26 November 2010

Happy Friday

Many times we came across sayings and quotes which emphasized the idea of focusing on the little joys in life. Often times we get absorbed in our hectic life that we tend to forget to “stop and smell the roses.” We would normally focus our attention on the big prize and fail to appreciate the little accomplishments along the way.

"If one could only learn to appreciate the little things ... A song that takes you away, for there are those who cannot hear. The beauty of a sunset, for there are those who cannot see. The warmth and safety of your home, for there are those who are homeless. Time spent with good friends for there are those who are lonely. A walk along the beach for there are those who cannot walk. The little things are what life is all about. Search your soul and learn to appreciate." -- Shadi Souferian

Enjoy the little things in life.

Happy Friday to everyone & I wish you an awesome weekend ahead. May the sun shine on all of us this weekend.

Psssttt : MAHA 2010 here I come !!!!

24 November 2010

Love & Stupidity

Love and stupidity go hand in hand most of the times. These two elements are separated by just one very fine line in between of them. Love doesn't make us 'stupid' per se ... but it does tend to make us silly and blind, which can appear to be 'stupid' or make us do 'stupid' things.

Believe me - we've all been there. Even if you didnt (boy, are you lucky !), I did and so did most of us. Everyone at one point (or even more) did something really dumb & foolish in the name of love. I wont spell out here all those stupid things I ever did as it would be too painful now, though it feels the opposite back then ~ big sigh ~

Being a woman, our greatest weakness is our emotions. Women are a damn fragile & emotional creatures. Thus, we tend to put a lot (sometimes too much) of caring & love in a relationship. And men, on the other hand would put nothing into it but instead would take women for granted, which is by far, men's greatest talent. Bloody assholes !

Okay, I'm not saying only women do the stupid things when they are in love. Men too but the majority would still be women due to that delicate heart of theirs. In fact, everybody seems to lose their ability to think straight when their heart is filled with nothing else but love.

I know a friend who just find out that her husband is having an affair. She somehow managed to get the girl's phone no. give her a piece of her mind for good. When the husband finds out, he got really pissed & make the wife apologize to his girlfriend of which she abides to it. Damn, I thought! How stupid was that?

Another friend of mind who was continuously got thrown to the wall and punched at the face by her husband. Leaving him? No. Why? Coz she loves him still & hoping that he'll changed someday.

Being stupid is one thing but being stupid to the extent of risking your own life is totally unacceptable. This is the saddest part of being in love (for women in particular) - they'll put the priority on their heart over the brain. They becomes so vulnerable that they'll blind themselves with their very own emotions. Sometimes what they thought love isn't love at all. For all we know, it is plain stupidity.

I know relationships will have it's ups and downs but really, ladies where do you draw the line? How many times are you really going to let your spouses get away with things? Sure we've all been cheated on, lied to, deceived but for how many times, for God's sake? How often? Aren't you tired of it?

Don't get me wrong here as I don't blame those women for trying to keep their family together and making their relationship works, but sometimes you just have to stop being "stupid" and naive to the things that has been going on around you, and start to stand up for yourself. Because the minute you settled for less than you deserve, you'll get less than you settled for.

So don't ignore that fact that your man stayed out all night or cheated a couple of million times. It's okay to forgive people but when you look at your relationship and it's like a reality show or soap opera filled with drama, then it's time to learn to let go. I am so sick & tired of people saying "I can't, I'm in love"......So tell me, what is love?

I'm calling for all ladies to stop being stupid and weak, because as long as you allow men to do what he wants and keep on accepting him back, he'll never change. Learn to let go. Don't be afraid to be alone, don't be unsecured and most importantly don't be stupid. Because who ever you are with, God didn't stop making men after He made him.

You only have ONE life to live. Why would you want to live it being stressed out and miserable all the time? Sometimes you just need to put a stop to it, let go and move on. It's his loss anyway, not yours. And sooner or later, someone whom you deserves better will come along to appreciate you, Insyallah.

Pssstttt : I am stupid coz I keep on dreaming the most impossible dream !!!!

22 November 2010

Batik Fun Walk 2010

Last Sunday was one fun Sunday for myself plus the other 2 friends of mine. It was a day where fun & fitness was working hand in hand. Though the rain was pouring heavily in KL for the past few days, this very Sunday was so bright & sunny to welcome me & my friends to Jalan Putra in joining the fun with the rest of other 500 KL residents.

