27 April 2010

Nasi Lemak Tanglin

A lot have been heard & read about this infamous Nasi Lemak Tanglin. It's one of the most sought Nasi Lemak in town, it seems. Just type Nasi Lemak Tanglin in Google Search & you'll find hundreds of reviews & comments about it.

Tanglin Food Court

Last Sunday, I've got the chance to join those avid fans of this particular Nasi Lemak for breakfast. Tanglin Food Court is situated in Lake Garden area...near the butterfly park & opposite the Pusat Kesiihatan Tanglin. There are enuff signboards in the park that would help you find the way.

We reached there about 9 am & from far we could already see a long queue in front of the stall. Most of the seats in the food court are already occupied - but since it's only the 2 of us, we managed to find ourselves a seat. Besides the nasi lemak, there's also another stall selling noodles. Since nasi lemak has been a no-no dish for me for so long, I then opt for the noodles - Mee Kicap Special, it is. As for my friend, he ordered the nasi lemak.

Excuse me, is this the queue for the movie tickets?

So, here's the verdict. The mee kicap is fantabulous. I really, really love it - it meets my taste so perfectly. The noodles is nothing so great but then it's the simplicity that makes it great I guess. It's just a wanton noodle with soya sauce & garnished with prawns, cockles, bak choy (green leafy vege) plus 1-2 slices of fish cake. As I said, simple yet nice....very nice indeed.

The amazing Mee Kicap Special

The "infamous" nasi lemak on the hand is an ultimate disappointment. In my opinion, besides the rice, the sambal plays an important role in determining the quality of the dish. If the sambal fails, so will the rice. Well, this is what happened to nasi lemak Tanglin. The sambal is really out - not only it tasted different ( not in a good way kindof different ), it's a bit sweet too. There's something really funny with the taste of the sambal which I dont really like. But then, looking at crowd; I guess it's just me and my friend - the rest of them seems to enjoy it very much. Personally, the nasi lemak @ Wisma Genting's food court is still the best. It's reputation is by far, still intact.

The unexpected Nasi Lemak

Anyways, I would definitely come back to this place - not for it's nasi lemak of coz but for the noodles instead. My intention is to try out all of their other noodles in the menu - which I hope is as good as their Mee Kicap.

25 April 2010

Ed Hardy

The history.........

Don Ed Hardy, originally born Lisa Schwartzmann (born 1945) is an American tattoo collector raised in Southern California. He attended the San Francisco Art Institute and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking. In 2004, a French fashion designer and entrepreneur ( originally from Gap, France), Christian Audigier licensed the rights to produce the Ed Hardy clothing line, which is based on Hardy's imagery. Source

The product........

The customer..........

Phewittttt !!! Yeah....that's me, with the Ed Hardy t-shirt along with the awesome looking waterfall cardigan & matching gladiator platform ! Dun care what you people think but as ffar as I know, I look damn gorgeous. Only missing now is a Harley bike to compliment the look! Huhuhu.......

Notes To Frens..........

Farrah : We're now in the same boat....we need help....seriously & desperately !

Ain : Aint the cardi fabulous ? Envy me ! Envy me !

Carol : You really need to chain me on my chair during lunch time for the next 3 months or so....pleaseeeeeeeee....... have some mercy to this weak and sick soul of mine ! You are my only hope, my friend !

23 April 2010

Rude Bitch!

It’s Friday today & like everyone else, I’m so looking forward to it. I’m so happy when Friday is finally here. As I’m about to start embracing this lovely day, it was splattered by an act of rudeness & arrogance from a female.

In life there are the popular people, the geeky people, and then there are people who enjoy being rude to others just to make them feel better. I can deal with the popular people and the nerdy ones, but the jerks I can't deal with – especially when it’s the person I worked with everyday.

How can a person portrayed herself as a good muslimah but didn’t actually act like one? Aren’t being nice to each other is one of the teachings in Islam? Doesn’t she knows that or she’s simply ignoring it? This female has been constantly showing her attitude for as long as I knew her. It’s like having that rude hemoglobin running through those veins of hers.

