04 April 2012

My New Black Lacy Tops

Since my BFF, Carol left me about a month & a half ago, shopping has no longer been part of my routine during lunch time. When she's around we would made our shopping schedule to meet our visitation quota for both Sg Wang & Pavilion, which would be once a month for each venue. We dont have any other choice but to plan this way in order to curb our shopping habit coz the more we visit these places, the more we're gonna spend.

Now that my Carol is no longer here with me, I've become crippled for I've lost the other side of my shopping "kaki". I'd stay in the office from the moment I stepped in every morning till its time to go back. That's how boring & dull my days in the office have become - which explains why I start blogging again hahaha.

But then a woman gotta do what a woman gotta do. And shopping is definitely one thing this particular woman loves to do. And having to live in the internet world of no boundaries, shopping doesnt mean that you have to leave your seat in the office - if you cant get yourself to the shop, the internet will bring the shop to you yeeee haaaaa !!!

I've been quite free these few days after a long week of striving & struggling. And with that free time I've decided to check out all those long forgotten shopping blogs which I used to visit before. Sure enough, being a perfectly normal woman with desires, one of those blog manage to appear in my shopping radar. 

It was this tops that has been continuously blinking in my radar system. 

The tops looks nice & the price is reasonable too.....so, what more can I ask for?  The next thing I know, I'm already half way through the order form. Well, happiness doesnt come flying to you if you dont go looking for it, right? And that's exactly what I did - I've go looking for my happiness & I've found it ! Bingo !

It was fast as I've gotten my parcel the next day itself. Without sparing a single second, I took out the tops & examine it closely. Okay....it was not exactly 100% as what I expect it to be but neither does it a total disappointment.

First, the material. From the picture, it doesnt really look that transparent but the fact is, it's made of a lacy kind of material which is totally transparent. So, for a hijabista like me [ for those who didnt know what a hijabista is, well hijabista is a fashionista who wears a hijab --> like me :-) ], I definitely have to use an inner with it, unless of course, if I wanna be called gilanista then I can always omit the inner!

See how transparent it is !

Secondly is the sleeves. The actual ones seems to be much shorter as compared from the one worn by the model. But then, I was corrected by my princess who seems to be much smarter than me ( ehemm....just for this particular moment ). "Mummy, the model is skinny & you are not - obviously, the sleeves will be longer on her" - dabooshhh, that whole sentence hits my face right away the same way a fist came popping out from the Jack-In The-Box toy once the lid is open.

Though it's hard, truth remains the truth huhuhu. Anyway, even if I'm using size zero like the model or even if the sleeves are longer, I still have to use the inner, isnt it? So, the sleeves basically has been overridden by the lacy material & with that in the picture, the tops is not that bad after all....especially after I've put it on me with my red palazzo....walllahhhhh !!!!

03 April 2012

English With An Accent

As compared to other Asian countries (Singapore excluded), Malaysians should be grateful as the majority of us can speak English very well. Some of the pakcik & makcik can even speak this international language though it wont be that perfect but good enough to converse & relay the messages to others.

If you go to other Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan or Thailand, you'll be facing hard time communicating with them. Majority of the people there doesnt know a single word of English - even their youngsters too - let alone the pakcik & makcik.

What I'm gonna blog today is not about how well Malaysians speaks English but more on how they speak the language. If you noticed, there are two types of English-speaking community in our country :

1)    The genuine ones
2)    The wannabes

Ok, lets start with the first ones - the genuine group. This group belongs to the people who were born & breed abroad where everybody around them speaks with an accent. English with Mat Salleh accent is usually acquired after years of living in a Mat Salleh's country. It's quite natural to adopt an accent after being exposed to another culture for a certain period of time - it's a form of adaptation, I would call it.

Some of these people dont even leave the country but the people around them speaks that way. Their dad / mum is an expatriate for instant. Or they went to an international school where all their friends speaks with an accent. 

