17 August 2011

My Dream Home

I am very free in the office this week since I've been such a dedicated employee last week that I've completed all my work efficiently ( langsi maut !!! ).

On Monday, I spent the whole day doing nothing but facebooking, tweeting & browsing (for recipes of course). Yesterday however, I got tired wandering in the virtual world that I decided to watch movies to kill my excessive time.

Since I dont have the whole collection with me in the office, I have to make do with whatever I have in my lappie, which is not that much of a choice - Kongsi, Scream 4 & Cun - what a collection ! Kongsi is a definite no-no - am not a big fan of Shaheizy Sam. Scream 4? For any movie with sequels, I have this rule where I'm not gonna watch the latest sequel till I'm done watching all the previous ones. So, that leaves me with nothing else but Cun ~sigh~ Well at least Remy Ishak is there for me to drool over....hehehe ( oopppsss...lupa - posa ! )

Anyway, today I am not going to write a review on this movie, Cun coz honestly there's nothing really great about this movie except for those muscular arms & bod of Mr. Yummy Remy. What really excites me about the movie was the location where the movie was filmed. The movie Cun was filmed in the middle of a padi field in Kedah with an amazingly beautiful view.

I am a city girl - born & breed in the city and unfortunately, still breathing the city air till this second. My so-called "kampung" in Kuantan is nothing like a kampung at all. It's a housing area with a tarred road everywhere & the only greens you can find are from the potted plants people put in front of their house for decorations. That is my "kampung" !

As a norm, people would always yearn for something they cant or dont have. The same thing applies to me. Watching the movie gives me a terrible heartache. Living in a village like Kg. Mata Ayer (the location set for the movie Cun) has forever been one of my dreams.

A small un-gated wooden house with windows as tall as me so that I could stand in front of it to inhale fresh clean air every morning , a "pangkin" in front of the house for me to rest & relax in the evening with a cup of coffee & a plate of kuih, a small stream flowing behind the house for my grandchildren to play whenever they come to visit me, a serene & quiet place where the only sound I could hear would be the sounds from the birds chirping & the sounds of the water flowing. But a house in the middle of a padi field would be a bonus !

Doesnt sounds realistic, isnt it? Been dreaming too high, I supposed. But the truth is, that is exactly how my ultimate dream home looks like. Ideally it would be that but honestly, as long as I could stay in a kampung, I'm more than happier.

So, if any of you people out there knows any single kampung guy who has a house which looks more or less like my dream house as described above, do me a favour by introducing him to me, ok ! As a gesture of my gratitude, you'll get a whole year supply of my signature dish, Fusion Olio. How about that ?


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