Today, she might smile at you as you walked pass by but tomorrow, you cant expect the same thing out of her. She’ll only acknowledge you when she feels like it and she’ll just stop smiling back at you out of the blue leaving you feeling very confused (& pissed as well). In short, being an asshole as she is, she’ll simply make you a stranger as & when she likes it.

Why is it so difficult for you to be nice to other people? I’m not asking you to be nice to the extent of sending me flowers everyday or make me coffee every morning. I would understands it if I’ve treated you so very vulgarly all these years. But the thing is, I never did that to you. As long as I remembered, I’ve never been rude to you before. Have I ever not smiled back at you every time we passed by at the pantry? On those days where you put on those weird outfits (like that ruffled puffy sleeve cardi for instant), did I go & laughed at your face though I really felt like doing it (especially now) ?

It’s not my fault that you didn’t get fucked by your hubby last nite but dont come to the office the next day and fucked other people’s life. For all I know, you’ve just ruined my Friday !

22 April 2010

Thai Steamboat @ Q-Thai Village

Went here about a month ago with my mum & Marsya, right after I came back from Korea. It's a treat to my mum for taking care of Marsya while I'm gone. Didnt actually knew the existence of this restaurant - not until I saw the their banner by the road side around my area. Since it's located in my neighborhood, let's just give it a try. Anyway, steamboat has always been the favourite for me & Marsya.

This restaurant was open mid January this year. It is located in Taman Dagang - near Ampang Jaya Police Station, behind Galaxie Ampang. They occupied two shop lots - one one for the Ala Carte menu whereas the other one is specifically meant for steamboat only.

As planned earlier, we opt for the steamboat. It was quite okay, I would say. Lots of varieties - really a lot actually. They have it all there - seafood, vegetables, noodles, fried rice, those yong tau fu stuffs, chicken, beef plus a lot more. Besides the steamboat, they also have BBQ chicken wings (weekend) and satay (weekdays). My mum loves the chicken wings so much - it was big in size & nice too.

As for the soup, as most of other steamboat operators, they have two choices - tomyam or plain soup. In terms of these soups, Tupai-Tupai still won it by having the coconut juice tomyam soup. But as far as price is concern, Q-Thai is far ahead than them. It's only 22+ for adults and 12+ for children. This is certainly a very good news for all Steamboat lovers in Ampang / Pandan area. With the amount of varieties & the price they are charging, Q-Thai Steamboat is indeed the cheapest in town.

20 April 2010

The Cardi Dilemma

Didnt know buying a waterfall cardigan can be quite challenging. I've been browsing for it since last week since this long cardi is so in these days. I have been a bit skeptical about putting it on me due to my extra broad shoulder. I feared that putting another layer on it would make my shoulder ever wider.

Having a wide shoulder like mine has created a lot of limitation to my fashion collections. Ruffled sleeves, pleated necklines, no shoulder pads - these are among the designs I should be avoiding. I've to be really careful trying out new fashions for I might end up looking disastrously ugly.

The waterfall cardigan has captured my attention quite some time ago for its trendy & stylish looks. The only thing that stops me from pursuing it is the thought that it might not look good on me. All that thoughts just vanished the moment I stepped into Marks & Spencer on Sunday. They have a few nice long cardi there & to my surprise, I looked quite ok in it......phew!

These are my shortlisted choices :

It took me 3 visits to Marks & Spencer before I can really decide which one suits me the best. Among all 3, I would have to admit that A is by far, my favourite. The only not so favourite about it is the price - RM259 ! Well, quality and looks always comes with a price, huh ! B & C are about the same as far as price is concerned - RM 169 each. However, the drawback for B is that it's a 1-pc design - meaning that you cant mix & match it with other tank tops. C in the other hand is more friendlier as it is a 2-pc tops where both the cardi & tops are not attached.

