up to? Horrific !

I told Marsya right away that I need to have a word with this boy (whom I'm gonna refer as "A" in this entry). At that point of time, I'm still uncertain whether I'm being irrational or maybe I'm just being too over protective of my daughter? But then one thing for sure, I dont think I could ever sleep tonight without sorting this up with A.

So, after calling a few of her friends, I finally managed to speak to A :

Me : A, can you speak English?

A : Yes I can

Me : Did u chat with Marsya earlier?

A : Yes I did

Me : What did you said to her at the end of your conversation ?

A : I said bye.

Me : Are you sure that's all you said to her?

A : Yes

The phone was on a speaker mode and I asked Marsya to tell A & me what A had actually said to her. Marsya then said the same thing she told me earlier.

Me : Did you hear what Marsya said A? Is that true ?

A : Yes, it's true. But I didnt mean it - I'm just playing around. My friends always said those words to me. So, I said the same thing to her.

Me : But did Marsya ever said any bad words to you ?

A : No...... but her friends did.

Me : Her friends did but not her, right? So, what makes you think you can upset her by saying those bad words to her? Listen here A........it doesnt matter whether you mean it or not but what you did is very wrong. An 11 year old boy like you shouldnt have said those words - not to Marsya, not to your friends and not to anybody. You shouldnt have behaved like this especially to girls. As a boy, you should show some respect to a girl - and not talking to them like this. I hope you understand what I'm trying to tell you here.

A : Yeah, I understand. I shouldnt have said that to Marsya & anybody else.

Me : One more thing A......if you make a big fuss out of this conversation you had with me now, or you'll tease Marsya at school tomorrow for making me talking to you like this - I'll make sure I'll go & talk to your teacher & your parents about how bad of a boy you've been. I'm sure you dont want that to happen, isnt it?

A : Ok, I understand auntie. Can I talk to Marsya coz I think I need to apologize to her.

Me : That's a very good thing to do A. You do owe her an apology.

Then, I passed the phone to Marsya & let A apologized to her.

I sounded very firm & stern talking to him. I was controlling myself very hard not to be over-reacting in handling the situation. Thank goodness A is very polite as well - it helps me a lot in managing my anger. Especially, the part where he wanted to apologize to Marsya - it's a very noble thing for him to do.

Judging from the conversation, A is a quite a smart boy, I would say. He speaks English very well which implies that he came from a very educated family. I remembered speaking to his mum on Marsya's sports day a few months ago. She was such a pleasant lady & soft spoken too. I just couldnt understand what went wrong along the way?

Often we heard people relating the social economic status to the children's behavioral development. Lower socioeconomic status, broken families & uneducated parents are among the theories behind a problematic child. But then, this has been proven not to be true at all time.

Marsya has been surrounded by a bunch of spoilt brats at school everyday and A is just one of them whose path crossed with mine today (lucky him!). She always complained about her classmates who always said all those bad words as if there's completely nothing wrong with it. And all these friends of hers are coming from a very wealthy and educated family.

It makes me scared thinking of how the next generation's gonna be - my daughter's generation it is. I hope A learned a good lesson from what had happened today. I really hope he would someday thanked me for what I did & grew up to be a fine gentleman. And I'm glad I've said all the things I've said to him earlier - at least I know I've done something good for the next generation to come.

Ironically, earlier today I was having this conversation with my BFF at the office about my fear of Marsya's future. I was telling her how much I wished I could protect Marsya from being hurt by all those pricks out there & how much I'd wished she wont go through the same painful experience her mum had with guys. I remembered saying this to my BFF :

On Marsya's wedding day, I will look straight in his eyes & tell this to my future son in law : JUST REMEMBER ONE THING - DON'T YOU EVER BREAK MY DAUGHTER'S HEART........ COZ IF YOU DO, I'LL PROMISE YOU THAT I WILL KILL YOU IF I HAVE TO. THIS IS MY PROMISE TO YOU - REMEMBER THAT !

