30 December 2017

What's Happening In 2017?

Just like other years before this, 2017 passed through as swiftly. A lot of things, good and bad takes place in my life in 2017. I wish I would have jotted down every bit of it here but unfortunately I juz couldnt find the time to do it. So, I juz hope that all those memories would stay inside my head for as long as they would - if not all at least some of the good ones, perhaps.

When you've just moved to a new year, you tend to rewind all the things that has been happening for the past one year and I dont know about you guys, but for me only the good memories seems to surface. Well that's me. When you have too many bad memories in your life, you dont have a choice but to just block those unpleasant ones from entering your mind and spoiled the not-so-many good moments you had.

If people were to ask me whats the best thing that happen to me in 2017, it would be no other than my decision to walk away from my destructive relationship. I would like to say that I've wasted 3 years of my time but let's draw some positiveness from it. Some people come into our life as blessings and some as lessons. In his case, I would say both - blessings for all the good moments we had and lessons for the hard times he gave me hahahaha. Whatever it is I am glad it's all over, though I do miss him from time to time. 

The next best thing would be watching the SEA Games football semi-final match between Malaysia and Indonesia. It was a hell of an experience. Never in my life I felt so proud to be a Malaysian. The ambiance in the stadium that night is something I wont be able to forget. The cheering and singing from the supporters, the oohhhhs and the ahhhssss when we missed the goal or saved the ball and the best is of course the Ultras Malaya who was supporting the national team throughout the game with their energetic chanting and singing. They are superbly awesome ! They are like the heart of the stadium and the stadium was kept alive by their cheering.

Then it was the Mahsuri Adventure Ride convoy in September. There are a few things significant about this ride actually. Firstly, it was the first Vespa ride I joined after 3 years being dormant. Secondly, it was the first time I joined a convoy which started at 12.00 midnight - meaning no sleeping at all throughout the journey. And thirdly, met with an accident on my way back from Langkawi which ended up with a broken ankle and was on crutches for 2 months !

I almost forgotten one important event which took place this year - it was the Jornam re-union party. Jornam is the name of our gang way back in secondary school. We have been planning a meet-up since the last re-union 3 years ago but it's just too hard to find a date where everybody is available. Even for this time, Has was not able to join since she has to be in KB that week. It was an overnight event filled with good food and abundance of laughter and fun. We really had a good time catching up with each other while reminiscing our past memories.  

Though Marsya and me went to Bali early this year but I dont really treat it as "the best thing" since I dont really enjoyed it. In fact, it was so bad that it kills all of my travelling desires thereafter hahahaha. Dont misunderstood - Bali is not that bad. It's just me who has problems being in a car for long hours - other than that Bali is as beautiful as one can imagine !

So there you go ..... the highlights of events & happenings in 2017. Let's just remember the good ones and put aside the bad ones as a reminder that life is not always rainbows and butterflies. 


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