Out of these 3 options, I like C the least. The way it's been designed doesnt makes it fall that nicely as compared to the other two. But then, I still end up buying C. Reason being, A is too pricey & B is not that friendly ( no mix & match possible ).

Honestly, as I'm writing this entry, I'm still undecided as to which ones I should settled down with. The M&S's 35-days cooling off period policy really puts me in a dilemma. Looking back at the above pics, I think I look much nicer in B - but then I've to stick to that only without having the luxury to match it with my other tops. Huhuhu........it's so difficult being a woman, isnt it ! The other solution is to buy both ! Would I? Could I? Or.... should I?

15 April 2010

Lazy Lorrrr.......

I've been asking myself lately - is it the aging factor or have I actually lost the drive & passion in life? I dunno what's been happening to me but I seems to be extremely lazy these days. Maybe this is the kindof mid-life crisis women faced in their life when they turned 40 - specifically for single lady like me. The good thing is, it doesnt involves hurting other people's feeling like the kind of mid-life crisis men had.....duhhhhh!

When I said being lazy I'm not referring to office work coz for as long as I could remember, work and lazy are two synonym words in my dictionary. Lazy here means the way I am whenever I'm at home. I cant even remember when was the last time I baked a cake or making "kuih" or even a simple jelly. I bought this chocolate milk about 3 months ago, with an intention of making a chocolate pudding. Till now, the milk is still there in the cabinet - untouched. I really have to force myself every morning to cook Marsya's breakie & lunch, unlike before where I've always been excited & looking forward to be in my kitchen.

Now, all I want to do is lie down & relax. Every weekend, all I end up doing is lying on my sofa & watch movie - one after another, while browsing the net intermediately. At least when Marsya is around, I would still need to get up to prepare her food. Without her presence, it'll be ultimate freedom for me. I'll be a couch potato for the entire weekend - to the extend of feeding only on plain water & Ping Pong biscuit. Yeah, I'm that critical !

It's quite scary thinking of what I've become. This has somehow makes me realize how great God laid his plans for everybody. As the saying goes, things happen for a reason. Imagine, if I'm still married...... damn, what a messy situations I would be in right now. I obviously cant just sit on the sofa all day long through the whole weekend, cant I? Let alone feeding myself & my hubby plain water & Ping Pong biscuits. For all I know, I'll be flying (without wings) from the 8th floor after being thrown out by my husband !

Sometimes we questioned God as to why he let bad things happened to us without even realizing the blessings that comes along with it.

God, I am grateful.......

14 April 2010

The Dark Side Of A Training

Wow! I have not written any entry yet this week. K.Mimi must be cursing me by now for not having any reading materials while having her breakfast every morning. Am so sorry darling.....just cant help it! So, what seems to be the reason that's been keeping me off from writing?

A few reasons actually with "plain lazy" being the major one......hehehe. Apart from that, I was not in the office for 3 days - had a training to attend. And speaking of training, I can only think of one good thing about it which is the knowledge obtained ( provided that full attention being given throughout the whole period la).

All I'm saying here is that there are more bad than good to trainings. First & foremost - too much eating. 2 breaks + 1 lunch - certainly makes me feel like a pig. Well, I cant just look at the food, isnt it? Membazir itu kan amalan syaitan ! Not that the food are so good - but then, what else you wanna do when everybody else around you are eating? You dont really have a choice but to blend in !

The second not-so good thing about training is that it'll make your brain goes dormant. It's even worse for somebody like me whose brain are forever inactive (when it comes to work la). For 3 consecutive days, I'll be sitting there in the training room, doing nothing but listen to the trainer. So on the fourth day, to immediately start kicking with the office work is quite a challenge, I would say. The engines up there definitely needs some warming up before it can be fully throttled - at least that's how my brain works.

Finally, the last reason why training can sometimes be a suffer rather than pleasure is the workload piling on the desk when you're away. I'm referring this scenario to my own self coz I dont have anybody else that could attend to my work when I'm not around. As it is, the brain is still in its hibernation state and having a pile of due dates to meet are certainly not something to look forward to.

