16 October 2007

Friends Are Forever

It's the 3rd hari raya today. Kindof boring actually. That's why i dont really like Hari Raya. I end up eating & sleeping all day long. Anyway, had a pleasant suprise today. Leslie called ! Didnt expect to receive any calls from him anymore. He missed me he said. That's Leslie....the sweet talker. It's the same old thing la....missed me, hot for me, falling for me, etc...etc....all those craps la. But it's a good thing he called. I really need to have lots of frens around me now.

Then, later in the evening, another suprises. This time it's a call from Nily Akmar. Been ages since the last time we've spoken. It was about 4-5 years ago when she left the company. Really missed her so much. We have lots of great times together. I am so glad she's back to my life. She then called me up on Saturday & we meet up at Starbucks KL Plaza - catching up old times. She's now no longer with Dhillon, that boyfriend of hers. She's so depressed. I pitied her so much but nothing much i could do to help her. One thing i'm really not good at is consoling people. You really need a talent to do that. I just hope she'll be fine.