For the 8th year, the Batik Fun Walk is back & this time it's much more fun than ever with the participation of 3 gorgeous chicks - Carol, Farrah & myself, of course. Every participant (myself included) put in their best effort to add some batik elements to their sports wear - which is why the event is named "Batik Fun Walk" . It is supposed to be a fun way to promote our very own batik while being healthy at the same time.

The happening pose of me & Farrah

It's quite amusing & interesting to watch the people around you being creative with batik. You'll be surprised at how sporting the crowd can be to join in the fun. There are all sort of styles & fashions these people have come up with. A girl can actually dressed up in kebaya with batik sarung for this event ! I dont know whether she would call herself creative or adventurous but honestly, she just looked stupid to my eyes. C'mon......walking for 3.9 km in a kebaya and sarung? You've gotta be out of your mind ! Oooppppsssss....mind my laser mouth !

Whatever style they are parading, none of them could beat Ms. Jenny Lee who won the most creatively dressed in batik category for the 7th consecutive years since she first joined in 2003. By the look of it, I'm sure the title is gonna be hers for as long as she lives - unless Yayasan Budi Penyayang (the organizer) decided to turn her into their mascot for good !


Aint he hot ?

The presence of the above guy instantly attracts my attention with his long beautiful legs ( honestly, I envied his legs so much). For a "shemale", he's one beautiful person - lean long legs, nice hair & sharp features. It's just too bad that only today I found out who he really is. He's the famous designer - Amir Luqman. Damn it! Both me & Carol were swearing ourselves earlier for not taking the opportunity to become his friends that day.....so stupid of us !

Steady makcik !

The event started as early as 7 am for the registration. With a registration fee of RM10, this is what you'll be getting : 2 muffins, a bun, milo, mineral water & a batik sarung. Not bad at all for a fee of 10 bucks kan?

Totally worth your money !

At approximately 8.10 am, Linda Jasmine is already on the stage calling everybody for the warming up session. It was a good warming up session though most of the time I end up making my own steps & moves....hehehe.

The walk was flagged off by Umno Youth Chief, the yummy Khairy Jamaluddin. My God, he's really yummy la. I've only seen him on paper or TV & I already noticed that good looks of him. But in person, he's 4 times yummier .......tall, dark tanned skin, tummy-less bod & super sweet smile. Me & Farrah was really drooling over him ...... gorgeous...gorgeous.....gorgeous !!! Nori is one lucky woman to be by his side. Me so jealous one !!!

OMG....that's my number he's calling ! Wooo hoooo....be right there hun !

Anyway, it was a good 3.9 km walk - except for that one stretch of hilly part. Walking or running up the hill is really one torturous moment. It'll just drained up 30% of energy left in you, leaving you panting & gasping for more air....huhuhu. But then, knowing that KJ is waiting for me at the finish line ( I know I am perasan-ing, but who the heck cares !) gives me a boost of energy to finish the route - making me the first 30 participants to finish the competition......woooo hooooo !!!! And that's what we call "the act of love"....heheheh.

That's my lucky no along with my 5 check point cards

After the competition, there's a performance by the Astro's reality show artists - Mila, Maulana & Daus - of which I'm not that interested at all. If it's not bcoz of the LCD TV (plus KJ too, of coz) being the lucky draw's grand prize , all three of us would be heading home already. But it proves that our "sacrifice" are being paid-off. Both me & Carol got lucky that day - both of our numbers are up - which means that I got to be on the stage, standing side by side with KJ - such an emotional moments for me (except for Carol as she didnt like him - all the better for me! ) .....hahaha.

After 40 years, I am finally lucky !!!!

I hope I've inspired if not all, some of you on this great event. Those who didnt join this year, should try doing it next year. For all I know, this is gonna be one of my annual events every year, Insyallah.

19 November 2010

Happy Friday

The moment I saw this quote, I've fallen in love with it. Love it....love it.....simply loves it ! It’s just so beautiful, so inspirational and so true as well. It teaches us not to give up and never to lose hope. How often do we think we’ve reached the lowest point possible in life just to see a new dawn on the horizon?