Anyway, I'm actually feeling very sleepy now which ends me up with this entry. I just need to blog in order to avoid myself from continuously hitting my head on the desk due to extreme sleepiness. I'm putting the blame on those dim sums I had over lunch earlier. And the by the way, the dim sum buffet lunch was quite good & one of these days, I'll try my best to write an entry about it.

Cheers !

08 April 2010

The Chronicles of Mr. Lumpy

Day 5.....

Mr. Lumpy has yet to make peace with me......though he's now less meaner. I guess he's just giving me a friendly reminder of his existence.....or just to make his presence felt. Lumpy, dearie, trust me......you will never be forgotten....not yesterday, not today and definitely not tomorrow either. You're more than my own flesh & blood.......you're part of me. Or should I say....you complete me !

Even the 3 year old Suri uses heels !!!

It's my 5th day of consolation with Lumpy and the fifth day I'm using flats to work. Ooohhhhh...... I'm so missing my heels & platforms & I'm very sure they are missing me as much too. Me with flats...... is so not me !

From a vavavoom, I'm now a plain Jane. I missed swaying my hips to the left & right, while balancing my steps on those heels. Yes, you can still sway your bump with flats but the thrill is so not the same. Being on heels gave me that extra boost on my confidence. It makes me feel sexier.

I cant dressed up to the max with flats. I cant put on my trendy tops & match it with flats. It just dont feel right..... in fact, it IS not right. It doesnt go in sync with the style. Vogue does not walk hand in hand with flats. No matter how stylish your outfit is, the look will just die once you put on a flats on your feet. Period.

So Lumpy......please be a good boy, will you? Please let me slipped in my heels back. I missed walking down the street on those platforms. I missed walking down the street feeling good of myself. I missed walking down the street feeling extra confident. And above all, I just missed being myself.........

Shop For Less

Last weekend while waiting for Marsya celebrating her fren's birthday, I've decided to kill my time by going to the most happening mall in Ampang - Pandan area......where else but Ampang Point la. It's quite an okay place actually - lots of makan place & shops where you can spend your money at. The only drawback to this place is its limited parking space - I mean free parking space la....heheheh.

For the past few weeks, I've been looking for tights for my precious. Been to everywhere - KLCC, Pavillion......couldnt find any decent one. A friend of mine then suggested that I might find what I've been looking for in Ampang Point. True enuff, she's precisely right !

It was in Royel Departmental Store where I found it. I was so thrilled & relieved when I finally found those tights that I bought four different colours - black, white, grey & pink. The pink one is my fave - it's so sweeeeeet ! They have a lot of other colours but at this point of time, I'll just stick to these 4 basic colours - though it's only RM15.90 each. Dirt cheap kan?

Marsya's favourite was the first one on the top left - very nice indeed

After gotten those tights, I need to find the tops to match it with, right? One thing with me is that I dont like buying expensive clothes for Marsya. Look...she's my only daughter and on top of that I dont have any niece - only nephews. Marsya is only 11, which means she's still in the process of growing up. Hence, I dont see a point buying expensive clothes for her when in the end they'll end up in somebody else's closet !

And with that thought in mind, I stepped into Royel's 10 Ringgit Shop. To my surprise, they actually have quite a collection of children's clothing. Not only that, they are not bad at all - in terms of quality & looks. I went bonkers for a while looking at all those nice, cute tops - wish I could borong all of them. RM10 each......can you imagine that? Who wouldnt get crazy?

So, I end up buying 8 pcs of tops for Marsya......yoo hooo! I was so happy & what makes me even happier is that, Marsya loves all of them very, very much. Those who are looking for a nice & cheap clothing for their kids, can check out this place - you'll be amazed with their collections. Not only they're good to your eyes, they're also kind to your pocket !

My Sad Story

Object : Gladiator Heels

Brand : MNG

Price : RM189

Plus Point : Look gorgeous on my feet !

Negative Point : Mahal nak mamposss !!!!

Verdict : Just an eye candy je lahhhh.......huhuhu

p/s Special thanks to Farrah for lending me her shoe for this shot !

