13 July 2011

And I Wonder Why.......

By law, I am a Malay, by ancestry I am a mixed Chinese-Malay but in the heart I belongs to a human race. Today I am going to bitch about my own people. I know this is gonna be a very controversial issue (and I'm putting my life at stake here) but I really need to express how I feels.

I dont understand Malays....not all but some of them. The more I tried, the more I'm at lost. And having a s0-called Malay leader like Ibrahim Ali makes it even worse. Now dont make me start on Big Momma Rosmah & her blue diamond story!

Malays are actually one of a kind. You can never find any other races as unique as the Malays. Lazy, laid back& spoon-fed are often relate to the Malays. Drug addicts, incest, mat rempits, snatch thieves, bribery etc are in majority being monopolized by the Malays.

Rather than developing themselves ( spiritually & economically), they are more interested in joining reality shows....and can actually weep when they got voted out. I wonder if they would act the same when they didnt get good results for their exams.......nahhh, dont think so !

Few days ago, the singer, Yuna tweeted about an individual who questioned her for not speaking in Bahasa Melayu. This is the thing with the Malay's mentality. They'll say that you are showing off when you starts speaking in English. Poyo lah.....mata dah biru lah....mat saleh celup lah.... all sort of things will be thrown to you - just because you choose to be smarter than them.

What is so wrong for her to communicate using the international language? It's not like she's converting, for God's sake ! Malays' mentality is something you can never change. You'd better go & try to straighten up the Pisa Tower than trying to change their mentality towards the English language. All they can see is negativity. Bahasa penjajah la konon.....

Dont you think it's good to master both languages? Speaking in English doesnt mean you are forgetting your roots. If you cant speak the language, just sit quietly at one corner & shut up - dont go & condemn other people who are good at it & feels that you have contributed something to the nation when all you did is showing people how stupid you really are.

Ironically, these are the same people who have been spoiling Bahasa Melayu. I am so sick of reading the "new age" of Bahasa Melayu - in forums especially. "Itu" becomes "itew"...... "begitu" becomes "begitew".... "korang" becomes "korunk" ! What the heck are all those? Konon2 macam cool la kan? Fefeeling smart gitu ! And all I'm seeing is plain stupidity. Duhhhhhh !!!!

Another thing I hate most about Malays are their entrepreneurs & I dont mean those big tycoons who owns multi-million dollars of business. What I'm referring here are those who own small business facilities like food stalls, restaurants, grocery shops etc. In terms of customer service, Chinese are the best. And it's no surprise they contributed the most to Malaysia's economy. I'm sure you've encountered this before where you have to wait for more than 15 mins just to order your food. And when the waiter came, the way they treated you as if you owe them money it seems. No greetings, no smile, no nothing. Let alone to apologize for being late. Kirim salam la !

Superstitious is another Malay's favourite. I dont mind if believing in it will make them work harder or make them smarter. But what happen is the other way round. The Malays are forever attracted to something that could make them rich in an easy way. They couldnt understand the fact that there's no short cut to success.

I have an unfortunate experience with somebody who believes that money could just drop from the sky - literally "drop from the sky", ok. Rather than earning money to support his family, he would be very busy looking for old coins, ancient trays, antique keris which can be used to pull money out from the sky. He'll go to all corners of the country looking for all these stuff. Imagine how productive it was if that much of effort & energy are being put into a proper work. Such a sad truth, isnt it?

Skim Cepat Kaya. Do you ever noticed that Malays just love this kind of investment? And do you know why ? Easy...let me tell you. Simply because they are lazy - doesnt wanna work hard for money. So, when one smart ass offers them the express way to be rich, they'll just grab it. Dump all their money & sit while waiting to be millionaires. Hahaha....typical Malays !

By now half of the readers of this entry, the Malays in particular are already plotting my murder. Ok, I am not saying all Malays are useless but these minorities speaks volume......they are like mega open vessels. There are some good ones & had succeeded in life like the late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin Amin (founder of NAZA), Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary (founder of Albukhary Foundation), Tan Sri Dato’ Azman Hashim (Chairman of AmBank) to name a few but the number could be more if only we could change our attitude, mentality & thinking to the better.

Any Malays who read this might be thinking what kind of a Malay who would condemn her own people? Now before you start hurling accusations at me, the above are merely from an intellectual and academic point of view. if you could open up your mind for just a bit, you would realize that there's some truth, if not all, that lies in every sentence I wrote up there.

But if you fail to see it, it's just too bad then & for that, I am really sorry........


  1. Setuju! Nk kutuk lebih2 pun bangsa sndiri gak... :(
    Tp bilalah diaorg nk sedar diri? Haish...

  2. macam mana nak berubah kalau butthurt bila kena tegur.. hehe

    anyway! nice write up ;) saya sependapat dengan anda...