15 September 2008

And The Baking Starts.......

Started my cookies baking project this weekend. Planning to bake 6 types of kuih raya this year - the least number as compared to the past years. Reason being, what else....the hike of the petrol price lar....hehehehe. I just dont feel like celebrating Raya this year. I dont even get a baju raya for me & Marsya. All I'm looking forward to this Raya is the Jornam's Reunion. Cant wait for that !

At the moment it's gonna be 6 types....my raya cookies I mean. But we never know.....like last year, I'm planning to make 5 but end up with 8 instead. That's the problem with me.....when I'm in the mood of baking / cooking, I just cant help it. All I can think of is baking....baking and baking. It'll surely gives me the ultimate satisfcation.......better than sex!

So, the last two days have been dedicated for my kuih raya project. Managed to bake 3 types of cookies i.e. Greenlace Cookies, Choc. Spotties and Orange Cookies. I've decided to try out new recipes this year. Got them from my favourite recipe site - the Cari Forum of course. out of these three, Greenlace is the best in terms of appearance & taste. Followed by the Choc. Spotties & Orange Cookies. Well, the Orange Cookies is just so-so....luckily for this particular ones, I stick to only 1 portion unlike the other two.

That's for this week. I'm already so excited for next week's batch. I'm now counting the days......


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