07 April 2010

Seoul Subway

I’ve decided to blog about this as a guide for myself and others who might be traveling to Seoul in the future. Though I’ve used this service but I wouldnt know when would be my next trip to Seoul, if there’s any. So, by putting it here I could at least refer to it when the needs arise.

I’ve been into various of metro or subways in a few different countries so far & from what I see, they are pretty much the same. Taking the subways to get you from one place to another is not only convenient & fast but also cheap (except in Malaysia where everything is expensive….duhhhhh).

The most important thing when travelling via subway is knowing your final destination. In every station, there would definitely be a map of the tracks which shows which line to take & which station to alight or transfer. Besides knowing the destination, being alert to the signboards is also vital. Keep close track of the stations you’re heading to & make sure you’ll get into the right train whenever you’re required to change the train. Read the signs !

Unlike Japan, Korean’s subway has both language (Korean & English) written on their signboards. So, as long you read & follow the correct signboards, rest assured you’ll get to your destination safely.

Below are the steps as to how to purchase the subway tickets from the vending machine.

1. Selecting the language. In my case, it’s of course English.

2. Select the desired service. As a tourist, I dont think I really have much choice here but to select the Single Journey.

3. Search for station. The name of the stations are arranged in alphabetical order for an easy tracking. Should your desired station is not available on the screen, dont panic. Take note of the buttons on the right hand side of the screen for all the 26 alphabets from A to Z. If your desired station is Yeoksam, press the button Y~Z & search for it accordingly.

4. No of tickets purchased. Select how many ticket you intent to buy. Once selection is made, the total price of the tickets will be displayed & you can proceed with the payment accordingly by inserting the money into the machine. Dont worry if you dont have the exact amount as change is provided.

5. Once the payment has been settled, the ticket will be generated out from the machine. Take note that for each subway ticket purchased, an additional 500 won will be charged as a deposit – which can be refund once you arrived to your final destination. A different vending machine is provided specifically for this service.

So, there you are ! Easy isnt it? As far as Seoul is concerned, subway would is the best & highly recommended mode of transportation. Give it a try!

Seoul City Tour Bus

This is one service that has becoming very popular as most of the major cities in the world has it including our very own city, Kuala Lumpur. The Seoul City Bus Tour links most of the city`s major sightseeing and shopping areas, including the Gyeongbokgung and Changgyeonggung palaces, the Namdaemun and Dongdaemun markets and Seoul Tower.

This tour bus is highly recommended to those who doesn’t want to go through the hassles of taking the subways & getting themselves lost in a quest for the tourist sites. Also, to those who doesnt have the luxury of having a few days to tour the city, this tour bus is an absolute answer !

The bus stops at 26 different locations of which most of them are the tourist attraction places like palaces, museums, galleries & shopping centres. For that kind of service, you only have to pay 10,000 Won for a day trip. You may hop on & off the bus as to where & when you like it. All you need to do is to wait at the designated bus stop where the bus will be available every 30 minutes or so. Hence making it easier for you to plan your visit at each place.

The journey starts at the Dongwhamun station @ 9 am every morning. If you’re taking the subway, once you alight from the train, take Exit No. 5. Upon emerging out from the station, you can see the Tourist Information centre to your right where tickets for the bus are sold here.

To be honest, I dont think one could finish all the destinations in one day. Therefore, if you only have one day for the tour, be selective. My advise is to finish up all the museums & palaces first as these places will be closed by 5 pm. I got a little bit carried away in Insadong that I missed out the Changgyeoggung Palace & Cheongwadae i.e. the President’s office. Well, what can I say……. any women would get carried away while in Insadong – there are too many sights to see & too many things to buy !

Besides the palaces & museums, the Seoul Tower is also a nice place to be at. You can even ride the cable car at the top of the tower if you have the time. Otherwise, you could always enjoy the beautiful view & scenery of Seoul from up on the hill.

