31 December 2008

Daun Di Damas

Got an e-mail from my old buddy, Solih this morning. The e-mail contains photos of his newly opened (about a week ago) restaurant at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas. What more can I say ....bravo !!!

Daun Di Damas

Personally, I'm so proud of Solih. Knew him while I was working @ Bumi Wangsa (which is my first ever job) way back in 1994, just a few days after sitting for my last final year's exam paper. Solih has always been a humble person who came from a not-so well-to-do family. But God is fair, as always, that he is gifted with a very good brain - he's a genius.

A doctor engineer - that's what he is. He studied medical in Malaya University (as what his late father wished for) but end up working as an engineer. Like what people said....all you need is a good brain & you'll excel. That's exactly how Solih excelled so far....how he's transfromed from being a Technical Specialist to a Director, from riding a RXZ bike to a 7-series BMW and from renting a small flat room to own a RM 1.2 million semi-D house. Yes....that's him & I'm proud to be his friend.

Not only he's a genius, Solih is also a very artistic person. He's very creative & could paint very well. I still remembers those times when we were sitting side by side in Bumi Wangsa's office, he likes to conteng2 on a piece of paper of which i would keep. I told him then that I would keep all of his artistic works so that one day when he became famous I could show them to the world & be proud of it. And today, here in my blog that statement has somehow came true. Praise to Allah.

One of Solih's creative "contengan" - been keeping it since 1998

During our working years, I'm always amazed by his capability to absorb or understand things (technical things especially) in a zapp. Any riddles / quiz given to us either via e-mail or frens, he would always be the first one to be able to solve it. There I am still struggling for the answer and he's already smiling.

Solih has the every quality to be at the position he is now. He's bright, good PR, great sense of humour and good looking too......hehehehe....that sweet mole underneath his right lips is an asset indeed. Otherwise, a rich & beautiful girl wouldnt have knealing & begging him not to leave her, in an open parking lot !!! That's how big an impact this guy could give to somebody's life.

Solih, during the opening of the Daun

Okay...I promised Solih to promote his restaurant here in my blog but looks like I'm promoting him instead. So dear readers, do drop by at his restaurant called Daun. I am very sure you wont be disappointed. Here's the address of the place - just to make sure you wont get yourself lost in the concrete jungle :

Daun Di Damas (DDD)
H-0-4, Plaza Damas
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas KL

The Undomestic Goddess

Many good reviews I've heard or read about this particular book which mounted up my desire to grip hold of it. Finally, last Sunday I've finished reading after lots of hardship (since I've been very, very buzy since November).

It's a story about a very stressed but bright lawyer, Samantha Sweeting who was fired after she make a little mistake which has cost one of their clients ₤50 million. In a panic-stricken daze she walks out of the office and gets on a train. She ends up in the middle of nowhere in front a big house where the owner mistakenly takes her in as the new housekeeper. Not knowing anything about household chores, Samantha tries very hard to cope with her new life. The story concludes with Samantha needing to decide which life is for her, a country housekeeper or a highly paid lawyer. You'll need to read it to find out!!!

Like the Shopaholic series, the plot of The Undomestic Goddess requires the reader to suspend a bit of belief. For instance, it’s a little difficult to buy that a high-powered lawyer would blunder her way into a job as a housekeeper and even harder to believe that a woman who couldn’t boil an egg learns how to cook gourmet meals in only a few weeks. However, if you don’t take the story too seriously, you won’t mind these unrealistic bits and instead focus on the great characters and funny situations.

Although this book is generally light-hearted, it does make one think about what is truly important in life. Do we take enough time for ourselves, or do we let our careers take over? Are we doing what we really want, or did we just get stuck in the system, like so many others? These are interesting questions to ponder.

The Undomestic Goddess is recommended to anyone who likes light, cute romances with a generous sprinkling of humour.

