03 May 2011

Exec. Deluxe Ward @ APSH

I checked myself in @ APSH yesterday evening. Took the cab & went to the hospital all by myself. The people at the hospital must have a few assumptions in their mind seeing me pulling my luggage through the registration counter since I am the only person there who’s not accompanied by anybody. She’s an orphanage. She doesn’t have frens in her life. She’s not married & doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Those were the thoughts that running through my head seeing the pathetic look they’ve given me.

To me, this is something very, very normal. Even when I was to deliver my Marsya 12 years ago, the situation is pretty much the same (though I do have a husband at that time ). I went to the hospital on my own too. And the same goes to all my other hospital trips thereafter. Me being so independent, I just don’t feel good asking help from others – unless in a situation where I’m not left with an option.

The last time I was admitted to APSH was about 2 years ago – that was the time when my toe got smashed by a cupboard. I was put into the newly built Premier Ward. Unfortunately, this time around that particular ward was full & I’ve to make do with the Executive Deluxe ward.

To my surprise, the Exec. Deluxe is far more better than the Premier – in terms of size. It was one huge room which can easily housed 3 queen beds at one time. How I’d wish it is the school hols. so that Marsya & my mum can stay in with me.

Tomorrow will be D-Day where my orthopedic is gonna dissect my knee. Hope everything goes well. Amin.


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