I’m not a museum kindof person, so I just strike out all of them from my list. My main purpose of the tour is to visit the palaces. Was a bit disappointed for not having enuff time to visit the last palace though. Anyway, there’s always a next time. At least I now have a reason to go back to Seoul next time.

For more information on this tour bus, please refer here.

06 April 2010

Where To Go In Seoul

Honestly, my initial travel plan in Seoul was visiting Nami Island or Namiseom as the Koreans called it. Nami Island becomes famous after the most romantic scenes of the drama Winter Sonata were shot here. Funny thing is that, I've never ever watched that drama - in fact, any Koreans drama. The reason why I wanna go there is simply becoz the place is just so beautiful. Anyway, since my Koreans colleague advised me not to go (fearing that I might get lost getting there), I decided to abide to their advise then. When the time came, I know I would eventually set my foot there.

In this entry, I'm gonna write a short summary on some of the places I've been to while in Seoul two weeks ago. I hope this entry would somehow provides some tips to those who would be needing it.


There were five grand palaces built in Seoul during the Joseon Dynasty. The good thing about these palaces is that they are located within the city area which makes them easily accessible. Out of these 5 palaces, I only managed to visit 4 of them. By the time I arrived at the fifth palace which is Gyeongbokgung, it was already over 5 pm & hence, closed.

Generally, all of the palaces are very much alike - the design, architecture & are all made of wood. Deoksugung Palace is by far, my favourite of all Seoul’s palaces. For a start, entrance is cheap - 1000 won is all it takes. Another thing that makes this particular palace special is the Royal Guards Changing Ceremony which is happening at @ 11 am, 2 pm and 3.30 pm everyday (except Mondays). It is a bit of historical drama mixes with Seoul's modernity which is really amusing.

I was so lucky during my visit there for I'd been given the honour to start the ceremony by hitting the big "gong" for three times. For the said ceremony, I need to put on a special costume which is an outfit worn by the Empress. Isnt that cool? It was indeed one of the most memorable experience I had in Korea. For a moment, I felt like a star - with the costume & a big crowd swarming all over the place, who wouldnt?

Namsan Seoul Tower

This is one of Korea's important landmark besides being one of the most popular place for couples. Besides the beautiful view of the city, you'll see thousands of lock attached to the fence at the viewing deck. These locks symbolizing the love between couples. Promises of love are written on a lock and the key thrown away. Superstition holds that their love will hold fast; like the lock left behind on the fence.


Insadong is the place to go if you want a truly "Korean" experience. It is most widely known for its attention and preservation of the Korean Culture. Here is the place for your traditional shopping and Korean specialized items. They have everything from eating, household items, souvenirs and collectibles. It's a great place to stroll and take in the pleasing mix of traditional and contemporary Korean culture.

My Old Buddy, Lumpy

Thought of writing something yesterday - not just something actually.....a lot of things. Have a few things in mind that I would like to share with you readers. Indeed, I still have a few of my Korea travel stories in the draft folder, awaiting me to publish them.

When I woke up yesterday morning, all of my blogging plans came to a halt. My really, really old problem came back to bug my life. It's like this......I have this one small lump (which I'm gonna refer as "Lumpy" here), a size of a 50 cent coin underneath my right foot. It was like a gift from God to me as I was born with it. Good thing with it, it doesnt grow together-gether with me - otherwise, I would had a much bigger problem then.

Whenever I walked, Lumpy would be pressed against the ground, obviously. After some time, I guess Lumpy felt a bit agitated being pressed & squashed all the time especially those yesteryear when my weight is as heavy as 75 kg at least. So, he decided to punish me for all those bad times I've given him, though it's not directly my fault.

When I was in my secondary school, Lumpy declared war with me & began to rebel. He started biting my foot every now & then. He not only bite me when I walked but also when no pressure being put upon him - heartless Lumpy! It was really painful that most of the time I had to limp rather than walking. I sometimes cried too when the pain is really unbearable.

