25 February 2010

Shah Alam Wet World

Heard of this place before but since there are other water parks nearer to my house, this Wet World has never been option. I've sort of promised to take Marsya to the Gambang Resort City during our trip back to Kuantan last weekend for the CNY holiday. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, that plan has been put on hold - as for now.

The Giant Slide

Marsya is totally unhappy with it that she wants me to make it up to her. Some of the water parks in KL that we've been to is the Desa Water Park, Sunway Lagoon & Safari Lagoon, which is now already closed due to some safety reasons. One of my niece then suggested Shah Alam Wet World. And that's how I decided to take them there as a replacement to that Gambang Resort City.

Lighthouse Escape

After rounding Shah Alam city for a couple of million times & based on the directions given by my friend, we managed to get there in one piece. It's kindof funny the way we found the place - we dont really know where we are & suddenly, this Wet World is right there in front of our eyes - like magic !

The entrance fee to this is a bit interesting. You either pay RM8 or RM10, depending on your height. But then if you're an adult with a growth problem (like one midget I know in my office), you can even enter for free !

Overall all I can say is that, this water park is perfect for kids. The games & rides they have here are all children-friendly. All pools are only 0.62 m deep which makes them safe for the children. As for the adults, it wont be that much of fun as compared to other water parks. None of the rides here would gives you the adrenalin rush & thrill. The only happening ride available is the Monsoon Buster.

Fountain of Youth

Monsoon Buster is a 225 meters long water coaster, touted as one of the world's longest uphill water coaster rides. Propelled upward by water jets, the ride sends riders upward, defying the natural law of gravity. However, this ride is only available only at a certain timing. It started only at 12 pm & is available within one hour intervals.

Marsya & Khairina getting ready for the Monsoon Buster

The kids had so much fun there till they're all burnt out. As for me, I've decided not to get wet that day. Though I have my swimming attire with me but looking at those shallow pools doesnt really attracts me to be in one. Morever, it was really, really hot that I dont wanna get out from the shade. The UV rays are not that friendly to fair people like me ....huhuhu.

Another thing, as ruled out by other water parks, no outside food is allowed. However, almost everybody smuggled in food & drinks except me. I didnt know they wont do a thorough inspection on our bags like those guards at Desa Water Park. Otherwise I would have brought food from home too which is much, much better than those sold in the park. Food quality is so-so & as expected, are very pricey too.

Anyway, to those who would like to have a picnic at this water park, here are the details :

Persiaran Dato' Menteri,
Sec. 2, 40000 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: +6 03 55102588

11am to 7pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
10am to 7pm (Saturday, Sunday, public and school holidays)

The water park is closed during Wednesdays except when it is a public or school holidays.


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