Thinking back what I've said & after what had happened today - even if I didnt promise him that, I'm quite sure I'll kill him should he do something stupid that will break my Marsya's heart. I'll just chop his head off - whichever head comes first !

19 May 2010

Behold The Power Of The Boobs

Before I start, I would like to apologize in advance to all of my male readers for any un-easiness or un-pleasantness of their "south territory" for the following entry - being a normal man for that matter, that bounds to happen. Well guys, your inconvenience is very much regretted.

I'm not sure if any ladies out there noticed that boobs, aside from providing buoyancy in the event of a shipwreck and serving as the perfect airbag for protection during a car accident, wielded unusual power - over men specifically.

I've been wanting to write about this issue since the last 2 weeks but I've got no choice but to put it aside to give way to my hectic work schedules. So, what actually happen last 2 weeks that inspired me to write this entry?

I was in the lift of my apartment one morning, on my way to work. Then this neighbour of mine stepped in & that's when it all started. The lift in my apartment is the al'cheapo type which kindof having a built-in anti-gravity force that more or less slowed down it's speed - giving us enuff time to chat before it reaches the ground.

This time around, the chat went a bit odd than the usual ones. When I said "odd", I didnt mean the topic of the chat but more on how he behaved. There we were talking to each other, one to one, but his eyes seems to keep on falling at the wrong place. Rather than looking at my face, his eyes were rather too busy gazing on my boobs instead ! Watta ! That leaves me in a very awkward situation - I cant suddenly cover my boobs with my hand. Neither can I ask him to stop staring at them for he might say I am just perasan-ing. All I can do is to continue talking to him like nothing ever happened while hoping the lift to reach the ground as soon as possible. Phew !

Anyway, this is not the first time it ever happened to me. Men, from any walks of like wouldnt have enuff mental resistance when it comes to facing the boobs. I've encountered the same situation a few times before which really puzzles me. I wouldnt be if my boobs are of the DD cup size. Or if I'm actually flashing my cleavage around. Mine is barely there & totally covered, for crying out loud! But then being a guy, even if it's just a few ounces of meat there on the woman's chest, their systems could just go haywire. I'm sure, while that neighbour of mine was chatting with me that day, in his head he had done a couple million of things with my boobs. Otherwise, they wouldnt be called "men", arent they?

This is what I meant by the power of boobs. From centuries ago, boobs have been shaping history - destroying careers & crippling world powers. Many men have been nearly destroyed by these orbs of power. Never underestimate the power of boobs. And behold..... these boobs are five times powerful when wet - it's power supercharged !

If only I didnt fall prey to the power of the boobs.......

Boobs have indeed done many great things to women. They have helped a lot of women get a job or being promoted. They make the workplace more tolerable for the rest of us. Boobs can lighten up a woman's whole appearance. They can make the sun come out when it is raining. They not only make a woman smarter but funnier and more interesting too. A lot of those popular Hollywood celebs owed their success to their boobs. And recently, a classic example of how a pair of boobs have some how awakened the sex desire of a 70 year old man......hehehe.

The boobs that build Scarlet Johansson's career. Lucky girl !

Guys wouldnt even notice how she looks like - it doesnt really matter anymore

Boobs are nature's masterpiece, perfect in shape and design. They are as beautiful as they are powerful. All it takes is something that looks like a boobs to unleash their power. Unfortunately we ladies have yet to abuse this natural power to enslave mankind. But don't worry fellas, we're working on it !

Somewhere a bear is masturbating !

13 May 2010

Worn Out !

I am so exhausted......really am. For the past 2 1/2 weeks I've been bogged down with work that I dont have the luxury to do the things I've used to do - no more blog hopping, googling recipes, FB-ing, checking stuff on ebay, window shopping in KLCC / Pavilion - damn, didnt notice I've missed out such a big chunk of my life. And you know what I missed the most ? Being in the fitting room trying out new clothes ! Uwaaaaa.........

