17 August 2011

My Dream Home

I am very free in the office this week since I've been such a dedicated employee last week that I've completed all my work efficiently ( langsi maut !!! ).

On Monday, I spent the whole day doing nothing but facebooking, tweeting & browsing (for recipes of course). Yesterday however, I got tired wandering in the virtual world that I decided to watch movies to kill my excessive time.

Since I dont have the whole collection with me in the office, I have to make do with whatever I have in my lappie, which is not that much of a choice - Kongsi, Scream 4 & Cun - what a collection ! Kongsi is a definite no-no - am not a big fan of Shaheizy Sam. Scream 4? For any movie with sequels, I have this rule where I'm not gonna watch the latest sequel till I'm done watching all the previous ones. So, that leaves me with nothing else but Cun ~sigh~ Well at least Remy Ishak is there for me to drool over....hehehe ( oopppsss...lupa - posa ! )

Anyway, today I am not going to write a review on this movie, Cun coz honestly there's nothing really great about this movie except for those muscular arms & bod of Mr. Yummy Remy. What really excites me about the movie was the location where the movie was filmed. The movie Cun was filmed in the middle of a padi field in Kedah with an amazingly beautiful view.

I am a city girl - born & breed in the city and unfortunately, still breathing the city air till this second. My so-called "kampung" in Kuantan is nothing like a kampung at all. It's a housing area with a tarred road everywhere & the only greens you can find are from the potted plants people put in front of their house for decorations. That is my "kampung" !

As a norm, people would always yearn for something they cant or dont have. The same thing applies to me. Watching the movie gives me a terrible heartache. Living in a village like Kg. Mata Ayer (the location set for the movie Cun) has forever been one of my dreams.

A small un-gated wooden house with windows as tall as me so that I could stand in front of it to inhale fresh clean air every morning , a "pangkin" in front of the house for me to rest & relax in the evening with a cup of coffee & a plate of kuih, a small stream flowing behind the house for my grandchildren to play whenever they come to visit me, a serene & quiet place where the only sound I could hear would be the sounds from the birds chirping & the sounds of the water flowing. But a house in the middle of a padi field would be a bonus !

Doesnt sounds realistic, isnt it? Been dreaming too high, I supposed. But the truth is, that is exactly how my ultimate dream home looks like. Ideally it would be that but honestly, as long as I could stay in a kampung, I'm more than happier.

So, if any of you people out there knows any single kampung guy who has a house which looks more or less like my dream house as described above, do me a favour by introducing him to me, ok ! As a gesture of my gratitude, you'll get a whole year supply of my signature dish, Fusion Olio. How about that ?

16 August 2011

Hari Raya Cookies Marathon

I have actually kept aside all my cookie's mould, rolling pins, baking tray etc for the past 3 years when I decided to take a long leave from the baking (Hari Raya cookies) world. Baking cookies for me, are nothing close to baking cakes.

Baking cakes are much, much easier. All you need to do is to measure the ingredients, mix them in the mixer, then dump the mixture in a mould & finally, to the oven it goes. But cookies? They are just too much hassles to it. There are more than just measure-mix-bake......you need to roll, mould, decorate & of course more waiting time as you need to bake not only one tray but a few (unless you have a really huge oven) - especially a good daughter like me who would bake extra cookies for her mum too !

How I'd wish I could retire from this "business" for good - if only my sister (who'll be 28 next year!) could take over this long over-due duty from me. But then from the look of it, things are just not happening the way I'm hoping it would ~ big sigh ~

Anyway this year, after much persuasion from my mum & Marsya especially, I, not only reluctantly but halfheartedly agreeing to it. How can a mother says no to her child & a daughter says no to her mum? What choice do I have?

Speaking of cookies, I have a confession. I may be good in cooking dishes - locals, internationals or even fusions but when it comes to cookies, I am a failure. As much as I wanted to blame the recipes (or maybe it's the new oven), I honestly knew that I have to chew the fact that I'm just not good at it. Out of 10 biscuits that I bakes, only 1 or 2 will turn out well. The rest are all sucks :-(

Last weekend, I managed to bake 5 types of cookies : Chocolate Crescent, Cornflakes Crunchy, Black Beauty Oreo, Almond Slice & Twist Tart Cookies. Well, at least their names are fancy coz the taste are unfortunately not that fancy after all.....huhuhu.

Out of these 5 biscuits, only the 2 of them are okay, which is the Cornflakes Crunchy & Almond Slice. The rest are simply pathetic :

a) Chocolate Crescent becomes Chocolate Cresburnt since this silly me waited too long before pulling put the tray from the oven. I was actually waiting for the bottom part of the biscuits to turn brown - but then how brown biscuit be any browner? They can turn black though ! Tsk...tsk.....

b) Black Beauty Oreo - This one is placed in a paper cups which means I cant actually check the bottom part of teh biscuit. So, similar to Chocolate Cresburnt, Black Beauty Oreo becomes Black Bottom Oreo !

c) Twist Tart Cookies - I blame it on the strawberry jam - they are just too sweet. Should have opted for the more pricey ones coz all you can taste is the sweetness & not the strawberry !

My cookie jars posing in-front of my new oven

Anyway with 3 failures behind my back, I am still determine to make at least another 2 or 3 more biscuits this coming weekend.

Wish me luck ( Only God knows how much I need it ! ) !!