07 September 2008

Lampu Raya

The ceiling light at my dining has been out for the past 1 week. Out of the 3 bulbs, only one works. Well the light has been there for almost 5 years already. I guess it's about time to be replaced by a new one.

Been doing light-hunting ever since that thing went off. Went to a few light shops around Ampang & Pandan area....so-so lah. Nothing really caught my eyes. So, yesterday on my way back from Chow Kit (after buying my bakery supplies) I took the Jalan Pahang instead. I'm just trying my luck looking for any available light shop along the way.

Found this one shop called Bright Beam somewhere in Danau Kota area. Finally, got what I want - the ceiling light. It's very, very cheap as compared to other shops I've been to. It cost me only RM80.00. With the poer-saving bulbs, it's only RM143.00. Dirt cheap !

This morning, I started my light project. After for about an hour, I managed to install the light & lit it up. I am so proud of myself for being able to do it on my own - 100% . Men always need a women in their life but not vice versa. Not anymore & I've just proved it !


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