15 June 2011

KL Gangster - The Review

My first 2 attempts to watch this movie were a failure as the tickets are all sold out. It was originally Marsya's request to watch this movie as she's a big fan of Syamsul Yusof who is the director cum actor for the said movie. The ticket sales (RM 1.5 mil on it's first day of showing & RM 6 mil, four days later) & recommendation from friends makes me more determined to watch it.

Our third attempt finally clinched the deal & Marsya was the happiest soul for the day. She almost cried when we couldnt get the tickets earlier. She was so into Syamsul that I could almost see the sparkles in her eyes when we walked into the theater that day.

So, what's the verdict ?

My Likes :

1.   My number one will of course goes to Malek (Aaron Aziz), the big taiko. Not only he's super gorgeous, he's also like the super gangster among others - the strongest of them all ...hero mah ! But honestly, I really think he's not fit for that Malek character. Aaron doesnt have the features & aura to be such an influenced gangster like Malek. He's just too cute to be a gangster - unlike Adi Putra & Syamsul. 

"cuti gua sudah lama abis.."

2.  Abang Long Dil (Zizan) - he's one funny character who managed to burst out laughs among the audiences. His character reminded me of Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour movie. His jokes are non-slapstick & genuinely funny. People could straight away laughed the moment his face appears on the screen without him having to say a single word yet.

" ko tau kan...lawan aku bukan 2 org tapi 2 lori... " 

3.  Ajib (Sofy Jikan) - he's the best gangster, I would say. His acting as Dragon's right hand man was superbly awesome. The way he uttered his dialog with the Chinese accent was really amusing ( "lu kalau gua potong lu 18 baru lu tau erti penyesalan"). Thumbs up to Sofy Jikan - great acting skills ! Wa manyak suker sama lu bro !

"gua bleh simpan gua punye senggggaaatttt... gua pon sudah pennnattt.... "

4.  The shirtless Jai (Adi Putra)....do I need to say more?

" lain kali jangan buat lagi tau...nanti mak marah "

5.  The fighting scene featured in this movie is somewhat realistic as compared to other local action movies I've watched before. Their moves were swift enough that they looked quite real. When a punch landed on a face, you could actually feel the pain from your end.

My Dislikes 

1.  Shark ( Syamsul Yusof ) - though his acting this time was better (meaning that not too much of "control macho-ness" ), I still couldnt grasp the idea of his Chinese accent. Him speaking with a Chinese slang makes me wonder of Shark's actual race. Other character like Ajib for instant, does speak in a Chinese accent too but the way Syamsul did it is so un-natural.  It either he's trying too hard or he's simply over-doing it.

" sekarang gua tak kira...lu abg long ka..lu ayahanda ka...ini KL gua pegang ! "

2.  I dont like the idea of Jai putting an unlit cigarette between his lips while talking. It's ok if he appears that way in one scene but I find it a bit annoying when the same act was shown everytime he appeared on the screen. I'm quite sure he would still looked vulgar & dangerous without the cigarette. My two cents !

3.  They makes it so easy for Shark to kill King. C'mon, this is THE King mah - the Godfather of the gangsterism community. It doesnt really makes sense such a powerful man like King could be so easily pinned down by a young inexperienced chap like Shark. But then, he's the director....I shall rest my case !

All & all, I really enjoyed this movie. Though I am not a fan of an action genre movies, but KL Gangster managed to entertain me &, got my butt glued to the seat the whole duration of 80 minutes - unlike certain movies which makes me wanna leave the cinema even before it ended ( Lagenda Budak Setan is the best example for this - sucks big time ! ).

Kudos to the young director, Syamsul Yusof for making such a great movie (in accordance to the Malaysian standard, ok). To those who havent watch this movie, hurry up & grab yourself a seat at the nearest theater. Those who are never interested in watching Malay movies in cinemas, try out KL Gangster - you wont regret it.....it's worth every cents !

One thing both me & Marsya noticed while walking out from the cinema was how strong the movie influenced the audience that the guys started walking like gangsters LOL !

p/s   Am considering to re-watch the movie.....didnt get enuff of those hot hunks !!


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