Since Lumpy didnt really like me that much anymore, after sitting for my SPM I've decided to "ditch" him from my life. My parents then took me to a clinic & ask the doctor to remove Lumpy. I guess we are so meant to be with each other, even the doctor failed to separate us. So much love, huh !

Anyway, that visit to the doctor had somehow put some sense's into Lumpy's head that he's becoming less vicious towards me. The pain he had caused me for years has lessen and after a while, it stopped. Just like that - we finally make peace between each other.......not until yesterday.

It was as if Lumpy just woke up from his long sleep.....with a vengeance. I was in a continuous acute pain all day long. It was so painful that I had to take 2000 mg of Ponstan to overcome the sufferings. The whole day of yesterday, I was very busy focusing my mind to ignore the pain - though it the end I didnt succeed that well.....huhuhu.

This morning, if the pain still continues I thought of going straight to Ampang Puteri & get even with Lumpy. But then I guess he could sense my agony & decided to mellow down. Good for him. Now, I'm just hoping that things between me & Lumpy would be back to normal again. No more distress.......no more hatred........no more pain.

02 April 2010

Just Remember Me......

After sending Marsya off to school, I've decided to browse the internet since it's still early. To my surprise, I've came across the news of Din Beramboi who passed away early this morning @ 12.30 am due to haemorrhagic dengue fever . It was only a few days ago I've read in the papers that he was in the ICU @ Selayang hospital. Well, when it's your time to go, nobody could ever stop it. Al-Fatihah to him - may he rest in peace.

Death is one of the many experiences everybody get to share. Prominent people are said to be remembered because of their contributions to the industry. But then, how about ordinary people like us? This question popped out from my mind after reading the news of the late Din Beramboi earlier. I just wondered what would people remembered about me after I make an exit to this world?

People are best at forgetting. I think that while many famous people will be remembered a lot of them will be forgotten as well. It is the way that things go. To me, as long as my family & friends remembers me, I'm okay. I just want to be known as a good person who was sweet, kind and loving who always tried to give her best to all.

In death, as in life, a good person is what I want to be remembered as. I've gone thru so many things in life, did as many too - some of them I regret, some I'm proud of but above all, I've always tried to do the right things. However, as a normal human being I just can escape from making mistakes. I served my parents & family to the best of my ability, perform my duty as a mother as best as I could & I gave to the community. I dont know whether it'll balanced the book well but at least I know I've tried.

Of all the people I knew, my daughter may remember me the most. I may be remembered by my child as the most fierce & crazy mum she'd ever known ( my child, it's all for a good cause ) - apart from being the most creative & fun mum to be with. But then, all I want to be remembered as is a person who loves her the most - nobody else could ever love her more than I do.

I may be remembered by my parents & siblings as the great family entertainer for all the laughter I've made when I''m with them. Also, the great chef who always introduce new menus for Hari Raya or other family events - either that or the evil chef who always makes them spend the whole day in the toilet for all the chillies she used in her cooking! But then, all I want to be remembered as is a child or a sibling who would always love them with all her heart !

I may be remembered by my friends as a person who would always there to make them laugh with my cheap & slapstick jokes. A person who enjoyed shopping, eating & traveling very much. But then, all I want to be remembered as is a friend who would always inspire them to enjoy everything life has to offer!

I may be remembered by my colleagues as a person who loves to cook & sharing it with them at the office. Movies supplier, blogger addict & a scooter rider would be among the things I would be remembered for. But then, all I want to be remembered as is a colleague who are always willing to share her knowledge with others !

I would like be remembered as to how I lived, not how I die. Honestly, I've never dream of something grand - just a simple, "She was a good person."

let there be no tears but laughter...
let my funeral be a carnival, celebration of my life...
let people not talk of how I had died, but of how I lived...
careless, reckless, selfless and unconditional...
let there be music, to soothe any sadness...
for my words had always been the songs to uplift them...
let there be games to play, for my ideas were always a challenge that made them winners...
let there be thanks, not condolences, so I know as I watch from above, I had touched their lives and made it rich, as rich as they have made mine...

p/s This is how emotional I am : I cried after finish writing this entry......huhuhu.