Even if you think you've hit rock bottom that nothing can be any more worse, it doesnt mean the end of the world. Things can always pick up. Everybody has the power to make the situations better and God is always there by our side to help us out.

Dont let go....never give up. It's such a wonderful life !

Happy Friday to all & may this weekend be one of your greatest weekend ever !

Pssstttt : The pressure is now on.......gifts, gifts, gifts.....what should I buy ????

17 November 2010

Salam Aidil Adha

As we all know, Aidil Adha is all about sacrifices - starting with prophet Ibrahim's sacrifice as his great act of faith to Allah, many centuries ago.

People sacrifice all the time - be it their wealth, time, energy, love and some even sacrifice their own lives. Whatever sacrifice we made if it's coming from our sincere heart & in the name of Allah SWT, insyallah would someday be paid off. What we have done for ourselves alone would die with us but whatever we did for others, would surely remains. Only a life lived for others is worth living ( Albert Einstein).

In my case, I've sacrificed my own happiness for my daughter on this special day. Here I am on this Aidil Adha in this empty house of mine, all alone when Marsya is celebrating it with her dad. I may sound a bit down but the fact is, I am neither sad nor depressed for I know it's one sweet sacrifice I'm always willing to make for my precious. I may not have a lot of wealth to sacrifice but at least I do have a piece of heart to give out.

To all of my Muslim readers, I would like to wish a very happy & prosperous Hari Raya to all of you. May all of our sacrifices brings happiness & greatness to all living things in this whole wide world. You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.


Pssstttt : Should I or should I not.....if so then, beef or chicken?

15 November 2010

She Doesnt Like The Flowery Bag

The above is a picture of a pink flowery sling bag. Honestly, what do you think of it? It is cute right? Sweet flowery motives all over & pink in colour - it's very nice indeed. At one look, it can be THE bag any girl would like to own.

Unfortunately I was so, very wrong. That was the exact thought I had in my head when I saw the bag - where every girl would love to have it. I was really sure that it'll be a pleasant surprise for my girl when she comes back from her dad's place on Sunday night. I was so excited about it that I keep on telling her in advance that I have a surprise waiting to greet her home.

Apparently, what is supposed to be something pleasant has turned out to be sour. Though at least it is still a "surprise" as I expected it to be - only thing is, it was me who was surprised rather than the original subject.

Marsya didnt like the bag. She didnt like that cute pink flowery bag I bought her. The worst part is that, the bag is too flowery & only good for the older people, according to her. "You take la, mummy.....I dont want," she said. "Only the modern design suits me," she added.

My God.....at that point of time, I just felt 50 years older. And all along, I thought I am one vogue & fashionable woman. But with that comment coming out from an 11 year old girl obviously crushes all those images / perceptions I had on myself all these whiles. Damn !

My daughter is growing up too fast than she's supposed to be. If my mum gave me that very same handbag 29 years ago, I would be jumping to joy - I might even shed some tears for all I know ( okay....I'm a bit exaggerating here but who the heck cares? ). With the speed she's going right now, I dont think I would be able to cope. Even now, she's far ahead of me & this bag situation proofs it. Huhuhu......

A few lessons to be learned from this :

a. Dont bother buying gifts for your growing up girl when she's not there with you.

b. Just bcoz it's pink, doesnt mean your girl's gonna like it

c. Flowery design is nice but not when the flowers are too much.

d. Modern design accessories is much more preferred these days

I thought I knew my daughter very well......guess I was wrong. At least I've learned something out of this - though it was quite an unpleasant ones.

Pssttttt : Damn ! It's already 12 & I havent start anything yet !!!!

Beautiful Broga

Broga Hill. Heard its name being mentioned a couple of times before. Heard of its beautiful panoramic scenes a lot of times too. Being there? Never....... but not till last Saturday.

Most of the time when you plan something out, things just couldnt end up as well as you want it to be. On the other hand, for those ad-hoc or last minute plans, everything would fall perfectly in place . Well, that's how unpredictable life can be, making it even more exciting, isnt it?

In the middle of last week, a friend of mine was telling me her plans to climb up the Broga Hills on Saturday. The moment I heard it, I jumped at the opportunity of joining her since Marsya will be spending the weekend with her dad this week plus I dont have any other plans at the same time. Timing is just so perfect !