The only thing you can find mangling in my head right now are no other than valves, cavitation, flashing, hardfacing.....work, work and only work. For the past 3 days I've been burning the midnight candles in the office - of which at the same time burning me down.....huhuhu.

So, to those who've been wondering as to why is my blog being deserted for days - well, now you know why. At this point of time, home is the only place that allows me to blog or getting myself connected to the virtual world. Sadly since last Monday, even that privilege has been taken away from me after some vicious virus attacked my personal lappie - which completely cuts me off from the cyber community. It just cant get any worse than this, isnt it?

But that's not all......yet another burden is waiting for me......huhuhu. I need to conduct a training for the Vietnam agents next week. And the best thing about it is that, I havent prepared a single thing for the the training. Worse comes to worst, I'll just give them some training on Facebook-ing like I did to the Koreans a few years ago......hahahaha. If you think this is a joke, well you're so wrong - it did happen and I'm so proud of it ! LOL !!!

05 May 2010

The Other Woman

A few days ago in the midst of our battle with the 700++ valves, me & my BFF were talking about how some women would put the blame on the "other woman" when their husband is having an affair. I'm sure most of you agree, if not 100%, at least 90% to this statement.

Most affairs are initiated by men. It started with the most common lie in the universe which is "I'm single". Then with some sweet talks here & there, the poor girl falls for it. Nobody condones cheating. It may not be the case all the time but majority of the time, it is. In this case, clearly it's not the other woman's fault. But yet, she still got the blame and the dog howls to victory ( the dog here is that cheating husband ).

Even if the man didnt lie & the other woman was to know, it's none of her responsibility to uphold two other persons wedding vows, isnt it? Pathetically, some women would put most of the blame on the other woman rather than their own good-for-nothing husbands - when it's actually the husband that owes the wife something. It's him you married not her, so you can't hold her responsible for anything.

What I'm trying to imply here is that the whole blame should not be placed only on the other woman, because it takes two to tango...however, she's not innocent in the matter and shouldn't be counted as innocent. But then, it's not the other woman's fault that their husbands cheated.

This is one thing that I always failed to understand about women ( though I'm one of them ). Noticed that women would take more craps from the husbands than anybody else - even their own mother or siblings. I'm sure you've heard a lot about women who choose not to listen to their own kids when they complaint that their dad molested / raped them. They would just ignore them & stick to the husband, half the time not even investigating the allegations. Sad isnt, it?

Like my late grandma always told me before : women can be very much smarter than men...... but yet, men would still managed to cheat them out ! Ouchhhh, the truth does hurt !

p/s I hope none of you would relate this entry to myself - no, no, no.....I am not that "other woman", ok. I'm clean.....at least for now ! Hehehe......

03 May 2010

Anugerah Industri Muzik 2010

If any of you were wondering whether I would write a review on last night's AIM, well the answer is no. To start with, I've totally forgotten about it - not until Marsya told me so. Getting the right TV station is another challenge as none of us knew anything about it - so, we end up jumping one channel to another till we got the right one. And by that time, CT Nurhaliza had just finished performing :( But then, even if I got the chance to watch her, dont think I would have any comment on her performance but only praises & compliments. Cant expect me to do that to another Pahang-ian, right?

I managed to stay & watch the event for a mere 30 minutes. or so For that short period of time, obviously nothing much I could comment. Anyway, both Afdlin & Adibah had again proved themselves as a good presenter & never failed to entertain the audience with their jokes. They're naturally good & their jokes are so original. Am just wondering where Bob Lokman is this year?