28 December 2008

National Science Center

Marsya has been wanting me to take her here for the past couple of months already. So, today I am making one of her many wishes came true. We're going to the National Science Centre.....finally.
The Science Center is located in Bukit Kiara. The best way is via the Federal Highway & then followed by the Kerinchi Link. Take the INTAN / Mount Kiara exit & just go straight until you see the signboard to this place. It's quite easy actually. Even a person who has the worst sense of direction like me could find it. That's how easy it is !
The entrance fee is RM6 (adult) and RM3 (children). Anyway, you'll get some discount (which i've forgotten how much...opppsss !! ) if you present the JJ (Jaya Jusco) Card. Quite strange come to think of it. As if JJ has some kindof connection / collaboration with this place. Anyway, since it's school holiday, the place is quite full with kids especially
Like the Petrosains, I have high expectation to the place. So, disappointed is all over me when I got there. The place to me is just so-so la. Most of the things there are already ruined due to bad handlings I supposed. Well, that's how bad the Malaysian's civic awareness are here in this country. Let alone the vandalism. It's a pain in the ass, to start with.

Marsya posing at the entrance of the Science Centre

Malaysians doesnt seems to know how to appreciate things. If you need to press a button once, they'll do it a million of times - just for the fun of it. Should I call these people uncivilised? Well, looking at how well dressed they are, they're quite a civilised & refines species, I would say which makes me really confused. There's just no answer to this situation. We'll just to accept the fact that Malaysians are "sakai"......how sad!

A Spidergirl ? She somehow looks familiar........

Back to the Science Center story. Even though it seems to be a not-so-interesting place to me but apparently that's not the case for Marsya. She seems to have lots of fun here. Trying everything out. Well, that's kids. They're just too curious & adventurous. Always wanting to try out something new.

The many faces of Marsya

Everyday at 10.00 am, 2.00 pm & 4.30 pm, there's this program called the Science Demonstration held by the NSC's staff. It's quite an intersting show actually, for kids especially. They would do some scientific tricks to woo the audiences. one of them is the electrostatic experiment which Marsya participated. She's so thrilled with it. Good for you girl !

Mummy....look at my hair !! They're standing !

26 December 2008

Muzium Polis

At the entrance of the museum

Went to this museum this evening which situated somewhere near the Lake Garden. Marsya actually wanted to visit the National Museum but I have limited time to take her there today. So, that's how we end up being in the Police Museum instead.

With the British-made cannon

Frankly speaking, nothing is interesting there ( how un-patriotic am I ). Seriously, there's nothing much being exhibited there that could attracts people to come & visit. Okay, they have tanks, cannons, weapons, uniforms......uhhmmm.....basically, that's all ! Good thing there's no entrance fee to the museum. I guess the government themselves realize there's nothing much there that they should imposed a fee.

One of the few tanks exhibited

Nevertheless, there're still visitors to this museum - suprisingly huh. I guess they are also like me who would come this once & for all. Unless they have something new much, much interesting than the existing exhibits. Hope for the best.

Polis wanita tak jadi ......hehehehe

25 December 2008

Snowland @ Genting

Since I've promised Marsya to let her experience the snow, I've got no choice but to take her there. We took off from KL quite late i.e. about 10.30 am since she's travelling back from Seremban this morning itself. Hate Genting Highland so much! 1st is the journey to the place. I'm sure I'll get land-sick (is there such a word??) going-up & coming down from this place. Pening siot! Secondly, there's nothing much there except it'll burn a big hole in your pocket. City of Entertaiment konon! So far, I've been there a few times.....not even once I got entertained. Seriously! I hope I wont got sued by the Genting management for having to say that. But that's my personal feeling about this place. So, be it!

We arrived there approximately 11.30 am. Thought of taking the cable car to the top but unfortunately we missed the junction. So, we drove all the way up. Took quite a while to get the parking space though since it's already mid of the day. Parked at the One World Hotel & the good thing about it is that it's free!! The only thing that's free here.

Headed straight to the Snowland where they have the man-made snow there. When we got there the time is 12.45 pm & the next batch to the Snowland is only @ 1.40 pm. So, we bought the ticket (RM17.00/adult & RM14.00/child) & wandered around the indoor theme park to kill the time.