I was so looking forward to this trip & the excitement started from Friday night itself. Too excited, I cant even get myself to sleep. By 2.30 my eyes are wide open & by 4.00 am, I was already in Carol's car heading to Semenyih. With the help of Google Maps, we manage to get to Broga in approximately 45 minutes. If you are coming from KL, you'll find a Rabbit Farm on your right & right opposite the farm is the entrance to the palm oil plantation where the foothill of Broga Hill is. You can either park inside the plantation (with a small fee of RM2/entrance) or you can just leave your car along the road like we did. It's not that we cant afford that RM2 but we didnt know we can actually park inside. So, please stop the bitchin' instantly people.....hehehe !!

We are supposed to hike the hill with Lin & her sisters but when we call them, they are still 30 minutes away from Semenyih. So, fearing that we might not be able to catch the sunrise, we've decided to continue without them. To those who are worry about their safety being there as early as 5 am, well you can tuck away that fear of yours for good. There are a lot of people there (especially during weekends) with the same intention which is witnessing the sunrise on top of Broga Hill.

The hiking was not that tough, I would say - as long as you have the stamina for it. There are trails & steps being made all the way to the top of the hill & all you need to do is to follow them up. If you're planning to catch the sunrise like us, dont forget your torchlight - one for each person would be the best. At 5.00 am, the track up the hill was really, really dark. It was pitch black with not even a single hint of light except from our own torchlight & glimpses of light coming from other trackers up along the trail.

Besides the torchlight, a pair of good shoe is highly recommended. The route is quite rocky & slippery due to loose sands - not forgetting the sudden gaps in the ground and rocks in the middle of the trail. We were grateful that it didnt rain that morning & the day before - otherwise it'll be twice harder to climb up.

And the adventure begun......

After a few stops to catch our breath, we managed to get to the first peak in approximately 40 minutes. It was still dark at that time & we were looking for the best spot to rest our tired legs. To all muslims, make sure you'll take your wudhu' before going up as there's no water supply up on the hill. Bring all your praying necessities & you can perform your Subuh prayers on top of Broga Hill while waiting for the sunrise.

Scenes that would make your heart stopped for a while

Anyway, all the exhaustion & sweating are paid off the moment the sun started to peep out. The view from the top of the hill is awesome. Simply spectacular. As it getting brighter, we are greeted by the wonderful hill scenery, with the green grass & blue skies - totally worth it. In addition to the scenic views, the fresh soft breeze that mildly brushes your face gives you a satisfaction no money could buy. And as the breeze whispers, the weeds swayed swiftly as tho they are dancing to the rhythm of the wind, creating such an astounding sight.

Absolutely beautiful

When I first got up at 2.30 am earlier, I was wondering what the hell I'm getting myself into? But then, seeing all those remarkable God's creation, gave me a different perspective in life. Standing there on the top of the hill makes you feel very tiny in God's eyes. I am so grateful to God not only to the life He has given me but also the ability to enjoy simple things in life & savouring it to the fullest.

Absolutely beautiful too.......hehehe

Once we're done exploring the hills & taking pictures of the surroundings (and ourselves too, of course), we head down to the foothill. The journey downhill was much easier & faster. But allow me to remind you to be extra careful as the path is quite steep & slippery - this is where your good pair of shoes come to play.

Another God's best creation.......do I need to say more?

All and all, both me & Carol enjoyed the trip very, very much - though we didnt get till the 3rd peak. But then I am surely setting my feet back to this hill as I've promised Lin to do so. She didnt even make it to the 1st peak since one of her sister just couldnt proceed anymore. With what's there to greet us, it is simply worthwhile for a next trip to Broga !

Before I end up this entry, I really wanna share this one shot I've captured while I was there. You see, you dont need to be on a gigantic ship to be the infamous Jack & Rose. Here in Broga Hill we do have our very own Pak Joko & Kak Rosnah :

..... You jump, I jump ......

Pssstttt : Panorama Hill anyone? Huhuhu.........

12 November 2010

Happy Friday

A good friend of mine gave me this & I fell in love with it instantly. This saying reminds me of no other person but my ownself.