Cant comment much about Yuna & Aizat's performance though. It's like having the Chinese philosophy's concept of Yin & Yang on the stage, i.e. the theory about balance. In this case. it's the balance between my "likes" and "dislikes" - I like Yuna & it's the other way round for Aizat. Enuff said. But honestly, I dont really like their song mash-ups. Dan Sebenarnya would sounds better if being sung on its own without any interference from Aizat's song. Hmmm.....am I being biased here? Sounds like it though.......but do you care? Coz I dont !

Hazami won the best male vocal artist award despite my favourite Faizal Tahir.....huhuhu. Cant help but to feel sorry for him upon listening to his speech. It's not the speech that moved me but rather his voice. I cringed to every words that's coming out from his mouth & was hoping that he would make it as short as possible - before the crowd started to laugh at him. Really am feeling sorry for him.

That was the closing event of my AIM this year. I found it rather boring & just couldnt continue watching it anymore. Maybe I've been watching too many Hollywood movies lately that I've lost all interest in the local entertainment. Or maybe, they're just not up to standard yet to be able to entertain me !

02 May 2010

The Indecent Proposal

I'm speechless. Not that I didnt know they're an airhead but the fact that they proudly flaunt their stupidity amazed me - not in the sense of impressing me but rather shocked me. Knowing the fact that they are stupid is one thing. But having them to prove that fact can be quite entertaining, I would recall. What's more interesting to see a man making a fool out of themselves?

How can I not say that? As always, men disgusts me and in my case, it's not me to be blamed. Those men who happened to pop in my life seems to have nothing in their head - total vacuum. It's either that or I'm just too smart for them......oppssss, did I just knock off the ego of you guys, male readers out there? If so, then just be it........ada aku kesah ? Woooohooooooo !!!

Imagine this & I'm sure you couldnt agree more with what I've been babbling up above. A guy whom I knew for a 1-2 years, went out with him 2 - 3 times and as far as I know, I've no mushy feelings towards him - strictly frens that is. Unfortunately, he is not and obviously it's not my problem at all. So, being an airhead he is, he called me @ 5.00 am in the morning - not to wish me a very good morning or asking me to watch the sunrise with him.......but to propose. Oh yes, you've read it right....to PROPOSE !

See what I mean? He has 24 hours in a day & the best time to call & propose to a lady is at 5 am in the morning.....that's one heck of a theory! I guess, this is what actually happen. He had a wet dreams in the night, woke up in the wee hours of the morning, still feeling horny as an after effect of the wet dreams he had earlier and bang !!! Lets propose to this lady ! He was really proposing to me - telling me that he'd took care of me, love me for the rest of his life, and I'm quite sure if he's in front of me at that time, he would already be on his kneels with tears at the corners of his eyes, begging me to accept his proposal. Me on the other hand, still trying very hard to figure out whether am I already awake or still dreaming.....or should I say, still in a midst of a nightmare ! And I'm quite certain after putting down the phone, he'll be wanking himself back to sleep !

As I'm writing this entry, I still couldnt understand how he can actually do that. Not that we're currently in love or what.....and I cant even remember the last time I spoke to him on the phone. And out of the blue, he can actually call & proposed.....at 5 am in the morning! Though what he expected from me is a "Yes",but all I could say was "ARE YOU DRUNK???"

This is the problem with guys. They thought asking the girl's hand for a marriage is just like asking her our for a movie. No big deal......nothing ! If he doesnt like the movie, he would just walks out from the cinema......the same way he'll walks out from a marriage if everything doesnt turned out to be as he wants it to be. He can always find another girl to go for another movie with him ! What's so difficult about that, isnt it?

This guy who proposed to me is a 40 year old man. If you think, a man at his age is mature enough, well you've think again. He is in fact another living proof ( out of millions of them out there) of the theory that men can never mature....ever. Unfortunately their biological clock went bonkers and their brain just stop developing at the age of ten max., which leaves men with a so-called brain no bigger than a peanut. And tell me how can I not hate these species ? They simply cant stop amusing me with all kinds of stupidity they could think of.

C'mon guys, gimme a break.......I had enough !