But if you've been living in Malaysia for 20 years then went to Britain for a year & came back speaking like Brit. 5 years or more is okay but 1 year? And to make it worse, they act as if they were born English as well, which basically means emulating the English personality / lifestyle. I don't mind if they emulate the good, beneficial aspects of the English culture though but please dont be a wannabe. No matter how interested you are in a culture, it takes several years (obviously more than a year) to move from one refined accent to the other.

I have an acquaintance who speaks in deep Mat Salleh accent - though she has never been more than 7 days to any Mat Salleh countries and sure enough, she's adapting the Mat Salleh's lifestyle as well. Okay, she's been working with an International company for years but so did I. The only thing I am lacking is a Mat Salleh boyfriend like her (unfortunately my "asset" is not abundance enough to attract one). She's now married to her boyfie & her accents gets thicker by the days - which I believe was greatly assisted by the "fluids transfer" between them hahaha.

A lot of us really cant stand her accent coz they sounded so made up & fake. There's one time where a non-Malay speaks Bahasa Melayu with her & she still responded in English (with pride) which really confused us. It's not that she cant speak Malay - she can even speaks Malay with the local dialects for God's sake. It's just that speaking English with the Mat Salleh accent makes her feel that she's one level up in the local social hierarchy, I supposed. 

Another scenario I would like to share here which happens in my own working place. The nature of our work requires us to speak with the kwailos all the time. There's this one colleague of mine who would automatically change his accent whenever that needs arise. From an Ah Beng he suddenly transforms himself to Andrew & he thought he was making an impression by doing so but little did he knows that he's just making a fool out of himself ! 

My point here is that speaking in English with an accent doesnt place you at a special rank in the local social hierarchy. Neither would you gain more respect from others. In fact, would end up being the gossip material among your peers. What matters most is the perfection of your English in terms of grammar & pronunciation. 

To those who naturally speaks English with the Mat Salleh accent, just continue being yourself & be proud of it. And to those who are just faking it, please dont over do it coz for all I know, you've just turn yourself into a real loser !


You know the bed feels warmer
Sleeping here alone
You know I dream in color
And do the things I want

You think you got the best of me
Think you've had the last laugh
Bet you think that everything good is gone
Think you left me broken down
Think that I'd come running back
Baby you don't know me, cause you're dead wrong

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone
What doesn't kill you makes a fighter
Footsteps even lighter
Doesn't mean I'm over cause you're gone

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stronger
Just me, myself and I
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone

You heard that I was starting over with someone new
They told you I was moving on, over you

You didn't think that I'd come back
I'd come back swinging
You try to break me, but you see

Thanks to you I got a new thing started
Thanks to you I'm not the broken-hearted
Thanks to you I'm finally thinking about me
You know in the end the day you left was just my beginning
In the end...

The above is the lyrics to the song Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. I love every line of the lyrics - they are just so powerful & amazing that it sent chills down to my spine when I first heard it.

Love this lyrics / song so much that I am dedicating it to all the men who have made an appearance in my life and end up fucking it up. As much as I hate them, I owed them a lot for giving me the valuable experiences that makes me as strong as I am now - what doesnt kill me makes me a fighter.

Though Kelly Clarkson is the original singer to this song, I am putting the video from the Glee casts (which was performed during the Regionals in Season 3) since it was from Glee that I first heard the song. 

Enjoy !

02 April 2012

Draw Something

Draw Something - the new app that has taken the world of smartphones by storm. If you love playing Pictionary as a board game with friends, now you can doodle away mobile style with Draw Something. It is a simple and intuitive game that tests your artistic skills.

Developed by OMGPOP, this online game is available to both IOS and Android platforms. Players used their phones as a canvas; their fingers as paintbrush.You can play either with your friends or even strangers, taking turns to draw pictures; to guess what the opponent has drawn. You can pick from three options, varying in difficulty, and win coins if their partner correctly guesses what the drawing depicts.

