25 November 2008

Countdown To 2009

Yes...it's 35 more days to new year i.e. the year of 2009. As I mentioned earlier in my previous posting, a year passed by just like that.....in a flash! Same goes to my age which i dont have problems with. Never afraid of getting old actually. In fact I would like to grow old gracefully.

However, there's only this one thing that worries me as the years passes by. It's my darling Marsya. I would stop her from growing if I could ever do that. She's growing up too fast. Too fast I sometimes find it hard to cope. The fact is, the faster she grows, the faster she's gonna leave me which is really scaring me. Cant imagine how I would be when that time arrives. I'll just have to cross the bridge when it comes........

As the year end draw nearer, it makes me think about what I've achieved for the past 12 months......nothing to shout about though. Or maybe I'm just being too modest or inferior coz it's actually not bad of year after all. Let us see.....achievements for 2008 :


  • Got myself a brand new car.....finally, after 38 years. Such a long wait, huh! I still remember, way back in 1997, when I bought my first car. It was a 10 year old green Proton Saga, 1.5 manual, Sedan. The plate no. was PBS 2252. My second car was a 5 year old Wira, manual, 1.6 aeroback ( WJD 6860 ). The car looks fab. when I first bought it. However, after been with me for a few years, I really wrecked that machine.... hehehehe. Poor thing.

  • Went to Naples, Italy - though it's purely sponsored by the company. I still remembered the day I arrived Naples which was my birthday. It's both happy & sad - happy for being abroad but sad coz I'm all alone there. I would still consider this trip as one of my achievement even though I've been to most of the places in Italy, coz Naples is not in the list yet.

  • Went to Bandung. My first ever trip with my friends coz most of the time, I'll be travelling alone. Howevr, for this particular trip, there are 5 of us altogether. We had so much fun there in Bandung. For somebody who always travelled alone, this trip meant so much to me. It's something I would remember for the rest of my life.

  • I'm not sure whether I could classify this as an achievement but since I dont have that much, I'm still gonna put it here. Met 2 of my favourite singer personally - Faizal Tahir & Anuar Zain. This is not just bumping into them, it's more to it. I actually got the opportunity to sit down with them (on different occasion la) & chat. With Faizal, it was during Molor's re-union dinner at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara. Anuar's case is rather special as I was actually sitting beside him in my flight back to KL from Rome. Both of them are kind & sweet (obviously they would, wouldnt they? )

  • Appeared in Midi magazine for the 35th issue (February 2008). I was asked to pose for that month's issue. It was quite an experience though - especially for an amatur like me. It was really tough to pose in front of the camera...and tiring too. Anyway, I dont really like the outcome. I look old in that pics. - maybe it's due to the way they've applied the make-up on me. Yuckss !!!
  • .
  • Received in average 10 visitors to my blog daily. This number might be very small to most people but to me it's something I'm really proud of. I dont care if all the visitors are only my own friends or relatives coz the point here is that there are still people who are interested to read my merapu blog. Thanks to you guys who've been my regular visitors namely Ain, Ayu & Has.
  • .
  • Finally got my nose pierced after several attempts. I know some people are quite sceptical about this but I just dont give a damn. They can say whatever they want coz I cant shut people's mouth, cant I? As long I didnt bother their life, they shouldnt have bothered mine - rightly. But....I reserve my case!

  • Last but not least, managed to achieve my ideal weight. Middle of 2007, I weighed around 68 kg (yeahhh...I am that heavy). Now, after lots of sacrifices & hardship ( phewww !!!!) my weight is at 60 kg. I'm quite happy with my current weight & all I need to do now is just to maintain it.

.Well, it's not that bad after all. In fact, I should give a pat on my back for all these achievements I've gained so far.....praise to Allah SWT. I hope things would get better and better each year, Insyallah.



p/s : After reading this posting, I feel like I'm kindof "perasan".....writing all those good things about my own self. But come to think of it, hey watta heck!! It's my blog anyway and it's up to me to write whatever things I like, right? Of course it's right!!!!


  1. Quite an outstanding year, interesting blog, cute marsya, new vehicle, georgous male artists...
    but 'hazel eyes' is an adventure.

    perhaps i cud order the right mocca the next time.

  2. as suhaimi said... mana hazel eyes note?