While wandering, Marsya saw this Haunted House & insisted to go in. The entrance fee is quite expensive though. For me & Marsya, I've busted RM50.00 from my purse. It hurts! What boiled me up is that the moment we entered the house, Marsya got too scared & didnt wanna proceed. The thing is there's no way to get out of the place without going through it all the way. So, she end up hugging me tight & walked with her eyes closely shut. I was babbling & nagging her continuously for wasting my RM50 for nothing. In the first place I didnt wanna go to this Haunted House but then she keep insisting & show me that sorry look of her which melted my heart in the end. So, when it ended up like that, who wouldnt be angry? Geramnyerrrrrr................

Anyway, Marsya had fun at the Snowland. It was freeking cold in there - minus 5 Deg. C as they claimed. It's like being in a giant freezer. The entrance fee is inclusive of the jacket, gloves and boots, which is quite ok lah. I smuggled in my handphone & manage to take a few shots of Marsya with the snow. Most of the pictures taken were not so good as they've been take discreetly. Susah mah!

No cameras & handphones are allowed at the Snowland as Genting becomes too greedy already. I'm sure they've made tonnes of money from the theme parks & the entrance to the Snowland is not that cheap either. But noooo......money is never enuff. So, they prohibited people from taking photos in there. If you still want, you can use their personal photographer & pay RM15.00/pic. Crap! Fuckin crappy! Tamak haloba!

We stayed there for a while till our noses started to turn red.....hehehhehe. It's freezing in there which reminded me of my trip to New York 2 years ago - the first time I've ever experienced snow. Of course, nothing beats the God's creation.

Sharing The Joy of Christmas

Like last year, Farrah, Carol & myslef had our Christmas lunch on the 19th Dec. It is supposed to be our Christmas dinner @ Traders Hotel but unfortunately Carol cant make it. Last year, along with Tania we had it @ Saisaki.

We planned to do this every year whereby all of us will exchange gifts on this very day - just for the fun of it. It started last year when Tania & Carol bought me something as my Christmas gift. I cant just take without giving them back in return, right? That's how it started then.

Our Christmas lunch this year was held in Mutiara Hotel. I always like their lunch buffet especially their bread pudding which is to die for. The buffet was priced at RM 82.00/person.....expensive huh? It's all because of the oysters, I'm sure. Too bad I just cant take oyster - it's just too slimy for me!

Well, these are the gifts I bought for both of them :

This one's for Carol

And this is for Farrah

.And this is what i got in return :


From Carol

From Farrah

Isnt it cool ? Love you gals ! Muah...muah....muahhh !!!

Merry Christmas !

Wish you in the next 2009, good health & good appetite.

If you're single, wish you'll find your lover & get married soon......

If you're married, wish you'll love each other more & have lots & lots of cute babies........

If you're a guy, wish you to be more handsome & stronger & to always use the right "head" all the time.........

If you're a girl, wish you to be prettier & considerately.......

Finally.......wishing all of you a blessful & joyous Christmas !!!!!

23 December 2008

The Forgotten Tropical Village

Great Pyramid of Giza

On our way back from JB, Zahid took us to this one special place somewhere along the trunk road in Ayer Hitam. I'm quite suprised by this place as I've never heard about it before. It was quite an interesting place to visit actually.

Eiffel Tower of Paris

Been to Tropical Village is like you've been to all over the world. It's a 32-acre theme park that features replicas of the world's famous structures within its grounds such as the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx, Great Pyramid of Giza, Great Wall of China, Sleeping Buddha of Sri Lanka and mysterious stone monoliths of Easter Island.


Easter Island


Looking at the place, it's quite suprising not many people knows of its existence, me included. I guess it lacks publicity & promotions. Lots need to be done to promote this place. I'm very sure I'm not the only person who've never heard of the place before.