No woman is a strong woman because she got a degree. No woman is a strong woman because she got promoted. No woman is a strong woman because of her intellect. No woman is a strong woman because she can do something just as well as a man can or even better than them. No woman is strong because she’s an athlete. No woman is strong because she can lift heavy weights at the gym.

In fact, a strong woman is someone who would still be able to stand after what ever life throws at her. A strong woman is a woman who can stand on her own when she needs to, without the need for a man to survive. A strong woman is the one who can take on responsibilities on her own and not crumble under the pressure. A strong woman is the one who can think for herself and form her own opinions independently. A strong woman is a woman who is content within & does not need a man to make her life complete but to add to her happiness.

Happy Friday to all........hope you'll have a wonderful weekends ahead !

Pssstttt : In some other world, in some other time....could you have loved me?

08 November 2010

My Cheese Has Been Moved

Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf's a flower
But only so an hour
Then leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay

The above poem was written in 1923 by the four time winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Robert Frost. It speaks about immortality. It is about a fact that all good things at some point must come to an end. Nothing will ever stays the same. Even the most perfect moments will slip away all too quickly.

Changes is one thing in the whole wide world that every person is afraid of - especially when it's from good to bad. It's that very thing which sends chills down people’s spine and causes grown men to wince in pain. It is the word that no one ever wants to hear and one of the hardest things to go through.

Apparently, my cheese has been moved last week. Though I have had a few false alarms on the same situations before, the impact of it when it really hits me is something greater than I've ever imagined. I am now left in frantic trying to find myself a new cheese to survive.

As of last Friday, I no longer can download any movies, TV series or songs from the office. Huhuhu...... it's like being struck by the lightning in broad daylight when the news first came to me. It's the worst nightmare ever for somebody who's part of her life has been dedicated to Mr. Torrent all these whiles.

A big chunk of my happiness have been ripped away from me. It took me the whole weekend to finally accepting it. I was feeling so lifeless as I stepped into the office this morning. There's nothing else to look forward to anymore in this confined space I've to live in for the next 8 hours or so. No more looking out for new movies. No more checking the downloading status in Bittorent. No more looking forward to Thursdays to search for the newest episodes of Glee. All the enthusiasm have gone - leaving this heart of mine feeling very, very hollow & empty.

Changes are definitely hard. But then, life has to go on. Every time our cheese gets moved, either by our choice or because of other people's choices, we either change and go with the flow or refuse to change and fight the inevitable changes. In my case, I'm not left with any option but to adhere to it.

But somehow or rather, I know I'll get back this happiness of mine even if it'll cost me money from my own pocket !

Pssstttt : Unifi or Maxis ? Or could it be P1 Wimax ?

06 November 2010

Marsya's Get Together Party

I have been looking forward to this long weekend as I've specifically planned out something for myself. I've been very, very busy (when am I not, btw?? ) for the past few weeks & thought of pampering myself for the 3 days 2 night of rejuvenating & revitalizing holiday @ DC Resort. DC Resort is forever my favourite getaway spot as far as relaxing is concerned. It's the best - as I dont even have to leave my house to be there - it's home sweet home !

Unfortunately, things dont always end up as how we want it to be.....huhuhu. I've to forgo my "holiday plans" due to an unforeseen circumstances. All in the name of love. If it's not becoz of my precious girl, I would be having a back sore by now for having my back glued to the sofa for the past 2 consecutive days.

Marsya has been planning a get-together party for her & her BFFs for the past 2 weeks which originally scheduled for next week. However, one of her BFF has other plans on the same day that she has to bring forward the date to this week instead. And that's how my long awaited plans got ruined.

The dedicated party planner

So yesterday, in conjunction with the Festival of Lights, I have six 11 year old girls in my house partying. Marsya has volunteered herself to be the party planner where she'll be responsible for everything except for food & beverages, of course. Good thing it's a kid's party - so, the pressure is not that intense on food.

It's party time !!!

After consulting the so called 'party planner', my only task is to prepare the Olio. Easy peasy. After putting all my thoughts together, I've decided to cook one of my signature dish which is known as Olio de Fusione. You know I like experimenting food & recipes in my kitchen & this particular dish is one of the best result (apart from the crappy ones) I've gained. It's a combination of both the Western & Eastern elements - something different from the traditional Olio we used to have.