01 April 2010

Korea As I See It

This is my 2nd trip to Seoul, Korea. My first trip was somewhere 3 years ago and it was just a short 3 days trip. So, nothing much can I achieved during such a period though I still managed to set foot at Namdaemun market – well, that’s one of those strong determination in women when it comes to shopping.

This time around, I had a chance to be in Seoul for a solid 7 days, with 2 weekends. That has of course given me a better opportunity to get to know not only the place and culture but also the Koreans themselves.

Koreans are generally nice people- kind hearted, respectful & polite. The most significant quality I observed in Koreans is that they are very hardworking community – too hardworking, I would say. They devoted 3/4 of their life at the workplace. They will only leave the office after 10 pm – everyday.

Being hardworking is part of their culture & strength. We, Malaysians are totally nothing as compared to them. That explains how successful their country is. Perseverance is the word – no gain obtained without a pain.

Another interesting fact about Koreans is that they love coffee very much. Walking in their city, you’ll bumped into coffee shops every 10 meters of a distance – ranging from the international labels to their own local brands, you have them all.

Below are some observation I managed to pen down while being in this country – something you’ll never get in Malaysia that I find quite amusing :

a) I’m not sure about other parts of the country, but in Seoul the bus & subway service are available 24-7 ( 24 hours, 7 days a week). Not only the transportation, they also have a 24 hours shop and mind you, it’s not 7-11 I’m referring to here. I guess, since the Koreans will be working the whole entire day, these kind of services can be really helpful.

b) In most restaurants, when you came in a group of minimum 3 person, your drinks will be served with an extra straw. You’ll have 1 straw in the glass and another clean, unused ones by the glass. Reason being – in case you wanna share your drinks with your friends. I’m so touched by their thoughtfulness. So sweet !

c) The ladies toilet at our office is equipped with an electronic lock where a password is required to enter. This is mainly for security purposes – that’s why they only have it for the ladies.

Doesnt looks like a toilet door, isnt it?

d) Toilet story again……hehehe. I am so amazed with the toilet in Samsung office – it really resembles the company’s reputation very well. It’s a very high-tech toilet which offers variety of functions. The toilet seat will be heated after about 30 seconds you sit on it. They have 2 types of water sprinkler depending on your needs – one will spray warm water onto your “front exit” whereas the other will take care of your “rear exit”. Not only that, you can complete the process by pushing the “wind” button where a soft breeze of air will dry up your wet exits. Isnt it cool?

e) In most big Koreans companies, the lights will be turned off during lunch time. These are of course for energy conservation but it’s not the electrical energy they’re conserving here. It’s their people’s energy they’re concerned of. The employees are encouraged to rest during the break in order to optimize their strength & energy later.

f) During my 7 days observations, I couldnt see any fat Koreans around. Seriously, I cant detect any – be it the ladies nor the men! When I asked my colleague about it, I’ve been told that they does exist but most of them are hiding in the house. They are too shy to go out in the public due to their physical looks. Very sad, isnt it? This is one thing Malaysians won over the Koreans – higher confidence level !

I wonder when can I see the same toilet installed here in Malaysia?

g) Korean men love to wear suits. Not only they wear suits to work they also put them on while sightseeing……on Sundays. I’ve not only seen one, but many of them that makes me decided to put it in this list. I know it’s cold but wearing a suit for sightseeing on weekends is obviously a fashion crime !

Actual photo taken on Sunday evening @ Insa-dong market !

g) Last but not least, is the most shocking fact ever. There’s this one night, I was scrolling the TV channels searching for nice movies to watch. Then suddenly I saw this real shocking scene on the TV screen – a Korean couple on the bed having sex! Yes, they have porns on Korean TV – the local porns it seems. Can you imagine that, a TV porn channel in Asia? Anyway, this porn channel is only available after 12 midnight. I didnt know whether it’s only available in the hotel or they actually have it as part of their standard channels. All I know is it’s there & it’s free!