Leaning Tower of Pisa (posing maut tuuuu !!!! )

. .
For those who are interested to check out this place, the entrance fee is RM 8.00 for adult & RM 4.oo for children. Touring by your own car is also allowed (which is highly recommended) with a price of RM 5.00/car.


The Little Mermaid of Copenhagen

The Taj Mahal of India

Windmill of Holland



Short Visit To JB

Selamat Pengantin Baru !!!!

I cant really remember when was the last time I've been to JB. It has been more than 6 - 7 years since the last time I've been there. Went there on the 13th Nov. to attend Zahid's sister's wedding. Long tag along with us - untuk memeriahkan suasana la gitu.

We were in JB for 2 days only - went back the next day. Nothing really changed about the city - it's the same old town I've been before. That Saturday night, Zahid took us to Bandar Baru Uda for a satay treat at his old buddy's place. Since the satay & the service is good, I've decided to promote it here in my blog. If you're happen to be in JB & have this craving for a satay, drop by at Sri Delima, BBU for a delicious & juicy satay ( Nazri, you owe me here - & it's definately not just a free satay ).

Nazri - trying very hard to look good with his satay

Together with us that night was also Zahid's best friend, Din whom we planned to pair up with my sis, Aida. Aida, I know you've kindof made up your mind but better give it a thought - 8 rental houses & a brand new 2.0 Honda Civic - dont pray-pray arrr !!! Another advise from me - age is just a number sis !!!

Din at his best pose

Ok Din, I think I've done enuff to promote you here. We'll just leave it to fate, ok ! Pray hard bro. !!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

I know it's rather too late (way toooooo late actually) to wish my readers "Selamat Hari Raya" but watta heck.....this is my blog & I can write whatever I want to & I can send greetings whenever I want to, right? That's the luxury of having your own blog....ahaks !

As usual, I celebrated my raya in my hometown in Kuantan. Went back 3 days before raya & it has been raining ever since I got there. The good thing when it rains continuously like this is that it makes you feels good being under the blankie infront of the tv - so comfy. On the other hand, you'll feels hungry almost all the time & you'll end up munching food continuously too.....not good !

The next day after raya, we're having the Aqiqah kenduri for my newly born nephew, Fahiem a.k.a Mr. Brown ( as being nicked by his own dad due to his darker skin ). Mak & Abah decided not to engage the catering service for this kenduri. So, everything is on us la - penat gilerrrr !! Menu pulak tak hengat-hengat - 6 dishes : Masak Lemak Kuning Daging, Ayam Masak Madu, Sup Tulang, Goreng Kacang Panjang, Ikan Masin & Sambal Belacan/Ulam.

Marsya & Mis having fun washing the dishes

Anyway, we're all happy coz everybody enjoyed the food very much. All the tiredness & exhaustion went off looking at the satisfied faces of the guests. Alhamdulillah.....

Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

After been spending the school holidays for 3 weeks with her dad, marsya is finally back with me. We've spending our good times together since Saturday & obviously it's not enuff for us. So, I took extra leave on Monday, 1st Dec. & off we went to Bukit Tinggi.

Heard of this place before but havent got the chance to actually go there. We went to Colmar Tropicale, a beautiful French-theme resort where they have a replica of a collection of buildings from a north-eastern village in France dating back to the 16th Century. The accommodation is an artful combination of old style decor in warm pastel colours matched with modern amenities designed for maximum comfort. Too bad I couldnt take lots of pictures coz my battery went dead.

This place somehow reminded me of the movie "Sampai Hujung Nyawa", acted by Erra & Yusri a few years back. Some scenes in the movie were taken at this location. It's a very nice place indeed. You wont feel like being in Malaysia while you're there - the buildings & environment will make you feel as though you're somewhere abroad. Too bad the weather is not cold enuff, otherwise it could really makes you believe that you are in France.

I plan to re-visit this place again - this time with my battery fully loaded so that i could take tons & tons of photos. Apart from the French-themed buildings, there are also Japanese Village which I didnt get the chance to visit that day. Anyway, I would certainly make a promise to myself that I'll be back to this place some day. Asta la vista !!!