Opppssss.....looks like I went a bit too far on the Olio subject when it's the party that I should be talking about. That's how easy I got distracted when it comes to food / cooking. Anyway, the party went on quite well. They eat, play & have lots n lots of fun. Marsya did a good job in the games department. She has lined up quite a number of interesting games for her & her frens. After they are done with all the eating & playing and since it is still early, I've decided to take them for a swim at the PGH hotel. At least I got to work out at the gym while they had a splashing fun at the pool.

By the end of the day, all of the girls are pretty much contented with Marsya being the happiest ones. She's so happy her party was a success & she kept on saying that it was the best party ever. As for her mummy, she's now looking forward to the next R&R (Revitalize & Rejuvenate) holiday possible. Ouchhh.....this old body suddenly aches !

Pssssttttt : Last night the impossible has somehow becomes real....too bad it's just a dream.

05 November 2010

Happy Friday

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasnt supposed to ever let you down, probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken.

You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame your new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love.

Everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you'll appreciate them when they are right. You believe lies so you'll eventually learn to trust no one but yourself. And sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

So, take lots n lots of pictures, laugh too much & love like you've never been hurt......because every sixty seconds you spent being upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back !

Have an exciting weekend everybody & to those who are celebrating, Happy Diwali to all !!

03 November 2010

Winter In Malaysia?

As much as I love going for a window shopping in places like Zara, Gap, Marks & Spencer so on & so forth, it's this time of the year where I'm a bit reluctant to do so. Going to these places now would gives me more disappointment rather than pleasure. Ask me why?

I was in KLCC yesterday for my usual window shopping at the above named stores & all of them are currently promoting their Autumn / Winter collections. At one point I had to ask myself, which part of the world am I now? Coz for all I know, Malaysia is a one season country - the sun is out all year round. But at those stores, you can find all those thick wool & furry coats & tops starts dominating the clothes racks already. 80% of their products would comprises of these types of clothing only......duhhhhh.

@ Zara KLCC

This is one scenario which never fails to amaze me every freaking year. On what ground does these people feels that Malaysian needs winter clothing as part of their attire? Dont they know that in this country only water falls from the sky and not snow? Just where does all those senses had gone to? Just becoz it's shivering cold there in the West, it doesnt mean that the Eastern had to join the party too.

Thanks for your assistance dear !

I understands that the market for warm clothing is still there for a group of people who likes to travel during winter & wanting to do it in style. But then, you dont have to occupy 3/4 of the store selling these types of clothing. Having a section of winter collections at one corner would be sufficient enough to cater to their needs.

This is taken @ Gap KLCC

Anyway, looking at the bright side - at least I'm not tempted to spend money going to these places throughout this period of time !

02 November 2010

Not 100% Please......

Every woman in this world loves their men and every wife loves their husbands. It's a simple fact nobody can deny. But then, I honestly feels that there should be a limit to the degree of love they had for their partners.

Essentially, too much of everything is bad. It might sound irony but the fact is that, this single sentence applies to a lot of things in our life - which also includes love & feelings. Personally, I think women in particular, should never give their 100% devotion to their husbands. They should have keep some to themselves - knowing the kind of men we had these days.

Take it this way - human themselves are not 100% perfect. So, why in the world should we trust them 100% too? C'mon get real, do you even trust yourself? Giving too much trust or love to somebody can open the door to hurt and heartbreak. Dont give them all - allow some space for failure and everything else that goes with it. Life is not always a bed of roses.

I may sound a little jaded, but I have learned my lesson in trust the hard way. People don't always say what they mean or mean what they say. Therefore, it's always best to have some sort of an insurance policy against the disappointment of someone breaking your trust. It's so hard to earn it back once it's completely gone, so it's wise not to completely give it to anybody.

My point here is, don’t allow yourself to be completely dependent upon someone else, whether it’s financially or emotionally. Nobody can guarantee that the sky can forever stays blue. Always be sure that if the relationship were to end, you could stand on your own two feet, rather than falling on your backside. Make your own money & never to lose touch with friends. Be sure you have a support system. Don’t make one person your entire universe, coz when he leaves, then your universe will collapse.

Last but not least, dont put all your eggs in one basket. Only God is worthy of 100% trust.