08 November 2010

My Cheese Has Been Moved

Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf's a flower
But only so an hour
Then leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay

The above poem was written in 1923 by the four time winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Robert Frost. It speaks about immortality. It is about a fact that all good things at some point must come to an end. Nothing will ever stays the same. Even the most perfect moments will slip away all too quickly.

Changes is one thing in the whole wide world that every person is afraid of - especially when it's from good to bad. It's that very thing which sends chills down people’s spine and causes grown men to wince in pain. It is the word that no one ever wants to hear and one of the hardest things to go through.

Apparently, my cheese has been moved last week. Though I have had a few false alarms on the same situations before, the impact of it when it really hits me is something greater than I've ever imagined. I am now left in frantic trying to find myself a new cheese to survive.

As of last Friday, I no longer can download any movies, TV series or songs from the office. Huhuhu...... it's like being struck by the lightning in broad daylight when the news first came to me. It's the worst nightmare ever for somebody who's part of her life has been dedicated to Mr. Torrent all these whiles.

A big chunk of my happiness have been ripped away from me. It took me the whole weekend to finally accepting it. I was feeling so lifeless as I stepped into the office this morning. There's nothing else to look forward to anymore in this confined space I've to live in for the next 8 hours or so. No more looking out for new movies. No more checking the downloading status in Bittorent. No more looking forward to Thursdays to search for the newest episodes of Glee. All the enthusiasm have gone - leaving this heart of mine feeling very, very hollow & empty.

Changes are definitely hard. But then, life has to go on. Every time our cheese gets moved, either by our choice or because of other people's choices, we either change and go with the flow or refuse to change and fight the inevitable changes. In my case, I'm not left with any option but to adhere to it.

But somehow or rather, I know I'll get back this happiness of mine even if it'll cost me money from my own pocket !

Pssstttt : Unifi or Maxis ? Or could it be P1 Wimax ?


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