There's both a free and a paid version of the game. The paid version eliminates ads, adds about 2,000 more words, and gives you 400 free coins (you can also opt to buy coins separately if you'd rather not wait to earn them). Those who play a lot may want to put down money for the paid version, as there are only so many times you can stand having to draw Lady Gaga.

It was Lin who first came to me begging to download this app into my phone so that she could play the game with me. I was a bit reluctant at first knowing how much I despise computer / phone games. But after much persuasion & assurance from Lin that this game is a bit different from the rest, I finally agree to download it into my phone.

True enough, like others I was bitten by the Draw Something bug too. I quickly got semi-addicted (not fully yet so far) to this drawing games, though I must admit that I am a very bad artiste huhuhu.

Here are the collections of my drawings which I considered as the best to my standard wahahaha :

Not so bad lah kan my drawings tu? But of course if you compare to the below drawings I found in the net, mine are just so crappy ! I really cant imagine how people can actually draw these on their phones - it's just too impossible to draw something so impressive like these using just the tip of your fingers.....it must be the Stylus pen they are using. Honestly, if I were given the Stylus to draw, I still couldnt draw as perfect as these :

Luckily none of my drawing buddy are as good as these people - otherwise I would be too embarrassed to even play the game with them. Anyway just for the fun of it, can you guess what these two drawings are ? For your info, I failed to guess these two drawings - it was too confusing especially the first one.

Have fun guessing peeps !!

Silicone Moulds

I got these lovely silicone moulds from Ija & Lin for my 42nd birthday recently.

It was really unexpected & an awesomely pleasant surprise when Ija handed me those bright, striking moulds. I still  remembered showing her those moulds few weeks before & telling her how much I'd love to have them in my kitchen.  And now all those moulds are finally mine. Thanks a million gals !

Silicone moulds immediately captured my heart ever since they made their way onto the market a few years ago. Unfortunately they are much, much more expensive as compared to those cast-iron moulds. The first time I ever saw a silicone mould was 6 - 7 years back ( damn, it took that long to have my own silicone mould? Shame on you ! Shame on you! ) when my Russion colleague bought one from Isetan. It was a bright red bundt mould which left me so confused when I've been told that we can bake cake in it. Silly me !

By looking at it, one would never expect it can be used in an oven - at least that's how I felt the first time I saw it. A silicone mould looks just like any other plastics you've seen before except for its flexibility & elasticity. Apparently this silicone baking mould can withstand temperature up to 260 Deg. C and extreme temperature changes, so you can take it from the freezer & put in the oven right away. Brilliant isnt it?

What I love the most about this moulds (beside its bright colours) is their flexibility. With a silicone mould, you dont need greasing anymore. They are so flexible that you could just peel them away from whatever you are cooking, be it a cake or a pie. Their flexibility makes storage much easier - all you have to do is to simply roll it up in the drawer when you are not using it.

So to those who didnt have these moulds yet should give it a try. If you cant afford it, hint your friends to get them for your birthday - works well for me !!!

Kan Aku Dah Kata...

Entry kali ni khas untuk my BFF - Mimi Suryana Abdul Rahim ( siap nama penuh lagi hehehe). I've been telling her for so many times but she refused to believe me just becoz she's head over heels in love with him - in denial la tu, which is quite normal.

When you love somebody, everything about him seems perfect and flawless. No matter how hard people try to convince you about the not-so-good things about him doesnt seems to register in your mind. And that's exactly what happen to my Mimi friend......hikhikhik.

Mimi dearie, udah ku bilang sama lo...namanya Haron tapi lo nggak mau percaya....lo bilang gue dengki. The truth has finally prevailed ........taraaaaaa :

See, at least I was a bit kind by saying that his real name is just Haron instead of Mat Haron hahahaha. Ku sangka Aaron rupanya Mat Haron !!!!  Klas kau Haron !!!

As I am writing this, I am sure lots of other Harun out there wants to be called Aaron by now - the glamour version for Haron. But then, what's in a name? Maybe unless you a hot celeb like this Mat Haron !


Credit to Cari Forum for the wonderful image.