18 May 2011

My Life As An OKU

Today, it's exactly the 3rd week I've been on MC - the 3 luxurious weeks for a lazy bump like me. You know the saying which sounds like this : Time flies when you're having fun. Well, trust me, that is so very true. The past 3 weeks has gone by so fast that it freaked me out. It was the speediest 3 weeks in my life & the thought of how soon it'll end, scares the shit out of me. In another 4 weeks or so, I'll be back to office & as I'm writing this, I could feel the chills running through my spine already.

The last time I had this luxurious moments in my life was when I delivered Marsya into this world 12 years ago. But that was totally a whole different experience after all. Marsya really gave me hard times during my confinement period where she'd cried all day long for the rest of my 60 days maternity leave. It's a nightmare for all I know !

Well, this time around at least I've got to enjoy my leaves even with this Robocop leg of mine. Though my days still starts as early as 5 am every morning, but I got the luxury to go back to bed after sending Marsya off to school. I'll only wakes up around 8.30 - 9.00 am later on & did my physiotherapy right on the bed itself. The physio session would occupies 30 minutes of my time the most.

Then, I'll proceed by making up the bed & have my shower. If there's any, I'll do my laundry shortly after, otherwise I'll be in my kitchen preparing lunch. Normally, by 12 noon, I'm all done and I would spent the rest of the day lying on the sofa watching TV with the lappie by my side. Heaven !

All those house chores may sound so easy & simple but for a permanently handicapped person like me, believe me, it's tough. Imagine walking with crutches underneath your armpit with one hand holding a pot & another hand gripping the crutch while hopping on one leg ! Imagining it itself is hard - trust me, the actual is twice harder.

You see, God would only tested those whom He believes is strong enuff to handle it & in this case I understands it very well why he'd chosen me again this time. Only a strong & independent person like me can makes it work. Me being who I am helps me a lot in managing my life with Marsya day by day. From cooking, mopping the floor, cleaning the kitchen, drying up the clothes to watering the plants - all these need to get done whether I like it or not. And I'm so proud of myself for being able to accomplish all these tasks on my own - something not every body are capable of !

Besides the long leave, another thing I'm enjoying at the moment is the privilege of being a disabled person (OKU). And what I meant here is mainly the OKU parking privilege. With my current situation, I got to park right at the front of any shop or building I went to. with no question asked. Something I've never got to enjoy before. Isnt that cool? Makes me feel like a VVIP indeed !

And also, do you know that I could burn 50 calories by walking with crutches for a duration of 10 minutes?

See....for every cloud in the sky, the silver lining would surely be there !


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